How to Start a Nonprofit the Right Way and Get Your First Paying Members

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New nonprofits face more challenges than ever before, because of how the internet and emerging technologies are changing the ways in which people interact with organizations. how-to-get-members how-to-start-a-nonprofit

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How to use technology to support your members’ career journey

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Having the right technology in place helps you understand and engage with your members through each stage of their journey. The post How to use technology to support your members’ career journey appeared first on YourMembership. Career Solutions Membership & Marketing Online Learning TechnologyYour members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers.

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How to Tackle Technology

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The post How to Tackle Technology appeared first on Association Adviser - Best practices, news and leadership strategies for association professionals. And do it on your own terms.

How to Tame Technology

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” But, according to the association technology experts we consulted, if you don’t get some more features soon, you ain’t going to have more members. If you have a chance to read this Did You Know? So why is it so hard for associations to get it right?

How to Make Your Virtual Events Better Than The Rest


One more platform reviewed and instead of feeling closer to the answer of what tech to choose for their meeting, he felt further away than ever before. I’m a stranger in a strange land,” he muttered to himself. With resignation, he clicked to join the Zoom meeting.

How to Improve Technology the Agile Way

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Is your organization too busy to make improvements or ready to commit to change? When I think of organizations looking to make improvements to their technology, I always picture this cartoon : a team of cavemen pushing materials on a cart made of square wheels while two friends stand next to them waiting to install round wheels. So, how do you engage your staff to make improvements when everyone is too busy?

Daily Buzz: How to Ask the Board for New Technology

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This is how you should position your conversation with the board. Be it member growth, retention, or engagement, your team has a laundry list of goals to achieve. Don’t let outdated technology stand in your way. It’s hard to argue with numbers,” she says. “So

How to Build Membership Engagement Through Technology and Data

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Technology doesn’t just make it easier for associations to connect with their members – it also makes it possible to measure how connected members feel to the association.

How to Make Effective Use of Technology for Online Conferences

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Takeaways from the Learning-Technology-Design Conference 2018 Developed and hosted by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele of Tagoras , the annual Learning ? Technology ? I was invited to attend the conference by free of charge, in return for writing an article about it.

How to feel comfortable on camera

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The chances of that changing soon are slim, especially as people start to realize virtual events and meetings are more cost-effective and time-efficient, said Dr. Laura Sicola, founder of Vocal Impact Productions and host of the podcast “Speaking to Influence.”.

LMS Buy-In: How to Overcome these Top 4 Objections

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However, with the expense of an LMS comes online courses and on-demand webinars that can become a part of your non-dues revenue strategy as well as new avenues to acquire sponsorship dollars. How will they learn to use it? It’s Not in Our Budget.

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How To Identify Technologies That Matter

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Many of us are looking for the next, big, shiny new technology tool. Yet the noise about new technologies makes it very difficult to identify which tools really matter. The parade of new technologies and advances is persistent. High rate of technology change.

2020 Event Technology Trends


How to leverage event technology to elevate your next event. What is Event Technology? Event technology is any kind of software that improves the event process for both event planners, and/or attendees.

Help Your Members Embrace Technology

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This post introduces a new free guide that offers research, insights and tips on how to get members, volunteers and your board to embrace technology. technology

How to Manage Your Newly Remote Workforce

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Due to COVID-19, working from home is the new normal right now. Given the urgency of the public health crisis, companies who didn’t have remote working in place had little time to institute policies for staff, ensure proper technology, or set up training. “It’s

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an LMS

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Some organizations hire consultants to help them with the tasks. Every organization has different needs and specific requirements, but there are some main things to look out for when evaluating LMS prospects. . Lots to consider when it comes to making money! .

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Face Your Fear of Technology

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It’s a term some people use to describe the anxious feeling you get on Sunday nights when you’re facing down a full week of work, kids’ schedules, meetings, appointments, and other obligations. Technology (and the thought of it) sometimes elicits a similar response.

Working remotely? Here’s how to stay productive and motivated

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So you have to work from home for the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19? Or maybe you’ve been working from home for a while now and are just looking to increase your work output? Just remember to get out of bed and put on pants first. . Learn to say “no”.

How to provide the personalized experience your members expect

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Here’s how to catch up with member expectations – no Amazon-sized staff or budget required. Here’s something to think about: Your members’ last great online experience is their new expectation. Ready to take it up a notch? Technology Member Retention

How to Onboard to a New Association Management Software Platform

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Onboarding to new association management software can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be impossibly stressful. Here's how to navigate the process. The post How to Onboard to a New Association Management Software Platform appeared first on Association Adviser.

How to convince your board it’s time for a new career center

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A well-executed career center built on modern technology provides ongoing member value and can be a powerful tool for generating non-dues revenue for your organization. You know it’s time for a new online career center.

