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Recession-proof your association with a member management system

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While the economy may be strong, being ready to weather an economic downturn is still smart business for small associations. Are you prepared? With the economy going strong, you might not think about preparing for an unexpected event like a recession. But now is the ideal time to take steps to protect your small association’s. The post Recession-proof your association with a member management system appeared first on YourMembership.

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5 Rules for Creating Content that Cuts through the Clutter

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Don’t raise your voice; improve your argument. Leigh George of Freedom offers 5 rules for creating content that is more creative, engaging and on budget. The post 5 Rules for Creating Content that Cuts through the Clutter appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Marketing & Communication

How to Help Conference Attendees Retain and Apply What They Learn


During a conference, attendees take notes, exchange business cards, and more. But what happens after the event is over? Read the blog post to learn how to turn a few days of brain food and fun into long-lasting learning experiences for your attendees

How to Grow Your Organization's LinkedIn Following (And Keep Your Followers Engaged)


Is your association or chamber of commerce on LinkedIn? If not, we highly recommend creating a company page. Not only does it give your organization credibility, but it’s likely where many of your members and prospects are - and that means it’s the perfect digital playground for member engagement!

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AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

How technology can improve your association’s value prop


Keeping members around long-term by continuously providing value. . If members think your organization provides too little value, they’re not likely to renew. Keeping members around year after year means continually providing them with value.

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Long-Time Members Really Dislike This

Smooth The Path

While I worked for Crayola, I had a Crayola green, logoed canvas briefcase. Over the years of commuting and travel, it became battered and sun-bleached, and soon the logo was outdated. I held on to that bag because it was a badge of honor — a physical sign of my longevity at the company. .

6 Ways to Eliminate Financial Friction for Your Members


Thinking about your current payment process: how long does it take for a member to make a payment of any kind? Whether it’s for dues, an event, content, etc.) What comes up along the way that could cause them to abandon paying altogether? Collecting payment is a necessary evil for all organizations.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Effort Score (CES) with Online Community

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The Net Promotor Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, and the Customer Effort Score (CES) are the current trifecta of tools for measuring the customer experience. Together, each survey type provides a valuable, unique perspective on how your customers feel about their customer experience.

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Three Ways to Grow your Association’s Career Center

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How associations can leverage digital and traditional marketing for more member engagement and non-dues revenue. Your career center holds great potential as a member benefit and a source of non-dues revenue. It’s time to take it to the next level! Here’s how.

The Top 5 Challenges Volunteer Managers Face — And What You Can Do About It

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Do any of these challenges of managing volunteers resonate with you? If so, here's some practical advice to help you sort things out


Auto Data Campaign Builds Momentum Around Right-to-Repair Issue

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Groups focused on aftermarket repairs are campaigning to help draw attention to the growing collection of data in vehicles—and the fact that consumers and repair shops often don’t have access to that data.

Segment Your Advocacy To Sell Memberships

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Government relations is the often-cited reason to join an association. So, how do you make the advocacy program compelling and urgent for a prospect to jump into the fray with your association. Businesses have specific problems and your association must address them specifically.

Gain the Trust & Business of Students & Recent Graduates by Looking Beyond Student Membership

WBT Systems

Gain the Trust & Business of Students & Recent Graduates by Looking Beyond Student Membership. Read more about Gain the Trust & Business of Students & Recent Graduates by Looking Beyond Student Membership


How to Save Time Training Your Team with Account Admin Roles (+8 Examples)

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Giving all your admins full access to your account means taking time to train them in all the features - or risking something going wrong. Here's how to avoid that using limited admin roles

How Communications Teams Can Help Boost Nondues Revenue

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A recent report from Naylor finds most communications teams are concerned they don’t generate enough nondues revenue. While content and sponsorship customization are good steps to take now, ad retargeting and podcasting could drive revenue in the future.

If I had 20 days to problem-solve

Association Success

Albert Einstein once said, “If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would take 19 days to define it.” With this in mind, and realizing that problems are always different, I hope I can offer advice when taking the time to problem-solve. Listen.

