Mon.Feb 04, 2019

Closing the Office vs. Working From Home

Eric Lanke

This past week brought the Polar Vortex to the Midwest and with it record-breaking temperatures well below zero.

5 Must Haves for Your Member Portal


Members bring their online expectations as a consumer to their membership experience, but is your portal up to par? Checkout these member portal must haves to help your organization meet and exceed those expectations

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Lessons in Volunteering from Super Bowl LIII


Last night was the biggest game in football, and as you probably know, it was held in Atlanta - where I live! Now I didn’t go (those ticket prices!), but I still wanted to partake in the festivities, so I attended a few of the fan events leading up to the big game.

How Emerging Learning Trends Can Ignite a Spark in Your Audience

WBT Systems

How Emerging Learning Trends Can Ignite a Spark in Your Audience. Read more about How Emerging Learning Trends Can Ignite a Spark in Your Audience


AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

Facebook at 15: It’s Fundamental. It’s Annoying. We’re Still There.

Associations Now

As it hits a key anniversary, it’s safe to say that Facebook, as a social network and company, is well into its terrible teen years. But it’s worth remembering the reasons why the network hooked us in the first place—because they’re the very things that associations want to do well.

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Medical Groups Boost Opioid Education Offerings

Associations Now

The American Medical Association and the Emergency Nurses Association have an array of new resources available that target the opioid crisis. The AMA Alliance has a new video series, while ENA, which took part in the series, is offering a toolkit to members.

5 Self-Service Member Portal Expectations


Members bring their online expectations as a consumer to their membership experience. Here are five ways a one-stop shop member portal will help your organization meet and exceed those expectations

Daily Buzz: Tricks to Kick-Start Membership Growth

Associations Now

Increasing membership numbers should always be a priority—and these three membership growth strategies can deliver on that goal. Also: building an online community that encourages engagement. No matter the size, mission, or goals of an association, increasing membership is often top of mind.

You Might Have Noticed…

Smooth The Path

If you receive updates of my blog posts through email, you might have noticed that recent posts are not showing, or there are extra spaces between paragraphs or the photos are HUGE! I’m sorry about this, and I appreciate your patience while I try to fix the bugs I’m not sure if the problem is a massive WordPress editor update or if I caused this while I was fiddling with the RSS feed trying to make the emails easier to read.

UBIT Repeal Gaining Traction in 116th Congress

Associations Now

Bipartisan support to repeal a 21 percent tax on fringe benefits, include free parking and mass-transit assistance, is growing. Meanwhile, a new report commissioned by Independent Sector reveals the impact of the tax on nonprofits.

Diane Moery Promoted to Moery Chief Operating Officer

Moery Company

The Moery Company is pleased to announce the promotion of Co-Founder Diane Moery to Chief Operating Officer (COO). As Director of Operations since 2014, Diane’s part-time role has been “behind the scenes” of our 12-person firm managing payroll, invoices, and all that human resources entail.

Report: Pointless Workplace Meetings Costly, Time-Consuming

Associations Now

A report from the software company Doodle suggests that hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted on ineffective workplace meetings each year. But a few tweaks could help matters. Are all those boring, disorganized office meetings costing your association a whole lot of money?

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