The Association?s Pursuit for Relevance: What Role Do Certifications, Certificates and Micro-Credentials Play?

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ICE is a leading developer of standards for both certification and certificate programs and is both a provider of and a clearinghouse for information on trends in certification, test development and delivery, assessment-based certificate programs, and other information relevant to the credentialing community. Often certification programs have eligibility requirements (i.e.

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

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Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have a whole squad, we are counting down 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program! Tip #10 – Preparation. Tip #9 – Consistency. Tip #8 – Outsource. Tip #7 – Timeline. Tip #6 – Be the Expert. Tip #5 – Have Fun! Tip #4 – Make it a BIG Deal! Tip #3 – Listen.

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Global Growth: 3 Tips for Launching an International Certification

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Locally based content experts and the right partnerships are the keys to success in global certification expansion, according to the HR Certification Institute. Last week, the HR Certification Institute and La Asociación Mexicana Dirección de Recursos Humanos announced a partnership that will bring HRCI’s global credentials to AMEDIRH’s 12,500 member organizations and other HR professionals throughout the country.

Association Education and Certification: Best Benefit Ever

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There are lots of great ideas in this collection, and one theme that runs through the collection is that of innovative association education and certification programs that have been tailored to the specific needs or interests of the association membership. Best Benefit Ever = Association Education and Certification Programs. So how do you make your education or certification program appear to be the best membership benefit ever?

Professional Development and Certifications

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MSAE's Young Professionals Networking Group met to discuss the various certifications one can receive in the association and hospitality industry as well as where to get professional development courses, credits and classes. Fees associated with application, study materials and re-certification. Fees are association with application, study materials and re-certification. Tips: 1.

5 Tips for Implementing an LMS to Increase Productivity

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It’s vital for industry professionals to stay up-to-date on their learning, whether that’s renewing certifications or diving into the latest innovations in their industries. Check out the following tips for doing so: Choose the right LMS for your association’s needs.

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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

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Here are 5 tips to help you maximize your impact and make sure your event is the event of the year: Picking the Right Association Management Software. If your engagement rates are falling , make sure your events (especially those requiring paid registration) offer meaningful, sought-after benefits like education and certification opportunities. You can even go a step further and take certain sessions and turn them into courses for continuing education credits or certifications.

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6 Tips on Attracting Learners to Your LMS

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This is a no brainer – but if you offer continuing education credits or certifications then make sure it all lives on your LMS. . The post 6 Tips on Attracting Learners to Your LMS appeared first on Blue Sky eLearn.

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4 Tips for Generating More Non-Dues Revenue from Advertising

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You ready for those four tips? You may not have to bring outside people in for help with email design: We’ve got 17 tips for the non-designer on how to make your emails appealing and totally clickable. If you’re from the Midwest, you probably know someone who loves pickling anything and everything. (Or Or maybe you’re that person?). The picklers I know are all about pickling – from eggs to cukes to fruits.

Motivating the Unmotivated: Tips & Tricks for Keeping Volunteers Engaged


Let’s dive into our top five tips for keeping volunteers encouraged, motivated, and engaged. Plaques, certificates, or other awards at the end of their term of service.

Association Tips: 6 Irresistible Member Benefits that Convince People to Join and Renew

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Flexible Online Learning and Certifications. Award certificates to members who pass a course, or series of courses, so they can demonstrate their expertise to current and future employers. These certifications, especially if widely recognized in your industry, are often key motivators for joining your association. Expert Tip: The best learning management systems will also help you increase non-dues revenue by selling some of your online courses or certification materials.

Association E-Learning: 3 Tips to Provide Member Value


Here are a few ideas to kick off your content creation brainstorming: Provide education and preparation for certifications. But, that doesn’t mean the accompanying certifications are paused. For some sectors these certifications are crucial.

Tips on Attracting Millennials to Your Professional Association

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I highly recommend associations start utilizing aspects of loyalty programs such as; earning reward points for taking classes, earning certifications, purchasing webinars, etc. The post Tips on Attracting Millennials to Your Professional Association appeared first on Blue Sky eLearn. Millennials are the most abundant generation in today’s workforce yet represent the smallest percentage in most professional associations.

Time for a New AMS? Tips for Board Buy-in


What level of certifications do members hold? . The ability to track education and certifications . Tips for Board Buy-in appeared first on Protech Associates. By Scott Bruner – Business Development Representative .

