Introducing SocialLink mobile app to transform your member experience.

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It’s the association industry’s first online community and social mobile app built into an association management software. Your association membership is boosted by your members seeking credibility, professional development, competitive advantages and ways to give back.

Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers. As you get larger or want to offer more advanced programming, managing your membership through spreadsheets or disconnected databases just won’t cut it.

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Personalize the Member Experience, Increase Retention

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Membership Software Association Management Software. Associations. Management Team. Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Being Thoughtful Takes a Minute… June 12th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention. I’ve written about personalizing the member experience for years now but Chris Brogan reminded me in his weekly newsletter just how far personalization can go. How can you do this with your members ?

3 technology trends to improve your association’s member experience

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Is keeping up with technology trends on your association’s radar? These three should be on your priority list to ensure a great member experience. As your association grows and evolves, its needs change. Keeping up with member expectations.

Personalize your members’ experience throughout their career journey

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The critical role personalization plays in member engagement and loyalty. Members expect a personalized experience with your association. Here are three ways to give them the experience they expect. Consider what your members want. members?of

6 Association Management Tips from Steve Jobs


Associations can learn a lot from Steve Jobs and his vision to create an enjoyable user experience and brand culture. 6 Pieces of Association Management Advice from Steven Jobs. You should pay attention to your members and your staff.

How to develop your association’s strategy for an engaging member experience

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Your members expect highly personalized and engaging experiences with your association. Want to make sure your members stick around? Consider these tips for creating a member experience that rivals that of today’s leading for-profit companies. experience?you’re?delivering

How to Customize Your Member Experience (With Limited Time and Money)


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could customize everything little thing you did for your members? We’re talking content, meetings, events - the whole member experience. But that’s not to say you can’t customize your member experience at all.

7 vows to marry AMS tech and your association mission.

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Here’s a model to identify where your association management software comes up short and what to do if it does. Successful association management software is like a well-constructed wedding cake.

What Will Association Management Software Look Like in 5 Years?


Download Your Free Report of 9 Consumer Trends That Affect Associations. But what does that mean for association management software? AMS software’s mobile apps, sites, and the ensuing activity will be more tightly integrated into the mobile experience in the future.

5 Tips for Implementing an LMS to Increase Productivity

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One of the main functions of an association is facilitating the professional development of your members. This could mean providing networking opportunities ( maybe through an online member community ), posting job openings, and even providing continuing education (CE) programs.

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6 signs your association management software may be a dinosaur

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Six signs your association management software may be outdated. . Is your association failing to keep up with technology? Just as your association grows and evolves, technology changes too. It’s newer to the nonprofit and association world.

3 Add-on Tools to Drive Association Revenue + Amplify Member Engagement

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Is your association leveraging technology to its fullest potential? You can elevate the success of your online community and marketing automation activities by integrating solutions that fuel long-term engagement , like data collection, mobile apps, and volunteer management programs.

Five things to consider when choosing new association management software

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The AMS you choose today impacts the next generation of staff and members. As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. But don’t forget about how your decision will affect your association in the future.

Four things to consider when choosing new association management software

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The AMS you choose today impacts the next generation of staff and members. As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. But don’t forget about how your decision will affect your association in the future.

Beware of Dogfooding in Association Management

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One of the things we struggle with in associations is the development of new programs and services. members) want. We can argue about whether or not that is an optimal situation to even HAVE disengaged members, but that is a subject for another post.)

What 3 things will your association do well this year?

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As association executives, we all know we must evolve our business models to remain relevant. Be selective with where and how you spend your time and resources. It’s not enough to do what’s always been done.

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5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


Marketing Strategy SEO Association Management Services Member ExperienceThere was wood everywhere. Paper on the floor, nails on what was left of the counter, and a paint-splattered drop cloth was all that protected the kitchen tile. It was a mess.

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7 lucky reasons to attend Xperience 2017.

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A golden pot of educational and association industry-building opportunities await leaders and their staff in Orlando.

Follow the leader to ensure your association management software’s code is covered

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Understanding what code coverage is and what associations can learn from Salesforce. Here’s an overview of what it is and why your AMS should follow the code coverage guidelines set forth by Salesforce, the leader in customer relationship management.

5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


The Challenges in Redesigning Your Association’s Website. That doesn’t even get into branding, navigation, or walking your loyal members through the transition. By doing your due diligence in the planning stage, you’ll help ensure that your new website is successful and meets staff, customer, and member needs. If you don’t, your redesign could fall flat, or worse, chase valuable members and prospects away. 5 Crucial Factors in an Association Website Redesign.

