How to Start a Nonprofit the Right Way and Get Your First Paying Members

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New nonprofits face more challenges than ever before, because of how the internet and emerging technologies are changing the ways in which people interact with organizations. how-to-get-members how-to-start-a-nonprofit

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How to use technology to support your members’ career journey

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Having the right technology in place helps you understand and engage with your members through each stage of their journey. The post How to use technology to support your members’ career journey appeared first on YourMembership. Career Solutions Membership & Marketing Online Learning TechnologyYour members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers.

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How to Tackle Technology

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The post How to Tackle Technology appeared first on Association Adviser - Best practices, news and leadership strategies for association professionals. And do it on your own terms.

Daily Buzz: How to Ask the Board for New Technology

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This is how you should position your conversation with the board. Be it member growth, retention, or engagement, your team has a laundry list of goals to achieve. Don’t let outdated technology stand in your way. It’s hard to argue with numbers,” she says. “So

How to Launch an LMS with No Content

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We’ve talked to plenty of organizations who don’t believe they are ready or qualified to purchase a learning management system because of lack of content. Instead of leaving these on your regular website, move any educational white papers over to your LMS. .

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How to Tame Technology

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” But, according to the association technology experts we consulted, if you don’t get some more features soon, you ain’t going to have more members. If you have a chance to read this Did You Know? So why is it so hard for associations to get it right?

How To Identify Technologies That Matter

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Many of us are looking for the next, big, shiny new technology tool. Yet the noise about new technologies makes it very difficult to identify which tools really matter. The parade of new technologies and advances is persistent. High rate of technology change.

How to Improve Technology the Agile Way

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Is your organization too busy to make improvements or ready to commit to change? When I think of organizations looking to make improvements to their technology, I always picture this cartoon : a team of cavemen pushing materials on a cart made of square wheels while two friends stand next to them waiting to install round wheels. So, how do you engage your staff to make improvements when everyone is too busy?

LMS Buy-In: How to Overcome these Top 4 Objections

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However, with the expense of an LMS comes online courses and on-demand webinars that can become a part of your non-dues revenue strategy as well as new avenues to acquire sponsorship dollars. How will they learn to use it? It’s Not in Our Budget.

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How to Build Membership Engagement Through Technology and Data

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Technology doesn’t just make it easier for associations to connect with their members – it also makes it possible to measure how connected members feel to the association.

How to Make Effective Use of Technology for Online Conferences

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Takeaways from the Learning-Technology-Design Conference 2018 Developed and hosted by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele of Tagoras , the annual Learning ? Technology ? I was invited to attend the conference by free of charge, in return for writing an article about it.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an LMS

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Some organizations hire consultants to help them with the tasks. Every organization has different needs and specific requirements, but there are some main things to look out for when evaluating LMS prospects. . Lots to consider when it comes to making money! .

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How to Create Your Association Technology Vendor Shortlist (by Cutting Through the Sales Speak)


The salesperson aims to figure out what the buyer wants to pay monthly, while the buyer is looking at the total price. The buyer assumes the monthly payment works out to be the final price of the car but often they’re worlds apart. Is it up to date?

Party of One? How to Manage Your Association’s Education

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Meet with all the other departments in your association to identify new educational opportunities. Can your marketing department identify new segments to promote a course to a broader audience? Let them know what you’re up to, and find ways to work together.

How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Dramatic changes have occurred in how learning is recognized, accredited and validated. Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. How Do I Use the Digital Badge Strategy Design Canvas?

How to Use Customer Engagement Data to Identify New Sales Opportunities

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Determining where each customer is in their (ideally) lifelong journey with your company can be challenging, and just like new-customer acquisition, trying to make a pitch or close a deal without first segmenting customers will decrease your effectiveness.

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How to Onboard to a New Association Management Software Platform

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Onboarding to new association management software can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be impossibly stressful. Here's how to navigate the process. The post How to Onboard to a New Association Management Software Platform appeared first on Association Adviser.

How to Choose an Association Credit Card Processor


When it comes to selecting an association credit card processing company , no provider is perfect… but like any service, the company should be efficient, accurate, and affordable. The payment gateway gathers and encrypts information and then sends it to the payment processo r.

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Party of One? How to Manage Your Association’s Education

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Meet with all the other departments in your association to identify new educational opportunities. Can your marketing department identify new segments to promote a course to a broader audience? Let them know what you’re up to, and find ways to work together.

Face Your Fear of Technology

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It’s a term some people use to describe the anxious feeling you get on Sunday nights when you’re facing down a full week of work, kids’ schedules, meetings, appointments, and other obligations. Technology (and the thought of it) sometimes elicits a similar response.

Why Data Analytics is Important and How to Budget Accurately

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When you analyze it, you gain access to all types of valuable insight: which users are most engaged, what topics they’re most interested in, who is contributing to discussions and the list goes on. Budget is a major consideration, of course, and you’ll want to plan accurately.

