Wed.Jul 10, 2019

The #1 Mistake Associations Make With Their Office Space

Moery Company

Hint: Timing can be your greatest asset – or biggest liability. After representing trade associations in the Washington, DC market, for the past 13 years, I can say with 100% certainty: The biggest mistake association executives make is waiting too long to engage in the leasing process.

What is Net Negative Churn? 4 Strategies to Grow Your Revenue

Higher Logic

Even the greatest companies out there are bound to lose a customer once in a while. It can be hard to pinpoint a single reason that your customers stay with you or leave. However, if there's one thing we know for sure, it's this: change leads to churn, especially in the SaaS world.

Better Data Can Lead to Better Sponsorships

Associations Now

A new survey reveals that associations are not collecting enough data about their sponsorship programs. By being more comprehensive, they can keep partners happy and maintain a steady stream of nondues revenue.

Survey 106

Stop Waiting. It’s Time for Associations to Use Marketing Automation


Could you use some more time or an extra set of hands in your organization? Most people would respond with an emphatic YES! to this question.

Improving the Attendee Experience with the 5 Hows

Associations Now

To understand the true purpose of your event, continue to ask “why.” To create clear thinking space for your attendees, continue to ask “how.”. Many of us are familiar with the 5 Whys, a Six Sigma construct for getting to the root of a problem.

Communications Workers of America Chooses Aptify’s AMS to Power Unions


Labor union chooses Aptify’s AMS to manage members. The Aptify software solution provides CWA with out-of-the box membership management and union-specific functionality.

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FAFSA Renewal


FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you are a student requiring financial aid, you must start by filling out this form, and submitting it to your college. This will open for you many doors of getting financial aid.

Manufacturers Group Ties Anniversary to $10 Million Career Campaign

Associations Now

In an attempt to reverse a lingering skills gap that is expected to grow in the coming years, the National Association of Manufacturers is launching a $10 million campaign.

Discover Student Loans


Discover student loans provide a great back up in case the federal loan you received is unable to cover all of your college fees. They also provide for you options to refinance your loans, if you are overwhelmed at competitive interest rates.

Daily Buzz: Embrace Negative Feedback

Associations Now

Giving attendees the chance to offer feedback opens the door to negative responses—but those comments can help you grow. Also: Successful planners understand the “why” behind meetings. Feedback is a double-edged sword: When it’s great, it feels fantastic; when it’s not, it can feel awful.

How to Make Your Organization's Emails Stand Out


Raise your hand if you get (what seems like) a million emails per day? Yup, we can ALL relate. And your members are in the same boat. So when they’re receiving email after email after email, how can you make sure yours stand out? Here are a few tips: Association Views email marketing

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