Nonprofits That Stray Off Course

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A press release from the American Beverage Institute (ABI) , admittedly a biased onlooker, provides some ugly numbers – a decline in revenue and spending on community programs, while salaries increased. An organization loses its way, goes off course and what does it get? “D” This week I read about a nonprofit accused of losing sight of its mission and those it serves. The story reminded me of another nonprofit I read about months ago in similar straits.

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WBT Systems Enhances Social Learning for Professionals with New TopClass LMS Release

WBT Systems

TRAININGPRESSRELEASES.COM ) – With the latest release of the TopClass Learning Management System, WBT Systems expands the social learning capabilities of their comprehensive and flexible learning platform for associations, training organizations and extended enterprise. Administrators benefit from deeper insight on learner progress and performance, and reliable course delivery on the widest range of devices.

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A Crash Course in Landing Pages : Off Stage

Off Stage

5, 2011 - A Crash Course in Landing Pages. This rule is, of course, a necessary component of a blog, a newsletter, a flyer, an article or press release: always add the buttons for Facebook, Twitter, email, and other sharing options. 17, 2011 - RE: A Crash Course in Landing Pages. Off Stage. A landing page? Say what??? We’re talking internet marketing here.

Association Marketing: 4 Ways to Promote Your Professional Association Wins

Association Management

Over the course of a year, these numbers add up, and they make a compelling case for membership renewal. 3. Take advantage of press releases. But press releases still work—arguably, even better—for digital publications. For professional associations, this means your story doesn’t have to target the New York Times print edition in order to be press release-ready.

5 Ways to Find Low-Cost Association Conference Speakers


Of course, there is an abundance of professional speakers available at a wide range of prices. press releases, logos on your site, social media promotion, email marketing, etc.). When it comes to finding a conference speaker, associations work with a limited (if any) budget. The challenge, though, is that a talented speaker is a key to increasing attendance and engaging members.

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What’s on the Horizon for Meetings in 2020?

Associations Now

According to a press release from Streampoint Solutions , whose FaceReg software was used at the event, 35 percent of attendees took advantage of it. And, of course, associations can add a virtual component to a meeting for those who can’t be there.

Associations Prep and Debut Virtual Conference Options

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The first part, beginning on Monday, March 16, will feature the conference’s previously scheduled keynoters streaming their sessions over the course of three days.

Accessible, Affordable: The Strategy Behind One Group’s Online Learning Efforts

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The offering will be free to (ISC)²’s members and associates, according to an association press release. The Professional Development Institute is a recognition that cybersecurity education is a lifelong journey, and that achieving professional certification, while important, is only one stop along the way,” he said in the release.

How a Major Corporation Crowdsources Product Innovation (And How You Can Too)

Higher Logic

Huge approval from customers, dozens of articles on both releases, and increased penetration into a market where nearly half of customers prefer non-dairy alternatives. Of course not. They published articles on their dedicated news site, , and put out press releases so customers knew they were releasing a better product – and because it was their idea. Starbucks. You’ve heard of Starbucks, right?

Daily Buzz: 2020’s Big Meetings Trend? Sustainability

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The sustainability of the meetings and events industry, in fact of the entire travel industry, is at the forefront of companies’ and planners’ minds in 2020,” said Derek Sharp, senior vice president and managing director at CWT Meetings & Events, in a press release. “It’s The risk of not doing so, as the press release points out, has major consequences for your brand and bottom line. Use your online courses to make a name for your brand , says Classy.

Realtors Expand Reach of Accelerator Program

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An accelerator program, of course. The 48 tech companies that have thus far participated in the accelerator have raised more than $350 million in financing during or after the program, according to an NAR press release. Venture capital is flowing into real estate technology at an exponential rate, driving innovation in every corner of the industry,” Birschbach said in the news release.

New Program Will Educate Fitness Professionals on Parkinson’s Exercise Needs

Associations Now

Chambers said in a press release. “In The program, a one- to two-hour online course with instructional videos, will also help the fitness community identify Parkinson’s symptoms so that people experiencing the condition feel supported. People with PD who exercise do better over the long term compared to those who don’t,” Terry Ellis, cochair of the training program, said in the release. “So

What Women and Men Value as Attendees

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Career stages are apt to vary for women over the course of their lives,” said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, in a press release. New research shows that women and men value different things when they attend exhibitions and conferences. Associations can benefit from those differences if they’re thoughtful about it. Do men and women have different goals when they attend conferences and exhibitions? A new survey from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research says yes.

Five Habits of Effective Business Writers

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This advice applies whether you’re writing reports, blog posts, or press releases – anything that requires planning and reviews from others. Get her review on each draft you like (and, of course, you’ll need to review her drafts as well). The difference between effective, efficient writers and the rest is a matter of habit. The effective writers regularly and consistently do things that other writers only do sporadically. That’s why they get so much done.

