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3 Rules for a Successful Membership Dues Increase

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Is Your Association Leaving Money On The Table? Most associations are. Maybe you haven’t increased your dues in a long time; Maybe you don’t have a rational framework for deciding dues; Maybe you really don’t know how much your members would pay. If so, you are not alone.

Why Having Top Talent On Staff (Or With Your Partners) Matters To Your Association

Association Adviser

No matter what industry you’re in, attracting and retaining top-quality staff is a crucial piece of the puzzle that leads to your association’s success.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Streamline Your Association Tech Stack

Higher Logic

The post 4 Signs It’s Time to Streamline Your Association Tech Stack appeared first on Higher Logic. Ever have that sinking feeling you’re falling behind in using the tools necessary for effective, modern association communications that keep you competitive? .

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Today’s Two Styles of Attendee Engagement

Smooth The Path

Entertainment or collaboration? There are two types of virtual attendee engagement strategies that keynoters are relying heavily upon today. Some presenters hope to generate attendee engagement through high production value.

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Here's How to Write an Effective New-Member Welcome Email

Welcome emails have an incredibly high open rate (50-60%). Read here to learn tips for taking full advantage of your valuable, one-time opportunity to reach new members.

The top five Salesforce Clouds association professionals leverage at their organizations

Nimble AMS

Are you interested in discovering what Salesforce Clouds can do for your association? Because Nimble AMS is built on Salesforce, choosing Salesforce Clouds can take your software investment to the next level.

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Curiosity with a Purpose

Spark Consulting

As Zora Neale Hurston described it: Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. When you’re sponsoring a research study, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what method(s) to use. What are your choices? Quantitative v. Qualitative. Primary v.

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Aligning Your Venue Space, Content, and Experience Goals

Aaron Wolowiec

You’ve just begun digging into the planning process for your organization’s next event. The venue contract was signed months (or even years!) ago, and you’re beginning to align the existing components of your event within the contracted space grid.

Is Your Association Leveraging Promotional Video to Solidify Relevance?

Association Adviser

For associations wanting to engage existing members, reach new members and partners, and solidify their position as a thought leader, video can serve as a highly effective and important vehicle to share their message.

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What your membership-based organization should know about engagement scoring


Gauging member engagement can help you improve interactions with your members. . Here’s what your organization needs to know about member engagement scoring. Drive explosive growth for your organization with engagement scoring. Get the guide.

How to Get Young Professionals to Engage In Your Association

GrowthZone’s guide, The Power of Young Professionals, tackles the challenges of engaging, recruiting, and retaining Gen Z and Millennial members, including: • Why they do or don’t join. • Communication strategies. • Myths and facts

Is It Okay for Subgroups to Have Different Cultures?


This is one of the most common questions I get about culture. When you are doing the work of intentionally designing a culture that drives success, it feels like a problem if some teams stray from the culture you’re creating, even if the difference is slight.

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Although it doesn't quite feel like it yet, Fall is just around the corner. What better time to start prepping your home for the weather to come? We've gathered the most important Fall home maintenance tasks to get you and your home ready for this next season.

Why Such a Hubbub Around “Quiet Quitting “And The “The Anti-Work Movement”?- Most Workers Have Been Disengaged For Years.


Recently a spate of articles in the Wall Street Journal, AXIOS, and many others have written about so-called “Quiet Quitting” and the rise of the disengaged workers, especially amongst the older Gen Z set and younger Millennials, both now in their mid to late 20s.

Prosperity and Progress Through Safety and Standards


If there is one thing the pandemic has shown, it is how resilient the American workforce is. On Labor Day, our nation honors the achievements and accomplishments of American workers and their contributions to America’s collective prosperity. Association Leadership

How to Sell Your Board on Better Technology

Use this helpful blueprint when you need to convince your board to invest in better software. It includes talking points and tips for your presentation, including quantifying ROI, outlining indirect benefits, and selling the potential of the purchase.

As Culture Gains Importance—PCI Stays Ahead of the Trend


In a business climate that feels like a hurricane looms perpetually on the horizon, I’ve noticed an optimistic trend. Culture is a rising priority among CEOs. The most enlightened see positive values and a safe, equitable environment as key components of success.

