What’s the “return on innovation” from your association management software?

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It’s not unusual to think about your association’s technology investments in terms of return on investment (ROI). But, do you think about return on innovation? Using modern membership management software can pay big dividends to your association (and your members).

6 Association Management Tips from Steve Jobs


Associations can learn a lot from Steve Jobs and his vision to create an enjoyable user experience and brand culture. In recognition to Steve Jobs’ contribution to technology, business, and organizational management, we’ve gathered some of Jobs’ most influential advice and explained how associations can use it. 6 Pieces of Association Management Advice from Steven Jobs. Tip #1) Don’t Forget Your Own Expertise – Innovation Comes from Within.


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Diffusion of Innovation: Practical Tips for Technology Councils & Standards Orgs

Association Management

In the 1960s, researcher Everett Rogers published a work called Diffusion of Innovations that aimed to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. Nearly half a century later, his research is still the guiding rule across various industries—including the technology space—for predicting and driving technology adoption strategy. This inflection point is often known as the “innovation cliff” or the “tipping point.”.

Don?t let legacy association management software be your legacy

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How will the technology decisions you make today affect your association’s future? Make sure your association doesn’t pay the price for outdated software. When you think about the software that helps you manage your association, it can be tempting to keep using the same old legacy association management software (AMS) you’ve been using and continue inefficient processes you’ve been practicing for years and years. Technology

6 signs your association management software may be a dinosaur

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Six signs your association management software may be outdated. . Is your association failing to keep up with technology? Just as your association grows and evolves, technology changes too. Failing to keep up with technology advances may cause your organization to fall behind in its ability to work efficiently and deliver the great experiences your members expect. Here’s why: Innovation requires it. Nimble AMS Technology

2015 Association Management Trends and Important News from YM

YourMembership Blog

It’s only the first week of the New Year and we are already off to an exciting start as YourMembership proudly announced this week the acquisition of Digital Ignite and that we will be adding its Learning Management System to YM’s expanding suite of products. There’s no getting around the fact that new technology, tools and management techniques are coming at us faster and faster these days leaving little time to effectively evaluate and choose between alternatives.

Five things to consider when choosing new association management software

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As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. But don’t forget about how your decision will affect your association in the future. As your association grows and your member programs advance, it’s time to look at new technology to support your evolving needs. Your business case for new association technology should, of course, address your organization’s current needs.

Four things to consider when choosing new association management software

Nimble AMS

As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. But don’t forget about how your decision will affect your association in the future. As your association grows and your member programs advance, it’s time to look at new technology to support your evolving needs. Your business case for new association technology should, of course, address your organization’s current needs.

Salesforce or Microsoft: What’s the Right CRM Platform for Your Association Management Software?

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In the past few years, there has been a noticeable push by associations to leverage enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) platforms from Salesforce or Microsoft as the platform for their association management software (AMS). Innovation. In contrast, non-CRM-platform-based AMS systems simply do not have the funds to keep up with future-forward technologies including mobility, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). and associations.

Follow the leader to ensure your association management software’s code is covered

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Understanding what code coverage is and what associations can learn from Salesforce. Here’s an overview of what it is and why your AMS should follow the code coverage guidelines set forth by Salesforce, the leader in customer relationship management. When you think about your association management software (AMS) , you likely think about how it helps in the day-to-day activities of managing memberships. Salesforce is known for innovation.

2020 Association Technology Trends And Predictions

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Take a cue from the news to see what’s coming in association tech. Want to know what’s on the horizon for association technology in 2020? But when it comes to association technology trends, you don’t necessarily have to look far into the future to see the road ahead. Emphasis on innovation. But here’s the thing: In today’s world, technical innovation is moving fast. But that doesn’t mean you stop innovating. Nimble AMS Technology

The Technological Divide: Leap or Fall?

Association Adviser

In spite of how smart I think I am, it has taken me a long time to adjust to all the technology inventions. In order to make the leap into the 21st century, I’ve had to work with several Gen X technology consultants. And, central to this article, they are often uncomfortable with technology and slow to adjust to it. ” Gen Y/millennials grew up with computers, cellphones, iPads and notebooks, and they expect tech companies to innovate even more than they already do.

Are You an Innovator or a Producer?

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Membership Software Association Management Software. Associations. Technology. Management Team. Are Innovation and Production at Odds? May 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention , Membership Management , Social Media and Business Trends. HBR posted a good article recently about Why Managers Don’t Really Want to Innovate. Innovation doesn’t have to be free time given to employees to pursue their own joy.

Association Management - Building a Vision for Your Conference

Association Subculture

Association Management - Building a Vision for Your Conference. If you think about it, your conference may be the most important asset your association has both in terms of member connection, financial benefit and goodwill. The good news is, I evolved with the help of some of awesome peers and thinkers out here in our association community (Yeah, @jeffhurt , @velchain , @JoanEisenstodt , @jcufaude , @ginsut , @mbobrow , @steveswafford , @asegar - Im looking at you!)