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National Sleep Foundation Defines a Good Night’s Sleep

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The National Sleep Foundation released a report that outlines the key indicators of a good night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation’s guidelines on sleep duration, and now quality, make sense of it all—providing consumers with the resources needed to understand their sleep,” said Max Hirshkowitz, chairman of the NSF Board of Directors, in a press release.

How to Find the Best Association Event Speaker


There are, of course, an abundance of professional speakers available for events of any nature. press releases, logos on your site, social media promotion, email marketing, etc.). Put on an engaging, educational event for your members within budget. Associations work with limited budgets. To stretch every dollar, they often solicit sponsorship’s and donations.

Pest Management Group Launches Program to Identify and Develop Leaders

Associations Now

NPMA’s success is contingent on our ability to work in the best interests of our membership and hearing from different voices plays an important role in our understanding of what is important to them,” Stumpf said in a press release. What we’re hoping is that over the course of this program, that we can get new voices, new faces, new involvement, and hopefully expand upon our reach within those communities,” Rickwalder said.

Five Strategies to Ensure Your Digital Product Has a Killer Launch

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It can feel a bit nerve-wracking, of course. If you’re releasing a big feature or an impressive tool, you can’t just announce it with a ho-hum approach, says Aileen Horgan of Atlassian. A guide from the marketing platform HubSpot suggests a variety of steps for building out your messaging for the first time, including creating mock press releases and workshopping it internally.

Meet The Animated Brain Starring in an Association Campaign

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According to a press release, the campaign aims to fill what’s seen as a gap in dementia prevention among young children. While education at school offers us an amazing opportunity to fight stigma as well as social and health inequities, it appears that ‘dementia prevention and brain health at school’ is currently not being addressed and this would surely improve public awareness worldwide,” she said in the news release.

IATA Aims for the Ground With New VR Training Tools

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Virtual reality is nothing new for the airline industry, of course—flight simulators are one of the best-known VR uses—but VR in ground operations training is a new strategy. The International Air Transport Association is taking a training process that is difficult to carry out at the airport and placing it inside a virtual reality headset. Is the future of continuing education moving toward virtual reality for many associations?

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Best Benefit Ever: Bank on It

Associations Now

Why it works: Through this new alliance, MBA members will have access to coveted resources, including a customer service line and special deals on industry products like Loan Prospector and Loan Quality Advisor, according to a press release. On top of the educational courses they can attend through MBA , members can take advantage of discounts from Freddie Mac on special training courses and members-only webinars on a variety of market topics.

Monday Buzz: How Big Is Your Crowd, Really?

Associations Now

We found that the dates these spikes occurred coincided exactly with the dates on which the 10 football matches took place in the stadium,” Dr. Tobias Preis, an associate professor of behavioral science and finance at the University of Warwick, in the United Kingdom, said in a press release. Worth goes through a crash course on his blog. A new study suggests smartphones could provide a way to gauge crowd size more accurately.

TESOL Association Expands Reach in China

Associations Now

TESOL is also working to design research-driven, intensive workshops for English language teachers based on its online certificate course, which is a graduate-level course in teaching English. TESOL and China Daily 21st Century share similar interests in advancing English language teaching in China,” Executive Director Christopher Powers said in a press release [PDF]. “We

3 Ways Online Communities Help Software Companies Drive Revenue

Higher Logic

Of course, your Account Managers will know when the right time to reach out is and will be better informed on how to address that customer’s needs. One-way (marketing emails, NPS surveys, press release/corp comms); communication from customer-to-brand or brand-to-customer, but not both. Of course, you do also have to deal with that feedback.

What Video’s Rapid Rise Means for Your Association

Association Adviser

A 3-5 minute video from the executive director explaining an important or controversial topic will have far more engagement with members than an email or press release. Making all of this possible, of course, is that creating video content is easier than ever. By Marcus Underwood. Thanks to improving internet speed, online video, once considered a clunky, unsatisfying experience has gone mainstream—in a big way.

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Report: Business Travelers Value Tech Integration

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A newly released study from Egencia finds that business travelers want and expect to manage their trips across all mobile devices. We are at a turning point in business travel,” said Rob Greyber, president of Egencia, the business travel arm of the Expedia group , in a press release. The question, of course, for concerned travel managers is how to satisfy travelers’ expectations while remaining within the corporate framework.

Lung Association Boosts Anti-Vaping Education for Teens

Associations Now

“Kids are vaping in the bathroom and classrooms, leaving schools desperate for ways to address this emerging issue, especially in light of recent vaping-related hospitalizations,” said American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold Wimmer in a press release announcing the organization’s new interactive program for teens.

