Association Management: Online vs. In-person Engagement

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As an association leader, you know the importance of engaging your members. Managing your members is no easy feat— it requires dedicated association management software as well as a strategic plan for engaging your constituents. The importance of association engagement.

Webinar: AMS 101

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Download this 30-minute webinar recording to understand the basic principles behind AMS integrations and why your association might need one. The post Webinar: AMS 101 appeared first on Association Adviser.


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Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers. But to do this effectively, you need to have a system in place for gathering, organizing, and accessing the member information that provides you with insight into their goals and preferences: an association management system, or an AMS. Already use an AMS for your association? Facilitate event registration and management.

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Choosing the Best Association Management Software


Leveraging a robust AMS system engages members and helps you develop your association, while automating many mundane and repetitive tasks. Whether your membership organization is an association or chamber of commerce, feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) is a must.

How to choose your next association management software


There are dozens of association management software (AMS) systems on the market today. These solutions typically have the baseline functionality that most associations need and also sometimes allow for basic configuration. Don’t miss this on-demand webinar.

Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Could an Association Management Software (AMS) solution be the answer to the inefficiencies that plague your association? This article will help you evaluate ten association software options. What is Association Management Software (AMS)? In a nutshell, an AMS provides membership-based organizations an all-in-one member management system. Association Software 10 1. Popular Association Software Platforms.

Announcing: Associations 101 Webinar Series!

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Dave Will ( Peach New Media ), Scott Oser ( Scott Oser Associates ), and I are pleased to bring you a new webinar series, Associations 101. Designed for people who are new to the profession of association management, new to particular topic in association management, or who just need a brush up on some concepts, Associations 101 will feature experienced association executives sharing 10 tips in 20 minutes on a variety of topics in association management.

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Top 5 Association Management Takeaways from Xperience2014

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Throughout the show our guests had the opportunity to attend sessions focused on business, marketing and association management best practices. We’ve put together a summary of the most notable association management ideas and recommendations that each speaker addressed during their presentations. Understanding, adapting, and knowing when to let go, in today’s increasingly competitive environment, are the keys to your associations’ success.

Finding the ideal association management software for your large organization


Many large associations have a big IT team. In turn, their IT departments need more control over the functionality in their association management software (AMS) so they can configure it to support those processes. Customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

Fresh Formats for Your Association’s Webinars


Webinars are a GREAT way to engage members and potential To drive registrations, your webinar must be interesting, convenient, and valuable. What makes a webinar interesting, aside from the topic? To keep your members (and potential members) on their toes, consider experimenting with these fresh webinar formats: association management member engagement membership management Association Views

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


The best association management software, or AMS, solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of associations just like yours. That way you’ll get a clearer sense of the particular balance of specificity, utility, and ease-of-use that will best suit your association’s needs. Overview of this Association Management Software. Powerful event management features. Plus, your members have the ability to form and manage their own groups!

2015 Association Management Trends and Important News from YM

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It’s only the first week of the New Year and we are already off to an exciting start as YourMembership proudly announced this week the acquisition of Digital Ignite and that we will be adding its Learning Management System to YM’s expanding suite of products. There’s no getting around the fact that new technology, tools and management techniques are coming at us faster and faster these days leaving little time to effectively evaluate and choose between alternatives.

How to Define, Track, and Increase Member Engagement [Webinar]


Association Management Member Engagement SocialBusinessData from a recent report makes me think that there are a lot of executives that are losing sleep these days.

Stop throwing money at your old association management software

Nimble AMS

It’s the same with legacy member management software. It’s the same with your legacy association management software (AMS). Besides the fact that your old software might not be keeping pace as your association grows, it’s likely costing more than modern software in ways you haven’t even thought about. Nimble AMS is the only enterprise-level association management system to offer continuous delivery.

Free Webinar: Managing Your Membership Database in Wild Apricot

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Want to learn about Wild Apricot membership management? Attend our free webinar on Thurs. association management software association management software system association management system Membership management membership system nonprofit non-profit Non-profit technology nptech

Association Management Alert - The EXODesk is Coming

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The debate about association education needs to take a quantum leap forward if we are planning on staying competitive in this new arena. This is one more example of how education, (in terms of technology as well as what we are learning about how learners learn) , is changing at an exponential rate, while many associations are still debating whether or not members will "find value" in attending a webinar. For anyone obsessed with education, this video is a mind-blower.

