Mon.Mar 11, 2019

Maximizing Your Conference Experience: 4 Post-Event Best Practices


As an association or chamber professional, you likely plan a lot of events (or assist your members in their events). But hopefully you’re able to attend a few events of your own for professional development purposes.

The Many Paths of Learning Towards Workforce Development

Association Success

Workforce development in associations is a monumental task to be tackled piece by piece. I experienced an “aha!” moment when I attended one of my first association conferences. I had been a casual Twitter user - a lurker mainly who would scan streams for interesting insights. At this conference, my approach shifted, as instead of taking notes by hand, which I rarely went back to, I started tweeting about what I was learning at the conference.

Maine 53

Is Your Association in Need of Membership Sales Professionals?

Moery Company

Associations are getting serious about business development right now. I’ve been working in association sales for the better part of 20 years and have begun to see a few things happening.

Membership Q&A: When Should I Ask Them to Join?

Spark Consulting

What is the ideal time to ask a prospect to join? This is actually two questions: When in the cycle of relationship should I invite a prospect to join? When in the cycle of the year should I invite a prospect to join? Relationship. The glib answer is: “When she’s ready to say yes.” ” Hopefully, the follow up question has already occurred to you: “How do I know when that is?”

Staying Ahead of Your Members

Eric Lanke

There's an old saying among association executives. To be successful, you need to stay ahead of your members. but not too far.

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Four Ways to Fight Fake Traffic on Your Association’s Site

Associations Now

Fake traffic is growing more sophisticated than ever, and that could be bad news both for your analytics and your advertisers. Here are a few starting points for limiting the impact of traffic fakery.

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Daily Buzz: Measure Your Online Community’s Maturity

Associations Now

With the right strategy, an online community should be growing and maturing. Also: Build high-performing teams by focusing on employees individually. Growth” can mean a lot of things. When it comes to your online community, new users tend to be the benchmark.

An Unexpected Solution for Professional Burnout: Association Membership

WBT Systems

An Unexpected Solution for Professional Burnout: Association Membership. Read more about An Unexpected Solution for Professional Burnout: Association Membership


Food Safety Group Tries Fresh Approach With Recipe Style Guide

Associations Now

The Partnership for Food Safety Education took inspiration from the Associated Press Stylebook in creating its just-released style guide for recipes. Could the secret to food safety be better recipes?

Collaborative Problem-Solving at AMR IdeaCON

AMR Management Services

I love that AMR strives to make high quality-training and ongoing professional development available to all members of the team. But when planning the inaugural IdeaCON internal association

Team 52

Report: Leadership Pipeline Problems Keep Women Out of the C-Suite

Associations Now

A recent report makes the case that progress on gender parity in top leadership roles often happens in fits and starts. The report makes the case that HR can help keep things consistent.

Campaign Finance Bill Needs Greater Clarity, ASAE Says

Associations Now

1, the voting rights and campaign finance bill that passed the House last week, may harm association PACs if its expanded definition of “foreign nationals” isn’t clarified, ASAE told lawmakers.