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3 ways to boost your association’s fundraising revenue


Need to increase fundraising revenue for your association? Here are three effective tips. Many associations include fundraising as part of their non-dues revenue plan. But how can you increase fundraising revenue for your association? You might have been fundraising for years. Or maybe you’re just starting to raise funds for your association. Either way, it […] 3 ways to boost your association’s fundraising revenue appeared first on NetForum Association Management Software.

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Make the Best Use of Your Association’s Financial Resources


In the landscape of association management, stewarding financial resources effectively is paramount. Associations are tasked with not only delivering value to their members but also ensuring the sustainability of their operations. However, managing finances can be complex and time-consuming, often diverting attention from core objectives. This is where association management companies (AMCs) step in, offering comprehensive financial services to streamline operations and optimize resource allocat

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Best practices for a successful AMS implementation and launch

Nimble AMS

Is your organization preparing to adopt new technology ? The prospect can be ch a lleng ing. Choosing the right association management software (AMS) is a major decision. Your organization needs to do its research before deciding on the right technology for your staff and members. Additionally, you need to prepare for a successful project implementation and the launch of your new AMS.

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Thinking Outside the Traditional Non-Dues Revenue Box

Association Analytics

If you’re like most associations, it’s likely that your member dues have been in decline and that means you’ve got to look at other ways to make up for that difference, Diversifying revenue streams is key to long-term success, but your association doesn’t need to look far for solutions. With some creativity, collaboration, and an out-of-the-box mindset, your association can thrive in an ever-changing environment while providing value to members and industry partners alike.

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Dont Waste Another Minute Drafting Board Resolutions

Drafting board resolutions should not be draining your leadership’s time. This can impact both the flow of discussions and your overall decision-making. A board resolution is an important compliance document that records the votes and decisions on specific actions. Learn how you can get started with your board resolution by downloading our free template.

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How to foster a culture of accountability with your association staff

Nimble AMS

Are you looking for insights into how to build and lead high performing teams at your association? It all comes down to how you foster a culture of accountability with your team members. With over 20 years of experience in B2B, B2B2C, and B2G technology space and over 10 years of executive leadership, I have extensive understanding in how to lead cross-functional teams.

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Content Creation & SEO Marketing Tips for Associations

YM Careers

Discover five tips on how to use content creation and search engine optimization to improve your association’s marketing. The post Content Creation & SEO Marketing Tips for Associations appeared first on YM Careers by Community Brands.

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What if associations required every staffer to cold-call one member each week just to connect and listen?

Spark Consulting

I am reupping this post from 2009 with only minor edits, because every word of it remains true. What if EVERY staff member had to talk to members on a regular basis? Despite the existence of the idea “Membership is Everyone’s Business,” too often, it’s really not. Membership retention, for most organizations, is the business of the membership department.

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Empower Your Leadership: Navigating IT Strategies for Non-Technical Leaders

Association TRENDS

In an era where technology underpins every facet of business, C-Suite executives are tasked with the pivotal role of steering their organizations through digital transformation. “Empower Your Leadership: Navigating IT Strategies for Non-Technical Leaders” is crafted for association executives allowing them to harness the full potential of technology to drive their business forward.

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Research-based Tips to Improve the Association Member Experience

YM Careers

Association industry research suggests that career development can improve the member experience. Here are six tips based on those findings. The post Research-based Tips to Improve the Association Member Experience appeared first on YM Careers by Community Brands.

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Mastering Remote Onboarding: Proven Strategies for Seamless New Hire Integration

Speaker: Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions

Join this brand new webinar with Tim Buteyn to learn how you can master the art of remote onboarding! By the end of this session, you'll understand how to: Craft a Tailored Onboarding Checklist 📝 Develop a comprehensive, customized checklist that ensures every new hire has a smooth transition into your company, no matter where they are in the world.

