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The truth IS out there and your association is definitely needed (or should be)!


The post The truth IS out there and your association is definitely needed (or should be)! Association Leadership Association Management Software Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Social Media and Business Trends' I shared ideas garnered from the Black Friday experience on how [.] ( Read more. )

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Social Media Roundup: Stretch Your Event’s Definition

Associations Now

The post Social Media Roundup: Stretch Your Event’s Definition appeared first on Associations Now.' The CES has chosen to downplay the word “tradeshow,” but does that work for everyone else? (ht ht @ jcufaude ). How are you pushing past assumptions about your event? Let us know in the comments.


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10 Mistakes Your Nonprofit Is Making On Social Media


Recently, I was asked to conduct a social media marketing workshop at Planet Philanthropy (an annual conference for fundraising professionals by. After what felt like hours of agonizing over potential topics, one of my coworkers suggested the idea to discuss common social media mistakes we see our clients making all the time!

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Turn Your Social Media Goals Upside Down

Association Adviser

It shows all too clearly that social media is still considered a broadcast medium by many associations. Too many associations still treat social media as a one-way broadcast medium and are missing great engagement and intelligence-gathering opportunities from members. How advocacy fits into the social media equation.

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Is Influencer Marketing Part of Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Strategy in 2018?

Beth Kanter

Rob Cottingham, Social Signal – Cartoon for Measuring the Networked Nonprofit. It is not too early to start thinking about your nonprofit’s social media strategy for 2018, including how you want to capitalize on social media trends that will have maximum impact in 2018. Not all influencers are the same.

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Don't Overlook the Power of Online Community Micro-Influencers

Higher Logic

Ok, name the first social media influencer who comes to mind. They’re all over the news and social media, and even if you don’t pay attention, it’s hard to avoid them. And companies definitely take notice -- one tweet or Instagram post from a Kardashian or Jenner can make or break a product (and can cost tons of money).

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The Extraordinary Social Media Event Marketing Guide Infographic

Velvet Chainsaw

Having a social media plan for your next event is critical to your success. Here’s an infographic from Marketo that will help you create a Social Media Event Marketing Plan. It’s taken directly from Marketo’s free Definitive Guide to Event Marketing (in case you missed it.).