Can Associations Attract Millennials with Credentialing?

Associations Now

But back to what they want: In late June, the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)—in partnership with Penn State and Pearson— released a study that showed that 94 percent of educational institutions offer alternative credentials. The degree will always be an important credential, but it won’t always be the gold standard,” said Jim Fong, director of UPCEA’s Center for Research and Marketing strategy, in a press release. “As

Can Your Online Customer Community Be Fun?


Of course it can. Your online community shouldn’t just be a series of press releases posted the day before the world knows about them. How do you get people to join and return to your customer community? It’s one of the most persistent question in community management. There are many tactics, but one of the best ways is to ensure that customers enjoy themselves while they are in your community. People see or experience something fun and they want to be part of it.

Golf Association Memorializes Women in Sport With Museum Exhibit

Associations Now

From 19th-century women who created new clubs and redesigned golf courses for female play to modern-day women architects who are improving the game, the women of golf have transformed the sport over the years. And the United States Golf Association’s “Breaking New Ground: Women and Golf Course Architecture” museum exhibit seeks to remember their contributions. “We

With New Education Program, Group Looks to Serve All Member Segments

Associations Now

The Sport Tourism Learning Institute more completely represents our thinking for the new paradigm that positions the leading trade association, NASC, as the premiere education provider for the sport tourism industry in the United States,” NASC President and CEO Al Kidd said in a press release. “We W]e want to develop our programs so that our members may get a benefit from a cost standpoint to take the courses, but we want to be able to offer courses to anyone, anywhere.”.

The Future of Learning, According to Millennials

Associations Now

43 percent say that online education will provide them with courses of the same or higher quality than traditional colleges. Millennials understand that the future of education is online, and since they were brought up with the internet, they are prepared for that change,” said Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding, in a press release. More online courses should be offered to cater to those who learn better in a virtual classroom.”. A new study of U.S.

Museums for All Initiative Attracts Visitors, Reaches Participation Goals

Associations Now

She noted that ACM and IMLS are focusing their success metrics on the number of participating institutions, instead of public reach, because “we didn’t know which museums were going to be signing up in which order and, of course, the density of the population that is currently receiving food assistance varies widely from community to community.”.

The White House, the Medium, and Your Message

Associations Now

The Medium post, and its implication of transparency, created a moment of media frenzy far bigger than the release of the speech got in the past. Of course, the president disagrees with his critics on transparency.). Gotta protect that freedom of the press.). ” And sometimes, that’s right: If media outlets care enough about a given topic, they might notice the press release your media shop has put online.

Associations Make Back to School Healthy, Safe, and Easy

Associations Now

Domenech said in a press release. With billions of school lunches served over the course of a school year, we are pleased to partner with a food service program that is making a positive difference in school cafeterias across the country.”. The group recently released a website dedicated to its 50 Million Strong by 2029 initiative, which seeks to promote children’s health and wellness through health and physical education.

Managing Meeting Content

Associations Now

Of course, we’re thinking of ways to be efficient, including how we can use some of the content we produce for Daily Now on the website and as fodder for our blogs as well. Press releases. articles, press releases, tweets) and information (e.g., There’s a lot of content developed and distributed around every meeting and event an association holds. How can an organization be more strategic about content creation and delivery?

Law School Partnership Brings Finance Group’s Certification to Broader Audience

Associations Now

That’s why ACFCS is partnering with Fordham University’s Law School to offer the CFCS certification courses and exam to everyone from law students to seasoned attorneys in a weeklong event, taking place July 24-28, at Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus in New York City. ACFCS and Fordham will collaborate on the instruction of the course, from July 24 through 27.

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Rake in More Revenue from Publications, Events and Continuing Ed

Association Adviser

Associations can earn revenue from supplier members wanting to place press releases or product reviews in member communications. Continuing education can be a surprisingly large source of non-dues revenue for associations as well, and not just because of the fees associations charge members for course materials and instructor time/expertise.

The NEW Internet Landscape: A Primer for Realtors and MLSs : Off.

Off Stage

By now the news is out: earlier today the names of applicants for new top level domains (or TLD, the name that follows the dot in an internet address) was released. This release date was long anticipated by US Multiple Listing Services, many of whom have banded together to form the MLS Domains Association , a non-profit group which exists to make application for the.MLS domain name and restrict its use only to recognized MLS organizations. ” (Press Release, 6/12/2012).

Reads of the Week: April 12, 2013

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Of course they are. ( Four questions to ask before you send that press release. I’ll be voting, of course, for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Reads of the Week was on vacation last week while I was at digitalNOW in Orlando, which means it’s a long one this week. Again. In years past, I’ve been envious reading the digitalNOW tweets and watching the keynote webcasts.