Astronomers Have a Plan for Your Eclipse Glasses

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We’ll see that they get distributed to schools and other organizations that would never have this chance otherwise.”. in 2024—and NASA says eclipse glasses produced after 2015 will last indefinitely as long as they don’t get damaged, according to

Daily Buzz: 2020’s Big Meetings Trend? Sustainability

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It’s driven by news coverage of climate change but, more importantly, it’s supported by the next generation of travelers—the millennials who are poised to become the biggest group of business travelers globally from 2024 onwards, and the centennials who are right behind them.”.

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Diversity Out Front: Political Science Group Brings All-Female Team to Academic Journal

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That’s intentional according to its parent organization, the American Political Science Association (APSA), which saw an opportunity to take a big step forward with the makeup of its 12-member editorial team. “In

The Two Most Important Trends To Know in 2020

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In turn, the apps allow organizers to connect to attendees with live polling and surveys. 5G isn’t a reality for most people yet, but Ericcson predicts that 5G coverage will reach 45 percent of the world’s population by the end of 2024.

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Rams Move Could Bring More Meetings to Los Angeles

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Such a venue also could provide the board’s team with a new marketing opportunity to target organizations that have not held meetings in the city before. It will also position LA as a potential host for the NCAA Final Four, the Super Bowl, or the 2024 Olympics. “It

After Stalling, Wrestling Adapts to Remain an Olympic Sport

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The result: Wrestling was voted back into the 2020 and 2024 Summer Olympics over the weekend. Equally important for an organization is having a strong, well-used strategic plan, she said.