The Definitive Guide to Online Community Management

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The post The Definitive Guide to Online Community Management appeared first on Higher Logic. The post The Definitive Guide to Online Community Management appeared first on Higher Logic. Want to learn more about online community management or what it takes to be a good community manager?

10 Ways to Definitely Burn Out as a Nonprofit Employee

Wild Apricot

Employee burnout in the nonprofit sector is a real issue in the best of times, let alone in the midst of a pandemic. Here's are some things you might be doing that will inevitably lead to you burning out, and what to do instead


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4 Tactics You Definitely Aren’t Using to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List

Wild Apricot

Having these 4 tactics under your sleeve will help grow your nonprofit email list in no time


The importance of shared definitions in conversations on race

Association Success

Having what Dialogue on Race Louisiana President and CEO Maxine Crump calls “shared definitions” is the key to fostering genuine and solution-oriented conversations. So, there’s no shared definition.

Definition of Organizational Culture

Jamie Notter

For that webinar, I wrote up a definition of organizational culture, which is something I hadn’t done before. There are more eloquent definitions out there, and there are definitions that either go deeper or broader, but I like this one because it facilitates action. You need a definition of culture that is real, tangible, and understandable in order for that to work. I don’t care if you use my definition, but pick one and run with it.

Cost 127

A Better Definition of Employee Engagement

Jamie Notter

I’ve been searching the web for a good definition of employee engagement, and I have to say, I’m disappointed. It doesn’t need to be oversimplified into a single definition. Most of the definitions that I see revolve around the level of emotional connection or commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals. Sorry to be a tease here, but Maddie and I are developing such a definition in our next book, coming out in September.

Survey: Definition of ‘Natural’ Food Remains Murky for Consumers

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t even have an official definition or delineation of what “natural” actually means. ” Here are a few other findings that ONHA CEO and Executive Director Karen Howard pointed to , in support of the association’s campaign for a clear definition of “natural” foods: “Forty-six percent of consumers surveyed [believe] that the government regulates the term ‘natural.'”

Natural Fit: New Group Wants Formal Definition for “Natural” Products

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But without a true definition, the difference between natural and unnatural can be hard to tell for a consumer. The post Natural Fit: New Group Wants Formal Definition for “Natural” Products appeared first on Associations Now With its website set to launch this week, the Organic and Natural Health Association has a number of issues it hopes to tackle right away. First up: Coming to a consensus on what a “natural product” is.

Consumer Definition of Food Safety Expanded, Study Finds

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According to the survey, 75 percent of consumers include health, wellness, and transparency in their definition of food safety. Other factors consumers included in their definition of food safety: free from harmful ingredients (62 percent); clear and accurate labeling (51 percent); and fewer ingredients, processing, and no artificial ingredients (42 percent). The post Consumer Definition of Food Safety Expanded, Study Finds appeared first on Associations Now

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Win Doesn’t Change the Definition of Literature, Groups Say

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Last week’s announcement about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature had some wondering if the definition of literature had broadened to song. At the announcement, Sara Danius, a literary scholar and the Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary, was asked whether the choice to award the prize to a musician indicated an expansion of the definition of literature.

Social Media Roundup: Stretch Your Event’s Definition

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The post Social Media Roundup: Stretch Your Event’s Definition appeared first on Associations Now Why associations need to stop thinking of their events in outdated ways. Speaking of which, maybe the old terms used to describe events need freshening up. It sounds cliché, but sometimes you just have to break out of the box.

Group Expresses Concern About the Hazy Definition of “Organic”

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Dry cleaners, for example, often call themselves “organic” even if they use petroleum-based solutions, and while that may be true based on the dictionary definition, it’s not generally what the public understands the term “organic” to mean. Drycleaning and Laundry Institute CEO Mary Scalco advises the organization’s members to clarify for customers the definition of “organic.”

The Definition Matters: App Helps Craft Beer Fans Avoid “Crafty” Brews

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A new app is drawing fresh attention to what—and who—makes a real craft beer, using the Brewers Association’s definition set in 2012. But like the recipe for any good brew, there’s always room to tweak the definition—something the group did earlier this month. Well, the app relies on the official definition from the Brewers Association, which requires that makers of craft beers must be “small, independent, and traditional,” as noted in this 2012 graphic.

