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Problems Associations Have When Upscaling Marketing Technology

HighRoad Solution

Marketing technology, or MarTech, is more powerful than ever these days. You can upgrade to tools that will revolutionize your association’s communication strategy, automate new member recruitment, and provide powerful data-driven insights

What Works Best for Your AMS/CRM: a Swiss Army Knife or a Toolbox?


I have carried a small Swiss Army Knife in my pocket for most of my adult life (that’s a long time) except when flying with only a carry-on (grrr, TSA!). I love the convenience of not having to search for a pair of scissors or knife to open a stubborn package.

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When It Comes to Events, Can Quality Mean Quantity?

Association Adviser

Event planners at the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) took a different, riskier approach to marketing & executing their annual conference. It paid off. The post When It Comes to Events, Can Quality Mean Quantity? appeared first on Association Adviser.

2 Ways to Strengthen Your Membership Referral Program


So you have a pretty solid membership referral program, huh? The problem is.few people actually take advantage of it. (Or Or not as many people as you would like, rather.).


AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

How to develop your association’s strategy for an engaging member experience

Nimble AMS

Your members expect highly personalized and engaging experiences with your association. Here are some important things to consider in your strategy. Want to make sure your members stick around?

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Does your association value job boards as much as your members do?

YourMembership Blog

A recent Community Brands study shows that job opportunities are one of the most important benefits to members, yet associations have work to do in this area.

How to Start a Mentoring Program People Want to Participate In

Higher Logic

Think back to your first job out of college. You were probably excited and wanted to learn everything. Along the way, did you have someone who mentored you and helped you along in your profession?

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Ten Strategies for Pricing eLearning Content

Blue Sky eLearn

Recently, Blue Sky eLearn Client Success Manager, Kara Adams, presented a webinar covering ten strategies for pricing eLearning content.

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Online Payment Processing for Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know

Wild Apricot

Looking into online payment processing for your nonprofit, association, or membership organization? Pick the right solution with the help of our guide

Need more chapter volunteers?

YourMembership Blog

Need more chapter volunteers? Is your answer yes to the question? Even chapters with all their volunteer seats filled are often still looking for volunteers. We’ve talked with twelve chapters from twelve different associations about how they are filling their volunteer needs. Here are five tips we learned! (1) 1) Have a team whose job is. The post Need more chapter volunteers? appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Volunteer Member Engagement

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Recovering From a Gaffe: Lessons From Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Fail

Associations Now

The Tesla CEO managed to find humor in what was an embarrassing scene during a high-profile product launch. Here’s how quick thinking can help you recover, fast. It was perhaps the most exceedingly weird product demo of the year, for a product that seemed out there even for Elon Musk.

5 steps to making decisions faster

Association Success

Ever had a choice you just couldn’t make? We’ve all been there. . Fighting organizational ambivalence, though, is a step beyond having to make a choice in your personal life.

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Building a Legacy of Association Strength: Thomas Foreman, BSIABC

Association Adviser

Three Reasons to bring your Community into your Online Education Programs


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present at the 2019 Higher Logic Super Forum, on the topic of community-based learning. At the start of the session, I discussed the difference between training and learning.

3 SEO Practices to Guide Your Strategy in 2020

Associations Now

SEO is important, but it’s hard to explain up the corporate ladder and to other departments. Reframing your SEO practices could help drive better results in the coming year. More organizations than ever think that search engine optimization matters.

More Member Value in the Form of a 401(k)? Maybe!


If increased membership recruitment and retention are on your organization’s holiday wish list, well.the holidays may have come early. Have you ever heard of a 401(k) MEP? The “MEP” stands for Multiple Employer Plan.).

Why Gratitude is an Essential Leadership Skill

Association Adviser

A number of studies have linked gratitude to improved health, stronger relationships and heightened productivity. Here's how your association can encourage a work environment that thrives with thankfulness. The post Why Gratitude is an Essential Leadership Skill appeared first on Association Adviser.

