Today’s Conference Education Model Was Created For An Economy That No Longer Exists

Velvet Chainsaw

Conference education has not kept pace with 21st Century workforce demands. It is usually devoted to information transfer through a lecture or panel, rote learning and memorization of facts and figures to pass a certification test. Outdated Conference Education Model. Fifty years ago, our entire education institution was largely focused on routine. Conference education copied that same model. 21st Century Skills, Education & Competitiveness ).

The Applied Knowledge Gap in India ?


In the summer of 2006, I was on a business development trip through Asia and spent a week in India meeting C-level executives from the Indian ICT industry including people from InfoSys and Wipro – two of India’s biggest and most successful companies. “The role of education and its globalization is assuming an increased role and significance. People with a high school certificate number 250 million, with 10 million getting a BS degree. Education (5).

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Long Live Your Education Sessions: How To Repurpose, Reuse and Recoup Meeting Costs

Tom Morrison

By repurposing, repackaging and reusing content, it has enhanced our member engagement and increased our revenue per member from $1,500 in 2006 to $2,200 in 2013. Educations and training, done right, can be like printing money for any association. Over the last six years, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s all content, if relevant, can be repurposed for new use.

China Market Insight – Pushing to Become an Advanced Economy


A result is an anomaly: Jobs go begging in factories while many educated young workers are unemployed or underemployed. A national survey of urban residents, released this winter by a Chinese university, showed that among people in their early 20s, those with a college degree were four times as likely to be unemployed as those with only an elementary school education. 2006. The Chinese government has planned to increase investment in education and training.

Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Additional modules are available based on package subscription: Sponsors/Ads, API Access, Sales Funnel, Certifications, Events Expo, Project Management, Fundraising, Form Builder, Chapter Management, Online Store, and more. The platform includes fundraising initiatives, membership, member portals, communities, microsites, meetings, events, eBusiness, revenue accounting, reports, dashboards, training, and continuing education management with multiple upgrades a year.

A Primer on the Middle East Region for Association Executives


Others rely more on membership fees and revenue generated out of their certification programmes. International associations with certifications and strong professional development courses will find many takers in the region. Focus on Education from Government. In 2006, Kuwait’s parliamentary elections allowed women to cast ballots and stand as candidates for the first time.