What We Learned From the PPP Application Process – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 230

Moery Company

On this week’s episode JP provides an update on The Moery Company’s business operation and what we learned during out application process for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan. 21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core. The process of this brought feelings of hope, frustration, gratefulness, and waves of other emotions.

6 Ways Associations Can Use Webinars to Engage Members and Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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Video conferencing and virtual events have never been more important to business as it is now - especially for associations who need to keep members engaged and revenues high. Associations can run different types of webinars to make up for lost revenue from canceled annual events and continue giving members a helpful, engaging, relevant experience. Set up an automated “welcome” campaign that includes your recorded webinar to make the process even smoother.

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4 Tips for Generating More Non-Dues Revenue from Advertising

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And, it’s not too hard to do: If you’ve got pots and jars, something to pickle, stick to the process, and invite a few taste testers, then you’re golden. By investing in quality digital advertising space, making engagement growth a priority, promoting your space, and striking a good advertising balance, you can increase exposure for your own initiatives or bring in more outside sponsorship, all leading to additional non-dues revenue.

How a Simple Event Change Increased Association Revenue


A New Idea: One printing association in particular, when faced with lost membership and non-dues revenue, recognized it was critical to evaluate their programs and member benefits. They determined that, in the past, their awards banquet was the most successful source of non-dues revenue.

3 Add-on Tools to Drive Association Revenue + Amplify Member Engagement

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As you strategize for the future, consider a few add-on tools to help you amplify the impact of your online community and strengthen your ability to meet the personalized needs of your members while driving association revenue, among other business objectives like recruitment and advocacy. Using integrated mobile apps, there’s an opportunity to drive revenue with: Sponsored ad space and push notifications. Is your association leveraging technology to its fullest potential?

Got NDR (Non-Dues Revenue)?

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Many associations overestimate how much revenue a new NDR program will generate and underestimate how much time and resources it will require. Joseph Ricci , CAE, president and CEO of textile and rental services association TRSA , said his fastest-growing source of non-dues revenue is industry certification programs that help members market themselves by authenticating their sustainability (Clean Green) and cleanliness (Hygienically Clean) efforts. Hank Berkowitz, Editor-in-Chief.

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

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More than half (54 percent) of the executives who took part in our annual association communication benchmarking study felt their organization’s inability to generate non-dues-revenue (NDR) was a serious or significant challenge — up substantially from 2015. Less than one-third of respondents to our study reported having a process in place for measuring member engagement with their communications. Features Revenue non-dues revenueHank Berkowitz, Association Adviser.

What is Net Negative Churn? 4 Strategies to Grow Your Revenue

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this metric is actually an effective growth strategy to help you counteract churn and increase overall revenue. Defining Net Negative Churn (+ How It Relates to Revenue). Net negative churn means that over a given period of time, you lost customers but still grew your overall revenue. This SaaS metric focuses solely on existing customers and does not factor in any new customer revenue. Even the greatest companies out there are bound to lose a customer once in a while.

Serve Your Members and Grow Non-Dues Revenue With These Online Career Center Tips


To help get your online career center off and running, here are a few pieces of advice association managers can immediately implement to engage with and serve members, all while growing non-dues revenue. . Easy search and application process . Leverage Systems to Grow Non-Dues Revenue . At the same time, staff members are continually tasked with discovering new ways to grow non-dues revenue. . By Brian Smith, Communications Specialist .

Daily Buzz: Rethink Your Recruiting Process

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To find the right person, you have to tweak the recruiting process. Instead of wasting time and money hiring the wrong type of person, your organization should create small tweaks in its recruiting process to ensure you’re attracting people who have the right professional and people skills.

The Power of Non-Dues Revenue

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I recently attended a large seminar about non-dues revenue (NDR) strategies for association leaders. The presenters did a deep dive into the “balanced portfolio” approach and explored how advertising, sponsorships, live events, webinars, online education, affinity programs, custom research and more can prevent dues increases and hedge against a big revenue hit if your annual convention has an off year. Watch video of Gabriel Eckert discussing non-dues revenue.

How to Promote Your Career Center and Generate Additional Revenue at Your Onsite Event

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They strengthen your community, increase brand recognition, provide networking opportunities, establish thought leadership and generate revenue. These flyers can include instructions to guide employers and job seekers through the process of registering, posting and applying for jobs. This will help keep your association top of mind the next time that employer needs to advertise hiring opportunities, and possibly increase your non-dues revenue margins from paid job listings.

Back to Basics: Make Member Communication Useful, Accessible and Engaging to Earn More Revenue

Association Adviser

Thankfully, there are varied approaches to increase non-dues revenue (NDR) from member communication. Whatever the approach, the common principle in practice is: The more value your communication programs can provide to BOTH members and advertisers, the better positioned your association is to earn higher non-dues revenue. This brings more attention to the publication’s supporting advertisers and helps grow advertiser participation along with non-dues revenue returns.