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Affordable Event Venues with State-of-the-Art Technology

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Many corporate events and events hosted by cultural or not-for-profit organizations require venues with state-of-the-art technology, ample seating, and facilities for screening DVDs or films. Community and cultural centres aren't what they used to be.

How to Apply Human-Centered Design to Association Technology Initiatives

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Have you ever struggled with issues of technology adoption, mismatched expectations, or the perception of your organization as behind the times? The use of technology can change the way people think about you as an organization, for better or for worse. Human-centered design is a framework for projects and decision-making which can be particularly useful for embarking on new technological ventures. Have you ever considered observing members in their day to day work?

How to Think Like a Futurist

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But every association has a distinct audience who may behave differently than how trend-spotters predict. If you want to identify the most relevant trends for your membership, learn how to think like a futurist. By developing a few mindsets and habits, you’ll be able to spot your own trends, anticipate member needs, take advantage of marketplace demand, and not lose your audience to competitors. Here’s how to practice this mindset.

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Help Your Members Embrace Technology

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This post introduces a new free guide that offers research, insights and tips on how to get members, volunteers and your board to embrace technology. technology

How to Motivate Around Mission

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Roles at associations are in constant flux, which makes it harder for leaders to assign roles. Freeing staff and volunteers to express their own passions around the job can help. People come to work for relationships, personal efficacy, and a sense of purpose.”

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How to Create a Community Culture

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As I've blogged about before , I see social networking for businesses as encompassing four quadrants: public social media, social CRM to collect data, social software in the workplace (intranet) and externally facing social software (an open online community).

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Daily Buzz: How to Make Your Presenters Presentable

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What you can do to get your conference speakers ready. Also: Don’t ignore your social mentions; learn how to answer them. Session-planning calls can be the most effective way to prepare speakers, Lutz says, and they should be about more than logistics.

How To Work With Your Website Vendor For A Winning Association Website

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Vendor Relations association technology association websites

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Technology Trend Alert: Association and Nonprofit Engagement [Video]


Conversations around technology in the world of associations and nonprofits are constantly evolving. So where should you go to find out where technology is headed and how to avoid common pitfalls?

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4 Challenges for Trade Associations and How to Tackle Them with Community

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They bring competing organizations together to protect and promote entire industries, products, services, and workforces. Their role in society is becoming muddied and complicated as new competitors emerge, industries contract and expand, and technology reshapes how the world does business.

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How to Build a “Rock Star” Digital Technology Strategy


… and more awesome topics are what ICF folks, including me, will be presenting at ASAE’s Technology Conference in December! Check out our sessions: How to Build a “Rock Star” Digital Technology Strategy. Lead Your Way to a Social Organization.

How To Use Microsoft Technology To Supercharge Your Fundraising

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SOS Children’s Villages International uses cloud technology to help fundraise for children in need. Note From Beth: I am thrilled to host this guest post from Microsoft Philanthropies General Manager that showcases examples of digital transformation and fundraising.

How to Rock Marketing Automation


Many organizations are asking how to prepare for and rock marketing automation. Well adopting new technology requires accepting change and rolling with it. To that end, I’ve gathered 5 ideas to help automate your associations’ marketing initiatives.

Employee Termination – A How-To for Associations


No one likes to be part of an involuntary separation, but sometimes, when there’s a bad egg, it’s the best thing for your organization. It’s crucial to be prepared when it happens, because security will likely not be top of mind during this emotionally-charged time. executives, legal counsel, IT, HR) would work together to outline the offboarding process. Prepare and use a checklist to ensure all procedures are followed. Click To Tweet. Productivity Technology

How to Develop Really Good LMS Requirements

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The request for proposal you send to learning management system (LMS) providers is only as good as the process you use to develop your LMS requirements. This process—the discussions and decisions—is the most important part of any technology selection. You need to involve key stakeholders: staff who use the LMS, use data from the LMS, or use technology that interacts with the LMS now or in the future. How the LMS requirements process works.

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How to Leverage Mobility Strategies for Member Engagement

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The future of technology is definitely mobile-driven. According to recent statistics , desktops now account for only 29 percent of digital minutes, rest of the share is mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

How to Lead on Improving Chapters

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The distinction says something not just about how leaders perceive members, but also about how members wish to perceive themselves. They want to find common cause with their association’s mission but don’t want to be treated like (to pick another metaphor) cogs in a machine.

Daily Buzz: How to Stay Relevant in Changing Times

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When new technology and the constant news cycle push your association out of the spotlight, you must find a way to adapt. Amid changing times and the constant flow of new technology, staying relevant is no easy feat.

How to Start or Grow Your Online Career Center

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Starting or growing a career management site doesn’t have to be intimidating. However, many associations are hesitant to commit the needed resources and staff time to begin or enhance an online career center because doing so always seems to be a large undertaking.