WBT Systems Enhances Social Learning for Professionals with New TopClass LMS Release

WBT Systems

Major update to TopClass learning management system offers enhanced social learning capability for association, continuing education, and corporate training programs, with more rewarding and diverse learning experiences that increase engagement. Administrators benefit from deeper insight on learner progress and performance, and reliable course delivery on the widest range of devices.

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Lung Association Boosts Anti-Vaping Education for Teens

Associations Now

The American Lung Association’s new INDEPTH training program is designed to help schools fight the surging popularity of vaping among teens, emphasizing education over penalties like school suspension. Although disciplinary measures like suspension have a role to play in discouraging vaping at school, the American Lung Association wants to help schools reverse the trend with a new educational program.


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Drone Challenge Supports College STEM Education

Associations Now

I’m pretty stuck in thinking that it’s difficult to address the STEM side of education if you don’t make something, put something together. And so much of this technology is charge and fly, and I struggle to call that a STEM exercise,” AMA Director of Education Bill Pritchett said. “At AMA also hopes to build on the students’ STEM education and help develop them for STEM careers, as competition participants will complete an online curriculum and have access to training programs. “It’s

New Program Will Educate Fitness Professionals on Parkinson’s Exercise Needs

Associations Now

A new association-led training program aims to educate the fitness community to meet those needs. Now, the American Parkinson Disease Association is launching a free online training program to educate health and wellness professionals on Parkinson’s-specific exercise regimens. Chambers said in a press release. “In People with PD who exercise do better over the long term compared to those who don’t,” Terry Ellis, cochair of the training program, said in the release.

With New Education Program, Group Looks to Serve All Member Segments

Associations Now

With the introduction of a new education program, the National Association of Sports Commissions is working to better serve all membership segments. As a first step toward better representing its full membership, the National Association of Sports Commissions has launched its new education program, the Sport Tourism Learning Institute. Our goal is to provide a variety of educational opportunities for all our members and industry professionals.”.

Association Marketing: 4 Ways to Promote Your Professional Association Wins

Association Management

These reports, issued with a frequency appropriate for your association, allowing you to: identify cost benefits such as how many individuals attended discounted educational programs, the number of free briefings received, etc. Over the course of a year, these numbers add up, and they make a compelling case for membership renewal. 3. Take advantage of press releases. But press releases still work—arguably, even better—for digital publications.

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Rake in More Revenue from Publications, Events and Continuing Ed

Association Adviser

Non-dues revenue is often an essential component of an association’s operating budget, allowing staff to produce high-caliber member communications, events and continuing education programs. A quarter each of respondents to last month’s poll reported that they plan to improve efforts to earn non-dues revenue from publication advertising, live events or continuing education. Our Corporate Champion revenues cover most of our educational program costs.

Accessible, Affordable: The Strategy Behind One Group’s Online Learning Efforts

Associations Now

(ISC)² is planning a major expansion of its online education efforts, including the addition of new staff, as a way to help cybersecurity pros keep up with the latest trends. In response, (ISC)² is launching some training programs of its own , in the form of its new Professional Development Institute, a continuing-education program for cybersecurity professionals. The offering will be free to (ISC)²’s members and associates, according to an association press release.

Associations Prep and Debut Virtual Conference Options

Associations Now

With coronavirus causing many groups to rethink face-to-face meeting plans, some have turned to virtual offerings as way to deliver the education their attendees need. Society for Public Health Education.

What’s on the Horizon for Meetings in 2020?

Associations Now

According to a press release from Streampoint Solutions , whose FaceReg software was used at the event, 35 percent of attendees took advantage of it. That may include creating regional events or even bringing education to members by hosting roadshows across the country.

Realtors Expand Reach of Accelerator Program

Associations Now

An accelerator program, of course. The 48 tech companies that have thus far participated in the accelerator have raised more than $350 million in financing during or after the program, according to an NAR press release. Those accepted will gain access to mentoring and networking resources; education on the real estate market; NAR’s Insight Panel, which offers feedback from the real estate industry; and exposure through NAR’s existing marketing and communication channels.