Association Brain Food: 9.9.22

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. Product development. Inspired and informed by a session at ASAE Annual, WBT Systems describes a product development cycle you can use for educational programs.

Free Webinar! Let’s take our chapters to the next level

Mariner Management

2022 was a big year for moving forward with “the new normal,” but are you ready to take your chapters to the next level in 2023? How will you make your volunteers’ lives easier? What tools can you use to better support chapter leaders? In case you didn’t hear, Mariner Management turned 20 in January!

It is never done – so celebrate!

Effective Database

It is never done - so celebrate! A client of mine recently had their official "go-live" with their new AMS. On the day after go-live, my client said "I still have a whole list of things to do. We're not done at go-live, we're just getting started!" And she's absolutely right! There is really no … It is never done – so celebrate! Read More » Wes's Wednesday Wisdom


How to Select an Association Credit Card Processing Company

Right now, every penny counts. It’s an ideal time to check if your association’s credit card processing provider is offering competitive terms. However, there are many important factors to consider if when researching options.

Get to Know, Practice & Implement a Product Development Cycle

WBT Systems

Associations need a strategy and process for developing new educational products, services, and events, otherwise assumptions and biases enter the picture. You shouldn’t rely solely on the opinions of your

How To Make Money as a Freelancer: A Complete Guide


Are you wondering how to make money as a freelancer? Working as a freelancer has many benefits such as working. The post How To Make Money as a Freelancer: A Complete Guide appeared first on Raklet - Membership Management Software. Content Creator Platform How-to Guides

Condo Repairs: Federal bill provides access to financing for building rehabilitation loans


Federal legislation was introduced to provide condominium associations access to insured building rehabilitation loans—a move that would help board members make critical structural and safety-based condo repairs.


“P-Value”? What’s a “P-Value”?

Spark Consulting

And why should you care? Associations generate a lot of original research, but association execs also use a lot of research created by other entities both to assess the internal operations of the association as a tax-exempt business and to understand what’s happening in the industry or profession the association serves. And let’s face it: Lots of research terms are pretty jargon-y.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazing Association Websites

Your association’s website needs to engage members AND deliver a great user experience so everyone who visits it leaves with a positive impression. But how? Get the free guide to optimizing your website “under-the-hood” (great for "non-techy" people).

Connect to Grow: Three Keys to Retaining Association Members

Ewald Consulting

Much has been said about how to get people to join associations, but not nearly enough has been said about how to keep them. After all, what’s the point of spending all that time and energy recruiting new members if they’re just going to leave a few months or years later? The simple answer? – Engagement. Here are some essential ways to connect that can help keep your association members happy and engaged. Invite them to events.

Membership Management Software for Nonprofits


Membership management requires a lot of work including keeping track of all member data, collecting payments securely, handling reports and. The post Membership Management Software for Nonprofits appeared first on Raklet - Membership Management Software.

Clearwater man sent threatening emails to attorneys representing HOA: affidavit


Man involved in a civil dispute with his homeowner’s association was arrested, accused of sending threatening messages to the firm representing the HOA.


Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics?

Spark Consulting

Association execs consume – and produce – a lot of research in our day-to-day work, but most of us don’t have formal training in research. A lot of the language of research programs– p-values and confidence intervals and margins of error – can be pretty jargony, and some of the concepts behind what makes for good (or less good) research can be challenging for people who haven’t had the opportunity to take a graduate level methods course.

5 PIllars of Community

Today’s business communities are facing a period of transition to become digital first, which increases the need for people to feel belonging. Implementing the 5 Pillars of Community is a key component to organizational growth.

HOA threatens to fine residents after vandals damage cluster mailboxes in south Charlotte


Charlotte neighbors say they've received warnings about potential fines from their HOA for mailboxes that were damaged by thieves.

Membership Management Software for Nonprofits ?


Membership management requires a lot of work including keeping track of all member data, collecting payments securely, handling reports and. The post Membership Management Software for Nonprofits ? appeared first on Raklet - Membership Management Software.