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Choose Wisely: Will an AMS or an Online Community Better Achieve Your Current Goals?

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An AMS is one of the largest and most expensive software purchases your association will make – and rightly so. Association Management Software (AMS) is the go-to software tool for membership management and is incredibly valuable. Associations in Startup Mode.

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An AMS to optimize your association’s financial operations.

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We’ve been busy at YourMembership, enhancing our technology solutions to improve your association membersexperience, streamline your operations and processes, and help your organization grow. YourMembership’s AMS now integrated with QuickBooks Online and Great Plains.

How to Find Your Best Content Topics (Without Paying for Market Research)

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How is your association keeping its offers relevant to members and preparing for the future? According to a recent study by Leader Networks , most associations – 83 percent – are aligning their products and services to market needs so they meet members’ expectations and stay relevant.

Personalization Tips: How to Reach More Association Members Through your AMS Software


And neither do your members. It’s a smoother, more enjoyable experience. It’s also something people, your members included, have come to expect. After all, why would your members want to see a call-to-action to join your association when they’ve already paid their dues?

6 Compelling Reasons to Consolidate Your Association’s Technology Systems


As an association professional, what you do makes a difference every day. You’re working to improve your members’ lives or make meaningful social and legislative changes. So to be as effective as possible, they buy association-specific software systems.

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How the Computer in Your Pocket Has Changed Event Attendee Behavior


The entire experience is different. Get to know the nooks and crannies of technology, including how it has changed your members’ behavior at live events. Then put that information into action to give your members the experience they crave.

Choosing Our Dream AMS

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The Association Management Software (AMS) is the lifeblood of the association. When we purchase our AMS, we want it to work for our association now and into the distant future. Members hit the search button before they try the navigation.

How technology can improve your association’s value prop


Keeping members around long-term by continuously providing value. . If members think your organization provides too little value, they’re not likely to renew. Keeping members around year after year means continually providing them with value. Consider the member journey.

4 ways Aptify helps large associations work more efficiently


4 ways Aptify helps large associations work more efficiently?. Just because your association is big doesn’t mean it should be inefficient. As an association professional at a large organization, you probably spend a lot of time focused on member acquisition and retention.

4 Little-Known Services from Your AMS Software Vendor that Will Save You Time and Money


Are different jobs are suited for different people based on their experience and expertise? Those with experience and in-depth knowledge spend their time elsewhere, on high-level tasks. For instance, running reports from your association management software is a common responsibility.

Industry Buzz: 3 Key Takeaways from #MCLIVE18


there were a number of breakout sessions covering a variety of industry-related topics: how to work with a difficult board (yeah, we’ve all been there), how to improve the member experience, how to more effectively manage your organization’s data - all that good stuff.

WJ Weiser and Associates Grows into the Largest AMC for U.S. Healthcare Associations

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I started WJ Weiser and Associates in 1988. Prior to that, I worked for Baxter Healthcare in their physical therapy (PT) department as a finance manager. My first client was a national association that was losing money and members.

8 things your association’s online career center should do


Provide member value and job opportunities to your association’s members. Want to deliver a career center experience that offers unmatched value to your members while driving revenue for your organization? For example, introduce a job email to your members.

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The evolution of member benefit priorities throughout the career journey


A recent Community Brands study shows that members rank the priority of benefits differently as they move through their careers. Is your association ready to meet their changing needs? The study’s findings suggest that members join organizations for different reasons than why they stay.

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Why Associations Need to Take Back Control of Their Websites Today (And How to Do It)


Everything I do, from research to keeping up with association and software news, leads me to a different website. It’s probably the same for your members. It is also the first place people go to stay engaged after they become members. And that could cost you members.

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5 Things Data Can Tell You About Your Members


If your organization uses association management software with strong integration capabilities, it’s even easier. Insight into member data can mean the difference between maintaining the status quo and truly delivering a valuable member experience.

Join?Aptify at ASAE Annual Meeting for a walk in the park?


2019 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting ?in thousands of association professionals and industry partners gather to share new ideas, trends, and best practices. association management software (AMS) by Community?Brands. Join the? Aptify ?team

Building a Community: 5 Tips for Digital Member Engagement

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Association membership is one of the most enriching experiences—particularly when you’re part of an association that prioritizes engaging its members. As your association evolves and increases its membership, your engagement strategy should evolve as well.

Top Reasons your Association Should Use Person Accounts

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Is your association considering a move to an association management system (AMS) built on the Salesforce platform? Associations deal with both people and organizations. Here’s why: Professional association members are primarily individuals. manage?relationships