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Statute of Limitations Prohibits Association from Bringing Action to Reform Declaration

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Facts: In 2005, the declarant established a plan to develop an HOA in 3 phases. Applying the statute’s text to the Association’s reformation claim, the court concluded that the statute of limitations was five years from the “time the error is committed,” which was 2005.

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The Big Picture: Still recuperating from ASAE 2005 annual meeting

The Big Picture

Thanks to Hammock Publishing for hosting an unofficial Blog-U-Clump Get-Together » August 18, 2005. Still recuperating from ASAE 2005 annual meeting. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Still recuperating from ASAE 2005 annual meeting : Comments. Shawn on LinkedIn. « You cant argue with results | Main.


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Federal Government Assesses Digital Options to Ease Real ID Rollout

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Despite 15 years of lead time—the law was enacted in 2005 as part of the national security response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks—less than a third of Americans have a card that complies with the standard, in part because of issues with rollout at the state level.

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2019 Tech Trends: 3 Factors Associations Should Watch

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Remember how, around 2005 or so, it seemed like PCs (at least on the Windows side) were starting to stagnate, leading to longer upgrade cycles in offices, as much of the existing tech “just worked”? It’s like 2005 all over again. It’s like 2005 all over again. The latest and greatest is becoming a commodity again.

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Award winning: Ungated, CAI publications recognized for excellence


This site, originally launched in 2005, was awarded a bronze for best overall blog site. Now in its 43rd year, the 2023 EXCEL Awards program presented 211 awards across 74 categories for work produced in 2022. CAI has earned at least one EXCEL Award nearly every year for the past 16 years.

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Lessons Learned Living the Virtual Experiment


In 2005, when Highroad was one of the few virtual businesses, the concept raised some eyebrows. Commuting, excessive meetings, disruptions and office politics erode productivity.” Another executive, David Caruso, Co-Founder and President of HighRoad Solutions, told us this. “In Today, the idea is more mainstream.

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We’ve Moved!

Jamie Notter

I'm keeping this blog here because it obviously has all the posts I've written, even back to when it was the "Get Me Jamie Notter" blog, dating back to 2005! Just wanted to make sure that if you've found your way to my blog here that you realize I now do all my blogging over on the WorkXO blog.