When Are We Going to Have In-Person Meetings Again? – Ask JP #058

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It’s time to prepare for 2022. But I’m telling you what I’m preparing for in my company and that is 2022. Hello everyone, welcome to another Ask JP. Many CEO’s that I am collaborating with keep asking, when are we going to have in-person meetings again?

People in Our Industry Are On Sitting and Waiting Mode – Association Field Report (April 9, 2021)

Moery Company

However, 2022 might look more like 2019. Hello everybody, welcome to observations from the field. My observation is, a lot of people in our industry including, sponsors, prospective sponsors and members are in this wait and see mode.


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The Future of Associations is Experiences

Smooth The Path

The associations that members love in 2022 and beyond will figure out how to wrap their value in great experiences. Imagine that member value and member experience were on either end of a seesaw. Many associations focus on value and provide a base-level of experience.

Big city love from ASAE

Aaron Wolowiec

On July 25, ASAE announced the host cities for its meetings, through 2022: 2017 – Toronto. 2022 – Atlanta. Congratulations to the cities selected for our 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 ASAE annual meetings and expositions,” said John Graham, ASAE president and CEO. “We Good news fellow Midwesterners! In 2018, ASAE’s Annual Meeting and Exposition will be coming to Chicago! 2018 – Chicago. 2019 – Columbus. 2020 – Las Vegas. 2021 – Dallas.

Big city love from ASAE

Aaron Wolowiec

On July 25, ASAE announced the host cities for its meetings, through 2022: 2017 – Toronto. 2022 – Atlanta. Congratulations to the cities selected for our 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 ASAE annual meetings and expositions,” said John Graham, ASAE president and CEO. “We Good news fellow Midwesterners! In 2018, ASAE’s Annual Meeting and Exposition will be coming to Chicago! 2018 – Chicago. 2019 – Columbus. 2020 – Las Vegas. 2021 – Dallas.

What Risk Factors Are Top of Mind for Association Event Organizers?

Velvet Chainsaw

Others, particularly those whose members are dealing with travel bans, or have large global audiences, are more likely to be in the camp that the soonest they can meet face-to-face is 2022.

Involve Young Pros In Your Meeting Planning and Marketing Efforts

Associations Now

So I was excited when I came across an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette earlier this week about VisitPittsburgh’s 2022 Committee. The committee, composed of four young professionals, is tasked with looking at the CVB’s marketing efforts as if it were 2022 and planning for the five years ahead. The 2022 Committee idea is scalable for other CVBs and associations.

Aptify at Xperience Virtual 2021


Details for Xperience 2022 will be announced in the near future – stay tuned! The Aptify team was excited to, once again, take part in the Community Brands annual Xperience conference. But this time, it was a little different. Like most organizations, there was a need to evolve event participation over the past year, but still deliver important information to customers and industry professionals.

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Beyond Hybrid: Repackaging Your Conference Content

Velvet Chainsaw

Whether hybrid is self-funding or not, associations should strongly consider making portions of their annual conference available virtually through the end of 2022.

Daily Buzz: The End of the BlackBerry Phone

Associations Now

In a statement, BlackBerry did not say whether it will work with a different partner to produce and sell devices, but it did say the company will continue to provide support for the existing portfolio of devices until February 2022.

Opportunity Knocks – Are You There?

YourMembership Blog

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report , only 19 of the 30 occupations projected to grow fastest from 2012 to 2022 require some form of postsecondary education for entry. million jobs between 2012 and 2022 accounting for more than half of all new jobs. It seems that when things change for the worse, they tend to do so very quickly- like rising gas prices. Yet, when conditions improve they seem to do so slowly- a penny here, a penny there- never making much of a difference.

California Bill Treats Contractors as Employees

Associations Now

The legislation was written by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who is a labor advocate and a candidate for California Secretary of State in 2022. A groundbreaking bill passed by the California Senate extends labor protections and employee benefits to many workers previously considered contractors. Associations that use freelancers in the state may need to reclassify them as full-time employees starting in 2020.

Talkin’ SaaS Stats: Customer Success is Having a Moment

Higher Logic

billion by 2022 [ Transparency Market Research ]. Which begs the question…what took so long? It’s simple. Without customers, you don’t have a business. Without happy customers, you don’t have a successful, profitable, sustainable business. For B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, investing in customer success isn’t optional – or, at least it shouldn’t be, at this stage in the game.

How an Association Helped Put Craft Beer in the Smithsonian

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BA recently extended its funding of the Brewing History Initiative through 2022. The Brewers Association funded a wide-reaching initiative to bring the story of craft beer to the National Museum of American History. A new exhibit opens this week. If your association (along with the field it represents) has a lot of history, you might want to give a museum a call to help preserve it for posterity. Just ask the Brewers Association.