Follow the leader for ideal upgrades to your association management software

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What associations can learn by following the leading CRM, Salesforce. Does your AMS follow the ideal product upgrade model set forth by Salesforce, the leader in customer relationship management? Organizations often struggle with the costs and risks involved with upgrading their association management software (AMS). So, it’s easy to understand why many associations are moving to cloud-based AMS systems that include continuous upgrades. Member Management

orgCommunity’s Solutions Day Honors Innovator in the Association Industry


Contact: Emily Hendershot, Managing Director. emily@orgcommunity.com.orgCommunity’s Solutions Day Honors Innovator in the Association Industry. Association professionals from across the country gathered at the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Schaumburg, Illinois for the 4 th annual.orgCommunity Solutions Day. The Innovation Award celebrates outstanding innovation and the success of those taking their association or organization to the next level.

3 technology trends to improve your association’s member experience

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Is keeping up with technology trends on your association’s radar? As your association grows and evolves, its needs change. Meanwhile, technology advances aren’t standing still for your association. Failing to keep up with technology may cause your organization to fall behind in its ability to deliver a great member experience. But, are associations really keeping pace with their members’ expectations? Security may not seem like a technology trend.

Catch Nimble AMS at the 2019 ASAE Technology Exploration Conference

Nimble AMS

2019 ASAE Technology Exploration Conference December 3-4 in Washington, DC. association technology professionals will gather for learning sessions, demos, and hands-on training to discover how the latest technology can drive their organizations to new levels of success. Advancing the Association and Nonprofit Community through Technology Exploration,”?the to see a brief overview of how Nimble AMS can help move your association forward.

Customer Success: Life After Launch and Continuous Innovation

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To meet your goals, look for an association management software tech partner focused on your long-term success. And, what does it really mean for your association? According to the Community Brands Digital Evolution Study , most professional membership organizations continue to feel technologically unprepared for the future. Your client engagement manager. Your client engagement manager works closely with a team of people to ensure your success.

The Trick to Innovating with Gen Y

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Membership Software Association Management Software. Associations. Technology. Management Team. How Do You Innovate With Millennials? Innovating with millennials sounds like a no-brainer. While they have the enthusiasm, they may need the goals of your innovation to be laid out for them. Let them know how their ideas can best be applied to your association’s goals. Membership Management. Associations.

How Associations Can Improve The Member Experience Through Technology

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Three technology innovations associations should embrace for a better member experience. How can your association deliver the experience your members have come to expect? Turn to technology innovation. One of the key findings from Salesforce’s second edition of the State of the Connected Customer report , points to the importance of innovation. As a member-based organization, how can your association go about embracing innovation?

AUDC 13 Recap: Community and Innovation for Association Websites & Technology

Vanguard Tech

You might not want to admit it, but technology is now the most important tool you use on a daily basis. Technology is now part of every facet of your association and is part of every transaction and interaction between your association staff and membership. New memberships, events, email, association website content, organizing volunteers and even generating support for a new program. There it is… technology. Innovation: Persistent and Pervasive.

5 reasons everyone at your association needs to go to #Xperience17.

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#leadership #inspiration #learning #innovation #technology – all in one place. As an association leader, you have a great case for going to Xperience 2017. It’s a sure way of learning new ideas to make stronger connections with your members, adapt new technologies and grow your membership […]. It’s a chance to grow your skills in leadership.

Goodbye e-learning

Aaron Wolowiec

So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! Young or old, technology has redefined the way we learn and work. ” The 52-page Tagoras report provides such data, which were collected based upon a survey of 200 trade and professional associations. percent – indicated they use some form of technology-enabled learning.

Can Disruptive Innovation Benefit Associations?

SCD Group

Rather than sitting around and talking about negative trends or "fussing" about Millennials, two businesses within these industrie shave refocused and created innovations designed to re/engage participants and recruit new ones. Associations representing industries or professions should be scanning the environment to discover any disruptive innovations that might impact that industry or profession. Yes, HeadPinz and TopGolf are NOT associations.

Association Management Lessons from the Public Sector : Off Stage

Off Stage

3, 2010 - Association Management Lessons from the Public Sector. The Young Foundation released an interesting and useful report this week: the title is “ Capital Ideas: how to generate innovation in the public sector.” ” The title caught my eye: “public sector innovation seems to me to be a contradiction in terms. Needless to say, the association had little time and resources for anything but this process.). Technology. Off Stage.

Is Association Technology at a Turning Point?

Associations Now

A recent deal in the association technology space raises some interesting questions about the state of the sector and what’s next. What’s holding associations and their vendors back, and what needs to happen to push things forward? A decade ago this June, the Boston Celtics started to put together the moves for what would eventually be considered one of the most audacious combinations of talent under a single logo that the National Basketball Association had ever seen.