Definition of Member Engagement for Associations

High Context

I thought I would put a stake in the ground with my definition of it in the work I do with clients. The term ‘member engagement’ is often bandied about in the association world. More of it is considered better yet we rarely state what that actually means. Member engagement is the result of a member investing time and/or money with the association in exchange for value. The more of these precious resources they invest, the more engaged they are.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Planning for Success by Definition

Plexus Consulting

Planning for Success by Definition. Planning for Success by Definition. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Plexus Consulting Group® For health, education, workforce, finance and other non profit and public service organizations that want to leverage resources and strategically plan for U.S. or international market expansion. Tuesday, April 10, 2012. By Virgil Carter.

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AE on the Verge: Best Definition of Transparency in Associations

AE on the Verge

Best Definition of Transparency in Associations. a great definition about transparency in associations. I looked for a definition to steal, but there was none, so I created one. Best Definition of Transparency in Associations. AE on the Verge. Association management, meetings and mania. Thursday, February 25, 2010. Finally.

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Join the #whatisengagement conversation

Aaron Wolowiec

In an attempt to create a unified definition, to illuminate best practices/strategies that truly engage learners and to identify real-world examples of engagement done right, both Tracy King, chief learning strategist of InspirEd , and I have prepared a few questions for which we would love your opinion. Learning Professional Development best practices community definition education engagement examples InspirEd learners participation programs reach strategies survey Tracy King value

Thanks For Playing: Non-Profit IT Staffing 411

Thanks For Playing

The report itself is free, so if you do HR, IT or tech planning for your association, you should definitely go get it. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thanks For Playing. Seeking community in associations since 2008. 21 June 2012. Non-Profit IT Staffing 411. NTEN recently released their annual Non-Profit IT Staffing report. But thats not the cool part. This is: Does your association ever produce benchmarking reports?

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Thanks For Playing: Friday Top 5

Thanks For Playing

Im taking a pass on that, but it is definitely the time of year to express thanks. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thanks For Playing. Seeking community in associations since 2008. 18 November 2011. Friday Top 5. Lots of people have been doing the "30 days of gratitude" meme on Facebook. Of course theres the standard "family, friends, job, health" etc., but I do like to think specifically about what Ive harvested THIS year.

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Why Do Associations Struggle With Digital Transformation?

Spark Consulting

What IS “Digital Transformation” Anyway?

Spark Consulting

When Maddie Grant and I were researching The No BS Guide to Digital Transformation: How Intentional Culture Change Can Propel Associations Forward , we found all sorts of definitions, depending on the perspective of the definer (marketing, tech, HR, C-suite, etc.).

Web Analytics Association Sets Measurement Standards - TypePad

The Big Picture

At SES San Jose this week, the Web Analytics Association (WAA) released 26 standard definitions for Web site traffic measurement and analysis , aimed at eliminating the confusion around the most basic Web analytics terms. The document follows the release last year of web analytics definitions focused on the three most important metrics across all analytics software and tools – unique visitors, visits/sessions and page views. The Big Picture.

Coaches…Can You Define Trust?

Aaron Wolowiec

Coaches often say that trust is the key to their coaching success, but the term itself defies a universal definition. This post suggest three areas where we can leverage trust to strengthen our coaching practice


Facilitation Friday #9: Build Capacity to Accomplish More

Idea Architects

Its definition of success also includes helping a group or team learn together so they might be more productive in the future. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas. custom-designing keynotes, workshops, and leadership conferences that promote innovation, learning, and community. He also teaches presentation design and facilitation to subject matter experts. Friday, March 02, 2012. Facilitation Friday #9: Build Capacity to Accomplish More.

Fundraising Trends: 7 Modern Strategies to Consider for 2021

Wild Apricot

The lessons of 2020 are definitely influencing plans for 2021. For many nonprofits, 2020 was a challenging year. Now it’s coming to a close, and we enter a new year that is hopefully one of recovery (though it hasn't looked up yet.).

Facilitation Friday #23: Going in Different Directions

Idea Architects

This is a common situation you definitely should plan on managing. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas. custom-designing keynotes, workshops, and leadership conferences that promote innovation, learning, and community. He also teaches presentation design and facilitation to subject matter experts. Friday, June 08, 2012. Facilitation Friday #23: Going in Different Directions.