MGM & Delos Partner for Productive Meetings & Relaxing Stays

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The Global Wellness Institute estimates that wellness is a $134 billion global market that will grow to $198 billion by 2022. There are two growing trends within that industry—wellness tourism, which is a $639 billion market, projected to reach $919 billion by 2022; and workplace wellness, a $48 billion market that is projected to grow to $66 billion by 2022.

As Artificial Intelligence Use Increases, Ethics Policies Needed

Associations Now

Respondents generally believed AI use would become more prevalent in the near future, with 64 percent of employers surveyed expecting “their companies to be using AI or advanced automation by 2022 to support efficiency in operations, staffing, budgeting or performance.” New research finds that while AI use is expected to skyrocket in the coming years, most employers aren’t concerned about unethical uses of the technology.

Daily Buzz: When It’s OK to Break the Rules

Associations Now

Part of this effort includes that half of their individually wrapped sweets will be 200 calories or less by 2022. You want your members to be happy—but unintentional negative interactions with your staff could prove a major turnoff. Also: The National Confectioners Association is offering more health information and options for its sweet treats. Why is it that some organizations treat their members poorly? “My

Three Signs You Need to Rethink Your AMC


There has never been a time in human history when human beings will value a continental conference room breakfast more than they will in late 2021 and early 2022. 2020 has been one of the most difficult—if not the most difficult—year many associations have ever faced.

Normal is Over(rated) – For Now

Velvet Chainsaw

A few of the largest partners in my space are beginning to whisper to us they won’t have people on the road again until 2022, and I believe them. This is a guest post by Joy S.

5 Things to Know about Salesforce for Association Management

Web Courseworks Associations

An IDC study in 2018 reported that by 2022, the Salesforce ecosystem would create some 3.3 There are plenty of reasons to consider Salesforce for your association management. Before you begin the journey, consider what the job entails.

California Bill Redefines Standards for Employment Status

Associations Now

The legislation was written by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who is a labor advocate and a candidate for California Secretary of State in 2022. A bill that would extend labor protections and employee benefits to many workers previously considered independent contractors is making its way through the California Senate. If it passes, it will affect associations that use freelancers in the state.

Co-Innovation: The Right Way to Make a Vendor Relationship Work

Associations Now

Here’s what IDC recently said about the concept in its FutureScape report: “By 2022, empathy among brands and for customers will drive ecosystem collaboration and co-innovation among partners and competitors that will drive 20 percent collective growth in customer lifetime value.”. The “FutureScape” we’re talking about here is the near future; 2022 isn’t that far from now. You know how they say a rising tide lifts all boats?

Goodbye, Cookies? What Associations Should Know About Google’s Browser Shift

Associations Now

And while the signs have been there for years— Apple’s Safari ditched cookies more than two years ago —the move by Google to follow suit with Chrome by 2022 feels even more significant, due to the browser’s dominance on the desktop.

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International Travel on the Decline, U.S. Travel Warns

Associations Now

share of international travel will fall below 11 percent by 2022, compared with 13 percent in 2016. (It Two reports from the U.S. Travel Association show that inbound travel to the U.S. is dropping. The organization is calling for a renewal of funding for Brand USA to help reverse the trend. The latest data from a key travel industry group paints a worrisome picture for the months ahead—particularly when it comes to international travel. Last week, the U.S.

Five Leadership Problems That Brought on the FIFA Disaster

Associations Now

The recent controversy in the organization has focused on a pair of World Cups— planned for Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022 —with allegations of bribery tied to the bidding process for each event. attorney for New York’s Southern District, into allegations of bribery related to the venue selections for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

FIFA’s Corruption Headache: Boardroom Rift Erupts Over Transparency Issues

Associations Now

FIFA, the organization that governs the sport internationally and puts on the World Cup, has stoked controversy by choosing to keep secret a report of an investigation into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Despite public and private demands for transparency regarding an investigative report detailing a corruption scandal, soccer’s main governing body has chosen to keep the report under wraps.

Monday Buzz: Joining Forces Against Ransomware

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ASAE Names Future Host Cities for 2018 through 2022 @ASAEannual #assnchat https://t.co/Ai5hBvzWEh 2022: Atlanta. Leading security companies and European police organizations work together on a new effort to stop ransomware. Also: where the ASAE Annual Meeting is going next. Ransomware is notoriously tough to deal with—especially if you’re the one stuck with a computer full of encrypted files.

Nursing Groups Cite Looming Employment Shortage

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Bureau of Labor Statistics projections that, by 2022, there will be 3.24 The nursing industry says it’s struggling to meet a growing need for nursing care with fewer new nurses—a problem that one association says is compounded by a teaching shortfall. Some schools are attempting to remedy the issue by launching accelerated programs. An organization in the nursing field is the latest association working to confront a looming workforce shortage.