Association Revenue Trends in the US and UK (Plus 3 Tips for Increasing Your Income)

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Driven by a change in what members want and are willing to pay for, associations are seeing changes in their key revenue streams, including which income sources sustain their organizations. Where Associations Get Their Revenue Today. Association income is typically into two broad categories: Membership dues revenue, also called subscription revenue. Non-dues, or non-subscription, revenue. Traditionally, associations have focused on dues revenue.

Integrated, automated membership renewal campaign leads to $18,000 increase in revenue.

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How one association went from a low-cost email marketing program to a more efficient process and better data quality to streamline membership renewal campaigns. Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) provides veterinary management professionals ongoing education, certifications, and networking opportunities. Formed in 1981, VHMA has grown to serve over 2,700 members across North America. VHMA was […].

4 Ways to Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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Or do you need assistance generating non-dues revenue from your education offerings? There may be an option for the LMS company to provide the administration; but this is something to clarify during your request for proposal process. The post 4 Ways to Increase Non-Dues Revenue appeared first on Web Courseworks. Managing eLearning Blog ASM Association Management associations elearning eLearning Business Consultants LMS Non-Dues Revenue

Who Should Own Your Email Newsletter Production Process?

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The outlets surveyed had a many different processes for building newsletters, spending anywhere between four and 58 hours on newsletter production every week. Typically, they’re mission-oriented, they carry a distinct advocacy voice, and they’re looking to drive revenue (though in their case it’s generally through donations or subscriptions, rather than via membership dues). The post Who Should Own Your Email Newsletter Production Process?

Plan to Succeed in the Magazine Production Process

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A clearly defined editorial plan can help ease the magazine production process and help you reach your communications goals. Marketing & Communications Revenue annual plan digital editions magazines planning revenue Tracy Tompkins. These best practices can organize your editorial leadership and help you develop best-in-class communication pieces that your members can trust as the voice of your industry.

4 Ways to Use Your Online Customer Community to Increase Upsell and Cross-Sell Revenue

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Did you know that 80 percent of your future revenue will come from only 20 percent of your current customers ? Start by using your community’s data to find customers who are good upsell opportunities using the same process discussed above. Make generating upsell and cross-sell revenue a priority, empowering your sales team and account managers to reach out when customers may be ready to make an additional purchase.

Less is More: Non-Dues Revenue

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Quality > Quantity All associations want to maximize revenue in order to better serve their members. Non-dues revenue channels can be a great opportunity for associations to broaden the range of services they offer, and to build relationships with other bodies in their industry. When it comes to non-dues revenue, I’d rather pursue a share of mind than a share of wallet. However, with finite resources, you can’t afford a long, slow process of trial and error.

How to Produce Revenue-Generating Association Podcasts

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Here’s how associations can make use of podcasting—and bring in some nondues revenue dollars in the process. Podcasts are a potential source of nondues revenue. That’s good news for advertisers looking for ROI and good news for associations looking to cultivate another crop of nondues revenue. Affiliate marketing is another way to bring in some revenue on association podcasting.

Is Your Non-Dues Revenue Strategy Old-Fashioned?


When we talk about and plan for non-dues revenue opportunities, we think in terms of programs, products and services. We offer extreme goals (and I've heard them all, trust me) such as increase non-dues revenue by 25% in 3 years, or grow annual conference attendance by 20% in 1 year, or launch a new product line in a few months from scratch. Like networking computers, the processing power grows faster than you can imagine.

Daily Buzz: Use Your Membership Portal to Drive Nondues Revenue

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Engagement might be the top priority of a membership portal, but it can generate revenue from your other offerings too. Your membership portal is the ultimate engagement tool—but it can also help your association generate nondues revenue. “A But, you can also diversify your organization’s revenue streams by adding an online storefront where members can purchase products and services.”.

Associations Report an Increase in Sponsorship Revenue

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An increase in revenue was just one of the many association sponsorship trends a new IEG survey revealed. Also on the list: what types of companies associations are partnering with, what benefits they’re offering sponsors, and how associations plan to continue to increase this type of revenue. There was an almost 40 percent increase in the number of associations reporting higher sponsorship revenue last year as compared to 2011, according to a new IEG survey.

A Letter to My Association Family: Embrace the Pursuit of Non-Dues Revenue!

Association Adviser

To my association family: Generating non-dues revenue (NDR) and increasing those figures year over year for associations is a key responsibility of being a Senior Group Publisher (that’s me!) Three-quarters of association respondents have some type of process in place for measuring member engagement with their communications—which means a whole 25 percent don’t! Often, they aren’t—which is where we run into trouble with membership growth, retention and revenue.

