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Could a Podcast Change Everything?

Association Adviser

If your audience is asking for it, a podcast could be a great step forward. Here's how to strategically plan, produce and promote your association podcast. The post Could a Podcast Change Everything? appeared first on Association Adviser.

6 Digital Tactics to Keep Association Members Engaged

Blue Sky eLearn

In today’s world, associations are growing and evolving at a rapid pace. With advances in association management systems (AMS), associations are attracting millennials , as well as other high-priority groups of professionals.

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Identify Members on the Verge of Lapsing


It’s often estimated that it costs about five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing… The post Identify Members on the Verge of Lapsing appeared first on MultiView.

Cost 52

Membership management health check: How does your association measure up?

YourMembership Blog

As your association prepares for 2020, make sure your membership management program is in top shape. You likely have goals around member acquisition, engagement, and retention. And, you may regularly review your progress toward these goals. But are you really taking time to assess your program’s vital signs and ensure your membership management program is. The post Membership management health check: How does your association measure up? appeared first on YourMembership.

AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

Member Experience and the Importance of Tech that Works Together


Many organizations - associations, chambers, businesses, and everything in between - are starting to focus a whole lot more not only on their customer service practices but on the overall experience a customer has from their first interaction to purchasing and beyond.

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How to Differentiate Your Association: Achieve Reputable Customer Service


Tips for Improving Your Digital Accessibility

Associations Now

A recent federal court case makes it clear that the Americans With Disabilities Act applies in the digital realm. Experts share some tips to ensure your association’s websites and apps are compliant.

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Are You Disillusioned About Change at Your Association?

Smooth The Path

Seven years ago, the talk in our industry was about relevance. We heard that if associations did not change, they would flounder and then probably die. Many association executives answered that call.

Does Your New Member Welcome Packet Include These Four Elements?


Hopefully your organization sends out - either via email or traditional mail - a new member welcome packet to help onboard your newest (and most eager!) members. But what do you include in that new member welcome packet? What information is critical?

How Strategy Can Lift an Association’s Spirits

Associations Now

A recent study connects a strategic plan with optimism among association leaders and staffers. That’s great—just make sure the board is engaged too. There are plenty of ways an association executive can try to feel optimistic these days. A walk on a cloudless late afternoon.

Skyrocket your association’s revenue through your member education program in 2020

YourMembership Blog

Here are three ways to boost your revenue through your continuing education program in the new year. Your members look to you for learning opportunities including everything from continuing education to certification. According to the 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report, 85 percent of members look to associations for professional development opportunities. Are you.

Plan Now for a Professional Development Day During the Holidays

WBT Systems

Plan Now for a Professional Development Day During the Holidays. Read more about Plan Now for a Professional Development Day During the Holidays


Younger Millennials Strike Back with “OK Boomer”

Jamie Notter

The keynote I did in San Diego last week covered both Millennials and workplace culture, and as I was preparing for it, I realized that Millennials have now been in the workforce for more than 15 years. The oldest Millennials are nearly 40 now, and that means that the younger Millennials (often called Gen Z) are now entering both adulthood and the workforce in larger numbers, and like every generation, the second-half cohort is noticeably different than the first half.

Digital Governance is Critical for Digital Transformation


Digital Governance is Critical for Digital Transformation. Associations are generally experts in governance. However, they may have a blind spot when it comes to governing their digital presence.

Protect your members’ data with multi-factor authentication

YourMembership Blog

How can your small association address member and regulatory demands for data security? Multi-factor authentication will get you a big step closer. Like all of us, your members are concerned about data privacy and security. In fact, the Community Brands Digital Evolution Study indicates that 71 percent of members of professional associations say they worry. The post Protect your members’ data with multi-factor authentication appeared first on YourMembership.

11 Best Website Builders for Nonprofits, Reviewed & Compared

Wild Apricot

Find the best nonprofit website builder that can support the needs of your modern organization broken down by price, pros, and cons

Four Lessons on Value From For-Profit Subscription Programs

Associations Now

From keeping your everyday users happy to introducing new value propositions for your highest-end fans, for-profit subscription services are offering a lot of lessons these days that associations can learn from.

