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Face Your Fear of Technology

Association Adviser

Have you heard of the “Sunday scaries?” It’s a term some people use to describe the anxious feeling you get on Sunday nights when you’re facing down a full week of work, kids’ schedules, meetings, appointments, and other obligations.

Why Association Leaders Need to Be Tech Leaders

Associations Now

The problems that association members face are increasingly rooted in technology. Execs will need to root their solutions in technology as well. What kind of business is your association in? I’ve heard people ask this at association events a lot, and it’s usually a trick question.

Reduce Member Anxiety with Clear Instructions

Smooth The Path

We spend some time each summer in a busy resort town in the white mountains of New Hampshire. On-season traffic clogs the narrow streets and overwhelms the traffic lights. Every day a few official traffic directors turn off the lights and take over.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.14.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… It’s the most wonderful time of the year… (sing it with me). Some of us get to take time off during the holidays.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 168: Big Trends in Association Content Delivery and Sales

Moery Company

There are a few trends developing around Moery Company content delivery and our sales process, and it’s very exciting, says Host JP Moery. Over the last several weeks, he’s seen growth in content engagement and has observed the sales cycle at the Big Red “M” shorten rather significantly. Here’s why.

Be on the Guest List, Not the Blacklist: Improving Your Email Deliverability

Higher Logic

Getting into your subscribers’ inbox is a bit like getting into a swanky, invite-only party. There’s a bouncer, and his name is Spam Filter (he’s about 6’10” and 350 pounds).

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The Master List of Apps Your Nonprofit Needs

Wild Apricot Blog

Find the perfect nonprofit app to help you design your day, schedule your tasks, and more in this list


Getting Past the Gatekeepers

Moery Company

IStock_Credit:mabe123. We had a great discussion today during a morning pep rally about how we engage with “gatekeepers” in the sales process. To be clear, there are two types of gatekeepers: those who call you to get information about your association membership program.

4 Community Managers, 25 Community Building Questions Answered [WEBINAR RECAP Part 2]

Higher Logic

Last week, we shared advice from four of our community managers about challenging scenarios you might encounter in your community (and their recommendations on how to solve them).

8 Association Event Ideas 20-Somethings Will Love


Our recent industry survey revealed a number of trends impacting the association industry. Several of the questions generated numerous responses specifically about young professionals. The How-To Guide to Successful Event Promotions. is a blueprint for association success.

Wild Apricot Launches Members Location Mapping

Wild Apricot Blog

With the new location gadget you can map your members, saving your and your visitors time and effort. Check out what you can do and how to use it in this post. business-association member-location member-mapping map location

How To 133

Effective Sales Email Tactics

Moery Company

I’m sure everyone reading this can agree it’s easy to spill content uncontrollably when sending emails to prospects.

Influencer Marketing in 2019: 5 Trends to Watch

Associations Now

Influencer marketing isn’t just about celebrities anymore. As it matures, the phenomenon is growing smaller in scale, as well as more formalized. Read on for some trends to keep an eye on next year.

Refreshing Your Website for the New Year: 4 Little "Musts"


People often think of website updates as needing to be big and elaborate (and by extension, complicated ). But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Sure, website redesigns have their time and place (no one wants an outdated website!),

January Social Media Post Ideas for Associations


January is the perfect time to hit the ground running with new association social media tactics. Plan ahead with these holiday and event ideas for your January posts: MONTHLY: Birth Defects Prevention Month. Cervical Health Awareness Month. Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.

The Top 10 Individual Communication Channels for Associations in 2018

Association Adviser

Every year, we ask association professionals who take our Association Communications Benchmarking Survey how much they value individual member communication channels. It’s a measure of how well a given medium works for reaching members with association information.

Beyond GDPR: Where Data Privacy Compliance Goes Next

Associations Now

A 2018 defined in the IT department by lots of chatter about GDPR compliance helped create an important and lasting conversation about protecting the privacy of members’ data, panelists at the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo said last week.

It May Be Time for a Website Redesign If.


