Wed.Jan 16, 2019

3 Reports No Association Can Live Without


Reporting is one of the most valuable tools you have in your association’s toolbox. With reports, you can gain the insights needed to better your organization - and who doesn’t want that?! But are you fully leveraging the power of reporting? Are you pulling the right reports to garner the right data?

2019 Marketing Strategy: Food for Thought From Seth Godin

Higher Logic

The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your current marketing strategy and decide which tools and changes you can implement to drive maximum success in the months ahead.

Daily Buzz: Wellness at Work Starts With Culture

Associations Now

Wellness perks don’t mean anything if they are happening in a toxic work environment. Organizations should promote trust to improve culture and reduce stress on employees. Also: Twitter is testing new features to promote positive interactions. Want to increase the wellness of your office team?

Meet The Animated Brain Starring in an Association Campaign

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My Brain Robbie, a new educational campaign put together by groups focused on brain health and Alzheimer’s disease, aims to reach an audience often left out of brain-health discussions: kids.

How and Why a Large, Well-Known Organization Rebranded

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Although Big Brothers Big Sisters is more recognizable and has a longer history than most associations, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t grapple with similar issues, such as volunteer recruitment. Using bolder and more modern messaging and branding, it hopes to bring in new mentors.

Companies Put Big Support Behind Plastic Recycling Efforts

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With large amounts of single-use plastics ending up in oceans and elsewhere, a new corporate-backed coalition, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, aims to boost recycling and conservation efforts. However, environmental groups are skeptical.