Meetings 5.0: Five Ways to Improve Your Events

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This week I’m speaking on a panel at the New England Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting. But I know it has something to do with “innovations in meetings and programs.”. Innovate with room set ups. Governance Membership Technology Uncategorized association management Association Management Company Board of Directors Conference Planning Organizational Development Training

Boston 165

Membership meets engagement in today’s modern world.

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Staying competitive and relevant in today’s digital world requires innovative ways to engage your members. Staying competitive and relevant in today’s digital world requires innovative ways to engage your members. And, to operate efficiently, you need to implement an easy-to-use, safe and secure technology through a connected platform. By doing so, it saves you and […].

DelCor’s Guide to the 2018 ASAE Technology Conference


ASAE’s 2018 Technology Conference & Expo ( #asaetech18 ) is packed with sessions led by industry experts that will provide valuable information about current technology trends that you can take back and put into action in your own association. The sessions will cover multiple topics within the world of technology and have been broken down into 5 categories or “pathways” to help you identify the sessions of interest to you and create a personalized schedule.

Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience?


Yet, some organizations can lag in developing the technologies they need to provide a satisfying digital experience for their customers. . Rob ’s in-depth session offered suggestions on how association management software (AMS) and content management system (CMS) integrations can improve your nonprofit’s online engagem e nt and brand awareness. . The digital customer experience is a c ombination of all your association’s digital interactions.

Five Tech Tools that Every Association Needs to Be a Leader in Their Industry


Over the past decade technology has changed at lightning speed. Innovative association professionals understand the importance of keeping an eye on technology because ultimately it is a cost-effective way to streamline daily operations and keep members engaged. Often budgets are tight and head count is restricted, so adopting technology may be one of the only ways to meet increased demands with limited resources.

Tools 184

Why Does Innovation Challenge Associations So Much?

Associations Now

During this week’s ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Salt Lake City, a trend of discussion during different sessions was that innovation quite often requires quick work, something many associations are not known for. When it comes to what the corporate world can pull off, do association executives ever get jealous of how fast many of their for-profit equivalents can move? That’s not to criticize the work that associations do, which is often monumental.

The Growing Demand for Fractional CIOs


All kinds of organizations—Fortune 500s, startups, and associations—are hiring fractional executives. In many industries, there are not enough experienced, yet innovative, CIOs for all the organizations that need them. How a Fractional CIO Works with Association s.

Meditated Momentum: Harnessing Technology

Elipsis Partners

On associations, technology, parenting, people, meditation, and America. Harnessing Technology. The words "harnessing technology" come from the book Race for Relevance by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers which was published last year by ASAE. In their book, they put forward major strategies for revamping associations. And they strongly recommend making much better use of technology. ASAE - American Society of Association Executives.

What’s Blockchain?

Spark Consulting

And why should associations care? Shelly Alcorn (Ubiquity University and Alcon Associates Management Consulting) and I will be presenting for CalSAE on The Perils and Promise of Blockchain Wednesday, September 30. Thriving Associations – Wednesday, September 23. The next technological wave is beginning to crest and blockchain is leading the way. innovation presentations webinars whitepaper CalSAE Shelly Alcorn

Thanks For Playing: Always the Last to Know: 50 Most Innovative.

Thanks For Playing

Seeking community in associations since 2008. Always the Last to Know: 50 Most Innovative Companies. The cover story for the latest issue of MITs Technology Review is the periodic 50 Most Innovative Companies. Labels: cool technology , Technology Review. Association blogger and general troublemaker. Top association management Blogs. Start With the "Why" Always the Last to Know: 50 Most Innovative Compan.

Association Disruption: What’s your Educational Moonshot?


How grand is your association’s vision for your educational programs? Thinking small isn’t going to turn your association into a market leader and innovator, but an educational moonshot will. At the 2019 digitalNow conference , Dr. Radhika Dirks, CEO and co-founder of XLabs , talked to an audience of association executives about her work with moonshots. Can you think of a wicked problem in society that your association could solve? Association moonshots.

CES 2016 Final Thoughts

Association Management

In fact, at a conference known for introducting “wow” products, what seemed to be missing was true innovation. And while many of the products I saw may not make it big, there was real innovation in that space, from robot bartenders (think Kuerig for booze) to headphones designed for sleeping. There’s a larger lesson to be taken away from this: innovation can come from unexpected places. Association Management Technology

Anticipate the Unexpected—For Entrepreneurs Business as Usual Is not an Option


Introducing Association 4.0™: Association 4.0™: The entrepreneurs we interviewed taught us how some of the most innovative leaders in the association community manage the precarious business of growing a company from start-up to maturity. The book launch is planned for.orgCommunity’s, February 20 Innovation Summit , in Schaumburg, IL. We began this project with the idea that associations could benefit from a new approach.