To Conduct Exit Surveys or Not to Conduct Exit Surveys

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My guess is, we would learn: most members don’t renew because their job changed, some smaller number didn’t renew because they didn’t see the value, and some others didn’t renew because the price is too high. Did you know member surveys can be risky?

Our Point of View is Not Our Members’ Point of View

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We may think membership is economically priced. Our members may think membership is priced too high because of its impact on their budget or personal wallet. If members bought all the benefits a la carte, they would pay twice as much. If not, get closer to your members.

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Why Didn’t Our Members Choose Us?

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It is so frustrating… Industry suppliers launch competitive products and events and our members purchase them. Members have a challenging problem and we have the solution but they do not use our solution. We reach only 14% of the population of potential members.

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Daily Buzz: How Dark Social Is Skewing Your Data

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If you’re launching a new website, take a hint from the Healthcare Financial Management Association , says member researcher Amanda Kaiser on Smooth the Path. Dark social shares mean your team could be basing its marketing insights—and budget—on inaccurate data.

Many Organizations Accidentally Ignore New Members

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The online membership application process didn’t allow me to set my username and password, so right after I joined, I couldn’t log in and check out my new member benefits. Surprised by the high price of registration and my estimated travel cost, I pressed delete.