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From Purgatory to Pioneers: Rebooting Associations

Reid All About it

For many years now, Mitch Joel, president of marketing agency Twist Image, has been manning the lookout post for the rest of us. His blog, Six Pixels of Separation , is a constant in my RSS feed and his podcast is a regular on my phone.

Post-Relay reflection: passion and public relations

Aaron Wolowiec

The Event Garde-ians, from left to right: Jenny Hill, Ashley Jones, Cally Hill, Aaron Wolowiec, Kristen Parker and Sara Mller. All are employees of Event Garde, LLC. It was 3 a.m. Sunday and I’d been up since 6 a.m. Saturday. By now, the midnight coffee was wearing off and I was punchy.

Team 159

Decisions, Decisions

Association Subculture

Recently +Elizabeth Engel , M.A., CAE, CEO and Chief Strategist at Spark Consulting LLC and Peter Houstle, CEO, Mariner Management and Marketing, LLC released a white paper on decision making processes that you can download for free here: Getting to the Good Stuff: Evidence-Based Decision Making for Associations. I believe this is a great piece of work, so I asked Elizabeth and Peter if they would be willing to expand a bit on the topic here at the Subculture.

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Starting the Conversation About Culture

Jamie Notter

Most organizations don’t talk about their culture too much. We’re too busy doing the work, and the culture sits in the background mostly. It’s how we do things here, but that doesn’t mean we need to talk about it. It is what it is.

Can a Company Survive Without a CEO?

Association Leaders

Interesting article in Associations Now today. The article asks the question, ‘Can a company or organization survive without a CEO’? Read the article here. I was confident I knew the answer without reading the article – “NO”! But I read the article anyway. I guess I was curious more than anything else. Turns out my instincts were right.

Believe it or Not, “Members Only” Doesn’t Always Benefit Your Members

YourMembership Blog

It’s not easy to identify ways to make the value of membership offerings resonate with young professionals , but every association and membership organization will need to recruit them and it can be done.

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Knowing When to Turn the Auto-Pilot Off

Jamie Notter

One of the reasons I think so many organizations are stuck is that they have too much of management set on auto-pilot. There are too many things that we do in managing our organizations that are done automatically, without thinking, and without questioning.

Friday Top 5

Spark Consulting

Lots of guest blogging and interviews lately (which is why the Spark blog has been relatively quiet), so today’s Top 5 is the Top 5 Places OTHER than you can read Spark lately: Decisions, Decisions (Association Subculture, Shelly Alcorn ). Are You Asking the Right Questions at Your Association? Knowledge Direct, DigiTec Interactive ). Sift Skills: The Value of Big Data for Associations ( Associations Now online AND print, ASAE ).


When I Choose to Spend More Nights on the Road

Eric Lanke

image source This past week was a brutal one for me. Brutal from a travel perspective, that is. Four nights on the road in four different hotels--two in Texas and two in Florida. What was I doing? I was conducting site visits to help my association find a venue for a future conference. Sometimes, when colleagues find out I take on this responsibility, they look at me crookedly. Site visits? they seem to be say. Aren''t you the CEO? Don''t you have someone to do that for you? Well, yes and no.

Walk the Talk: A Walking Keynote About Walking As Work

Beth Kanter's Blog

Video 113

The Isaac Advantage

Velvet Chainsaw

Conference organizers who are in it for the long run know that partnerships really matter. In my mind, the best partnerships are the ones where your supplier is doing everything they can to help you win.

Price 113

All you need to know about organic reach on Facebook


Short version: Sigh. This situation only hurts nonprofits. If you’re Red Bull and you have a gazillion dollars to spend on Facebook ads, you couldn’t give a crap about this really. But nonprofits who have worked hard to build community on their pages? They are screwed.

What 15-Year-Olds Can Teach Associations About Content Strategy

Association Adviser

Jill Andreu, Naylor. A colleague recently told me a story about how his 15-year-old daughter carries out her content strategy on Instagram. She doesn’t call it “content strategy.” ” She simply calls it “posting photos on Insta.”

GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Conference: Reflections from the Innovation Lab

Beth Kanter's Blog

In May, I was lucky enough to spend a few days with community foundations at the annual GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Conference.

Conference Education Value Soars With Walk & Talk Discussions

Velvet Chainsaw

Many conference organizers are being asked to step up their content delivery game. One-way “Sage on the Stage” presentations to audiences held hostage for an hour or more won’t cut it in today’s conference environment. “A body at rest, stays at rest.”

Come for the content, stay for the community


Came across two slides decks on the same day that I thought were unexpectedly about the same thing – loyalty and community. See what you think. Secrets of Great Communities And Community Managers from Leader Networks. The Power of Loyalty in Social Media from Dave Fleet.

