Mon.Jun 24, 2019

A Win-Win: How Associations Can Transform Sponsors into Thought Leaders, with Bob Buday

Moery Company

IStock: Credit_kasto80. Every association CEO’s #1 job is helping members be successful, whether they are companies banding together in a trade group or individuals convening in a professional society.

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The Ultimate Guide To Picking a Nonprofit CRM + 5 Amazing Options

Wild Apricot

A nonprofit CRM is an essential tool for running a successful nonprofit in this day and age. Browse this list to make sure you choose the right one

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Tight Cultures versus Loose Cultures

Jamie Notter

Earlier this month I spoke to a small group of COOs as part of an event put on by CEO Update.

Education for Supplier Members: Help Members Do Business with Members

WBT Systems

Education for Supplier Members: Help Members Do Business with Members. Read more about Education for Supplier Members: Help Members Do Business with Members

Customer Service Not Worth Emulating

Eric Lanke

A bit of a rant this week. On my most recent business trip, a staff member of mine rented a car for us. She is not a "preferred" member of the rental car company she worked with, so she had to stand in line and wait to be served. It was awful.

Membership Hack: Summer Reading List

Associations Now

A curated list of member-recommended books keeps members of the National Association of Colleges and Employers learning all summer long. How to hack it?

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Six Tips for Closing Your Association’s Tech Skills Gap

Associations Now

Finding it hard to get the right technical employees—whether developers or IT administrators? It might be time to play up your organization’s hidden advantages—including, potentially, your location. There’s a lot of competition for technical employees these days.

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Business Ideas for Women


Women have always been known as the “weaker sex,” and there has definitely been this misconception that women cannot handle big jobs and that they need to be rescued.

Could Tariffs Hurt the Fourth of July? A Fireworks Group Says Yes

Associations Now

The American Pyrotechnics Association, whose members depend on Chinese manufacturers, says that proposed tariffs could lead fireworks displays to go dark. The group is one of many speaking out. A lot of associations are feeling the impacts of the trade war between the U.S.

Addressing the Freelance Wave

Association Success

How can you better accommodate the growing number of freelancers in your association? We are seeing an increasing number of freelancers in the United States and more change than ever in the freelance job market, as shown in this Upwork study.

Education Committee: More Advising and Curating, Less Slotting

Velvet Chainsaw

Most meeting organizers invest a significant amount of time creating the educational programming for their annual conference. Models vary, but most include a 15- to 20-person conference committee (slotters) and army of reviewers (graders).

Daily Buzz: Tips for Switching to a Cloud File Storage System

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A cloud-based storage solution has its perks, but to reap the benefits, you need to understand the team’s file needs. Also: What does an inclusive culture look like? A few years ago, the phrase “the cloud” didn’t have much more meaning than those white fluffy things in the sky.

4 Tactics for Boosting Email Engagement


Having trouble engaging your email recipients? Get members and others in your audience to slow down, settle in, and read what you have to say by formatting and writing emails that capture their interest and boost email engagement


Medical Groups Speak Up for Climate Change

Associations Now

Climate Health Action, a coalition with the backing of a number of medical associations and other organizations, released a policy agenda this week, just ahead of the first presidential debates.

4 Reasons to Stop Booth 1656 at ASAE Annual


Four reasons to stop by MemberSuite's booth (#1656) at the 2019 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition. Come see us