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Membership Database Selection Blog Series

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One of the issues facing small membership organizations identified in our Blog Reader Survey was finding ways to better manage membership databases. So in response, we’re creating a blog series to help organizations identify your membership database requirements; understand the various options available; and help you determine the best solution for your specific needs.

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How I Quadrupled My Nonprofit Blog Traffic in Less Than 1 Year

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In this post I’m going to share everything I’ve learned about how to build a successful nonprofit blog from the ground up. Blogging Nonprofit-BlogThis year I've taken traffic from 9,000 visitors/month to over 36,000.

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Nonprofit Newsletter vs. Nonprofit Blog: Which Will Bring More Success

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Here's a full look at the pros and cons of publishing a nonprofit newsletter versus a blogs to help you figure out the best content marketing strategy for your nonprofit. blog newsletter

Guest blog: Beyond the RFP.

YourMembership Blog

The post Guest blog: Beyond the RFP. Widen your AMC’s business development process. by Erin Fuller, FASAE, CAE, President | MCI USA Association Management & Consulting & Member | AMCI’s Board of Directors. The email came out of the blue, from a really strong association executive that I interviewed a few months back who wasn’t the right fit for the professional society leadership role I tried to fill. I brought him in anyway to meet with other members of our team.

Year in Review: Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

Moery Company

There were common themes weaved through the most popular blog posts that resonated with you this year. Here are the top five blog posts of 2019: Restructuring Your Membership Business Model? The post Year in Review: Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019 appeared first on The Moery Company. You’re thinking more and more about your association as a business and less as a non-profit of years past.

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Unclogging Your Blog

YourMembership Blog

YourMembership.com Blog. Unclogging Your Blog. Eighty-percent of companies (who start blogs) never post more than five blog entries. Abandon ship and simply leave the blog out there as a reminder of their own lack of follow-through, manpower and/or strategy. What is so incapacitating about a blog? Blogging doesn’t have to be reminiscent of an English class assignment. Blogs don’t always have to be about the words. Blog Home.

Blogs that work.and spread

Higher Logic

Blogging is writing with a dual purpose. Effective blog posts both educate the reader and benefit the writers -- or the writer’s organization. What you’ll read here comes not just from my study of blogging over the years, but from personal experience. A little over a year ago, I started a blog about clear business writing. The two qualities of a successful blog. It’s easy to write a blog that’s interesting, but doesn’t advance your organization.

50 Nonprofit Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

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Check out this list of great nonprofit blogs next time you need advice, insights on the nonprofit sector, or just a good read


Tips for Writing Your Own Blog Post

Moery Company

I had two great conversations about blogging recently, so I am inspired to pass on a few tips on how to get started. Don’t view writing a blog as a daunting task. This blog model has several powerful elements: #1 The stories are true. #2 I just completed this process for you today with this content – a blog based merely on a conversation I had with a couple of folks. If you find my tips helpful and are inspired to begin your own blog, pass mine off to a colleague.

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Help With Your Membership Blog

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Here is a collection of information, tips and advice to help get your membership blog off to a great start this fall. Blogging membership

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival June 2015: Motivation for the Nonprofit Nation

Wild Apricot

Check out our Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up for June. membership Non-profit nonprofit blog carnivalWant to find out how to motivate your volunteers, donors, supporters and board members?

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Romantic and Generous Blogging

Reid All About it

Everyone’s a critic now, writing reviews on Amazon and blogs, and ranting or raving on Twitter. We wouldn’t blog about associations, leadership and community if we weren’t fascinated by those subjects. Tagged: Art , Writing & Blogging. Writing & Blogging Art“Technology killed criticism,” says Morgan Meis in On the State of Criticism 2011.

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Promoting Engagement With A Blog

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Should your non-profit or member organization have a blog? A blog offers an opportunity for you to share information and connect with existing supporters as well as attracting new members, supporters, volunteers or donors.( blog Blogging member communication Non-profit CommunicationsIt’s a question of broadcast versus engagement.