Mizz Information: Why I'm Breaking Up With Apple

Mizz Information

However, my love affair with Apple is definitely over and my MacBook is on my s**t list. Mizz Information. Friday, January 28, 2011. Why Im Breaking Up With Apple. First let me clarify: Im not getting rid of my iPhone and my iPad isnt going anywhere either. That, and theres a new HP laptop in our house and Im pretty sure its going to be taking the place of my beloved MacBook. Patrick surprised me with a MacBook in October of 2009 and it was love at first sight.

Member-Centric Engagement Webinar RESCHEDULED for September 2

Spark Consulting

Key takeaways: learning a new definition of member engagement, refocusing engagement to generate real value, and placing engagement at the heart of your membership strategy. Mark your calendar to join me Wednesday, September 2 (NEW DATE!)

Member-Centric Engagement Has Never Been More Critical

Spark Consulting

Key takeaways: learning a new definition of member engagement, refocusing engagement to generate real value, and placing engagement at the heart of your membership strategy.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Digital Transformation…

Spark Consulting

The definitive answer to the perpetual “Should we build an app?” Well, OK, *we* think it’s the definitive answer.). …but were afraid to ask. Organizations of ALL types – for profit and tax exempt – have been talking about digital transformation for many years, and yet association efforts, both to digitize and to go digital, continue to lag. Why is that? In our new whitepaper, Maddie Grant, co-founder of PROPEL , and I posit that it’s all about culture.

Wild Apricot Blog : Marketing Practices for Non-Profit Organizations

Wild Apricot

The Big Picture: Idea Generation Methods

The Big Picture

Im about brain dead from all of this hurricane-related hoopla, so I can definitely use some idea generation methods. The Big Picture. A big-picture view of issues and trends affecting associations - in Mississippi and nationally. Shawn on Facebook. Shawn on Twitter. Shawn on Google+. Shawn on Pinterest. Shawn on LinkedIn. « BlogAds Logo Contest | Main. Enduring Innovations » September 02, 2005. Idea Generation Methods.

Continued Discussion 9/26/09 - by Steven Davis, CAE

on Leadership

In this post I want to break tradition and discuss part of a leadership definition that I coined several years ago, “… a leader is someone who wants and needs to make a difference … a person with passion and commitment.” on Leadership … by Steven Davis, CAE. Leadership … an Ongoing Discussion. « Leadership … Continued Discussion 9/15/09. Leadership … Continued Discussions 10/26/09 » Leadership … Continued Discussion 9/26/09.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Spark Consulting

It’s definitely not the same experience, but we have gotten to sample the cuisine of some previously hard-to-get-into DC restaurants and helped keep some beloved small places in business. Today marks one year since DC shut down for the pandemic.

Class 195

Associations Are Communities

Spark Consulting

That may mean suspending dues entirely for some significant period of time, drastically changing – or curtailing – the services you offer as a result, and almost definitely dipping into your reserves. It’s time to act like it.

You Say Ad Hoc, I Say Micro


We in associations need our definitions don’t we? All humor aside, one important indicator that the association world is beginning to accept a new concept or way of doing things is when the conversation bubbles up around two elements: definition and policy


CMI's Association Management Blog: A Socio-Political Economic Rant

Observations on Association Management

Before you read this, please understand: while my post may seem unrelated to associations, from the outset, it is definitely related to associations and their ability to change the world. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Tuesday, July 22, 2008. A Socio-Political Economic Rant. I find it simultaneously interesting and deeply depressing to hear both Democrats and Republicans try to blame one another for the rising prices of energy.

Membership Q&A: Why Won’t They Join?

Spark Consulting

The point is, if a sizable chunk of your prospect base has taken an informed look at what your association is offering and decided it’s not worth it to them, continuing to push something they’ve already said they don’t want on them is the proverbial definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why aren’t our prospects joining our association? They don’t see value in joining. Let’s unpack that a little bit.

Survey 253

Hear Reggie and Ron talk association digital maturity

HighRoad Solution

In the talk, the two industry leaders riffed on the definition of digital maturity as it becomes more and more synonymous with organizational success. "Our stacks are mismatched to our future," said Reggie Henry, Chief Information and Engagement Officer at ASAE.

Membership Q&A: What’s the Most Effective Renewal Cycle?

Spark Consulting

The mailed notices are, of course, not the ONLY reason for that improvement, but they definitely contributed. When is the best time of the year to begin renewal communications to members? How many notices should we send? Should we send paper or electronic notices? What should we send WITH the notices? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no one right answer to these questions.