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Energizing Member Engagement

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Driving Sustainable Industry Growth Helps Trade Associations Energize Member Engagement . By following this approach these Association Executives are now energizing member engagement. Energizing Member Engagement is a Must for Trade Associations . Energizing Member Engagement.

Membership 101: What IS “Engagement,” Anyway?

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Association membership professionals, particularly in the last several years, talk about engagement A LOT. We want our members to be more engaged. We want to measure engagement. We want to score engagement. We want to reward engagement.

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AMCs Engaged!

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As ASAE Annual Meeting 2016 got started this year in Salt Lake City, it’s preceded by AMCs Engaged!, In a room full of business leaders and professionals serving associations, the desire to connect, engage and grow was the theme of the day. The post AMCs Engaged!

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You Engage By Being Engaging

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Anna Caraveli ( The Demand Networks ) and I recently had the chance to sit down with Justin Burniske ( fusionSPAN ) to talk about some of the issues raised in our recent whitepaper, Leading Engagement from the Outside In , for the Small Staff – Big Impact blog.

Three Ideas for Member Engagement

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There are many consultants out there who are happy to give you the key to engaging your members but it’s not formulaic. True engagement comes from conversations. The post Three Ideas for Member Engagement appeared first on

The new member engagement rule of 3.

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There is a short window of opportunity to engage new members. The post The new member engagement rule of 3. Membership & Marketing Member EngagementIf we do not reach them while the window is open, it snaps shut, forever. Most new members join with high hopes. They are curious to see what their membership will do for them because they do not specifically know what it will provide. appeared first on YourMembership.

How to Engage Members Without Desk Jobs

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How do you engage members who don’t sit in front of a computer all day? In the end, your job as a community builder is to find some way of engaging them - on terms that work for them. Here are three ideas to help spur on-the-go engagement: 1.

Modernize your association with member engagement.

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Member engagement starts with your onboarding process. One of the metrics I established as a membership manager at a medical association was to determine the likeliness of new members to renew their membership based on their level of engagement. Member Engagement + Retention

5 Myths About Measuring Member Engagement


According to research by Association Metrics , members who regularly engage by visiting the association’s website, attending conventions, and volunteering are more likely to remain loyal. Association Executives Member Engagement AnalyticsHow can associations build loyalty and convince members to renew?

4 Ways Leaders Can Sustain Volunteer Engagement

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This is one of the reasons why many organizations struggle with volunteer engagement. To help you, volunteer expert Barry Altland shows you the 4 key ways leaders can sustain volunteer engagement. Barry-Altland Volunteers volunteer-engagementMany well-intentioned volunteer appreciation tactics actually end up demotivating people.

The 10 Most Popular Member Engagement Articles of the Year


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6 basics of member re-engagement: Part 2.

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This is the second of a two-part series from Real Magnet looking at best practices for re-engaging your association members. In March, we shared the first three basic best practices for re-engaging your association members.

Accelerating Member Engagement

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Accelerating Member Engagement. How does this or any financial news connect to Association member engagement? Engagement is not about an Association. There are no “one-trick” ponies when it comes to member engagement. Accelerating Member Engagement.

Why Building Community Online is Important When Attracting and Engaging Millennials


People look at millennials on their smartphones and tablets and say they’re focused on themselves, lacking engagement with other people. Member Engagement Online Community Public Social Networks Millennials71% of American adults think that millennials are selfish.

Membership meets engagement in today’s modern world.

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Staying competitive and relevant in today’s digital world requires innovative ways to engage your members. Staying competitive and relevant in today’s digital world requires innovative ways to engage your members.

Accurate association member data drives better engagement + revenue.

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Updated profile data is more than just getting current email address information. Data management and data integrity is a demanding job for you and your association. But, it has to be done. Your association is only as good as your member data, and it’s a big task to keep it clean.

Dynamic Communities Spurs Engagement and Conversation for Microsoft User Groups

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We were offering great programming, but it was all scheduled,” said Michelle Lowry, director of community and member engagement at Dynamic Communities. “If Maximum Engagement, High-Value Conversations. Community Management EngagementDynamic Communities, Inc.

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Association Loyalty or Engagement Strategy?

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Is it more impactful to deploy an Association Loyalty Strategy or an Engagement Strategy? Member Engagement. Associations can motivate member engagement by creating opportunities and “experiences” for members to contribute and feel valued for their knowledge sharing and contributions.

Career events boost member engagement, too.

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Career Centers Member Engagement + RetentionConnect your members with companies hiring their skillsets + meeting their professional interests. Your members are the lifeblood of your association. You’re constantly designing programs during the member lifecycle, looking for smart ways to provide value at the right time. Some great times to connect are when: A member experiences a career transition. A recent […].

How Should You Measure Your Community's Engagement and Satisfaction?

