Tue.May 14, 2019

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 190: The Secret to Creating a Strong Value Prop

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How well can your association articulate your value proposition? Defining member value and what differentiates you from other organizations in your industry is often a challenge – and, it can’t be developed by a group on K Street.

15 Tips to Help Successfully Move Your Community to a New Platform

Higher Logic

No matter the reason for the change, anyone who has grown an online community to maturity can tell you that the thought of moving that community to a new platform is enough to keep a person up at night.

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The Moery Company Partners with IMA-NA

Moery Company

The Big Red “M” is pleased to announce its newly formed partnership with the Industrial Minerals Association – North America (IMA-NA). The IMA-NA is the representative voice of companies, which extract and process a vital and beneficial group of raw materials known as industrial minerals. “We

How Leaders Can Help Employees With Stress Management

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Employees feeling on-the-job stress might struggle without a little help and guidance. Where can leaders step in? Some stress-management techniques for managers to keep in mind. Sure, work stress is a fact of life, and it may be unavoidable when there’s a tough-to-digest project or a staffing crunch.

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What’s it Cost to Join Your Association?

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Istock_Credit:anyaberkut. Can the person in charge of member recruitment tell you how much it costs to join your association? I had an experience with a group recently, where the answer was “No.” Primarily because there is more than one answer based on your dues structure.

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Is It Time to Use TikTok to Engage Members?

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If you have Gen Z-ers in your house, you probably know about TikTok, a short-form video-sharing app that may be the next big thing in mobile content consumption. Could it be another way for associations to engage members?

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Daily Buzz: Improve IT Maturity

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IT needs often fall to the wayside, resulting in outdated processes and solutions. Here’s how to bolster your IT maturity. Also: Ask members about their email preferences. Where does the IT department fit in your association?

Corporate Marketing Tricks Hurt Associations

Smooth The Path

Nearly all of the time association professionals are playing the long game, and we do this because we must earn our member’s trust. Other companies can swindle customers, incentivize impulse purchases and game attention. Spam is on the rise, but this is not a tool for associations.

Amid Recent Policy Shift, LGBTQ Military Groups Announce Merger

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The Modern Military Association of America, launched from the merger of two prominent LGBTQ military groups, comes a month after a transgender ban was reinstated by the Trump administration.

How to Leverage This Member Acquisition Secret Weapon


Have you ever thought of your online member directory as a place to actually prospect for new members? Well if you haven’t, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out! Believe it or not, your online member directory is a unique member acquisition tool.

6 Ways to Onboard & Engage New Members


New members have different preferences for engagement. Ensure your member onboarding programs appeal to all by offering a mix of face-to-face and digital experiences. Here are 6 ways to onboard and engage new members


Hosting a Green Event: Tips for Being Environmentally Friendly


More and more people are paying attention to the “carbon footprint” of the organizations that they interact with. That means your members - especially those in younger generations - are definitely noticing when you make an effort to be conscious of yours. One area to be particularly careful with?

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Associations Need to Get Better at Governing

Association Success

How can a board become a force for good? Every year, thousands upon millions of hours of dollars are wasted and volunteers and staff get burned out all because of boards that are flying blind without a clue on how to really be a board. So why do we have so many poorly performing boards out there especially since so many of them clearly want to be a force for good? I think it’s simple: most boards just don’t know how to be a good board, much less a great one.