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Is a Conference Ombuds Program Right for Your Association?

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Attendee safety is a top priority for associations, which is why some are hiring conference ombuds to serve as a confidential and neutral resource for participants who want to share concerns. Every association wants their conference attendees to feel safe and welcome at their events.

How to Set Up a Membership Directory With Photos on Your Site — Easy Template

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If you're looking to add a membership directory with photos to your site, you can do it in Wild Apricot's website builder. This easy to follow step-by-step guide will give you a simple template

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Micro-Mentoring: What It Is and How to Make It Work for Your Organization


You’ve likely heard of micro-volunteering , and possibly even micro-learning. But have you ever heard of (or thought about) micro-mentoring? Mentoring programs, like all programs, come with their fair share of challenges.

Teach Members & Customers How to Succeed as an Online Learner

WBT Systems

Teach Members & Customers How to Succeed as an Online Learner. Read more about Teach Members & Customers How to Succeed as an Online Learner

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AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

What Your Organization & Exhibitors Can Learn from Event Data


Event and attendee data provide solid evidence of the interests of attendees and the performance of exhibitors as well as valuable information about industry trends. Here are a few insights that your association can learn from your event data

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Get to Know Ideation in Higher Logic Community: Your Tool for Effective Feedback

Higher Logic

When our organizations are guided by end-user feedback, we’re more effective, we create more satisfied members and customers, and ideally, we increase our revenue.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.14.20

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… This got me thinking and maybe it will get you thinking too… How do you measure progress in your career? Nilofer Merchant says, “Money is a shitty metric for work. Only you can find the right one.”

What skill sets should associations look for when hiring new talent? – Ask JP #011

Moery Company

Transcript : Hello there, association friends! Today’s Ask JP question is, “What skill sets should associations look for when hiring new talent?” ” This is very simple in my view. One skill.

Looking Ahead: The Top 12 Nonprofit Sector Trends for 2020

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Stay in the know on what 2020 nonprofit trends to anticipate when it comes to nonprofit marketing, social media, tech, volunteering and leadership

How to Make Succession Strategic

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Executive transitions can be uncomfortable for boards and CEOs alike. But they’re also opportunities to think about an organization’s future. Nonprofits tend not to spend a lot of time talking about CEO succession , and there are some obvious reasons for that.

Peak User Group Conference 2020:Hit eLearning Out of the Park!


CommPartners’ Peak User Group Conference started in 2018. After meeting clients face-to-face, and receiving positive feedback from participants, we knew this was something we wanted to repeat.

Meet the Team – Elizabeth Johnson, Vice President

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Transcript: Hi, I’m Elizabeth Johnson. I’m the Vice President of The Moery Company and I wanted to take a minute to tell you briefly about myself.

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How to Write a Sponsorship Letter (+ 7 Templates)

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Ready to get into the wild and exciting world of sponsorship? Here's a complete guide to writing a sponsorship letter to help you get started

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Are Political Ads on Social Media OK? Many Say Yes

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A new study from the Public Affairs Council finds that even given recent controversy over the use of political ads on social media, nearly half of Americans don’t find their use objectionable. Twitter has (mostly) banned them. Facebook has faced controversy because it hasn’t.

A love letter from Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS

Don’t be fooled by the others – I’m the perfect partner for you. I know there are many AMSs after your love, so I’ve written this letter to you to show why I’m the one who can make your dreams come true.

Productivity Hacks for Growth

Moery Company

It’s important to stay focused in a season of growth. One way to successfully do so is by staying productive. Here are three hacks that I have adopted from other individuals that have helped me tremendously.

Making a Membership Software Switch? 3 Data Prep Steps


The data you have relating to members, prospective members, partners, etc. plays an extremely important role in organizational growth, so moving it all from one system to another is (understandably) a delicate and thoughtful process. Talk about pressure!

Four Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Whether you’re flying across the country or across the world, it’s important to take steps to ensure your health while traveling. Read on for a few expert tips. Feeling nervous about traveling given the recent headlines about the Wuhan coronavirus?

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Four Organizational Capabilities to Pursue on Your Digital Transformation Journey


Sometimes it can be hard to remember that technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more productive. As technology has become a pervasive part of our personal lives, we often find it causing frustration or even slowing us down.

How to Develop a Membership Plan – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 219

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Developing a membership plan is not complicated, however, it takes work. Take a listen to this week’s episode for tips on how to get started, whether you’re starting from scratch or have been in the industry for a while, to reboot your membership plan for a successful 2020 and beyond.

Podcast: Accessible Content is Just Good Content

Association Adviser

Accessible content isn't widely talked about in associations, but it's on the mind of Carmen Collins, senior social media & brand talent manager for Cisco. The post Podcast: Accessible Content is Just Good Content appeared first on Association Adviser.

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Work in Asia-Pacific

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With the coronavirus causing quarantines in China and putting other Asian cities on high alert, staff are working from home, taking precautions, and looking for workarounds to keep up with job duties without risking infection.

Planning Your Next Conference: 4 Things Attendees Want


Conference planners are always working hard to anticipate their attendees’ needs. Read our guide for the top things guests want and raise event attendance! Blog attendee conference

Getting Your Constituents to Opt-down vs Opt-out

HighRoad Solution

Oh, the dreaded. Unsubscribe". button. If you’re in charge of your association’s. mail. arketing. efforts. , it’s the one link that you’re praying your members and prospects don’t click.

5 reasons Aptify is the ideal AMS for organizations


Learn about the capabilities your IT team needs to support your evolving organization. Aptify association management software helps IT teams work efficiently and effectively to support large organizations with complex, evolving processes. Your organization has a large IT team for a reason.

Everything You Can (and Should) Learn From Influencers

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On social media, digital influencers often have the freedom to act and respond in ways that your organization might want to avoid. But what can you learn from them about how to make your message more impactful? By Eric Goodstadt.

Making Member Engagement Easy: A Monthly Checklist


When it comes to my work style — and lifestyle — the one thing I can’t function without (or function well without, I should say) is a checklist. I make checklists for everything: daily work tasks, errands, groceries.the list (pun intended) goes on and on.

Springing toward the Spring ’20 release of Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS

Here’s what customers can expect in our latest release. We’re more than halfway through the Winter and that seems like the perfect time to start talking about the Spring ’20 release of Nimble AMS. During our previous release, customers were introduced to advanced taxation capabilities.

Why you should turn the office complainer into your champion

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Admit it. We’ve all done it. We’ve all complained at work. If you read the latest and greatest in leadership books, they would tell you this is a sign of poor organizational culture, and while I do not disagree, where others see a problem, I see potential. Complaining is a gold mine.

Maybe It’s Not Content Management Anymore. Maybe It’s Context Management.

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Content management systems are losing some of their innovation luster, in part because our needs are changing. Your CMS still matters, but the context for your content has to extend beyond the web. Has the idea of the content management system become passé, or at least no longer innovative?

Community Manager:s What they do & How to become one

Disciple Media

Branding used to be all about logos, colours, and typefaces, and large enterprises continue to invest huge amounts of money honing them to perfection.

Top 5 Ideas to Make Conferences More Fun for Attendees

Association Adviser

Your association’s annual conference is one of your members' most anticipated yearly events. Here are 5 fun conference activities sure to keep attendees coming back. The post Top 5 Ideas to Make Conferences More Fun for Attendees appeared first on Association Adviser. Events Features

Introducing our 2020 MC Cares Initiative: CHRIS 180!


If you didn’t know, MemberClicks has an annual give-back initiative that employees (aka, Clickers) participate in called MC Cares.