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Boost Certification Pass Rates with Credentialing Exam Study Groups

WBT Systems

If you've ever studied for the Certified Association Executive (CAE) exam, Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) exam, or another certification exam, you know the intense amount of work that goes into preparing for…

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Association Brain Food: 5.24.24

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… AMS/CRM community. After a successful April gathering in Alexandria VA, 501Works, PerByte, and Adage Technologies are hosting another Ven-Con for AMS/CRM vendors and consultants in Chicago on Tuesday, June 11. Ven-Con’s goal is to drive positive change in the AMS/CRM and technology systems selection space.

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Digital Engagement for Associations: 20 Dos and Don’ts

Association Adviser

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital engagement, associations are continually challenged to connect meaningfully with their members, prospects, and sponsors. From strategic channel selection to leveraging emerging technologies, the path to effective engagement requires a thoughtful approach. Here is a recap of our webinar Digital Engagement for Associations: 20 Dos and Don’ts.

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Navigating dissent: crafting public statements in associations

The Association 100

In this Association Insights video , I explore a pressing challenge for association leaders: How do you craft a public statement when your members are divided on an issue? Establishing a clear decision-making framework is essential for transparency and fairness, allowing you to navigate controversial topics inclusively and without causing dissension and resentment.

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How To Cultivate Community Affinity Throughout The Generosity Journey

Speaker: Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Corporate Brand

This session will dive into how to create rich generosity experiences that foster long-lasting relationships. You’ll walk away with actionable insights to redefine how you engage with your supporters—emphasizing trust, engagement, and community over transactional giving models. 🤝 Industry expert Tim Sarrantonio will explore data-backed strategies to engage supporters as active participants in a community that values their contributions and shared ideals.

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Crafting an Effective Association Code of Conduct: 3 Essential Steps

AMR Management Services

As the executive team liaison to many AMR Management Services clients, I spend a great deal of time participating in meetings of our clients’ Boards of Directors. One of my roles is to provide strategic guidance when association leaders are faced with sensitive issues—including Code of Conduct violations. A Code of Conduct is an association… The post Crafting an Effective Association Code of Conduct: 3 Essential Steps first appeared on AMR Management Services.

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10 KPIs Nonprofits Need to Focus On  


You work for a nonprofit because you want to do good in your community, to be the change you want to see, to make a little dent in a big problem. Or hey, even a big dent! Sadly, all the resources in the world are for naught if you don’t track your efforts and make sure they’re actually making that dent. That’s where nonprofit KPIs come in. A KPI, or key performance indicator, is the solution to figuring out whether your programs, fundraisers, and outreach are having the desired impact.

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Deep Meaningful Conversations with Strangers

Elevating Engagement

Seven years ago, I hopped on a plane to fly to a conference to give a breakout session presentation. A super bubbly woman sat down next to me and immediately began chatting. She was absolutely lovely, and soon we were talking about our families and trips, then not too long afterward, our hopes and dreams. I said things to her that I never told anyone.

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Master your association’s conference media day

The Association 100

Maximize your association’s conference potential with O&U’s latest eBook, “ How To Nail Your Association’s Conference Media Day.” Revolutionizing how you engage with press at your events, this guide offers expert strategies for establishing a successful media day, enhancing your brand awareness and strengthening your event’s reputation.

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How to Increase Membership Renewal

Dive deep into essential elements that drive member retention. Learn why members may hesitate to renew. Discover actionable techniques to encourage their return and foster lasting engagement. Uncover reasons members choose not to renew. Learn effective tactics to elevate member engagement and communication. Explore methods to encourage member renewal and active participation in your association Download now to take charge of your membership retention strategy!

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Picking the Right Project Management Tool


You know good project management processes and tools help teams meet goals, and encourage team synergy, collaboration, accountability, and innovation. Now you need to find the “right fit.” Many organizations select project management tools without conducting any research. This leads to inefficiencies, misuse, nonuse, and frustration. It’s partly why we hear clients tell us previous implementation attempts were unsuccessful.

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Association Climate-Change Response Group Launches

Associations Now

The Association Climate Action Coalition hopes to create a community of practice around ways nonprofits can make the world more sustainable. A pair of consultants have developed an initiative to help associations share insights and strategize around climate change. The Association Climate Action Coalition was informally launched earlier this year by Elizabeth Weaver Engel, MA, CAE, and Shelly Alcorn.

