Let’s talk about race

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At some point in the last six weeks, you’ve probably given at least a little thought to your association’s policies and bylaws — and maybe even wondered if they’re passively promoting racism within your organization. We want to help you do better. On Tuesday, July 28, we’re hosting an introductory workshop to teach you how to identify the racist policies, bylaws and practices in your association that passively and actively allow inequities to continue.

Missed “Rooting out Racism?” Watch it here

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Yesterday we proudly launched a new workshop titled “Rooting out Racism: How to get started at your organization,” led by Dialogue on Race Louisiana CEO Maxine Crump. . As an introductory workshop about how to identify the racist policies, bylaws and practices at your association that passively and actively allow inequities to continue, this conversation was a starting point for those unsure of where to begin. “We

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La. Restaurant Group, Health Department Team Up to Offer Healthy Menu Options

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Through an initiative to help people eat healthier, Louisiana restaurants can be recognized as “WellSpots” with nutritious items on their menus. Louisiana is known for good food—but not necessarily food that’s good for you. To encourage restaurant-goers to make healthy choices, the Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) has joined forces with Well-Ahead Louisiana , an initiative of the Louisiana Department of Health, to put healthier options on restaurant menus.

Why eliminating racism starts with institutions

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When asked to consider the question, most people will likely say individuals are prejudiced and that prejudice leads to racism. So in trying to fix America’s racism problem, starting with individuals is starting in the wrong place. We do need to be concerned about individual racism, he said, but removing individuals from the equation will allow us to have civil conversations about the topic. “We Take time to define and find the problem, Reed said.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.24.20

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Associations have a role to play in the training, credentialing and lifelong learning market, but few have taken advantage of those opportunities. To get a sense of what your association is missing, take a few minutes to read Jeff’s article and then share it with your staff and board. It’s “a planning method that helps people and organizations figure out how to create their preferred future.” Side note: anyone else miss going to art museums? to 2 p.m. –

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.17.20

Reid All About it

Design thinking is completely doable when you get it explained to you like WBT Systems does in their post, Design Thinking for Associations: Let’s Take It from Conceptual to Practical. Member needs continue to change as we slowly move from pandemic response mode to pandemic recovery mode. Meetings Today talked to event planners about revenue diversification, in-person vs. virtual attendee engagement, and managing your mindset. to 2 p.m. –

Members Were My Mentors: Building Consensus Among the Folks Who Build

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still loves coming to work every day. He attributes his success to the many great mentors, role models and generous veteran members he sought out early in his career and now that he’s a mentor it’s time to continue the AGC tradition of paying it forward. What our members tend to have in common is that they’re strong entrepreneurial personalities who work in a very challenging market. . Long story short, AGC hired me at age 24 to run a chapter in Louisiana.

Want More Members? Better Get to Know Them

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1 response the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE) received when it recently asked members to identify their biggest challenges. Finding new members to grow your association, keeping the members you have and engaging them in the process: So how do we do that? Ask your members with the most influence over your target audience to help you recruit using word of mouth from “the right mouth.” ” Now, don’t forget to repeat: Recruit.

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Leverage Technology; Don’t Be a Slave to IT

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When you come to a fork in the road, just take it.” But that’s the approach many associations seem to be following when it comes to taming the technology beast. To keep members happy, it seems we have to work in parallel, pursuing every tech avenue we can, and somehow find a way to get our day jobs done while preparing for an ever-changing future with a small, overstretched staff. We’re wired to our work 24/7/365. Hank Berkowitz, Naylor, LLC.

Tips from a New CAE

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To learn more about this new blog and myself, click here: [link]. For my first official post I wanted to cover some tips for prospective CAEs. Being in Albuquerque, I joined an online group with individuals in New Jersey, and Louisiana. Each party brought different experiences to our group and it was a great learning environment. But, for the CAE, you will need to know how to decipher financial statements and basics of budgeting. Welcome!

Do You Know the Chase Bank Routing Transit Number?


Your bank’s routing number is significant because it is the key to knowing where to send and receive money. Another reason you need to know your bank’s routing number is that; it will definitely come in handy when you need to sign up for direct deposits, make payroll payments or even when you want to send out wire transfers. Louisiana. Another way of finding your bank’s routing number is to visit the website and look for it in the FAQ’s.

Capital One 360 Reviews and promotions


Many people lined up after this to open accounts with them, and now, they are at it again with excellent products and bonuses for their existing and new clients. You also do not require any minimum balance to maintain these accounts. They then started flirting with auto loans and mortgages for a couple of years, just to test the waters. How does Capital One 360 work? A bank that has few to no branches at all and almost all of their services are done online?

Coronavirus Updates for Association and Events Professionals – What You Need to Know


While I am no longer updating this list daily, I will continue to update this list with helpful links to news and resources I’ve found that could impact how association and events professionals make decisions as we look to the horizon. Feel free to follow it !**. Looking to hire or be hired? Here’s a shared spreadsheet you can add your info to – The Hire Me List ! Or to see states’ total cases and deaths on a map, click here. Louisiana – 4.6

Daily #COVID19 Updates for Association and Events Professionals – What You Need to Know


With almost daily announcements of conference and event cancellations mounting due to fears surrounding the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (that can develop into the deadly COVID-19 ), many association executives are wondering if their own conferences, special events, and Board meetings are safe.