Salesforce or Microsoft: What’s the Right CRM Platform for Your Association Management Software?

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In the past few years, there has been a noticeable push by associations to leverage enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) platforms from Salesforce or Microsoft as the platform for their association management software (AMS). As associations are starting to collect more data and use more systems, performance becomes even more important. If your association is going to be innovative, it needs to be running the latest and greatest software.

Webinar: AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA

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Discover the three steps for executing a no-hassle, no-headache association management software implementation that doesn’t need to be a pain in the association (PITA). This 30-minute webinar recording is filled with actionable and effective tactics for building a strategic AMS implementation plan and actually sticking to it. Webinar Slides ? The post Webinar: AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA appeared first on Association Adviser.

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Choosing an Association Management System (AMS): Common Challenges and Questions


By Megan Lopez, Senior Marketing Manager, Personify Earlier this month I wrote about how to master the art of identifying your organization’s wish list of requirements for selecting a new association management system (AMS) or constituent management and engagement. webinar.

Boosting Webinar Attendance and Participation: 4 Tips for Association Pros


Is your association conducting educational webinars? That said, if you are conducting webinars, but you’re struggling to attract an audience - you’re not alone. Which is exactly why we’ve put together a few tips for boosting webinar attendance and participation: association management member engagement membership management Small Staff Chatter

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Navigating Change for Associations

Moery Company

Figuring out how to home school our children while simultaneously leading an association. Our company partners with over two dozen trade associations and we are helping our associations manage through these unchartered times.

Webinar Recap: AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA (Pain in the Association)

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Download the archived version of our webinar, AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA , hosted by ReviewMyAMS and Naylor Association Solutions. I cover best practices and tips to ensure your next AMS implementation isn’t a pain in the association (PITA). Over the years, the team at Naylor Association Solutions has learned that PITA, or pain in the association, isn’t a unique phenomenon when it comes to implementing new AMS technologies.

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Configure versus Customize: Which option is best for your association management software?

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Association management software (AMS) systems typically include out-of-the-box functionality to support most of the organization’s basic processes. But what do you do when your association has a unique need that can’t be addressed through basic setup? Do-it-yourself configurability makes this a cost-effective option for associations, especially when tailoring complex processes. What this means to your association.

FREE Webinar! Ask Me Anything

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On Thursday, April 20, 2107, 1.3opm-2:30pm Eastern ,Teri Carden, Founder of ReviewMyAMS , and I will be hosting a FREE Ask Us Anything webinar. Got questions about data management? Association Management SystemsAMS selection and implementation? Anything at all related to data? Here’s your chance to get FREE advice from two experts in the field. Click here for more information.

De-Code Your Association Management System Purchase: Understand Your Needs and Requirements


Guest Post By Megan Lopez- Senior Marketing Manager, Personify “Truth is the ultimate power. or are just here to learn about making technology purchases for your association, you know the importance of gaining a single source of truth…for your members, their. management. webinar When the truth comes around, all the lies have to run and hide.” -Ice Ice Cube Whether you’re a fan of Ice Cube’s work as a solo artist, his contributions to N.W.A

[Guest Post] Retaining New Members Through a New Member Orientation Webinar


The following blog post was written by the Indiana Society of Association Executives , whose mission is to support and strengthen the success of association professionals and the associations they serve. According to Marketing General (in their 2017 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report ), the retention rate among new members for individual membership associations averages 64 percent. Given the digital era, some associations have even gone to an online kit.

Reviewing Association Management Products : Off Stage

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4, 2009 - Reviewing Association Management Products. One of the services I think can help Realtor AEs as well as other association managers of my non-profit clients is a product review site. " moments that we as association staff have when we step outside Realtor-dom and find that there are products and services which we cant live without--or maybe weve tried them and want to suggest that others approach with caution. Financial Management. Off Stage.