Meet The Animated Brain Starring in an Association Campaign

Associations Now

My Brain Robbie, a new educational campaign put together by groups focused on brain health and Alzheimer’s disease, aims to reach an audience often left out of brain-health discussions: kids. According to a press release, the campaign aims to fill what’s seen as a gap in dementia prevention among young children.

How to Find the Best Association Event Speaker


Put on an engaging, educational event for your members within budget. There are, of course, an abundance of professional speakers available for events of any nature. press releases, logos on your site, social media promotion, email marketing, etc.). Associations work with limited budgets. To stretch every dollar, they often solicit sponsorship’s and donations.

Best Benefit Ever: Bank on It

Associations Now

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and the mortgage lender Freddie Mac announced a partnership that will give members access to the lending firm’s educational opportunities and services. Why it works: Through this new alliance, MBA members will have access to coveted resources, including a customer service line and special deals on industry products like Loan Prospector and Loan Quality Advisor, according to a press release.

IATA Aims for the Ground With New VR Training Tools

Associations Now

Is the future of continuing education moving toward virtual reality for many associations? Virtual reality is nothing new for the airline industry, of course—flight simulators are one of the best-known VR uses—but VR in ground operations training is a new strategy. The International Air Transport Association is taking a training process that is difficult to carry out at the airport and placing it inside a virtual reality headset.

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The Future of Learning, According to Millennials

Associations Now

college students asked them what they think education will look like in the years to come. What they had to say could affect your association’s meetings and education strategy when it comes to attracting these next-generation attendees. Education should not be a one size fits all model because everyone learns differently, regardless of age, occupation, and location. More online courses should be offered to cater to those who learn better in a virtual classroom.”.

Can Associations Attract Millennials with Credentialing?

Associations Now

A recent study finds that more than 90 percent of educational institutions are offering credentials and digital badges, in part, to serve their millennial students, who favor badging and certificates to traditional degrees. But back to what they want: In late June, the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)—in partnership with Penn State and Pearson— released a study that showed that 94 percent of educational institutions offer alternative credentials.

TESOL Association Expands Reach in China

Associations Now

Working with 21st Century English Education Media, TESOL International Association—which serves professionals teaching English to non-English speakers—aims to bring more events and resources to the English teachers and learners in China. “We After hosting events in China with universities and education groups, TESOL felt the push to provide more resources for the teachers there.

Associations Make Back to School Healthy, Safe, and Easy

Associations Now

Domenech said in a press release. With billions of school lunches served over the course of a school year, we are pleased to partner with a food service program that is making a positive difference in school cafeterias across the country.”. SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators is making sure physical-education teachers have what they need to be successful.

Law School Partnership Brings Finance Group’s Certification to Broader Audience

Associations Now

That’s why ACFCS is partnering with Fordham University’s Law School to offer the CFCS certification courses and exam to everyone from law students to seasoned attorneys in a weeklong event, taking place July 24-28, at Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus in New York City. Law students and practicing lawyers are a natural fit for the certification because there are gaps in their education when it comes to financial crimes. “I

International Compliance Group Expands Into U.S.

Associations Now

Previously, ICA had a large presence in the United Kingdom, with offices in the UAE and Singapore, and courses offered in various other countries. The International Compliance Association wants to help make the world more stable and successful by inspiring, educating, and enabling our global community of compliance specialists to perform to the highest standards of professional practice and conduct,” Steve Stromp, ICA’s U.S.

Tech-Enabled Learning Events: What’s Now and Next?

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I usually spend the majority of this blog discussing how associations help educate their members and prospects through in-person meetings and events. But, as you are well aware, that’s not the only way associations deliver education. As the adoption and integration of sophisticated technologies increase, so will the demand for savvy, experienced leaders in the continuing education and professional development business.