How To Avoid Hearing "I'm Busy" From Association Volunteers

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are some ideas that might help you avoid hearing that dreaded 4-letter word from potential volunteers: "busy". Volunteers

How To 137

Poll/Survey Results: Advocacy or Knowledge for Associations?

SCD Group

One of my high school math teachers told us “Figures lie and liars figure.” Over the last 20 or so years, the U.S. has become a nation fascinated with polls and surveys. Several are released daily (I’m excluding political polls which are too many to count.) Many become stories in the news media.

How To Create An Entirely Unique, Clangorously New Conference Experience

Velvet Chainsaw

The conference market is saturated with commoditized information-driven attendee experiences. Most conferences are nothing more than status-quo, average, predictable information overloaded experiences. They reek of sameness.

How Associations are Rebranding Themselves for Relevancy


Some good free workshops going on in DC (and virtual) this week!!! ———-. Changing the Conversation Beyond “Who Won”, Panel on Examining New Strategies for the War on Poverty.

Top 10 Topics For Small Membership Organizations

Wild Apricot Blog

What do you want to ask your small membership peers? Here''s a sneak peek at some of the insight from our 2014 Small Membership Survey. Small Membership Survey

An Old-School Method for New Member Engagement

Associations Now

When one association saw an influx of new, younger members, one of its primary engagement tactics was decidedly traditional: committee volunteering. Taking notes is a good study habit because the act of writing makes whatever information you’re writing stickier.

Changing Conference Metrics To Design For Attendee Loyalty

Velvet Chainsaw

Quick, name any business that makes money from one-time customers only. Can you do it? What business model depends upon a one-time customer purchasing services or products from the company and never returning? You probably can’t think of a successful business model that works that way. Announces Nonprofit Program


…meaning the cloud storage company is giving away 10 starter licenses for free to all eligible nonprofits (so if you’re very small staff in particular, this means you).

Tools 104

Be Your Highest @ TedxMile High:

Holly Duckworth

All the hype about these big Tedx events, what’s that all about anyway? Saturday I embark on my first live Tedx event here at Mile High. I have to find the answer myself. My friends keep asking, as a speaker why would I go? I hear so many speakers all year long.


Associations and Social Media in 2014: An Interview with Amy Sample Ward of NTEN

Association Mavens

Amy Sample Ward is the thought-leading CEO of NTEN , where the nonprofit technology community meets.

Growth of a Game: Meet the International Quidditch Association

Associations Now

Beyond the Game Aside from governing its sport, the International Quidditch Association is involved in several social initiatives: Title 9 ¾: Using the fictional name of the Hogwarts train platform and borrowing from the idea of Title IX, which calls for equity among men’s and women’s sports at U.S.

Don’t Get Lost in the Jungle: A Field Guide to Navigating Your Targeted Content Strategy


Join us for this free ICF webinar! Don’t Get Lost in the Jungle: A Field Guide to Navigating Your Targeted Content Strategy. Event Date: June 25, 2014 at 2:00 PM ET. Personalized content isn’t anything new.

Humor can benefit association board culture

SCD Group

Left: note the passenger ignoring the briefing? Right: screen capture from Delta''s safety video. As anyone who has ever flown knows, the typical airline safety briefing (including how to buckle your seat belt) is pretty boring. Most passengers ignore it. And the flight attendants go through the motions with a look of “why bother, no one is paying attention.” Several years ago, Southwest empowered its flight attendants to modify the announcements and many injected humor during the briefings.

Video 68

3 Strategies to Balance Association Member Needs: Entrepreneurs and Employees

Cvent Association Tips

For associations, balancing the needs of members who are entrepreneurs with those of full-time employees has always been challenging. Some members who are entrepreneurs pull out of associations when active participation does not generate much business.

How Do You Explain Bitcoin? Give It Away, Like This Guy

Associations Now

In an effort to demonstrate how this new type of digital currency works, the president of the Bitcoin Association, which works to educate people about Bitcoin and related technologies, decided to give some of it away. Sometimes, it really is better to show rather than tell.

Price 108

For News, Business Leaders Still Prefer Email, Study Says

Associations Now

Email newsletters, that is. A new survey of almost 1,000 executives found that most are plucking their news out of their email inboxes every day, rather than using online news sites or apps. The study also revealed when business leaders are consuming news and how they’re sharing it.

The Sweet Spot for Air Travelers: Seat 7F?

Associations Now

According to a British airline, 7F is generally the first seat to go. But there are perks for fliers who sit in other sections of the plane; what matters most are your needs.

Survey 107

Say Hello: Welcome New Products and Brands to Your Tradeshows

Associations Now

Every industry has new brands or products trying to make a splash, but often budgets don’t allow them to purchase booth space at tradeshows or market at the same level as the bigger, already-established players. Good news: Association tradeshows are helping them out.