To redesign your website or to leave it as is? That is the question…. Maybe it’s something you’ve been pondering for a while. Maybe it’s something you’ve been intentionally putting off. How do you know if now is the right time? Well, take it from us, it might be time for a website redesign if….


Interview: Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink on the Google AI Impact Challenge

Beth Kanter's Blog

Google.Org is giving away $25 million to humanitarian projects that use Google’s machine learning technology. The “ A.I. Impact Challenge ” is based on Google’s belief that artificial intelligence can provide new solutions to old problems and improve people’s lives.

Expanding Association Reach with Retargeting

Association Adviser

Think of all the people who have visited your association’s website in the past 24 hours. Did they actively engage with your content? Or, did they leave without taking any action?

Truckers Help Wreaths Across America Reach Cemeteries Far and Wide

Associations Now

A collaboration between the trucking industry and a nonprofit that honors fallen veterans continues this weekend as truckers transport more than a million holiday wreaths to cemeteries nationwide.

How to Write an Out-of-Office Email


Note: This post was originally published on 12/23/15; Updated 12/10/18 for added value. The holiday season is officially in full swing, and with that comes a multitude of out-of-office emails. Brace yourself.).

Engagement is the Fuel that Drives Us

Smooth The Path

Engaged members are the chief evangelists for many associations. Most new members join because a member told them about the association. Engaged members are volunteers, speakers, mentors, writers, evaluators, and community engagers.

What’s Hiding in Your Day-to-Day Data?

Association Adviser

This article originally appeared on Before you dive into implementing a new technology at your organization, be sure to look at what’s going on in your day to day operations. Ask staff who work with volunteers or members: what issues are they facing?

How Associations Are Getting to Know Alexa

Associations Now

Voice-recognition devices are growing in popularity and offer opportunities for associations to engage members at home. Here’s how associations are experimenting with the apps that bring Alexa and other similar technologies to life.

The More Appealing Appeal

Idea Architects

I am always thankful to get past December 31 of any year. It's not because I hate New Year's celebrations or all the talk about a clean slate, making resolutions, or starting a diet.

“Behavior is a function of the person in their environment.”

Effective Database

Lewin’s equation says “behavior is a function of the person in their environment.” ” (He was a psychologist and this was first published in 1936). The idea is simple; environment affects behavior. One example of where this principle is applied is in grocery stores.

12 Questions to Ask Yourself for a More Successful 2019


It’s hard to believe 2018 is almost over. As the year winds down, it’s natural (and good!) to reflect on the past 12 months. In fact, doing so can help set you up for a more successful new year. Now, 12 months is a lot to reflect on.

When to Consider Shortening a Conference

Associations Now

Does some of the reasoning experts give for compressed workdays also apply to multiday events? Some things to think about before making a cut. There is lots of talk in every workplace about how to help employees improve their work-life balance.

Leaders Who Belittle

Idea Architects

Image Credit: Leonard John Matthews. Creative Commons License Stop yelling at us. We hear you just fine. Stop talking to us as if you’re all knowing. We know things, too. Stop bombarding us with more of the same. We see the points you’re making.


There is no stasis in data management

Effective Database

Here’s the thing. With data management your data is either getting better or getting worse. There is no stasis. So which is happening in your organization? Photo by Nathan Dumlao

It’s Time to Look Back at Your Association’s Membership Metrics


Looking back at your 2018 membership metrics can help you assess the health of your organization, spot areas that need work, and identify reasons to celebrate. After all, ‘tis the season to celebrate

Tips for Effectively Marketing Repackaged Content

Associations Now

Repackaging content is nothing new, but ensuring it’s marketed correctly can keep your association top of mind among members. Whether it’s webinars, articles, online courses, or in-person sessions, providing quality content to members is one way that associations deliver on their mission.

Successfully Tailoring Educational Programs to Europe and Beyond – a LIVE Webinar Jan 23rd @10am Eastern


Recently presented at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Chicago, Ms. Annemarie Weise, Senior Business Development Manager for MCI Benelux and Mr. Kevin Perry, Ed.D, Director of SAE International’s Professional Development division (Retired) will repeat their popular ASAE session. In 2015, a major U.S.-based