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Blogging is writing with a dual purpose. Effective blog posts both educate the reader and benefit the writers -- or the writer’s organization. What you’ll read here comes not just from my study of blogging over the years, but from personal experience.

Keeping your blog fresh


Hi blog readers! A bit red face here at Mariner because we’ve been neglecting this blog a bit. Not because we don’t have anything to say – trust me, we have plenty to say – but because like most of you, we’ve been busy as bees.

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Cracking the Culture Code: Blogging

Jamie Notter

Blogging is a much better platform for this kind of communication. Your staff members may not be familiar with blogging and the looser, more personal communication style that comes with it. This is a guest post from Eric Lanke , the CEO of the National Fluid Power Association.

7 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofits


If you maintain a blog for your nonprofit, chances are you’ve come up short on ideas more than a few times. Well, in fact there are lots of creative ways to keep your blog active and interesting. There are lots of ways to keep your blog up-to-date with interesting stories.

Inspiration and Innovation From the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot Blog

Here is the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up on inspiration and innovation. Check out the 15 blog posts with a dizzying array of ideas, insight and inspiration. nonprofit blog carnival

How to Bring Your Business Blog to the Next Level


Your business blog is a failure. But you keep updating it because all your competitors have blogs. Many company blogs are like this: Business owners start them because everyone else does but you are not sure what to do with it. What Constitutes A Successful Blog?

Special Offer for Blog Readers

JP Moery

Good morning, friends. This week, I visited friends at the National Confectioners Association to discuss "Top Ten Trends in Association Business Development." We had a great dialogue about these observations and how it applies to NCA's opportunities. As you prepare 2013 plans and budgets, I am pleased to offer this presentation as a complimentary, no obligation, live briefing for your team during the month of August.

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Share Your Posts on Inspiration and Innovation

Wild Apricot Blog

We''re hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for June and we want your submissions on nonprofit inspiration and innovation! nonprofit blog carnival

6 Ways to Get Your Employees Blogging


Recently, at my company, I was tasked with starting up a company blog. This is where it gets fun… we have helped our clients build successful blogs and come up with a blogging strategy, content calendars, etc. Write a blog? I don’t know how to write a blog.

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are 4 key reasons why your organization should have a blog, as well as a Movie Monday video that offers a look at how one organization "built excitement and community engagement" with a blog. Blogging blog membership-communications

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Tips for Going Mobile From the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot Blog

We hosted this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival - and here's our round-up of posts on mobile for non-profits. mobile nonprofit blog carnival

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To blog or not to blog in the age of Medium


—————– More and more, blogging feels like speaking into an unplugged mic. Back in the day, blogging was about words. The powers that be are telling us not to bother with our little blogs or websites anymore because…money.

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival - Mobile-izing Supporters

Wild Apricot Blog

We're looking for submissions about mobile for nonprofits and membership organizations for the May Nonprofit Blog Carnival. mobile nonprofit blog carnival Non-profit technology Non-profit Communications

Promoting Engagement With A Blog

Wild Apricot Blog

Should your non-profit or member organization have a blog? A blog offers an opportunity for you to share information and connect with existing supporters as well as attracting new members, supporters, volunteers or donors.( blog Blogging member communication Non-profit CommunicationsIt’s a question of broadcast versus engagement.

Blog Content Ideas for Associations


There are simple things to keep in mind that can make all the difference in whether a blog post gains traction. When blogging: Be Helpful, Instructional, Compelling, Interesting, and Entertaining. SEE ALSO: How to Write Association Blog Posts for Maximum Results.

Should Your Conference Have Its Own Blog?

Associations Now

Managing a conference blog takes work. A conference blog is a good way to give attendees an insider perspective. This led me to consider this question: Should annual meetings have their own blogs? How would we come up with blog post ideas?

11 Content Marketing Tools To Promote Your Blog


Here’s one by Adam Nowlin, that originally appeared on his blog here , and is reposted with permission for you. Meanwhile, some estimates suggest that there are as many as 2 million blog articles uploaded to the internet every 24 hours.

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Top 8 Blog Posts of 2013

Jamie Notter

Below are the top 8 blog posts of this year, as ranked by page views. I never knew blogging would be so important to me.

Help With Your Membership Blog

Wild Apricot Blog

Here is a collection of information, tips and advice to help get your membership blog off to a great start this fall. Blogging membership

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[Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas


Thanks to Susan Cato for the find! photo credit ). Cool Infographic Friday Featured Implementation


How to Write an Association Blog People Will Read


A blog post is actually about way more than the topic it covers. Quality association blog posts drive web traffic, and increased web traffic improves your SEO ranking (search engine optimization) – which in turn creates more awareness about your organization.

