Incorporating Text Polling at Your Next Live Event

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Text polling is an inexpensive and easy tool for presenters to use before, during and after a talk. ” I have incorporated text polling into several association presentations during the last few years, and it has been a great tool to use before, during and after my talks. As many of you know, Naylor conducts a comprehensive annual Association Communications Benchmarking Report for the association community. Dana Plotke, Naylor.

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Moderating Discussions in the Modern World

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One of the obvious advantages of online communication is the ability to get multiple perspectives on a topic and voice your opinion from time to time. And, of course, webinars and Association TV are other popular tools for delivering online education. There is one thing that all of these communications have in common. As is the case elsewhere in life, “you get what you give” when it comes to engagement and online communications. Dana Plotke, Naylor.


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Game Plan 2014: Seeing Around the Corners

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Many associations lack member communication plans that are fully integrated. Tracy Tompkins , group publisher for Naylor LLC , said she’s surprised by the number of associations that make decisions about member communications from the “confines of their staff or board room.” Tompkins agreed, explaining that many organizations still communicate with members in a segmented fashion—”membership sends X, events sends Y”—and neither consults with the other.

MemCom Awards – could you be a winner?

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To help inspire your entry Olivia Chute from Chaz Brooks Communications , a PR agency has agreed to kindly shares their 5 tops tips for industry award entry. Entering and winning awards can be a powerful marketing tool. About Chazbrooks Communications (CBC) – [link]. Chazbrooks Communications is a Surrey-based PR and Marketing communications agency. As you may know, MemCom organises the annual awards for the membership industry.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Facilitation Friday #18: Authenticity.

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facilitation, his own communication style, and his own beliefs about. That is the most important tool we bring to any meetings or conversations we facilitate. Dec 2002 (6). Nov 2002 (4). Sep 2002 (2). Aug 2002 (3). Jul 2002 (3). Jun 2002 (2). May 2002 (4). Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.

Email Marketing Trends: What’s Hot in 2017

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Long neglected as part of the communications conversation, emails have become more essential than ever in 2017. So with that in mind, I wanted to update you guys on a few tools and a few current best practices for email production and acquisition. Building emails, as I’ve written before , is effectively like designing websites with technology only available before 2002. These tools make the job a bit less painful.

Book Review: iPhone Millionaire


We already have the tools – thanks to Steve Jobs largely. While we may have the tools, what we are lacking is the training – no one taught us how to express ourselves in this very powerful medium. It’s really important in a democracy that we take control of the most powerful medium of communication that we have. His work has included: The complete transitioning of the BBC’s national network (UK) to a VJ-driven model, starting in 2002.

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Advocating from Afar: Virtual and Remote Grassroots Advocacy

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The Dirksen, Hart, and Russell Senate Office Buildings and Ford and Longworth House Office Buildings weren’t cleared for entry until the end of January 2002, three months later! Alternatively, you can create a guided PowerPoint presentation or screen capture with voiceover to demonstrate how to use your organization’s advocacy tools or to outline best practices for grasstops engagement.

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Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives In 2019


The outcry caused the issuance of a disclaimer in 2002, as to the category of users and some of the services offered on the site. The law holds them culpable as a tool that facilitates prostitution and sex trafficking as its personal ads section allowed users to promote these activities with sex workers being dominant in this category. It supports a wide range of modes of communication which includes emails, and instant messaging, and it is absolutely free.

Context Is Everything: Online Communities

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At the time, we invited Internet thought-leaders to participate in an email list discussion, focusing on interactive tools. Highlights: April, 2002 Netpreneur AdMarketing discussion. Mitch Arnowitz is the managing director Tuvel Communications, LLC. Flickr Photo BirkgetKing.

Big Data: Big Headache or Big Opportunity for Associations?

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READER NOTE: Association Adviser is in the final stages of preparing the 2014 edition of the annual Association Communication Benchmarking Study. It’s also a great member benefit and new member recruiting tool. Hank Berkowitz, Association Adviser. It seems you can’t go to an industry or association conference these days without seeing Big Data somewhere on the agenda.