Wed.Aug 07, 2019

Membership Q&A: How Long Should Our Grace Period Be?

Spark Consulting

Ah, the grace period, the bane of the membership profession’s experience. Should we have a grace period at all? How long should it be? I will admit to being a hard-ass about grace periods. My preference is none. If your membership lapses on July 31, 2019, then your access is cut off as of 12:01 am August 1. Remember how I recently wrote about rewarding the behavior you want to encourage ?

We Asked, You Answered: Practical and Tactical Event Strategies

Associations Now

Not every “wow”-worthy gesture at an event has to be bold—sometimes, it just has to be supremely useful. Here are a few smart ways associations impressed their attendees and exhibitors. Sometimes, the biggest “wow” you can generate for your attendees isn’t a spectacle.

Nonprofits Are Adding Bots to their Social Media Teams

Beth Kanter

There are many chat bot authoring platforms that make it easy for anyone to create a bot without requiring the technical expertise in natural language programming. While easy to set up, designing an effective bot for a nonprofit from scratch can be daunting.

Team 63

Managing a Global Workforce Requires New Skills

Associations Now

As associations more often have employees operating in locations around the world, the skills required to manage that workforce are changing. Modern expectations, technology, and time zones must be tackled in new era.

[Report] Shift in How Conference Attendees Want to Receive Content


Educational content is one of the primary reasons people attend conferences. They want to learn. And as a professional organization, your goal (or one of your goals) is to help them learn. So how they prefer to receive that content is important, right? Of course!

Daily Buzz: Where’s the Line in Personalization?

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Take care to avoid the “creepiness factor” when implementing personalization tactics. Also: A few awesome facts about coffee, because why not?

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Why the CISO Is Getting a C-Suite Promotion

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A recent study finds that the increased scrutiny of security incidents is leading many chief information security officers, or CISOs, to report right to the top, rather than to the CIO.

Join?Aptify at ASAE Annual Meeting for a walk in the park?


Join the? Aptify ?team team August 10-13 at the Community Brands ? booth #1523 ?during during the? 2019 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting ?in in Columbus, OH. . ASAE Annual Meeting is where?thousands

How to Be Productive When You Don’t Feel Like Working

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The day goes by faster when you are busy. So how to fill the hours in an engaging way? Here are our top 10 tips to stay productive, and stay sane! It’s the dog days of summer. Your vacation is over. Everyone is out of the office. And the sunny days make it hard to focus. No one feels like working.