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What’s new in TopClass LMS version 10?

WBT Systems

As noted by our CTO Linda Bowers in the press release announcing the availability of TopClass 10 , we really enjoyed working with our clients and we are so grateful to our wonderful user community for taking the time to provide their experience and insight. The at-a-glance layout makes it easy to find what you need to set up your groups, users and courses, and provide helpful resources at your fingertips.

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Skin Cancer Foundation and Amazon Announce New Content-Sharing Partnership

Associations Now

In fact, one-out-of-five Americans will develop a skin cancer over the course of his or her lifetime, making it the world’s most common cancer. Through these articles, the Skin Cancer Foundation hopes to educate a wider audience on how they can lower their risk of acquiring this cancer by adopting a simple sun-protection routine, which includes regular application of sunscreen; covering up with clothing, hats, and sunglasses; and seeking shade in high sun.

Digital & Mental Spring Cleaning

Vanguard Tech

That put on that fun-filled, educational conference you attended a few years ago? Go beyond association press releases or early registration announcements and give your members news they can use to make their jobs/lives easier. Of course these are only a few ideas to keep things fresh and fun so your members remember you.

Four Lessons From One Association’s Public Drama

Associations Now

That’s partly a matter of finances, of course—even the largest associations don’t want to see $400,000 vaporize over a leadership dispute. For instance, the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, recently used the turmoil to fault APTA for pressing for unwanted and underused publicly funded transit systems. APTA’s press release announcing Melaniphy’s resignation is largely thank-you-for-your-service boilerplate.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.8.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… In a recent post, the American Alliance of Museums asks, “ Is ‘tax-exempt’ becoming a dirty word? to 6:15 p.m.* – PCMA Education Conference Live Online. PCMA Education Conference Live Online. Associations excel at engaging members deeply over the course of two or three days, once a year, hosting meetings and providing extensive educational programming.

Spillover: Heartbleed’s Big Lessons, One Drop at a Time

Associations Now

I’m, of course, talking about Heartbleed , the massive bug in the OpenSSL encryption protocol that most major sites use. We tend to give our good press a spit-shine and bury the bad news in a press release that few people will ever see. “Well, it might rwith making the educe finger pointing or blame when things go bad, but that has little to do right choices for the security of your organization’s data.” Heart beating fast enough yet?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.1.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Forget robots, keep your eye on old people —they’ll help companies thrive, says Tyler Cowen. Figure out what your aging members need so they turn to you first for education. don’t use press releases to find new story ideas. ( Presenters: Renee Latimer, MBA, DES , Senior Manager for Meetings Technology, American Dental Education Association.

The Hourglass Blog: Culture Change is Hard Work

The Hourglass Blog

A fundamental require¬ment of resident education is in-depth, firsthand experience caring for patients. However, many medical educators believe extensive duty hours are essen¬tial to provide residents with the rich and varied educational experiences necessary to become competent in the complexities of diagnosing and treating patients. Of course, today's leaders may have thought the same thing when they were young interns. Education.

Trade Association CEO Support: Balancing the Board-CEO.

Trade Association CEO Blog

Consider these major responsibilities: Membership Development, Membership Benefits, Membership Administration, Governance, Volunteer Development, Meeting/Event Management, Government Affairs, Market Development, Education, Operations, Communications and Cheerleader. Of course, we all seek a harmonious, productive and balanced relationship where the winner is a fast-growing association with a happy exec, thrilled Board and appreciative membership. Trade Association CEO Support.

International Organizations and Social Media: News, Engagement, and Social Data for Policy Change

Beth Kanter

The course is about how to leverage networks and social media for learning and impact. After completing the course, the students will be doing an internship as part of their field work, being placed in international organizations in the US and other places in the world. Social channels continued to show strong growth over the past 12 months, with top social networks adding more than 135 million new users in the course of 2013.