Tips for Enhancing Membership Value

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In the latest episode of Association Adviser TV , we spoke with David Lewis, executive director of the Arizona Association of School Business Officials , and Lauren Hoffmann, director of marketing, communications and membership for several regional and national associations , to hear their best tips for making the most of your membership value proposition. Click to watch David Lewis of AASBO and Lauren Hoffmann of the Mid-Atlantic USTA share their best tips for enhancing membership value.

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4 tips to help out and stand out as an all-star volunteer

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Here are their tips: Sweat the small stuff. The post 4 tips to help out and stand out as an all-star volunteer appeared first on Looks like you’ve forgotten something. If you’re like most job seekers, you’re neglecting a key step to land a new job.

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Tips for Effectively Marketing Repackaged Content

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Here are a few tips for effectively marketing your repurposed association content: Ensure repackaged content is relevant. For instance, a restaurant association might push out a dairy-related bundle during June’s Dairy Month, while another association might market a bundle that includes practice tests and an exam training course in the months preceding its in-person certification exam. Please leave your tips below.

Need to Improve Your Cybersecurity? Start with These 3 Tips


3 Cybersecurity Tips to Help Protect Your Organization. Tip #1) Stay on Top of Software Updates. Pro Tip: Don’t stop at regular updates. Tip #2) Use Transport Layer Security (TLS). What this means is that all your pages and content would be accessible through TLS via a URL such as this: [link] Some people might refer to this as providing an SSL certificate. Tip #3) Set Up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). DDoS – distributed denial of service.

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Christmas Tree Safety Tips: What Associations Recommend

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A few tips on the matter from the world of associations: Pick a fresh tree: According to the American Christmas Tree Association, trees that are vibrantly green are the way to go, as they’re less likely to catch fire. Artificial doesn’t mean you’re safe: Artificial trees come with their own problems, especially if they’re designed with built-in lighting—which is why Underwriters Laboratory (UL) announced in 2014 it was introducing certifications for prelit trees over 30 inches tall.

Association Revenue Trends in the US and UK (Plus 3 Tips for Increasing Your Income)

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Based on that success – and the ten years we’ve spent serving as a resource for organizations worldwide – here are three proven tips to help your association keep its income strong despite financial changes. 3 Proven Tips for Increasing Association Revenue. Professional development eCourses and certifications. The old adage that "change is the only constant" rings true for associations all around the world.

5 Tips for Celebrating Your Behind-the-Scenes Team

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Here are some ideas if you’d like to join me: Tips are always welcome in venues but be sure you budget for this and prepare in advance by bringing cash. It can be helpful to set a policy for tips as well. Planning a meeting takes a village.

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Christmas Tree Safety Tips: What Associations Recommend

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To keep your home and family safe this holiday season, associations are offering up a few tips: Pick a fresh tree. Artificial trees come with their own problems, especially if they’re designed with built-in lighting—which is why Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has certifications for prelit trees over 30 inches tall. The post Christmas Tree Safety Tips: What Associations Recommend appeared first on Associations Now 27.4M

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Associations Need to Lead Change with Education Programs

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The authors of the whitepaper cite Georgetown University noting “Industry-based certifications address several problems that postsecondary credentials currently face: relevance, accountability, consistency, and portability.” These characteristics, combined with accessibility and affordability, makes association education programs more attractive to young professionals than traditional full-time certificate or degree programs. Manage Complex Continuing Education and Certification.

Top Technology Strategy Tips for NiUG Discovery

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As we pack and ship our materials, arrange meetings with partners, clients and associations, and put the finishing touches on our TopClass demos, we started thinking about our top technology strategy tips for getting the most out of the conference. Use our tips to learn how to make the most of your time at NiUG Discovery, with a focus on your technology strategy: Plan, Plan, Plan. 60 Tech Tips in 60 Minutes.

Dysfunctional Board of Directors? Here Are Some Survival Tips.

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His special areas of expertise include working with boards and committees, certification, training programs, and membership systems. Here Are Some Survival Tips.

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4 Leadership Tips to Take Your Association to the Next Level


Learning new tips and tricks to becoming a better leader and managing your association’s team is always beneficial, no matter your title. We’re providing you with 4 tips that can help you become a leader who is trusted and respected by your association team members.

