Inspiration and Innovation From the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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Here is the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up on inspiration and innovation. Check out the 15 blog posts with a dizzying array of ideas, insight and inspiration. nonprofit blog carnival

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Share Your Posts on Inspiration and Innovation

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We''re hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for June and we want your submissions on nonprofit inspiration and innovation! nonprofit blog carnival


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Can Non-profits Learn From Innovative Companies?

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The March Nonprofit Blog Carnival is about non-profit disruption and innovation. So we looked at Fast Company''s Most Innovative Companies for 2014 to see if there were lessons to guide non-profit innovation. Non-profit nonprofit blog carnival

What’s Your Path to Non-profit Inspiration or Innovation?

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We''re looking for blog posts about non-profit inspiration and innovation for the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival. nonprofit blog carnival innovation Here''s a look at a personal inspirational moment.

Constraints + Creativity = Innovation

Eric Lanke

In many ways, it is a textbook example of innovation -- and how it is design constraints themselves, coupled with creativity, that allows it to flourish. + + + This post first appeared on Eric Lanke's blog , an association executive and author. Associations InnovationMy association sponsors an undergraduate education program we call the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge.

Obtaining Post-Conference Buy-In to Innovation

YourMembership Blog

Yesterday’s blog post gave a few tips on turning post-conference excitement into action. For most organizations, the challenge is not the innovative thought. The post Obtaining Post-Conference Buy-In to Innovation appeared first on Membership Management conference innovation The challenge is getting buy-in, whether that’s board buy-in, staff buy-in or member buy-in.

Supporting Innovation

Jamie Notter

If you want a thriving organization you need to innovate. If you want to innovate you have to have a culture that supports it. In a recent discussion on ASAE’s online community Collaborate contributors talked about association innovation, and, interestingly, much of the conversation revolved around organizational culture. Innovation within an organization requires a culture that champions innovators. . Create an environment for innovation.

You Are Not Innovative

Eric Lanke

I mean, you follow all the blogs, you read all the books and you go to all the conferences. And you talk about innovation all the time. You even have your own blog where you put up posts about innovation and the people you meet at those conferences tell you how great they are. But despite all that, you''re not really innovative. Ideally, innovators go through pain so their customers and clients won''t have to. So, you''re not innovative.

How to Improve Your Innovation Skillset

Membership Marketing

In short, we have had to innovate. The need to innovate has led me to study some of the best practices in building an innovative mindset and culture. First is How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley, which I wrote about here. Networking as an innovator is different.

To Stoke Innovation, Fight Your Biases

Associations Now

Innovation isn’t just about the ideas people create, but the environment leaders provide to inspire them. Innovation is essential to an organization—all it means, at its core, is being able to come up with new ideas, and your association hasn’t survived without doing that a few times.

Are You an Innovator or a Producer?

YourMembership Blog Blog. Are Innovation and Production at Odds? HBR posted a good article recently about Why Managers Don’t Really Want to Innovate. The article pointed out that most companies are not willing to devote time to innovation because innovative time steals from production time. Since innovation has been a topic of interest to associations and other member-based organizations, we’re wondering if you’ve had the same experience?

5 Books to Inspire Leadership and Innovation


In the spirit of today being World Book Day, we have compiled a list of some of our staff’s top book recommendations for e-learning leaders. These books fulfill different needs in our lives, whether it is to inspire or inform. Through reading, we can learn skills, adopt new perspectives, and experience personal growth. Books embody […].

The CEO’s Guide to Association Innovation

Association Adviser

When I say the word innovation to you, what feelings does this word evoke? In a recent research study association professionals reported that innovation is synonymous with risk, big expectations, large investments, long commitments and failure. To guide our members through the turbulence, we need to change, adapt and innovate more nimbly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide to association innovation? What is the secret sauce for innovation at associations?

Making Innovation Happen Survey: Sharing Key Results

Principled Innovation

Making Innovation Happen Survey. A key takeaway from the survey results is that while association CEOs are focused on driving innovation primarily as a cultural intervention, they are having less success with building innovation as a sustainable organizational capability. This may help explain the top five priorities they have identified for the next twelve months: Building board support and encouragement for innovation. Business model innovation.

Eric Lanke: Innovation Circle on Member Engagement

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Innovation Circle on Member Engagement. Im leading another innovation effort for WSAE. If you followed me when I blogged at The Hourglass Blog , you know that I previously chaired their Innovation Task Force, and was the lead author on the White Paper on Innovation for Associations that the Task Force published. Its been productive, but my hope is that we will evolve into a kind of clearinghouse for innovative practices in this area.