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To do that, engagement and satisfaction should be separate. Celebrate and encourage engagement. Engagement doesn't guarantee satisfaction. A thriving community should boast engagement and satisfaction , but they are not created equal. Examples of an engaged member.

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How Switching to a Private Online Community Helped the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) Double Community Engagement

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When engagement on their Higher Logic community reached critical mass, they made the decision to close the Yahoo Group so their members could focus all their attention on one networking platform. APDT Doubled Engagement With Auto-Subscribing.

How to Calculate the Impact of Online Community Engagement on Your Business

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You are a master of online engagement. You hit your presentation out of the park… until the CFO asks how online community engagement is impacting sales goals. For most of us in the online community industry, we live and breathe engagement. Online Community Management Engagement

How to Develop a Long-Term Member Engagement Strategy


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Engagement and Satisfaction: Is There a Difference?

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Engagement is a big word these days -- we want everyone in our community to be “engaged.”. We want them to engage with each other, and engage with our organizations. The more engagement, the merrier everyone will be. Engaged members. Un-engaged” members.

How to Define, Track, and Increase Member Engagement [Webinar]


Association Management Member Engagement SocialBusinessData from a recent report makes me think that there are a lot of executives that are losing sleep these days.

3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth

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These Associations are playing activist roles, they are engaging industry value chains and promoting the value that the industry and its products bring to customers and the marketplace. What is clear is that 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth. Strategic Member Engagement.

Does Email Equal Engagement?

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Can old fashioned email spur your community’s engagement? Daily digests with collaboration -- the ability to reply to a discussion thread through email -- could be the key to success and higher engagement rates. Why Collaboration and Engagement Are So Important.

Redefining Your Engaged Members


We talk a lot about member engagement: How to boost it, how to appeal to different people/generations, how to take advantage of seasonal ups and downs, etc. But let’s take a step back for a second: How do you define an engaged member?

Economically engaging

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And that’s affecting nearly all industries and associations, according to a new Association Laboratory whitepaper released last month, which discusses the future of association engagement. Simply defined, engagement is the relationship between a person or a business and an association.

Why Engagement Needs a Strategy

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Categories: Member Engagement + Retention Tags: associations , member engagement Before anyone suggests that engagement and building relationships shouldn’t be a strategy, consider your own personal relationships. Developing a strategy around engagement – be it [.] ( Read more. ) The post Why Engagement Needs a Strategy appeared first on Member Engagement + Retention associations member engagement

New Research Helps Associations Engage New Members Early to Engage Them for Life

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It is experiences like these, members say, that propel them into engagement early in their membership. Once they engage the first time and receive value, they then take the initiative to engage again and again and again. New member engagement is elusive.

3 Surprising Uses for Member Engagement Metrics (that Can Make You Money)


Member Engagement Analytics Generating Revenue Sales

Member engagement – measuring what matters to your members

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Membership engagement metrics are traditionally linked to event attendance, website visits, dwell time on webpages or report downloads. These are important to the organisation, but are they important to members and do they actually show how engaged members are?

2 genius ways to up your member engagement game.

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Raise your hand if you feel like your member engagement tactics aren’t working well with your association members. The post 2 genius ways to up your member engagement game. YourMembership News Member Engagement Industry TrendsDon’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re living in a time when people are inundated with messages and content from a variety of channels 24/7. Can you count all the channels, blogs, newsletters, etc. you’re subscribed to?

The Key to Engagement -- Empower

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What’s the key to engagement? When they enter and see a well established community with social norms, it’ll be easier for them to engage and see value. Community Management EngagementEmpowered members.

Come Chat about Member Engagement

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Are associations taking a backwards approach to member engagement? Associations have always been “about” engagement of course, and in the past several years, we’ve had a renewed focus on engaging our audiences. Could that be because we’ve been thinking about engagement all wrong, focusing on what we want members to do and how we define value? innovation leadership membership social media whitepaper #assnchat Anna Caraveli engagement KiKi L'Italien

Three Engagement Myths, Busted.


ICMYI – in case you missed them, here’s a selection of Jamie’s posts on Association Success from August, each “busting a myth” about engagement. The Employee Engagement Trap. Engagement is fundamentally driven by a culture that truly works.

The New Member Engagement Rule of Three


There is a short window of opportunity to engage new members. During the first few days of their membership, new members are inherently very engaged. We only have 3 emails to engage some new members. We only have 3 days or 3 weeks to engage some new members.

The New Member Engagement Rule of Three

Smooth The Path

There is a short window of opportunity to engage new members. During the first few days of their membership, new members are inherently very engaged. We only have 3 days or 3 weeks to engage some new members. We may only have 3 touches total to engage some new members.

Engagement Is a Two-Way Street

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Maddie and I worked with a client last week on the topic of member engagement, and one of the insights that was particularly useful to this group was the idea that engagement is a two-way street. Like THEY engage with US. True engagement is about meaning and value.