Serve Your Members and Grow Non-Dues Revenue With These Online Career Center Tips


The responses will allow you to map out several “career paths” t o share with your members based on their title, salary, top skills, relevant jobs, descriptions, course certifications, event registrations and more. By Brian Smith, Communications Specialist .

How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. Diplomas, degrees, certification, and skills quickly lose their relevance and become obsolete. Associations Blog eLearning Tips Association LMS Certifications Digital Badges elearning learning management system LMS Online education tips OpenBadges Social Learning

Using Digital Credentials to Close the Skills Gap: Webinar

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Associations Certifications eLearning Tips Events General association Association LMS Digital Badges learning management system LMS Online education tips OpenBadges WBT Systems webinarToday’s workforce is caught in a relentless skills gap that grows wider each year. Employers are desperate to find qualified talent among candidates who lack sufficient technical know-how and business competence to drive organizations forward.

10 Steps from Zero to eLearning Hero

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Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have a whole squad, check out 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program! Tip #1 – Preparation. Tip #2 – Consistency. Tip #3 – Outsource. Tip #4 – Timeline. Tip #5 – Be the Expert. Tip #6 – Have Fun! Tip #7 – Make it a BIG Deal! Tip #8 – Listen. ” Tip #9 – Always Improve.

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Don’t Ignore Non-Dues Revenue Potential of Digital Badges!

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It prompted us to think about what might be the “next practices” associations need to adopt to future-proof the value of their education and certification programs for members and non-members. Therefore, the logical “ next practice ” in relation to continuing professional education is to offer a digital badge as a credential for completing a specific education or certification program.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Prior to the digital revolution, these credentials were called certificates of completion. Unlike a paper-based certification, a digital badge is embedded with relevant “ metadata ” such as the badge title, description, date earned, issuer, recipient, expiration date and even specific details about the work submitted by the recipient. Badges recognize program and certificate completion, with badge color based on skill level.

OpenBadges: Increasing Visibility of Association Education

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There has been much discussion lately about the value of digital badges for both association education and certification programs. This blog notes that “more than 90 percent of educational institutions are offering credentials and digital badges, in part, to serve their millennial students, who favor badging and certificates to traditional degrees”.

Challenges and Opportunities for Association Education Programs

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Most certification academic standards have limited value – without the ability to apply learning. By targeting millennials in particular with a membership offering including education or certification programs that provide opportunities for professional growth, associations can attract a younger membership to ensure the future stability and growth of the organization.

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4 Tips for Creating Online Professional Development Courses


With experience working with such a wide range of learners, we’ve learned some helpful tips and tricks to make your association’s digital course materials more engaging and effective.

Staying Focused: Tips for Conducting a Successful Focus Group

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Here are some tips to consider when planning and conducting a focus group and what to do after the focus group takes place. Offer an incentive for early RSVPs – offer gift certificates for local restaurants, movie passes or maybe even discounted advertising. The post Staying Focused: Tips for Conducting a Successful Focus Group by Nancy Taylor first appeared on Nancy Taylor, Naylor Association Solutions.

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New Year Resolution: Invest in Association Learning Technology

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Back at the office, this process is paralleled as the new year kick-starts strategic planning sessions to set goals for association management, covering everything from membership growth and retention to updating education and certification programs. Whether your association is planning to launch new education or certification programs, or revitalize and restructure existing programs, our suggestion for your new year resolution is to invest in association learning technology.

Make it Easy for Members to Love your Association LMS!

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Increasingly, associations are adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to help simplify the administration and delivery of education and certification programs to a membership that is more geographically dispersed, increasingly busy, and dealing with a changing economy which can make it more difficult to attend meetings and conferences in person. Here we share a few often overlooked tips to help you make it easy for your members not just to use, but to love your Association LMS!

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Life goes on…and so does learning

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As a result, certification programs, assessment-based certificate programs, digital badging and competency-based education are likely to be areas of significant growth for continuing education and professional development providers.”. For example, if an association offers online certification, it can easily incorporate a YouTube video or podcast.

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SCD Group: 30 Marketing Tips for Associations: Highly Rated Ideas.

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30 Marketing Tips for Associations: Highly Rated Ideas from ASAE12. At the ASAE annual meeting Sunday (8/12/12), five panelists from five accredited association management companies shared 30 Marketing Tips in the Social Media Age. The participants asked the panel to share our tips thus this blog and the full power point posted on SlideShare. (Be Be sure to download the file and view/print in the notes format so you can see more details from most of the tips.) Pages.

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