Webinar Recap: Let’s Learn Together: Enhancing Online Learning with Communities

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Recently, Heather McNair, VP of Engagement Strategy over at Higher Logic , teamed up with Blue Sky’s Channel Manager, Jodi Ray, to discuss how organizations can enhance their online learning with communities. Check out our quick recap of the webinar below! Across generations and industries, data shows professional development is the biggest driver of engagement and value received from an association. Many associations are falling short of providing members value.

Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience?


O ur webinar – 6 Tips for Improving the Member Digital Experien ce – with Refactored ’s Chief Strategist Rob Bean address es this exact problem. The digital customer experience is a c ombination of all your association’s digital interactions.

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Webinar Recap: How Much Does an AMS Really Cost?


Guest post by Sigmund VanDamme, Membership Software Evangelist, Community Brands When you consider moving to a new association management software (AMS) system for the first time, or changing the one you have, one of the first questions you’re likely to ask is, “How much does it cost?”.

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Field Report (March 18, 2020)

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Another update for you guys, I’m trying to give you real time information about what we’re seeing out in the association industry and in the field. Allow them to introduce the webinar, maybe provide some content. I just finished a webinar.

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Association Rally Cry and Pivoting During the Covid19 Pandemic – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 225

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Listener note: this is a special broadcast of the Association Hustle Podcast. As associations deal with the coronavirus in their associations, and on behalf of their entire industry, we are providing almost daily updates via video on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter feeds. We are thinking about you, your families, your associations, and your companies. This week’s episode covers some ways your association can pivot to move forward during a pandemic.

Help Us Decide

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Scott Oser ( Scott Oser Associates ), Dave Will ( Peach New Media ) and I are considering launching a webinar series. Everyone has a webinar series these days.” They’re going to be about ALL KINDS OF TOPICS in association management. They’re going to feature presenters, association executives and consultants, who are RECOGNIZED EXPERTS in their topic(s).

What’s Blockchain?

Spark Consulting

And why should associations care? Shelly Alcorn (Ubiquity University and Alcon Associates Management Consulting) and I will be presenting for CalSAE on The Perils and Promise of Blockchain Wednesday, September 30. Thriving Associations – Wednesday, September 23. innovation presentations webinars whitepaper CalSAE Shelly Alcorn

Survey: 9 of 10 Association Professionals Say They Aren’t Using Artificial Intelligence


Are you using artificial intelligence at your association?” . Thanks to many successful AI integration projects from association technology vendors over the years, it’s quite possible that your organization is using artificial intelligence without even knowing. .

Serve Your Members and Grow Non-Dues Revenue With These Online Career Center Tips


An association’s mission is to serve members, and right now, your members might be experiencing the need for new employment. . With that in mind, Dawn urged associations to think beyond job boards. . Managers? . Next, find out how members use your association’s website.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

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For an association, hosting events like conferences, networking meetups, and learning sessions is an effective way to bring people who share a common goal or passion together. Plus, events are one of the ways that your association can raise non-dues revenue. . There’s a lot riding on your association’s next event, so how can you get the most out of it? . Picking the Right Association Management Software. Data management.

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How to Find the Perfect CMS to Improve the Member Digital Experience


By Ryan Bruffey, MX Business Development Manager. M embers expectations continue to grow at your association. Are systems separated, or are they integrated with your association management software (AMS) ? . Members make the association world go round.

Why Your Professional Association Needs a Strategic Plan…Right Now

Association Management

What’s an eight-letter word for association management? And even though it should be the driving force behind your professional association’s agenda, strategic plans are often lacking in their most basic elements—including the imperative to stay current. Today’s professional associations are operating in a rapidly changing environment. Tapping into professional association management is one way to ensure your organization’s strategy makes sense.

Learn How American Society for Quality Has Grown in MENA in LIVE Webinar, June 26 @1000 Eastern


Join us on June 26th @ 10am Eastern for a LIVE 45-minute webinar presented by Carmen O’Neill, Certification Offerings, ASQ Global, and Kavitha Prabhu, Director Association Management & Consulting, MCI Middle East as they highlight how they used diverse product offerings targeting different industry verticals to expand ASQ in the Middle East and Africa region including membership.