Catch Nimble AMS at the 2019 ASAE Technology Exploration Conference

Nimble AMS

Where and when you can visit with the Nimble AMS team while you’re there. Join the Nimble AMS team at the?Community Community Brands?booth booth #613 during the?2019 2019 ASAE Technology Exploration Conference December 3-4 in Washington, DC. ASAE TEC 2019 ,?association

Four Ways Psychology and Email Marketing Tie Into Each Other

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Before your hit send on that next member email, consider the role psychology plays in getting your message across. You could write and design the best email in the world, but unless you consider how it will be received, its ability to resonate with your audience is slim.

Marketers, Promote Yourselves! Get the Buy-In You Need for a Successful Content Strategy


We’ve all experienced the meeting from hell. The chair lost control. People were frantic to have their say, and nobody got heard. The same kind of communications nightmare happens when you don’t impose order on your content.

Podcast: How to Create Better Member Surveys

Association Adviser

Rachel Clemens of Mighty Citizen talks with The Association Adviser Podcast about why associations should survey members, building trust in surveys, & components of a truthful, informative survey. The post Podcast: How to Create Better Member Surveys appeared first on Association Adviser.

[The Highlight Reel] Tips for Boosting Conference Registrations


The Highlight Reel is back! And this time, we’re tackling conference promotion. If your organization hosts an annual conference, chances are, that’s your biggest event of the year.

An Active Approach to Board Diversity

Associations Now

Board diversity is still a challenge at nonprofits and for-profits alike. Solutions will require actively thinking about strategic needs—and noticing the people raising their hands to help.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Association Onboarding


Association industry vernacular defines onboarding as a process through which new members move from being organizational outsiders to becoming organizational insiders. Translation? Onboarding is a party and your association is the host.

Where to Find the Time for Advocacy

Association Adviser

Investing time for advocacy gradually now makes the process less burdensome for members in the future when your association’s efforts are needed the most. The post Where to Find the Time for Advocacy appeared first on Association Adviser. Advocacy Features advocacy

How 1 association booted bureaucracy and started making decisions

Association Success

When Mike Moss first wrote for , he’d only been serving as president for the Society of College and University Planning for a little over a year. But even then, he knew the organization needed a shake-up.

How to Delight Meeting Attendees in 2020

Associations Now

Meeting planners seeking to engage attendees must harness the uniqueness of the destination to succeed. Attendee satisfaction is the best indicator of the success of your meeting, reports Event MB in its State of the Event Industry survey. What attendees want, more and more, is authenticity.

Long-term Strategic Planning According to ACCE (Plus Examples)


With the end of the year on the horizon, many organizations are starting their annual planning processes. Which is fairly common.but when’s the last time your association or chamber did the work to develop a long-term strategic plan? A plan for the next five, ten, even twenty years? In the.

Advocacy Strategies: Cutting Through the Clutter

Association Adviser

With the vast and growing number of trade associations vying for the attention of the same 535 federal legislators, what can your association do to influence policymakers to act on your behalf? The post Advocacy Strategies: Cutting Through the Clutter appeared first on Association Adviser.

12 Questions to Reveal Whether Your AMS Is Real or Pseudo SaaS


Getting past the marketing messages and sales spiels is key to finding out whether the AMS you’re considering is real or Pseudo SaaS. Read the post to learn 12 questions to ask and the answers to seek in order to become a savvy AMS buyer

Give Your Members What They Need at Every Career Stage

Associations Now

A new Community Brands study indicates that your members’ needs change as they advance in their careers. The finding suggests that there’s a lot of opportunity in an engagement strategy focusing on benefits that match career stages.

6 Help Team Tips from Product Experts Themselves


MemberClicks’ mission is “to empower member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service” - which is why we seek to provide customers with as many services as we can. Six different types of training (including MC LIVE!

Trainer’s Notebook: Using Dot Voting Online

Beth Kanter

When I facilitate meetings or workshops for nonprofits, not matter the topic, I incorporate many participatory approaches and design thinking methods. One technique that I often employ is called “ Dot Voting ” or “ Visual the Vote.”