2018 Association Innovation Benchmarking Report

Membership Marketing

When you search the Harvard Business Review on the key word “Innovation”, you get 18,356 results. That’s because for businesses innovation is a core competency for survival. But how focused on innovation are associations? How do associations define innovation? And how do they go about innovating? The findings reveal how associations have developed a clearer concept and practice of innovation. Innovation

The Trick to Innovating with Gen Y

YourMembership Blog Blog. How Do You Innovate With Millennials? Innovating with millennials sounds like a no-brainer. While they have the enthusiasm, they may need the goals of your innovation to be laid out for them. Another way to capitalize on their exuberance and get them innovating is by placing them in charge of the “little things.” This will help you make the most of their ideas and innovative spirit. Blog Home.

Design Constraints Make Innovation Happen

Eric Lanke

Design constraints make innovation happen. They are what makes actual innovation happen. Not only is the association co-creating needed programs with its members, it is doing it in a way that fosters new ways of thinking and new ways of getting the work done. + + + This post first appeared on Eric Lanke's blog , an association executive and author. I participated in a SURGE Spring 2018 session on co-creation. Don't know what SURGE Spring 2018 is?

Membership Innovation in a Time of Turbulence

Membership Marketing

A time of crisis requires every organization to innovate to survive and thrive. But a common question is, how do you go about innovating? Matt Ridley’s book, How Innovation Works and Why it Flourishes in Freedom , shares valuable principles that answer that question. Innovation occurs incrementally. Innovation comes from trial and error. Innovation requires a tolerance for error. Innovation often emerges through the combination of existing components.

Innovation Requires Diversity

Idea Architects

It's one of the many core elements of innovation, one Franz Johansson nicely described in his book The Medici Effect. He suggests innovation results from stepping into The Intersection, a place were ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of extraordinary discoveries. Simply scan publications, television program, blogs, and Web sites that address topics and feature perspectives that differ from your own.

The Results of Management Innovation

Jamie Notter

The Results of Management Innovation. In a recent post I challenged everyone to consider innovating management , rather than just our products, services, or business models. We have come to expect innovation in our world in many areas, yet we are content to come to work and face practices and systems that are fifty or a hundred years old. That implies, of course, that if we actually do management innovation, we will be solving a problem. Want Innovation?

10 Traits of an Innovation Mindset for Your Association


Associations can’t fulfill their missions without innovation. Innovation helps organizations create and improve processes, products, services, and experiences for their members, customers, staff, and audiences. Technology helps us turn innovative ideas into reality, but innovation is powered by organizational cultures that support and nurture an innovation mindset. 10 elements of the innovation mindset to nurture at your association. #1:

Wild Apricot Blog : Ten Innovative Ways Nonprofits Can Use Facebook

Wild Apricot

Eric Lanke: Why Innovation is Hard

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Why Innovation is Hard. A little over a month ago I attended WSAEs National Summit on Innovation for Associations. As chair of WSAEs Innovation Task Force, I was instrumental in helping to frame WSAEs annual conference around the subject of innovation, and was even recognized as the chair of the conference itself. We werent talking directly about making your own association more innovative (that would get more attention on day two).

What Makes for an Innovative Idea?

Eric Lanke

image source I spent some time this weekend reviewing proposals for ASAE''s Innovation Grant Program. That might be a future blog post--as I''m convinced that many association staff don''t comprehend that the work their volunteers do for their associations is done at night and on weekends. Instead I want to reflect a little on what makes an innovative idea innovative. It has to introduce something brand new into the environment or it shouldn''t count as innovative.

Blogging Elsewhere: Early May 2011

Reid All About it

For those who can’t get enough of me, that means you, mum, here are some of my recent posts for other blogs. It’s Time to Award Innovation in Associations. Tagged: Association , Community , Innovation , Membership , Twitter , Volunteers , Web and Social Media. Associations & Nonprofits Association Community Innovation Membership Twitter Volunteers Web and Social MediaNext week I plan to go offline for an at-home retreat.

DC 150

Virtual learning: Planning, innovation lead to new education opportunities


Taking an innovative approach to the traditional, in-person inspection, our education team successfully organized the first-ever virtual PCAM Case Study in early November featuring more than 50 candidates, 10 instructors, evaluators, and guest speakers.

Bringing Innovation to Life

Jamie Notter

Bringing Innovation to Life. The description from the brochure: People make innovation happen. Innovation implies change, and change often pushes people’s fear button. As you’re engaging in making innovation happen and implementing new programs, have the discipline to maintain a focus on learning, rather than judgment an evaluation. Innovation rarely follows a predictable timeline or pattern of development. It’s innovation. Consulting.

