October, 2022

3 Member Engagement Tips to Boost Retention

Moery Company

Updated By: Eric Edwards. The number one reason members do not renew with an association is due to a lack of member engagement. Is this happening to you? . Regardless of industry, studies show it can be five times easier (and less expensive) to retain current customers than to obtain new ones.

Top Non-Dues Revenue Takeaways from 2022’s Non-Due$-a-Palooza

Higher Logic

The post Top Non-Dues Revenue Takeaways from 2022’s Non-Due$-a-Palooza appeared first on Higher Logic. If the pandemic taught association professionals anything, it’s that there’s a growing need to diversify revenue by staying on top of new and creative non-dues revenue tactics and strategies.


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Today is the Day to Clean Your Association’s Database

Association Adviser

Data has become a powerhouse for organizations over the recent decades. And for associations, data can be defined in so many ways.

Your Complete Guide to In-Kind Donations

Wild Apricot

“I wish there were a way for kids to play sports with no equipment,” Arielle half-joked to her office mate Mike as she placed yet another order for jump ropes and mitts for their nonprofit, Kids Sports. “I think that’s just. fundraising


Create Engaging Scenario-Based Training on ANY Budget

Speaker: Tim Buteyn - President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

In this webinar, Tim Buteyn of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions will explore how to optimize learner engagement with scenario-based training. You'll learn what makes up scenarios, how they benefit the learner, and why this is important to your organization. You'll also dive into real-world examples across a wide range of budgets and look at how typical training content can be completely transformed.

5 Benefits of an AMS with a Built-In Data Warehouse


When shopping for a new AMS, even non-techies have to dig into some technical details to know exactly what you’re looking at and whether it’s the best fit for your association.

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How to Increase Member Retention Through Renewal Programs

Moery Company

Updated By: Eric Edwards. It’s that time of year again when you see the results of your member retention efforts. On average, our association clients experience an annual member renewal rate of 90%. However, a key to achieve this mark is to have an intentional membership renewal program.

How To 235

7 Event-Planning Lessons Learned in 2022

Aaron Wolowiec

Many of us are back to planning in-person events and while we continue to use our experience to help deliver first-class events, not everything is as it once was when it comes to event planning and execution. Here are some of the key lessons Kara will take with her into 2023

Membership Value Just Changed Right Before Your Eyes

Association Adviser

The pandemic changed many things about life for associations, and maybe a critical piece that’s been overlooked, amongst the event cancelations and revenue shortfalls, has been membership engagement.

Texas 124

6 Group Fundraising Ideas to Energize Your Donor Base

Wild Apricot

As a nonprofit, finding ways to continually engage your donors can be challenging. We face a bit of a paradox today—between online fundraising, events, social media, virtual offerings and other outlets, there are more ways than ever to connect. fundraising

Drips, Bots, and Blogs: A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning Reinforcement

Speaker: Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Rebels LLC

Today's work culture requires giving people the ability to control when and where they participate in their professional development. Learn how you can provide valuable, self-directed bites of learning content (and strategies to make that content stick) in this webinar!

“Attacking our Attention”

Smooth The Path

Google, Facebook, and many more tech companies are fighting for your time. Experts are making tweaks here and there to ensure you log in often and stay as long as possible. Keeping your eyes glued to their app means more opportunities for their advertising to work, allowing them to rake in revenue.

The Odds Are in Your Favor with a Purpose-Built Community

Higher Logic

The post The Odds Are in Your Favor with a Purpose-Built Community appeared first on Higher Logic. As we head to Vegas for TSIA World: ENVISION, the only gambling will be done at the tables because a purpose-built community is always the safe bet for your organization and customers.

How Teams Rooms Can Help You Get More Done


Does your organization currently have access to a meeting room solution that allows for effortless collaboration, seamless connectivity across multiple devices, and a complete suite of features to enhance the productivity of your meetings?

Team 83

Burn-out And Depression Among Remote Workers

Aaron Wolowiec

Remote workers are more likely to experience burnout and depression due to long hours, isolation, and communication problems. Burnout can lead to decreased productivity and higher turnover rates in your company.

Authentic eLearning Localization: Challenges and Best Practices

Speaker: Chris Paxton McMillin, President of D3 Training Solutions

People prefer to learn in their native language, so localizing eLearning helps genuinely engage learners and gives them that much-needed sense of inclusion. In this exclusive webinar with Chris Paxton, learn how to ensure that authentic translation and localization work for your organization!