JP Moery to Speak at Thought Leadership Conference in Cambridge, MA

Moery Company

JP Moery, president of The Moery Company, will be speaking at the Profiting from Thought Leadership seminar , held on November 14 and 15, in Cambridge, MA.

3 reasons it’s time to take your association’s career center to the next level

YourMembership Blog

If you aren’t tapping into the full potential of your career center, your association is missing out. Now’s the time to take action. Here’s why. Your association’s career center can be a great source of non-dues revenue, a valuable member benefit, and a critial component to a great overall member experience. And if you aren’t. The post 3 reasons it’s time to take your association’s career center to the next level appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing

5 Improvements for Event Registration Data Collection

Velvet Chainsaw

It’s difficult to determine what to include — and not include — when collecting attendee data at the time of conference registration. We need to make it easy to click “yes” during the registration process, while also collecting intelligence to drive personalization.

Four Tactics to Mitigate Workplace Conflict

Associations Now

Whether it’s your staff facing a workplace conflict or tension between you and a coworker, it’s worth validating the tension—and understanding why it’s there. People butt heads. It’s a natural part of the work experience, and one that the bosses will inevitably run into.

The Association’s Most Valuable Asset


This blog, written by MultiView’s Vice President of Partnerships, Chris Mazzon, originally appeared in Association TRENDS. What’s the most valuable… The post The Association’s Most Valuable Asset appeared first on MultiView.


Is your management actually getting in the way?

Association Success

The story of Edwin Land and Polaroid is a familiar one to those who read often about business leadership — Steve Jobs was notably a big fan of the man — and for good reason: Land is a great example of both a winning inventor, but also a cautionary tale. .

So Teamwork Can Make the Dream Work!

Velvet Chainsaw

Hallelujah! The Washington Nationals won game seven of the World Series to become world champs. This is a huge deal for Washington sports fans and their story should resonate for all of us in the meetings industry as we are dependent on our teams to successfully execute our events.

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Empower Your Team to Stay Safe from Workplace Violence

Associations Now

No association wants to imagine a scenario where its staff are threatened by violence, but it’s important to be prepared. A good plan gives employees options for protecting themselves and trains them to act decisively in a crisis. Safety and security are top of mind for all of your employees.

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Creating a Compelling "Call for Committee Volunteers" at Your Association or Chamber


Few projects could be completed (and/or completed well ) without the help of committees. Not only do committee members assist with ideation, but they help with execution, often managing projects from start to finish. Talk about a blessing!

How One Association Professional Rose to the Top: Alesa McArthur, MBA, CMP, National Association of Elevator Contractors

Association Adviser

Alesa McArthur, MBA, CMP, executive director of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, grew up intending to be a lawyer but has enjoyed the creativity, flexibility & hospitality the association industry offers.

More than a Platform: Five Key Considerations to Selecting an Association LMS Company


The primary focus for most Request for Proposals is to ensure the platform selected meets a defined set of requirements. The review and whittling down of providers, tends to be based on which companies can satisfy those requirements.

The Influencer Bubble Is Popping—But It Can Still Work for You

Associations Now

The success rate of a sponsored post on social media, particularly Instagram, is way down. But if you’re targeting and auditing correctly, you can still come out ahead with an influencer strategy.

3 End-of-Year Initiatives to Begin Planning for NOW


Does anyone else feel like Q4 flies by faster than any other quarter? One minute we’re celebrating Halloween and then the next minute, it’s nearly New Year’s! (If If you don’t feel that way now, check back with us in December.). The point is, though, time really does fly.

Association leaders in Canada converged in Vancouver for CSAE’s Associations: Decoded

Association Adviser

More than 600 participants gathered for the annual conference of the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE). ASSOCIATIONS: DECODED took attendees on a journey of discovery, with 53 sessions and 63 speakers deciphering complexities around leadership, resiliency, member engagement and more.

Why leadership support is important when incorporating automation

Association Success

Over the decades, the world has transformed in a way that makes technology indispensable to organizations with any kind of customer service.

The Value of Knowing Your Association’s History

Associations Now

Association leaders need to think ahead. But don’t dismiss looking at the past for ways to do that. If you took the time to go through your association’s archives, what might you find? One association found a vintage movie.