Penetrating or Expanding Global Markets through Meetings.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. A Guide to the Association Market in China » Aug. Ajay Bhojwani and I presented this session at yesterday’s ASAE Business of Meetings Track in Los Angeles, USA.

Daily Buzz: Say Goodbye to Free Shampoo at Hotels

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Something to keep in mind if you’re traveling to California in the future: Small plastic shampoo and soap bottles would soon be banned at hotels under a new bill passed by the state Assembly, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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NFL. Rams. Association Governance.

SCD Group

All association professionals need to remember this mantra: “It’s their organization not yours!” Last week, the National Football League’s Board of Governors voted to authorize the (Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis) Rams to move (again) to Los Angeles. An association colleague (St. The association staff (me/Roger Goodell) gave an important matter regarding one of the league's members over to a committee of members (NFL Relocation Committee).

ASAE15: We do we GO from here?

Association Advocacy Chick

Lowell Aplebaum, Association Professional Extraordinaire did a series of Periscope interviews during ASAE15. I started Association Advocacy Chick five years ago after ASAE in Los Angeles. As a result, I made a ton of new friends, took my association government relations career to new heights, and found that person that everyone else saw but me. Without you, there will be no Association Advocacy Chick.

Your association website probably isn’t accessible — but should be

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The most recent example came in October when the Supreme Court refused to take up an appeal by Domino’s, which faced a lawsuit from a blind Los Angeles man who argued the chain pizza restaurant is responsible for providing an accessible website. . For associations and member organizations, however, that can be a big challenge. . Recently, Evans has been taking a look at the association management system the IAAP uses, hoping to ensure their own systems are accessible. . “I’ve

Lunchtime Links: When Good Education Programs Go Bad

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Education is a big draw for professional associations. Get smart: Your professional association prides itself on providing resources and training opportunities for its members. Writing for the Association Management Blog, Virtual Inc.

The Hourglass Blog: A Lost Generation of Leadership?

The Hourglass Blog

You may remember Bill George from the ASAE Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. And hes saying the same thing in this interview that he said in Los Angeles--namely that we need a new generation of leaders to take over the organizations built by Boomers. Association Management.

The Hourglass Blog: Misfit Leaders

The Hourglass Blog

To better define what he means by a great entrepreneur, Pallotta tells this story: I used to visit the merry-go-round in Griffith Park in Los Angeles where [Walt] Disney once took his daughters, asking himself, "Is this all there is? Association Management. Management.

From Relevance to REVOLUTION. It's NOW or NEVER: Go BIG, Go.

Tom Morrison

I write about things that help associations achieve true transformation for the future and build a REVOLUTION. I flew to Washington DC and back in one day, shortly after ASAE Los Angeles, to be a part of a special meeting with ASAE’s leadership to discuss the failings of the event.