Inspiration and Innovation From the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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Here is the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up on inspiration and innovation. Check out the 15 blog posts with a dizzying array of ideas, insight and inspiration. nonprofit blog carnival

Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call: Data For Good

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In June, we''re hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival and we want submissions on: Data for Good. nonprofit blog carnival


Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Share Your Posts on Inspiration and Innovation

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We''re hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for June and we want your submissions on nonprofit inspiration and innovation! nonprofit blog carnival

2016: An Association Blogging and Podcasting Odyssey

Spark Consulting

I’ve been blogging about association management since 2008 – and I was far from the first one into the pool. I remember participating in my first bloggercon at ASAE in a sunny plaza in San Diego in 2008, shortly after I’d launched Thanks For Playing, the precursor to the Spark blog, with about 30 other association professionals, sharing our thoughts about how to use this new platform to strengthen our industry and our community. Eric Lanke, Eric Lanke blog.

Blogging Elsewhere: June 2011

Reid All About it

I know that you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of the Writing for the Web series, but first I want to catch you up on some of my blog posts elsewhere. Over on Grabbing the Gusto , my food blog, I’ve posted recipes in the last few weeks for some very tasty dishes: Coconut Citrus Tilapia , Mexican Shrimp Cocktail (the critics swooned), Kung Pao Chicken with Vegetables , two hearty dinner salads (just what you need in this hot humid weather) and more.

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Blog Action Day

Reid All About it

On my personal blog, Grabbing the Gusto , I published a post for Blog Action Day. Blog Action Day: Support Your Local Green Brewer. Today is Blog Action Day. Tagged: Writing & Blogging. Writing & BloggingBloggers all over the world are writing about water with the hope of enlightening others and sparking discussion and action. At first when I heard the topic was water, I didn’t think I had anything to add to the conversation.

Keeping your blog fresh


Hi blog readers! A bit red face here at Mariner because we’ve been neglecting this blog a bit. Not because we don’t have anything to say – trust me, we have plenty to say – but because like most of you, we’ve been busy as bees. Between flying back and forth across the county (mostly Peggy) and driving back and forth from PA (mostly Peter), not to mention several big projects (Peggy & Peter), we’ve been a bit crazy here. Of course that’s a pretty lousy excuse but there it is

Nonprofit Blog Carnival - Mobile-izing Supporters

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We're looking for submissions about mobile for nonprofits and membership organizations for the May Nonprofit Blog Carnival. mobile nonprofit blog carnival Non-profit technology Non-profit Communications

Data for Good – from the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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Here''s the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up on "Data for Good". data nonprofit blog carnival Great advice and tips on measurement and data analysis for non-profits.

Even a Small Staff Can Blog

Reid All About it

Admit it, you like reading blogs, don’t you? A blog provides news, information and thought-provoking ideas – a professional development trifecta. A blog educates policy-makers, journalists and other influencers about your legislative and regulatory issues. A good blog establishes your association as a thought-leader in your industry. Google loves blogs and their keyword-rich pages. Because of their dynamic fresh content, blogs rank high in Google indexing.

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Top 15 Blog Posts In 2014

Wild Apricot

Here''s a look at the top 15 most popular blog posts on the Wild Apricot Blog during 2014. Wild Apricot


Blogging Elsewhere: August 2011

Reid All About it

On my Grabbing the Gusto blog, there are three new chicken recipes to check out – blueberry chipotle , Milanese and rosemary walnut. Meaty Blog Posts. Every week I write a blog post for my client Avectra , an association management software and online community platform vendor. I love how Avectra uses their blog to share association success stories, and I’m very happy to be a part of that. While the association community flies this weekend to St.

Always the Last to Know: Blog Topic Generator

Spark Consulting

Got a blog? Occasionally run out of ideas for what to write ON your blog? They have a free online blog topic generator – you give them a few nouns that are things you’d like to write about, they give you a week’s worth of potential blogging topics. cool technology blogging HubSpot Hubspot to the rescue!

Optimize your blog content for search engines in 6 easy steps

Association Success

But just how important is SEO, and if you’re already posting engaging content on your organization’s blog, do you really need to worry about it? Use this resource either while writing blog posts and planning future content, or even while auditing and improving on the content you already have.

Blogging Elsewhere: May 2011

Reid All About it

I’ve been busy writing for other people and haven’t blogged much for myself, except for my Grabbing the Gusto blog, I’ve posted a few new recipes there. Here is a sample of some of my recent writing – blog posts for Avectra and SmartBlog Insights. Association Blogs: Don’t Let the Haters Get You Down. When I talk to association audiences about blogging, inevitably, a hand goes up: “But what if someone posts a negative comment?”

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Tips for Going Mobile From the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot

We hosted this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival - and here's our round-up of posts on mobile for non-profits. mobile nonprofit blog carnival

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call for Submissions: Motivation for the Nonprofit Nation

Wild Apricot

In June, we are hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival and looking for the best advice, ideas and tips about: motivation for the nonprofit nation. nonprofit blog carnivalHere are the details on how you can submit your ideas to the Carnival.

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My Top Five Blog Posts of 2019

Eric Lanke

Here's a look back at the five posts on this blog that received the most page views in 2019 -- excluding those that have appeared on previous Top Five posts. + + + 1. I hope you plan to stay engaged in 2020. + + + This post first appeared on Eric Lanke's blog , an association executive and author. I've been posting these Top Five lists at the end of every year for the last seven years. Over those seven years, a handful of posts have come to dominate them.

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Daily Buzz: To Blog or Not to Blog?

Associations Now

Considering adding a blog to your association website? It’s a modern-day conundrum: Should your organization be blogging? According to Claire Axelrad on the Bloomerang blog , the answer is a wholehearted yes. Nonprofit blogging is the easiest and most effective way to stand out from the crowd and assert expertise as a leader in your industry,” Axelrad says. “By The format of a blog lends itself to two-way dialogue. Here’s why: Your blog is updated regularly.

Blogging Elsewhere: April 2011

Reid All About it

My recent posts on other blogs — Avectra, Socialfish and SmartBlog Insights – include: Member Communication: Have It Their Way. The folks at TMG’s Engage blog explain the Times’ new metered approach. I’m spreading myself around, but not too thin, oh no, plenty of bandwidth here. Member communication is getting crazy. Just when you thought email was the way to go, now we hear young people don’t use it. Do you give up on email? What about print?

Blogging Elsewhere: March 2011

Reid All About it

I’ve been cheating on my blog again. Here are some of my posts on other blogs — Avectra and Socialfish. Yes, You Can Be Private in Public. Do you have a hard time convincing your members to get active online? Even the lure of curated resources, scintillating conversations and new friendships might not be enough to get them over a huge mental barrier – loss of privacy and, in their minds, loss of control. Read the rest at Avectra… Gratitude is the Best Attitude.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call for Social Fundraising Stories

Wild Apricot

Do you have a "social fundraising" story to share in the April Nonprofit Blog Carnival? Fundraising nonprofit blog carnival


Blogging Elsewhere: Winter 2011

Reid All About it

I’ve been a busy blogging bee lately. Here are a few of my posts on other blogs. I suggested he blog about his decision. Give New Life to Your Press Release. With the rise of social media, some pundits have declared the press release dead. Others say that’s an extreme view; a good release still plays an important role. However, too many releases deserve the dustbin — poorly crafted, irrelevant and self-serving announcements disguised as press releases. Read more….

Improving the Volunteer Experience at the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot

Take a Nonprofit Blog Carnival ride to get insight into the volunteer experience and how you can improve it. volunteer management Volunteers nonprofit blog carnivalHere is a round-up of posts from around the web offering tips on volunteer engagement.

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Managing Your Membership - Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is delighted to host the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for June 2010. Big thanks to all who sent in their blog posts for consideration! Here for your reading (and thinking) pleasure are five great blog posts that really meshed with this month’s theme – Managing Your Membership – Tips, Tools & Tactics.( Tags: Non-profit technology nptech online community Non-profit Communications Membership management nonprofit blog carnival

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Association Basics: Blogging Tips for Non-Writers


For some people, writing comes naturally and effortlessly. But for others, it can feel more like nails on a chalkboard. Fret not! If you’ve always described yourself as a “non-writer,” let’s change the script. Take a look at these four basic tips to get you started on writing for your industry and becoming a thought leader! association management member engagement Small Staff Chatter

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