Want Innovation? Look at Management

Jamie Notter

Want Innovation? There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the people who were advocating for innovation in organizations were considered a bit on the fringe. Maybe they were the technology geeks–because that’s where we assumed innovation happened, at the product level. It’s more mainstream to be focused on innovation. Shifting towards innovation is just the first step, however. We also need to pay attention to WHAT we are innovating.

The Hourglass Blog: A Prescription for Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

A Prescription for Innovation. This is part of an on-going dialogue between Eric Lanke and Jeff De Cagna on the work of the WSAE Innovation Task Force and the status of innovation in the association community. • Innovation is using technology to streamline operations and deliver new services. • Innovation is sunsetting legacy programs and developing new programs more aligned with the current needs of members. This is our business case for innovation.

Daily Buzz: Don’t Forget About Small-Scale Innovation

Associations Now

Big idea: Successful innovation can be small, too. How do you define innovation? I want to invite you to the real world of innovation: small-sized innovation,” Tatonetti says on Association Success. Also: Nudge members to get more value from your association.

Does Your Board Act as Your Innovation Committee?

Eric Lanke

image source I found this post of the Harvard Business Review blog thought-provoking. It advocates for corporate boards to serve as a kind of innovation committee for the corporations they are put in place to safeguard. conducting its annual self-evaluation, the board found that a number of its directors had recommended that a board committee be created to work explicitly with the new CEO on technology and innovation — not to manage it, but to partner with management on it.

The Hourglass Blog: Innovation = Creativity x Execution

The Hourglass Blog

Innovation = Creativity x Execution. This is a fantastic post on innovation from Vijay Govindarajan , co-author of the new book, The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge. In it, he really drives home the point that the hard part of innovation is not the creativity, the coming up with innovative ideas; but the execution, the translating the ideas into action. Labels: Innovation , WSAE. About This Blog. Why Another Blog?

The Hourglass Blog: The Clinic of Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

The Clinic of Innovation. Heres another fascinating post about innovation from the HBR blog. It describes the first-of-its-kind "Clinic of Innovation" at Oslo University Hospital--an internal unit within the hospital that is set-up to work like an outpatient health clinic. Its an interesting approach and the post contains a lot of thoughtful suggestions for designing a successful innovation process. Labels: Innovation. About This Blog. Blogging.

The Hourglass Blog: The Season of Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

The Season of Innovation. Thats certainly what it feels like with the ASAE Annual Meeting next week and the WSAE-sponsored National Summit on Association Innovation five short weeks after that. ASAE has put together some deep dive sessions on innovation , and something theyre calling the Innovation Exchange Forum , a place where association staffers can get together and share innovative ideas with each other and with recognized experts. About This Blog.

The Hourglass Blog: Secrets of Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Secrets of Innovation. At the end of this year I will no longer be posting here at The Hourglass Blog. To keep following me on my new blog, go here. A new post, "Secrets of Innovation," has just gone up there. Labels: Innovation. About This Blog. Why Another Blog? Blogging. Innovation. Other Blogs. Harvard Business Blog. LifeCourse Blog. Principled Innovation. Seth Godins Blog. Blog Archive.

Blogging Live from TEDx Raleigh

Reid All About it

I’m live blogging from TEDx Raleigh this morning. Dean Hering , OVO Innovation, Chief Innovator at NetCentrics. Convergence is happening between for- and non-profit organizations to solve big problems in innovative ways. ———— Phew, live blogging is hard. I’ll be posting notes as each speaker finishes. I’ve never done this before and will probably get distracted, so bear with me.

The Hourglass Blog: Principles of Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Principles of Innovation. The fourth meeting of the WSAE Innovation Task Force was held on July 16, 2010. For those of you new to this conversation, Im heading up an effort for my state society to define an evidence-based model of innovation for the association community. Inspired by the dedicated, defined and resourced “innovation function” that exists in many for-profit companies, we are examining a series of case studies that profile these processes.

Eric Lanke: Innovation Does Not Happen Online

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Innovation Does Not Happen Online. Sometimes, they seem so strident in their demand for online interaction as a way to drive collaboration and innovative practice, its almost as if they think online communities are a prerequisite for innovation. You know that Im involved with WSAE and its innovation efforts. One thing that came out of our Innovation Summit in September 2011 were a handful of innovation networks. Because its innovative.

The Hourglass Blog: There is No Recipe for Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

There is No Recipe for Innovation. Or so seems the conclusion of this fascinating blog post from Tim Leberecht of the the frog design and innovation firm, in which he reviews and connects several established and not-so-established kinds of innovation. But thats just a launching pad for Leberecht, who gives his reader a stream-of-consciousness tour of different approaches to innovation floating around the business landscape. Labels: Design , Innovation , WSAE.