Is New Technology Worth The Investment?

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We asked Marcus Underwood, vice president for online media at Naylor, to weigh in about technology becoming more personal and, at times, more expensive. The reward from using new technology—and the risk of not implementing it—usually outweighs the upfront costs. Associations have to keep up technologically or risk having members go elsewhere for information and question the association value proposition. Once you have that, find the right technology partner and move quickly.

Lunchtime Links: Invest in New Technologies That Matter

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How to evaluate new technologies. New technologies are all around us, every day. Worthy tech: There’s no hiding from technology. But not every new technology is worth your time—or your money. How does your organization evaluate new technologies?

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Daily Buzz: GoFundMe Launches Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

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Coming in November, the tool will offer two pricing plans: one with donor-covered platform fees and one with no fees and an option for donors to leave “tips” for GoFundMe services. GoFundMe Charity is designed to make generating donations easier—and more social.

Is 2014 the Year Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream?

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The price wars are starting to heat up , and the potential savings for businesses could be significant.

Less Gates, More Golden Tickets

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New Advisory Council Finds Investments for Solar Energy

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We are excited to combine with SEFA for the good of the solar industry,” interim SEIA President Tom Kimbis said in a press release. But he explained that the challenge to draw enough capital at the lowest price still affects the entire industry.

Trends Report: What Could 2015 Look Like for Association Meetings?

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The newest installment of the quarterly special report shows [that] increasing costs for services across the meeting and event spectrum in concert with only slight budgetary growth is setting up a more challenging year ahead,” said MPI in a press release [PDF].

Report 106

The Answer Site: a Social Media Tool for Successful Real Estate.

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They do this with public facing websites, publishing market trends, issuing press releases to local media outlets and hosting real estate related events. Technology. Off Stage. 4, 2011 - The Answer Site: a Social Media Tool for Successful Real Estate Communities. Normal 0.

Trade Association CEO Support: Event Planning Checklist

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· Sponsorship Chair (if applicable): sponsored items/prices, sponsor sales scripts, flyer, sales responsibilities, recognition, thank you notes · Event Chair: Coordinate other Chairs, manage location vendors, oversee on-site flow, timing, quality, bill-pay, photography, press release/newsletter notes, signage, handouts, chair and volunteer thank you notes/recognition (Source: Skip Potter, c6support). Trade Association CEO Support.