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Party of One? How to Manage Your Association’s Education

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Meet with all the other departments in your association to identify new educational opportunities. Can your marketing department identify new segments to promote a course to a broader audience? Let them know what you’re up to, and find ways to work together.

How to Apply Human-Centered Design to Association Technology Initiatives

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Have you ever struggled with issues of technology adoption, mismatched expectations, or the perception of your organization as behind the times? The use of technology can change the way people think about you as an organization, for better or for worse. Human-centered design is a framework for projects and decision-making which can be particularly useful for embarking on new technological ventures. Have you ever considered observing members in their day to day work?

How to ask someone to be your mentor

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Now, it’s time to form that relationship. But how do you ask someone to be your mentor? According to Yale University , the first step is simple: Schedule a conversation by sending an email asking the person if he or she can meet with you in person or via Zoom.

How to Create Your Association Technology Vendor Shortlist (by Cutting Through the Sales Speak)


The salesperson aims to figure out what the buyer wants to pay monthly, while the buyer is looking at the total price. The buyer assumes the monthly payment works out to be the final price of the car but often they’re worlds apart. Is it up to date?

How to hold a strategic planning session virtually

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With modern technology and a good facilitation plan, you can still bring people together to think strategically and co-create for the future. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to do just that for the first time. Don’t be afraid of technology. Good to know.

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Party of One? How to Manage Your Association’s Education

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Meet with all the other departments in your association to identify new educational opportunities. Can your marketing department identify new segments to promote a course to a broader audience? Let them know what you’re up to, and find ways to work together.

How to pivot to virtual in real time

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While these are challenging times, challenges also enable us to rise to the occasion and demonstrate true leadership. Recently, Michael and the Gather Voices team have helped several organizations quickly evolve their in-person events to digital offerings.

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How to foster community in a time of crisis

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With the coronavirus displacing many communities and forcing people to remove themselves from social situations, how do we nurture community and connection remotely? Ask “how are you doing?”. In such an unusual time as this, people’s state of being changes day to day.

How to Choose an Association Credit Card Processor


When it comes to selecting an association credit card processing company , no provider is perfect… but like any service, the company should be efficient, accurate, and affordable. The payment gateway gathers and encrypts information and then sends it to the payment processo r.

How to Leverage Mobility Strategies for Member Engagement

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The future of technology is definitely mobile-driven. According to recent statistics , desktops now account for only 29 percent of digital minutes, rest of the share is mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Why Data Analytics is Important and How to Budget Accurately

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When you analyze it, you gain access to all types of valuable insight: which users are most engaged, what topics they’re most interested in, who is contributing to discussions and the list goes on. Budget is a major consideration, of course, and you’ll want to plan accurately.

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How to Use Customer Engagement Data to Identify New Sales Opportunities

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Determining where each customer is in their (ideally) lifelong journey with your company can be challenging, and just like new-customer acquisition, trying to make a pitch or close a deal without first segmenting customers will decrease your effectiveness.

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How to Start or Grow Your Online Career Center

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Starting or growing a career management site doesn’t have to be intimidating. However, many associations are hesitant to commit the needed resources and staff time to begin or enhance an online career center because doing so always seems to be a large undertaking.

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Risk Management ? How to Begin the Conversation

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Technology. Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Risk Management – How to Begin the Conversation. Mike has been a valuable part of our team here at YM, having previously worked in the Sales and Marketing Department before moving to Customer Support in late 2011. Prior to joining YM two years ago, Mike served as Risk Manager for a yacht manufacturing company. What events can/need to happen to cause a loss?

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Aligning Vision with Technology

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When it comes to becoming a more innovative organization and leveraging today’s technological advancements for the overall betterment of the association and its operations, it all starts with the vision. Just look at how the tech stack comes out of the organization’s vision and their strategic plan. Similarly, most associations don’t give much thought to culture in relation to incorporating new technology in processes and operations.

Affordable Event Venues with State-of-the-Art Technology

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Many corporate events and events hosted by cultural or not-for-profit organizations require venues with state-of-the-art technology, ample seating, and facilities for screening DVDs or films. Community and cultural centres aren't what they used to be.

How to Prevent AMS Implementation Frustration

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Here are some best practices to draw upon when you consider launching your first AMS or when you make the move to a provider that can help your association reach longer term growth goals. The post How to Prevent AMS Implementation Frustration appeared first on Association Adviser.

How to Create a Community Culture

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As I've blogged about before , I see social networking for businesses as encompassing four quadrants: public social media, social CRM to collect data, social software in the workplace (intranet) and externally facing social software (an open online community).

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How to Manage Social Media with Hootsuite and Buffer

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Social media is a great way to connect with others, find and share resources, and build a community. But how do you find time to manage it? Like you, I have limited time to spend on social media, unless I’m procrastinating, but my social media ROI is worth the effort.