Sharing my blogging experience with others

Association Advocacy Chick

However, the part that generated the most interest and discussion centered around blogging. As I talked about starting and maintaining Association Advocacy Chick , many in the audience wanted to know the pros and cons of blogging. Sometimes you wonder if anyone’s reading your blog. Blogging has made me a better writer, a better thinker and overall, a better person. I ended the presentation with a story about one of my blog posts.

How to Write a Great Business Blog Post


Seems that everyone’s churning out content these days – but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to write a really good blog post that grabs interest and keeps it. Here are just a few tips that might just help your blog writing stand out from the crowd.

How to Promote Your Blog: 5 Tools to Improve Rankings of Your Old Content


To keep your blog growing, you add more and more content doing your best to market everything you write. But while doing that, you may be missing a low-hanging fruit, something that may boost your blog traffic considerably over time, that is go back and optimize your old content.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Personal Productivity Tips for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter's Blog

The first Nonprofit Blog Carnival of 2015 is on the theme is personal productivity. That was the call for blog posts. I received a rich selection covering this topic – from changing mindsets, new tool sets, and lots of tips on how to manage your social media, email, and work flow.

Blogging or bust!


We strongly believe that building a blog is the single most important and effective thing you can do to move your association into the social age. As can your fellow association social media practitioners … Here are three great examples of association blogs to inspire you.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call for Submissions: Motivation for the Nonprofit Nation

Wild Apricot Blog

In June, we are hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival and looking for the best advice, ideas and tips about: motivation for the nonprofit nation. nonprofit blog carnivalHere are the details on how you can submit your ideas to the Carnival.

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Our Top 5 Most Popular Blogs (Ever)


Over the past seven years, we’ve published hundreds of blog posts. of how we’ve grown the blog. This year, we’re putting even more resources into making the blog the best that it can possibly be. How can we make the blog better?

4 Things To Do Before Starting a Blog Program in Your Customer Community


When you started your customer community, you created the content, wrote the blogs, and encouraged your customers and prospective customers to join. You did all the work.

5 Must Haves for Every Good Blog Post


I run a Social Media Professionals Community on Google+, and I recently asked a few members of the community to provide 5 things they look for in a good blog post. One professional says, “[this is] probably the hardest part of writing a good blog post.” – Julep Media.

Improving the Volunteer Experience at the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot Blog

Take a Nonprofit Blog Carnival ride to get insight into the volunteer experience and how you can improve it. volunteer management Volunteers nonprofit blog carnivalHere is a round-up of posts from around the web offering tips on volunteer engagement.

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Here’s Your Opportunity to Start Something Awesome: Join #MBUstorm Blogging Challenge!


That’s what MyBlogU new blogging challenge is all about: Start a new site. Starting out is tough… We all have lots of great ideas “we wish we could do” but they keep piling up waiting for when we have enough time.

Nonprofits Going Mobile - Submit posts to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot Blog

We're hosting this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival and we want submissions on mobile for non-profits. mobile nonprofit blog carnivalHow is our increasing use of mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, etc.) impacting non-profits and membership organizations?

What I’ve Learned in Four Years of Blogging About Membership

Associations Now

In 2012, when we plotted out the new Associations Now website and its slate of weekly blogs, I clearly remember my first thought when I was assigned the Membership Blog: What the heck am I going to say about association membership every week?

How to Choose a Format When Writing Your Next Blog Post


When writing a blog, multimedia is going to keep your readers engaged. This guide will help you figure out whether to choose a video, interview, slideshow, infographic, or traditional article for your next blog post. One example is a new blog. Start adding new media to your blog.

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How to Write Association Blog Posts for Maximum Results


Make sure you are getting mileage out of your association blog posts. While there are multiple techniques to maximize the benefits of blogging, using just a few can make a difference. The headline is possibly THE most important aspect of a blog post.

How To Create A Successful Blog For A Business or E-Commerce Website


Many business owners and e-commerce site operators overlook the power of blogging, mostly because the traffic isn’t directed to their product or services pages, so they wonder “why bother?”. Blogging can help you overcome those challenges. and then blogging about their needs and wants.

Seven Ways to Make Sure Your Blog Gets Noticed

Beth Kanter's Blog

” My colleagues at Momsrising, the poster child for Networked Nonprofits, offered this amazing guest post filled with great tips on how to get your blog noticed. After initially promoting the blog carnival on our network, which has a social media reach of 3.5

How to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers


Well, I guess I really should name this blog: How I am Trying to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers…. You see, about 7 years ago we had no blog, no marketing team, no email marketing (and yes, we were an email company!) So, one of the first things we did was start a blog.

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Submit Posts on Improving the Volunteer Experience

Wild Apricot Blog

Submit posts on tips, tools and tactics for improving the volunteer experience and effectiveness to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for October. nonprofit blog carnivalCarnivals are fun - so find out how you can participate! read more ).

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