What Associations Can Learn from Bumper Stickers

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Most of your association members are in your corner, but don’t ever take them for granted. Like a bumper sticker, they can peel away fast. The post What Associations Can Learn from Bumper Stickers. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

If You Don’t Know the Answer, Find the Answer

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From the Corner Office Leadership Atlanta Apartment Association careers Georgia Apartment Association leadership member communication membership National Apartment Association Russ Webb volunteer volunteeringAtlanta Apartment Association vice president Russ Webb shares his thoughts about the need for constant innovation, accountability and fun in the modern association era. The post If You Don’t Know. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

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From the Corner Office: Tino Mantella, TAG

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Tino Mantella, Technology Association of Georgia. This month’s Corner Office spotlight shines on Tino Mantella, president and CEO of the 19,000 member Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). Our ultimate goal is to make Georgia a Top 5 state for technology by 2015.

The Leadership “Advantage”

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At a recent meeting of the Georgia Society of Association Executives (GSAE) I attended a break-out session on membership communications. As part of the presentation, the speaker shared the results of a survey that his firm (whose clients include hundreds of associations, chambers, and other membership-based organizations) had taken, asking those clients what they considered to be their biggest communications challenges. It’s the leadership advantage .

The Big Picture: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

The Big Picture

Georgia’s new economic development and tourist promotion logo was unveiled at a tourism conference in Valdosta. And Georgia is now a classic marketing example for the "If it aint broke, dont fix it" textbook. Ray Charles "Georgia On My Mind" has been the state slogan since 1979. Initial media reports had indicated the new slogan would replace the beloved “Georgia On My Mind” (rather than adding to it, as it is purported now to do). Communications.

Wise Words from the Corner Office

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Meena Dayak, vice president of integrated media and communications for the American Public Power Association: Our content comes from different sources. Becoming a member of that community and gaining access to that professional network and source of leadership knowledge is so valuable.

Association Leaders Weigh in About Member Challenges, Millennials, Talent Development and Pivoting for the Future

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Russ Webb of @AAA_Tweets: All member communications go through our recently-graduated communications coordinator to ensure the message resonates with younger members. . Note: Full text of this thought leadership roundtable can be found in the 2016 issue of Association Adviser magazine – coming soon. Russ Webb , vice president of the Atlanta Apartment Association (AAA) : Our communications coordinator is only one year out of college. Mike Dunham, AGC Georgia.

How to Design a Successful Mentoring Program

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For organizations, mentoring programs encourage member engagement and retention, facilitate career progression, support development of leadership capacity and break down cross-company silos. Eryn Underwood, Naylor Association Solutions.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.1.20

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How is your association demonstrating leadership to its members and community? Reggie Henry, CAE (moderator), chief information and engagement officer, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership. Presenter: Michael Granek, CSEP, President & COO of the Event Leadership Institute.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.8.20

Reid All About it

Hilliard, PhD, Esq, CMP, Attorney, Professor, Speaker, College of Coastal Georgia. Keith Skillman, CAE (moderator), senior research and content advisor, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership. Gain an understanding of the critical skills for “turnaround” leadership.

Best of the Web: April 2014

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Association Leadership. Charles Popper, Naylor’s vice president of association relations, will also present findings from the 2014 Association Communications Benchmarking Report. Georgia Society of Association Executives Annual Conference.

Best of the Web – March 2013

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” Do the publishing experiences of the associations in this article reflect your association’s member communications? 12 Most Out of This World Leadership Lessons from Star Wars. R2D2, Princess Leia and Han Solo can teach us a thing or two about leadership. Check out this blog post from Michelle Mazur featuring the 12 most out-of-this-world leadership lessons from Star Wars, and may the force be with you. Best of the Web.

How Smart Associations Grow Membership

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That’s what Balko and his leadership team share with the board, which he said has historically looked only at membership. ” Naylor’s annual Association Communications Benchmarking Report seems to bear that out. Hank Berkowitz, Editor-in-Chief.

Electronic Billboards: The Rise of a Digital Emergency Tool

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“Digital billboards have emerged as an increasingly common tool for emergency communication.” Florida was the first state to use digital signage under Koon’s leadership, during the active hurricane season in 2008—and the potential for the signs became evident.

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Best of the Web: March 2014

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Association Leadership (Texas Society of Association Executives). Charles Popper, Naylor’s vice president of association relations, will also present findings from the 2014 Association Communications Benchmarking Report. Georgia Society of Association Executives Annual Conference. ASAE 2014 Marketing Membership & Communications Conference. Contact us today for an assessment of your current communications plans and non-dues revenue strategies.

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New

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I spoke with CEO of AGC Georgia Michael Dunham the other day about association leadership, career development and mentoring (see his Corner Office profile). Leadership skills that may surprise you. Online career centers: a key communication channel.

Moose to MOOCs and 3 other articles for association executives

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Coursera, a Silicon Valley-based company, is announcing today that it will partner with university systems in Colorado, Georgia, New York, Tennessee and Texas to develop and evaluate the potential of technology that is fueling dramatic changes in how higher education is designed and delivered.

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Best of the Web: May 2013

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This is good news for associations who rely on email to communicate with members. Leadership Lessons From Moving. Moving apartments illustrated three big lessons about leadership: Get help, discard frequently, and design and flow matter. Best of the Web.

Solutions for Your Membership Conundrum

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For the fifth consecutive year, the majority of association leaders (68 percent) cited “Inability to Communicate Member Benefits Effectively ” as their second most significant member communication challenge, trailing only information overload (69 percent). AGC Georgia’s Dunham agreed.

Keeping the American Dream Alive, One Hotel at a Time

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My government and communications experience has been especially helpful in my current role. I served in the Georgia State Senate as majority leader. Having leadership experience in any capacity is going to help you run an association — as is the ability to communicate effectively.

Lunchtime Links: Rap Genius, Annotated

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The lesson for you, as associations: Sometimes, dynamics change, and a sign of effective leadership is the ability to adapt with the times. That’s what Mission India’s Laurel Dykema, a guest writer for Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog , argues.