5 Ways to Find Low-Cost Association Conference Speakers


Of course, there is an abundance of professional speakers available at a wide range of prices. press releases, logos on your site, social media promotion, email marketing, etc.). When it comes to finding a conference speaker, associations work with a limited (if any) budget.

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Is 2014 the Year Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream?

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The price wars are starting to heat up , and the potential savings for businesses could be significant.

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New Legislation Looks to Protect Association Health Plans

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Association Health Plans work for small businesses,” Enzi said in a press release. Bills were recently introduced in both the House and Senate to ensure that small businesses and self-employed individuals will still have access to access to association health plans.

Daily Buzz: GoFundMe Launches Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

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Coming in November, the tool will offer two pricing plans: one with donor-covered platform fees and one with no fees and an option for donors to leave “tips” for GoFundMe services. GoFundMe Charity is designed to make generating donations easier—and more social.

Early Meeting Predictions for 2016

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As this post publishes, we are 90 days away from 2016, which means it’s just about time for every industry to begin releasing predictions for the upcoming year. While the news of overall growth is positive, the report also sounds a note of caution,” CWT said in a press release. “As

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Success With Disruption: Why T-Mobile’s Departing CEO, John Legere, Was So Effective

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In 2013, he put his strategy out there with a series of press events that defined his mode of operation: T-Mobile, then the smallest of the four major carriers, would become the “Un-carrier.”

As Textbooks Evolve, Group Helps College Stores Adapt

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As textbook prices rise and digital options proliferate, the National Association of College Stores is adapting to a future where textbooks play a smaller role in the industry’s bottom line.

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Country Music Association Brings Tunes to the Greeting Card Aisle

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Come November, these Hallmark cards—priced at $4.99—will They’ll release a couple of weeks earlier in Walmart Stores. Last week, the Country Music Association and Hallmark Cards, Inc.,

Associations Share Industry Predictions for 2017

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A rise in home prices and sales. The National Association of Realtors expects home sales to increase modestly and home prices to increase at a more moderate pace in 2017—and even 2018. percent drop in hotel prices, as well as a 1.1

Tiny House Group Ramps Up Knowledge-Sharing, Advocacy to Boost Tiny Living

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The goal was to get all of that information into one spot and separate the wheat from the chaff,” said Chris Galusha, president of ATHA, in a press release. The tiny house community can be very price-conscious,” Galusha said. “[The Need some tiny house expertise?

Business Roundtable CEO Survey Mixes Good News, Bad News

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The second-quarter results from the 2014 CEO Economic Outlook Survey, released Tuesday, show that the 131 respondents have a more optimistic take on economic growth: The group’s CEO Economic Index reached 95.4,

Less Gates, More Golden Tickets

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Pricing. News + Press. You can control your press release content and branding (from a visual standpoint) but anything more than that you’re at the mercy of your customers, community members, employees and others who are commenting on and reviewing your services and offerings.

Air Force Association’s New Member Tier: Digital Mag Only, Please

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Despite the price difference—eMembers will pay $30 per year for membership versus the regular $45—the association emphasizes that all other aspects of membership will remain the same. For those teetering … Thinking of making some sort of change to your magazine’s current structure?

New Advisory Council Finds Investments for Solar Energy

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We are excited to combine with SEFA for the good of the solar industry,” interim SEIA President Tom Kimbis said in a press release. But he explained that the challenge to draw enough capital at the lowest price still affects the entire industry.

The NEW Internet Landscape: A Primer for Realtors and MLSs : Off.

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By now the news is out: earlier today the names of applicants for new top level domains (or TLD, the name that follows the dot in an internet address) was released. Each application carried a hefty price tag of $185,000. ” (Press Release, 6/12/2012). Off Stage.

Red-Letter Day: Postal Service Seeks ‘Exigent’ Rate Increase

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The requested three-cent price hike for first-class postage is relatively minor for consumers, but the pain would come in the form of higher mass-mail and periodical rates, say associations and industry groups whose members would take the hit.

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Why That Mission Statement Matters

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A lot of associations, I suspect, feel a need to act to the press release—that is, find the element of every failure that speaks to success. Mistakes happen when employees take their eye off the implications of their actions.

Trends Report: What Could 2015 Look Like for Association Meetings?

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The newest installment of the quarterly special report shows [that] increasing costs for services across the meeting and event spectrum in concert with only slight budgetary growth is setting up a more challenging year ahead,” said MPI in a press release [PDF].

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Ready To Wear: Fair Trade Group Moves From Coffee to Clothing

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If you’re in the market for some yoga gear, Patagonia is about to release a new line that comes with a few extra benefits—benefits for the workers who created them. At the end of the line, a premium of up to 10 percent is placed on the price of the product, with the money going into a worker-controlled fund to help the community as a whole through scholarship programs, disaster relief, and infrastructure improvements.

Associations Help Consumers Get Ready for Summer

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Choosing the right one involves more than just looking at price and power,” said AHAM in a press release. To help with this, NPMA released a “ Don’t Let Bed Bugs Crash Your Summer Vacation ” Infographic.

Is New Technology Worth The Investment?

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Using social media to promote existing content, such as an article or a press release announcing new legislation—this is essentially free. With the price of technology coming down every day, failure to stay current will ultimately result in your members getting their information elsewhere.

SCD Group: Is Your Association Prepared for Your Etch-a-Sketch.

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The 10 New Rules of PR By Jeff Bullas What are “The Old Press Release Rules”? Lawyers and Consultants who practice Newsjacking WIN By Jonathan Price, a London-based freelance marketing and business development professional with a background in the legal events industry.

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Lunchtime Links: Invest in New Technologies That Matter

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Don’t forget to issue press releases and share your successes with the media. How to evaluate new technologies. Also: Is your organization losing its creative inspiration? New technologies are all around us, every day.

The Answer Site: a Social Media Tool for Successful Real Estate.

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They do this with public facing websites, publishing market trends, issuing press releases to local media outlets and hosting real estate related events. Off Stage. 4, 2011 - The Answer Site: a Social Media Tool for Successful Real Estate Communities. Normal 0. false false false.

Trade Association CEO Support: Event Planning Checklist

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· Sponsorship Chair (if applicable): sponsored items/prices, sponsor sales scripts, flyer, sales responsibilities, recognition, thank you notes · Event Chair: Coordinate other Chairs, manage location vendors, oversee on-site flow, timing, quality, bill-pay, photography, press release/newsletter notes, signage, handouts, chair and volunteer thank you notes/recognition (Source: Skip Potter, c6support). Trade Association CEO Support.

MGI President Rick Whelan Receives Direct Marketing Association of

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Here is the press release on the award. Pricing Your Product, Service, or Membership. Does Wal-Mart Announce a Price Increase? Price. (9). price testing. (5). Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations.