The communications struggle continues

Aaron Wolowiec

If you’ve been following this blog for the past five years (heck….even even the past year), you know I’m a communications nut. Without communication, both internally and externally, there’s no content, no strategy. But not everyone knows how to communicate, at least not effectively. Last January, I wrote about Naylor’s 2015 Communication Benchmarking Study. In fact, only 6 percent reported having a communications strategy.

Balancing Traditional and Trending Member Communications

Association Adviser

This year’s Association Communications Benchmarking Study showed us that traditional forms of member communication – live events and print media – continue to be popular among associations and their members. 1 most-valued member communication channel, according to our survey respondents, again taking the top spot and proving that face-to-face content and networking is important no matter what your industry is or who your members are. Finding balance can be a tricky endeavor.


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The communications struggle continues

Aaron Wolowiec

If you’ve been following this blog for the past five years (heck….even even the past year), you know I’m a communications nut. Without communication, both internally and externally, there’s no content, no strategy. But not everyone knows how to communicate, at least not effectively. Last January, I wrote about Naylor’s 2015 Communication Benchmarking Study. In fact, only 6 percent reported having a communications strategy.

10 Association Communications Stats with Tips to Reach Younger Members More Effectively

Higher Logic

The sooner associations wake up to the reality that their multigenerational membership base isn’t going to retain itself with an outdated communications strategy, the sooner they can break through to emerging generations and maximize overall engagement and retention. A cheer for 2020: ??

Communication Etiquette in a Distributed Workforce


In a remote or distributed workforce, arguably, the most important rules are around communication etiquette. It is vital to establish a communication etiquette that is accessible and universally applied across your organization.

101st Blog Posting – Am I a Good Communicator?

Association Leaders

It’s hard to believe this is my 101st blog posting – but it is. When I first began this blog, I was unsure and a little fearful. I thought blogging would become an important communications vehicle and I thought it might be a way to connect with people I otherwise might not have the fortune of connecting with. Typically this blog focuses on leadership issues. It reminded me that many great leaders were also great communicators.

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

Wild Apricot

Here are 4 key reasons why your organization should have a blog, as well as a Movie Monday video that offers a look at how one organization "built excitement and community engagement" with a blog. Blogging blog membership-communications

Video 317

Tips for Writing Your Own Blog Post

Moery Company

I had two great conversations about blogging recently, so I am inspired to pass on a few tips on how to get started. Don’t view writing a blog as a daunting task. This blog model has several powerful elements: #1 The stories are true. #2 I just completed this process for you today with this content – a blog based merely on a conversation I had with a couple of folks. If you find my tips helpful and are inspired to begin your own blog, pass mine off to a colleague.

Tips 195

Building an Association Crisis Communications Webpage


During a crisis situation, timely communication and reacting in the present are essential for associations. WHEN BUILDING A CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS WEB PAGE: Focus on the User Experience. BLOG] How to Create a LinkedIn Group for Associations. >>

Blogs that work.and spread

Higher Logic

Blogging is writing with a dual purpose. Effective blog posts both educate the reader and benefit the writers -- or the writer’s organization. What you’ll read here comes not just from my study of blogging over the years, but from personal experience. A little over a year ago, I started a blog about clear business writing. The two qualities of a successful blog. It’s easy to write a blog that’s interesting, but doesn’t advance your organization.

Promoting Engagement With A Blog

Wild Apricot

Should your non-profit or member organization have a blog? A blog offers an opportunity for you to share information and connect with existing supporters as well as attracting new members, supporters, volunteers or donors.( blog Blogging member communication Non-profit CommunicationsIt’s a question of broadcast versus engagement.

Improve Intergenerational Communication: 3 Tips to Attract & Retain Younger Members

Higher Logic

When Kim Lear spoke at our most recent Super Forum , she reminded us that improving intergenerational communication has never been more pertinent than now. Effective communication is all about managing expectations. About your engagement strategy, though: It needs to be inclusive : How can we form communication strategies and offer value that will appeal across age groups? Use member data to strengthen communication.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival - Mobile-izing Supporters

Wild Apricot

We're looking for submissions about mobile for nonprofits and membership organizations for the May Nonprofit Blog Carnival. mobile nonprofit blog carnival Non-profit technology Non-profit Communications

Communication Shutdown: Not Here, Folks!

Reid All About it

We’re in the midst of a Communication Shutdown today. By telling me they were not communicating today, I wanted to learn more about it. But I wasn’t willing to abstain from communicating. Besides I had already blown it by publishing a new post to my other blog, Grabbing the Gusto , and chatting on Facebook. who will be blogging on Nov 1 about their positive experiences and also their challenges.

4 key takeaways from ASAE’s Membership Marketing & Communications Conference.

YourMembership Blog

Here’s a guest blog article from Abila‘s Amanda Myers wrapping up the event in D.C. During ASAE’s MM&C Conference earlier this month, association executives and industry partners took part in 24 learning labs, three keynotes, two preconference workshops and networked to up their game on digital, content and branding strategies. Although it’s not ASAE’s […].

11 Proven Communication Tactics to Increase Member Engagement


25% of respondents reporting increased engagement attributed the improvement to member communication. How they did it: Improved communication of association activities and upcoming events. Employee(s) dedicated to marketing and communications.

Snow day productivity: Briefer, clearer, funner communications

Aaron Wolowiec

Both Kristen and I, together with the Event Garde team, appreciate you following our blog, sharing your comments and post ideas and paying forward those posts that resonate with you most. This year I’m recommending in your communications with members that you simply emphasize brevity and clarity. It means sending fewer communications (electronic and print) that are consistently branded in both look and tone. Likewise, I’m advocating for clearer communications.

Hurricanes and Asynchronous Communication

Eric Lanke

My social media feeds were full of examples of associations pitching in to help storm victims or otherwise changing their marketing and communications strategy to give members in the hurricane affected areas a break from what otherwise must be an onslaught of association messages. Perhaps it is the overwhelming asynchronicity of our regular communications that is responsible. Increasingly, real-time communication with our members only happens in person at our live events.

Does Your Member Communication Tell Your Association?s Story Well?

Association Adviser

I love telling stories because they communicate who I am, what I do, and how I relate to others. Does your member communication convey who your association is, what you do and how it relates to members? At the MMCC conference in May, Dan Bennett spoke about the importance of bringing stories to your membership communication to convey who your association serves and why people should belong to it. Let members get to know other members through your communications.

Effective communication: 5 simple tips for preventing conflict in your community


Communication is an integral part of every successful community association’s operations. Effective communication is the cure to so many problems, it should come as no surprise that it’s also often the best way to prevent conflicts, disputes, and misunderstandings.

Communicating with Your Lapsed Members: 3 Messages to Try


The following blog post was originally published on 9/12/18, but updated on 1/2/20 for added value. They may not be thinking about it at all, which is why communicating with them — both leading up to the member expiration date AND after — is so critical.

4 helpful tips for communication during a health crisis

Nimble AMS

What to do in uncertain times when communication is key. Every day brings more uncertainty with the spread of Coronavirus, and your association has a need to expand your communication. Pay close attention to the communications you receive.

The Ups and Downs of Revamping Communications

Association Success

How do communications play into that experience? Below are some examples of communication experiments we have tried out to make our services and events pop. This may sound complicated, but once the system is established you should be able to execute easily between your membership services person and communication department year after year. As a communicator, that told me that the policy in its existing format was not being consumed. And The Blog That Never Was.

10 Ways to Communicate Better with Instagram

Association Adviser

It is easy and inexpensive to get started with Instagram, but integrate it with the rest of your member communication platform for the biggest impact. For even more ideas and visual inspiration, visit the Instagram blog. Features Marketing & Communications communication digital events Facebook Instagram members millennials photos social media Twitter By Kelly Donovan. By now you have most likely heard of Instagram, the photo- and video-sharing app founded in Oct.

Managing Your Membership - Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is delighted to host the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for June 2010. Big thanks to all who sent in their blog posts for consideration! Here for your reading (and thinking) pleasure are five great blog posts that really meshed with this month’s theme – Managing Your Membership – Tips, Tools & Tactics.( Tags: Non-profit technology nptech online community Non-profit Communications Membership management nonprofit blog carnival

Tips 236

How to Get Your Board Members to Blog

Wild Apricot

Yet, getting your board members to contribute to the organization’s blog can be like pulling the proverbial hens' teeth! Let’s take a look at what lies behind that reluctance to blog, and how you can help your board members get past those roadblocks to blogging. But first things first -- Why should Board members contribute to your nonprofit’s blog? To lighten the workload To bring fresh ideas and variety to the blog.(

How To 246

Managing the Communications Plan for Your Association’s Virtual Event


By Heather Hughes, Marketing Communications Specialist. This blog post is the first in a series that will discuss the various aspects of successfully managing a virtual event. . What Should be Included in Your Communications Plan? . Your communication channels are ever-growing.