What #Eventprofs Say About the Meeting-Planning Process

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This was followed by revenue (56 percent), media coverage (16 percent), and team building (12 percent). “[A]ttendee A]ttendee satisfaction leads the way as the determinate of event success, rather than revenue or ticket sales—by a vast difference of 28 percent,” the report said. How does your meeting-planning process align (or not) with the survey results? The post What #Eventprofs Say About the Meeting-Planning Process appeared first on Associations Now

Programmatic Advertising: Future-proof your non-dues revenue.

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Programmatic advertising is a potentially vast new source of non-dues revenue for associations. It helps automate the media buying process by relying on software to purchase ads that retarget specific audiences. The value for associations include: Adding new, potentially large source of non-dues revenue. Running a revenue-generating online display ad program that virtually runs itself. The post Programmatic Advertising: Future-proof your non-dues revenue.

A Meaningful, Sustainable Way to Rev Your Non-Dues Revenue. But be Patient.


Furthermore,an engaged workforce leads to improved productivity and higher revenue, along with a host of other benefits. All that said, I’ve chosen a new personal leadership WHY…I hope you like it: I believe in unlocking revenue and driving innovation through horizontal leadership that's focused on absolute employee engagement. It's time to rev-up revenue and employee engagement through horizontal leadership. Fact: Most employees are not nearly as engaged as you want.

Put Your AMS to Work Earning Non-Dues Revenue

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Most of us know that membership software is designed to make association processes easier and more automated, but did you know that your AMS could earn your association essential non-dues revenue? One more element that can help your association earn revenue is the online job board.

Successful Sales Series: Building Your Sales Team

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Your sales team should learn, love and master the sales process of prospecting, overcoming objections, closing sales, and delighting customers. Features Revenue non-dues revenue salesHow do you teach them these skills? The post Successful Sales Series: Building Your Sales Team appeared first on Association Adviser.

Team 91

Evergreen Association Problems

Smooth The Path

Before COVID, there were a bunch of challenging big and small problems that associations were grappling with: Revenue reliance on the conference, member value packed into just a few days of a year, community and connections for all members, small group debriefs, and communication, to name a few.

How to Decrease the Time Spent on Chapter Dues Processing

Chapter Chat

Is dues processing at your association a frustration for everyone involved? It can be a time-consuming ordeal for staff at National, and staff and volunteer leaders at chapters—a process that’s been done the same way as long as you can remember. Although the idea of changing such a long-standing process is daunting, you know a more efficient one will allow staff and volunteer leaders to dedicate more time to what really matters—delivering value to members. Deferred revenue?

4 steps to consider when moving data

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According to Salesforce solution architect Toye BeGbaaji , the process of moving data is always a challenge, but it can be less painful if you take these steps into consideration. . Invigorate RevenueI will be the first to admit it, I hate to move.

Need new ideas for attracting members? Follow this 7-step framework for success

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A stellar onboarding process and dedicated customer success professionals can make these goals a reality. . A seamless onboarding process. The onboarding process is your organization’s opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Engage People Invigorate Revenue

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Baucus Signals Openness to Revenue-Neutral Tax Reform

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Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus is reportedly open to revenue-neutral tax reform but says no final decisions have been made yet. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is reportedly open to a revenue-neutral approach to tax reform, which could be a hard sell to Senate Democrats. The main question is not whether tax reform raises revenue,” the statement said. “It’s

Is your membership offering enough value?

Association Success

By including younger members in this process, you can tweak existing perks and tailor new offerings to their needs. Throughout the process, keep an eye out for younger members who are enthusiastic about your organization. Engage People Invigorate Revenue

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How to gain new leads using content you already have

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This recognition can in turn attract even more attention to the American Booksellers Association, raising awareness of its role in the bookselling space — and winning qualified leads in the process. Engage People Invigorate RevenueInbound marketing might seem intimidating at first.

How to Generate Association Revenue Through Grants – It’s Easier Than You Think


We need to do more fundraising and generate more revenue.”. Research what works and doesn’t work when applying for grants for organizations or programs like yours before you get too far into the process. Grant writing is a step-by-step process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By Amy Gitchell, GrowthZone AMS. “We It’s a familiar refrain of organizations of all types and sizes.

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The 5 E’s of Generating Non-Dues Revenue from eLearning

WBT Systems

Is your association generating as much non-dues revenue as it needs to, wants to, or has the potential to? One great way to do this is to look to your online education and certification programs – with your Association Learning Management System, generating non-dues revenue is easy! Not only does eLearning provide a valuable member service , leading to higher member retention rates, it can also generate an important additional source of non-dues revenue.

LMS 56

What is a Sales Funnel and Why Should Associations Use It?


The process begins with a broad pool of prospects. The sales funnel process is valuable because it: Enables tracking of successes and setbacks at any point. The beginning of the sales process, when the prospective audience is at its largest. Often shortest phase, when those most likely to convert have reached the final stages of the process. Productivity Revenue Solutions Growth