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Forget Unicorns, Think Platypi: Why Associations Are Better Than Corporations

Association Freak

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Myth of the Unicorn: Why Your Association Doesn't Need to Be One In the realm of successful organizations, Silicon Valley’s “purple unicorns” – those rare, highly valued startups like Apple, Amazon, or Google – often steal the spotlight. Their strategic efficiency and innovation engines seem unmatched. Yet, another type of organization, less flashy but equally effective, deserves recognition: associations.

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Building stronger communities through strategic storytelling

The Association 100

Join us on the latest episode of The Association 100 podcast , featuring Allegra Tasaki, a content strategist and master in weaving storytelling with strategic marketing for mission-driven organizations. Tasaki shares her insights on using technology to amplify marketing strategies, understanding data to drive decisions, crafting resonant messages for diverse stakeholders and her role in ASAE’s AANHPI Advisory Group.

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Unlock Boardroom Brilliance with A Better Agenda

Struggling to keep board meetings focused and productive? In today's fast-paced business environment, getting the most out of board meetings is crucial. Without a streamlined agenda-creation process, valuable time is wasted with disorganized or incomplete agendas. This can lead to: Unprepared board members Unfocused discussions Inefficient decision-making A good board agenda makes your meetings more effective than ever.

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AMS Highlight Series - iMIS


Discover the power of iMIS! Unify member data, streamline processes, and boost engagement with CRM, membership, fundraising, events, and more.

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A Better Approach to Team-Building

Associations Now

Remote and hybrid work have unsettled an already messy environment. Strengthening teams starts with improving how you communicate with them. Teams are in trouble. According to research gathered by TED , half of meeting attendees find them unproductive—the proverbial “this could’ve been an email” situation. Nine out of 10 people daydream in meetings, and 75 percent of leaders haven’t received formal training on how to conduct them.

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Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits: Guidance and Best Practices


Even the biggest nonprofit organizations have a hard time fighting for billboard space against media giants and corporations, which is unfortunate, since charitable organizations are so often the ones taking care of society’s greatest unmet needs. But instead of complaining, there’s something you can do about it: corporate partnerships for nonprofits.

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Transforming school leadership: enhancing mental health and community support

The Association 100

In this episode of The A100 , Earl Franks discusses the National Association of Elementary School Principals’ innovative strategies to address the mental health crisis in schools. Discover how NAESP’s collaborative conference with the National Association of Secondary School Principals is shaping inclusive school climates and building leadership capacities across educational levels.

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How to Create a Winning Event Marketing Strategy

Events hold the power to create lasting impressions and meaningful connections. They are not only occasions for celebration but also valuable marketing opportunities. Event marketing has become an essential component of successful business strategies, enabling organizations to engage with their target audience and create memorable experiences. However, behind every successful event lies a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

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How to Drive High Donor Retention Rates with Text Messaging


Establishing a predictable donation pipeline is critical to your nonprofit’s longevity. However, with the average donor retention rate sitting around 45%, many nonprofits struggle to sustain newly acquired donors’ support. So, how can your organization beat the odds and develop a loyal donor base that you can count on year after year? The answer is with a strong text messaging strategy.

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MatrixMaxx 24.1 Release is Full of Visualizations and Dashboard Enhancements


BIG changes are here with the release of version 24.1 of MatrixMaxx , a leading Association Management System (AMS) that helps trade associations and professional societies manage their organizations better, have great member journeys, and be higher performing through data. The past several releases have focused primarily on under-the-hood optimizations and updates, but 24.1 brings a cornucopia of tantalizing visual and organizational improvements to the MatrixMaxx staff interface.

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How to Form an Effective Utah HOA Social Committee

HOA Strategies

For many, homeowners association (HOA) living is nothing but strict rules and high fees. That’s a reality for some, sure, but many HOAs have far more to offer. HOAs should be dedicated to an equally important role: encouraging a sense of community and belonging among residents. Your HOA is your home, and being an active participant in how that home feels is just as important as the fees and rules.

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