The Six Toughest Decisions Association Boards Must Make: Part I

Association Adviser

As association decision-makers continue to navigate this decade’s next 1,000 days and seek the opportunity for their organizations to thrive, they will need to make a series of six tough decisions to anticipate and adapt to the unforgiving conditions ahead.

A+ Membership Application Forms (with Template & Examples!)

Wild Apricot

First impressions are important. While a prospective member may have visited your membership website or attended an event before deciding to join, filling out a membership application is when they make it official. Think of membership application forms. membership

The Great Aptify Meetup: Keeping Aptify customers informed and connected


When you make an investment in membership management software, it helps to have a strong community of people behind it. . Here’s how the Aptify user community and Aptify teams work together to stay informed and share information.

How to Modernize Your Association’s Approach to Corporate Sponsorships

Higher Logic

The post How to Modernize Your Association’s Approach to Corporate Sponsorships appeared first on Higher Logic. In an episode of the Member Engagement Show podcast we heard from a foremost expert on corporate partnerships about how the approach must change.

How To 170

Localization: Revolutionize Your Global Content Strategy

Speaker: Zak Haitkin, Localization Manager

From broad communication to eLearning and virtual content distinctions to understanding the unique cultural nuances of a new demographic, there are many factors at play when it comes to localization projects at scale. Join this webinar with localization manager Zak Haitkin to dive into the details!

Five reasons you need text-to-give technology at your association

Nimble AMS

As an association looking to provide the best member experience, it’s vital to offer a mobile-friendly option. Pew Research Center reports that 97% of Americans now own a cell phone, with 80% of respondents texting.

6 DEI Questions to Include in Your Next RFP Process

Aaron Wolowiec

Hotel sourcing is a difficult proposition these days. We have short sourcing windows coming out of the pandemic. Hotels have limited availability based upon the number of rebooks they’re fielding. It’s easy to get trapped in the dates, rates, and space formula with little regard for much else.

How to Nail the Fundamentals of Public Relations and Media Relations

Association Adviser

Regardless of your association’s membership size, maintaining the public’s positive perception of your association is critical to your success. That begins by having the right public relations (PR) and media relations strategy in place.

The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Membership Website Ideas

Wild Apricot

Building a membership website is an exciting step for your organization! It gives people a place to celebrate and grow your mission, and establishes your legitimacy in the nonprofit world. The last thing you want is to draw a blank when you sit down. website-and-technology

Here's How to Write an Effective New-Member Welcome Email

Welcome emails have an incredibly high open rate (50-60%). Read here to learn tips for taking full advantage of your valuable, one-time opportunity to reach new members.

Worthy of the Benefit of the Doubt

Smooth The Path

Friends are the best! Recently I made a mistake. It has been gnawing away at me, making me feel guilty whenever I think about it. I shared my experience with a couple of friends to get some perspective.

Envision What Community Can Do for You

Higher Logic

The post Envision What Community Can Do for You appeared first on Higher Logic. Thinking about why you shouldn’t build a purpose-built community is easy, but this year’s TSIA World theme “Envision” got us thinking. What if you flip that mindset and envision what community can do for you.

Striving for Success: Member Engagement


This is the first in the Striving for Success series of blog posts featuring excerpts from our 2022 Chamber Success Competition entries.

Getting Smart About Research

Aaron Wolowiec

Association execs are often tasked with choosing or even creating research on which our organizations will base important decisions, but many of us lack formal research training, which can be a little daunting!

What AMS Vendors Don't Tell You About Implementation

AMS vendors often boast about proven implementation processes. And while yes, the right strategies are imperative, they are also not enough. Discover 3 often-overlooked requirements for successful AMS implementations by downloading!

The Value of Annual and Long Term Communications Plans for Associations

Association Adviser

Church Management Software: The Best Options in 2022

Wild Apricot

Religious organizations do so much for their communities—from bringing people together for fellowship, to hosting family friendly events, to performing acts of service for those who are less fortunate. With such a focus on community, church staff. website-and-technology

Are Attendees Tuning Out?

Smooth The Path

I’m listening to a book on Audible. It’s a book I’ve been excited to read for some time. The content is excellent, the writing is engaging, and the narrator is good.