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Best Backpage Alternatives & Similar Sites


This website was formerly hosted on and was launched in 2004. Until its seizure by the FBI in 2018, it was one of the biggest AD listing companies in the world. In fact, as of 2011, it was the second-largest classified ad service online. It is second to Craigslist.

Creating a "Young Professionals-Friendly" Website: 4 Tips


The purpose of your website is to draw in and engage ALL members and prospects. But let’s talk about your young professional members and prospects for a moment.

How Can You Manage Negative Facebook Comments?

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Odds are that you’re going to be more likely to deal with haters than fans on a Facebook page, according to a recent study. But smart moderation tactics can help defuse issues before they get out of hand. For every three comments the average Facebook page gets, two of them are likely to be negative.

What 1 association learned from launching its first LMS

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In my first few days at LeadingAge , an association of nonprofit aging services providers, I was googling “what is an LMS?” I had been hired in a new role to assist in growing LeadingAge’s “distance” learning offerings. .

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Robert H. Frank (How Much of Success is Luck)


Consider the most successful person you know. A surgeon, a real estate magnate, an oil tycoon? Given the opportunity to guess, what percentage of their success would you attribute to luck? Prominent economist Robert H.

Public Speaking Reminders (When You're Really, Really Terrified)


A few weeks ago, I was able to attend HubSpot’s annual conference, INBOUND , in Boston. It’s a four-day event with TONS of educational breakout sessions led by marketing, sales, and customer success practitioners.

Study: Where Associations’ Tech Strategies Are Succeeding—and Falling Short

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While members have high opinions of associations’ technology, staff doesn’t feel quite the same way—with long-term concerns a big factor why, according to a Community Brands study.

New article – What’s Good in Data Management

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I recently read the book Factfulness , which highlights ten things about the world that are better than most people think. ( The book is a fascinating read and I highly recommend it. In fact, I think it should be required reading for all high school students!).

Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives In 2019


What is Craigslist personals? This is a section of the Craigslist website that was founded by Craig Newmark and was designed for the placement of personal messages to individuals, or advertisements of a private nature.

Keys to Successful Advocacy: Understanding and Maximizing Your Association’s Tax Status

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Maximize your association's legislative influence by educating board and staff leadership about the political activities your tax status allows you to do. The post Keys to Successful Advocacy: Understanding and Maximizing Your Association’s Tax Status appeared first on Association Adviser. Advocacy Features Revenue advocacy association advocacy association taxes tax status

Beer Groups Find Common Ground to Promote All Kinds of Brews

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$ 79.1B The estimated amount that the craft beer industry contributed to the economy last year, according to numbers just released by the Brewers Association from its 2018 Economic Impact Report.

How a Donation Microsite can work for your next fundraising campaign

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Understanding the benefits of donation microsites for associations. What is a donation microsite, and how can it improve your associations fundraising? Read this overview to find out more.

Best Discount Travel Sites


When you want to travel, what you look for is an excellent travel offer that will not only save you money on the cost of the flight but also give you options for some of the best hotels and sights for the destination you are traveling to.

How Much Does Association Marketing Cost with HighRoad Solution?

HighRoad Solution

Most people at HighRoad have worked in an association in the past. We know how hard it is to get approval for expenditure. Stakeholders, committees, subcommittees; they all have to sign off on it before you can start moving ahead with your project. Association Management

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Report: Board Leaders Must Step Up to Keep Pace With Change

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A new report from the National Association of Corporate Directors underlines the importance of boards being transparent, accountable, involved, and able to keep up with a rapidly changing operating environment.

Authenticity Over Everything (And How Your Mission Depends On It)


Authentic. The word has been stuck in my brain since we first started talking about Corey Perlman for MC LIVE! 2020 and I read about his keynote, Authentically Social. Maybe it’s because of that, but ever since then, I’ve seen the word popping up EVERYWHERE.

Best PrimeWire Alternatives & Similar Website


One of the best things internet has offered us so far is having insights into popular Hollywood movies and TV series online without owning expensive streaming service or spending money on theatre ticket and popcorn every time a new movie comes out.