Airline Industry Ramps Up RFID-Based Baggage Tracking

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But according to research from the airline technology firm SITA and IATA, the new initiative could further reduce the number of mishandled bags by as much as 25 percent by 2022, potentially generating a cost savings of as much as $3 billion. By next June, members of the International Air Transport Association will be required to use radio-frequency identification tags to track the current position of a bag.

House Extenders Package Includes UBIT Repeal

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Neal has proposed paying for extensions of a slew of lapsed tax breaks by ending higher exemption levels for the estate tax at the end of 2022 instead of 2025 as currently scheduled. This week, the House Ways and Means Committee passed a tax extenders package that included a provision to repeal the 21 percent tax on certain employee benefits provided by associations. It now needs a full House vote.

17 Essential Email Design Tips + Inspiration for the Non-Designer

Higher Logic

Did you know that the number of emails sent per day is projected to grow to 333 billion by the year 2022? Whoa, that’s right – per day. With so much content flooding our inboxes as it is, understanding the basics of email design has never been more critical in the competition for your subscribers’ attention.

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Years After Success, Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition Re-Forms to Close Loophole

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Legislative support has already started to pick up in favor of updating the law, with proposed bills requiring that cars sold after 2022 include a system that makes it possible for consumers and repair shops to access diagnostic information through a mobile app. Encouraging a Movement The right to repair movement is showing strength outside of Massachusetts as well.

Effort Empowers Kansas City Women To Effectively Negotiate Salaries

Associations Now

Following the program’s success in Boston and other cities across the country, including Washington, DC, and Tempe, Arizona, AAUW CEO Kimberly Churches last year announced the organization’s commitment to train 10 million women in salary and benefits negotiation by 2022. The American Association of University Women is expanding its AAUW Work Smart program to Kansas City.

Teamwork with Your Host City Is Critical to a Great Show

Associations Now

It will return to Orlando in 2021, 2022 and 2026. Geoff Cassidy of NAHB discusses the challenges—and opportunities—of managing a show with more than 60,000 attendees.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.10.17

Reid All About it

Trade Show 2022: Expo Trends to Exploit for a Prosperous Future. How often do you find yourself doing something that’s at odds with what’s best for you? Something you do to check out and ignore what the best truest part of you would do. Maybe you’re procrastinating. Maybe you’re resisting something difficult. Maybe you’re lazy. What’s numbing you from your guidance system? That’s not my line – I heard it this morning on a podcast.

Match a City’s Perks with Your Attendees’ Interests

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In 2021–2022 the city will host the NCAA Men’s Final Four, NBA All-Star Game, NFL Combine, College Football Playoff National Championship and Big Ten events. Selecting a host destination that shares your mission and values can lead to exclusive local access and enthusiastic volunteers. As you research future meeting sites for your organization, seek out cities that already embrace your organization’s mission and ideas.

Shopping Center Group Helps Members Navigate Industry Disruption

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With a number of big name retailers shuttering stores and Credit Suisse predicting 25 percent of malls will close by 2022 , there are questions whether shopping centers are becoming a thing of the past. As the retail and shopping mall landscape shifts, the International Council of Shopping Centers is optimistic about the industry’s future and is ensuring members are ready to adapt to changing expectations.

With Record-Setting Holiday Travel, Rubber Manufacturers Preach Safety

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Until the days of floating high-speed rail and supersonic commercial jets are upon us (2021 and 2022 respectively, according to separate reports on CNN Money), travelers will have to stick to more ordinary means of transportation—cars, buses, and regular-speed trains and planes—as they get moving for the holidays. Lower gas prices and a rebounding economy will result in a record number of people traveling this holiday season, according to AAA.

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Association 4.0: 2018’s Transformation Imperative


The World Economic Forum’s report, “Deep Shift,” puts a timeline on when key technologies will be mainstream: robots and automation (tipping point 2021); Internet of Things, wearable Internet, 3D printing and manufacturing (tipping point 2022); supercomputers in our pockets (tipping point 2023); driverless cars (tipping point 2026). Anticipating and adapting to change has always been a characteristic of successful association leaders.

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Thursday Buzz: Smooth Flying in the Future?

Associations Now

In 2022, there’s going to be systemwide congestion, and the belief is [that] most of the benefit of airport operations management is going to come from some sort of departure metering,” Hamsa Balakrishnan, associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems at MIT, said in a news release. Boarding and takeoff at airports may soon be faster and more enjoyable, thanks to math. Plus: Addressing and clarifying your organization’s tax status to the public.