Daily Buzz: Communicate Value Regularly

Associations Now

Colleen Bottorff writes on the MemberClicks blog that instead of working hard to convince potential members of your value in occasional recruitment campaigns, you should show it to them continuously through your regular communications. The key to pre-conference communications is doing it often and leveraging all channels , says the Bloomerang blog. The post Daily Buzz: Communicate Value Regularly appeared first on Associations Now

Even a Small Staff Can Blog

Reid All About it

Admit it, you like reading blogs, don’t you? A blog provides news, information and thought-provoking ideas – a professional development trifecta. A blog educates policy-makers, journalists and other influencers about your legislative and regulatory issues. A good blog establishes your association as a thought-leader in your industry. Google loves blogs and their keyword-rich pages. Because of their dynamic fresh content, blogs rank high in Google indexing.

Blogging Elsewhere: August 2011

Reid All About it

On my Grabbing the Gusto blog, there are three new chicken recipes to check out – blueberry chipotle , Milanese and rosemary walnut. Meaty Blog Posts. Every week I write a blog post for my client Avectra , an association management software and online community platform vendor. I love how Avectra uses their blog to share association success stories, and I’m very happy to be a part of that. While the association community flies this weekend to St.

6 communication tips for encouraging members to stand for election

Optimist Consulting

I think one of the complications with board/council elections, is that they have often have a formal & legal aspect which can ‘scare’ people into communicating in a very formal way when inviting members to stand for election. Appeal to hearts and minds – like with any communications you need to think about the audience and what will resonate. You can create a buzz about the elections by using all your communication channels.

Is Blogging Right for Your Organization?

Wild Apricot

Have you been wondering if your organization needs a blog? In this guest post, Michael Faye of AssociaDirect talks about how blogging can help you to connect more effectively with your community of members, and outlines 5 basic considerations in planning a non-profit blog. Is Blogging Right for Your Organization? Should we be blogging?”.(

Why an Annual Content Plan is Paramount to Member Communication Success

Association Adviser

Part 3 of our 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Study series. Our annual Association Communications Benchmarking Study revealed that nearly 50 percent of survey respondents say they have a single strategy for communicating with all members: Why is this bad? Not all members prefer to receive communications the same way, at the same time, in the same format. Facilitating member to member communication (40 percent) – Rarely does that just happen.

Non-profit Website or Non-profit Blog?

Wild Apricot

Think a blog is just another name for a online journal, not really suitable for a serious non-profit organization? A blog can be whatever you want it to be. In fact, the main differences between a website and a blog are in the technology behind the scenes, and how your visitors interact with your content.( Blogging Non-profit Communications websites social media

Maine 204

Blogging Elsewhere: May 2011

Reid All About it

I’ve been busy writing for other people and haven’t blogged much for myself, except for my Grabbing the Gusto blog, I’ve posted a few new recipes there. Here is a sample of some of my recent writing – blog posts for Avectra and SmartBlog Insights. Association Blogs: Don’t Let the Haters Get You Down. When I talk to association audiences about blogging, inevitably, a hand goes up: “But what if someone posts a negative comment?”

Sample 150

The top 10 blogs for membership professionals in 2020

Association Success

Here are the top 10 blogs our community of membership professionals read in 2020: 10 virtual event tools you can use to move your meetings online. The post The top 10 blogs for membership professionals in 2020 appeared first on

Price 78

Blogging Elsewhere: April 2011

Reid All About it

My recent posts on other blogs — Avectra, Socialfish and SmartBlog Insights – include: Member Communication: Have It Their Way. Member communication is getting crazy. The folks at TMG’s Engage blog explain the Times’ new metered approach. I’m spreading myself around, but not too thin, oh no, plenty of bandwidth here. Just when you thought email was the way to go, now we hear young people don’t use it. Do you give up on email? What about print?

Daily Buzz: Fight Communication Fatigue

Associations Now

The MemberClicks blog tackles how to block out communication fatigue. Be it social media, emails, forums, or other messaging apps, member communication can be overwhelming—and there is such a thing as “communication fatigue,” which can disengage members completely. But have no fear: Your organization can take steps to minimize any communication fatigue and keep members in the loop. Are your members overwhelmed by messages from your association?

Three Ideas to Perk Up Your Internal Communications Strategy

Associations Now

Think long and hard about the tactics you use to communicate to them—as well as how they can respond. Here are a few internal communications strategies to try. A lot of thought is often put into external communications, such as marketing materials and member engagement. And while the two communication types aren’t the same, they do have some commonalities. found that 60 percent of organizations don’t have a well-considered internal communications strategy.

Wanted: Your Blog Posts on Managing Members Online

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Blog invites your blog post submissions for the Nonprofit Blog Carnival, June 2010 edition, on the theme of Managing Your Membership – Tips, Tools and Tactics.( Tags: Non-profit technology General non-profit interest nptech Non-profit Communications membership Membership management publicity nonprofit blog carnival