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What’s In It For Me? 5 Life-Changing Benefits of Volunteering

Higher Logic

“I would love to volunteer…but I just don’t have the time!” Sound familiar? Life is busy, no doubt. But isn’t it funny how you can hear someone say this, and then in the very next breath they’ll ask you if you’re caught up on the 10-hour Netflix series they just binge-watched? Okay, I’m guilty too.)

Does Your Association Have the CIO Mindset?


You never know where mayhem lurks in your association or nonprofit. On the surface, everything seems like business as usual. The IT department is busy keeping the network up and running. However, dig deeper and you can see problems looming. When it comes to technology, everyone does their own thing.

What NOT to Do with Your Member Renewal Campaigns


If you’re like most chamber or association professionals, you may be inadvertently focusing on acquiring and engaging your current members without trying to actively retain them for the next season.

When to Fire Your Best Salesperson

Moery Company

I bet I’ve got your attention today with the headline. Let me give you some context. About a month ago, the Moery team came together, and we reconfirmed our values as a company. They are collaboration, dedication, and integrity.

Team 235

Things We Should Not Have to Tell Members (But We Do)

Smooth The Path

Sometimes we have to tell people things we do not think we should have to say to them: The vibrant association is dynamic because members like you tell professionals like you all about the association.

8 Award-Winning Success Stories from Super Forum 2018

Higher Logic

Every Super Forum, we present our Floyd Awards to recognize our customers for their outstanding work in community. This year, we’re extra excited to include awards for success in online community and marketing automation.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 163: Why Associations Should Evaluate their Public Affairs Infrastructure, with Stuart Roy

Moery Company

Is your association equipped to manage the next public affair crisis – quickly? How should you best deploy your team and assets when urgent scenarios develop? What’s your narrative on the latest issue?

Team 227

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.9.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… If you use Creative Commons photos from Flickr for your blog, keep an eye on this developing story from Ernie Smith at Associations Now.

We're Number Two!

Eric Lanke

Something interesting happened this week. The office building where our association is located had a Halloween door decorating contest.

Course 141

Volunteer Recruitment: Crafting a Compelling Email


Does your association or chamber currently have a volunteer recruitment strategy in place? Or is that strategy, we ask for volunteers as we need them ? If it’s the latter, while that might work on occasion, chances are, at some point in time, you’re going to come up short.

Moery Client Partners to be Honored as DCA Live 2018 Nonprofit Leaders

Moery Company

DC 179

The 3-Step Playbook to SEO Keyword Research

Wild Apricot

Start getting your nonprofit to #1 in Google with advice from digital marketing expert Farhad Chikhiwala

Why It’s Time to Move Millennials Into Leadership

Associations Now

The generation isn’t as thick with job-hoppers as the stereotype suggests, but a new study signals increasing impatience. Current leaders will need to do more to keep them around. At this point, we should have collectively shaken off our millennial anxiety.

Membership Q&A: Tiered Benefits

Spark Consulting

D o members respond well to “tiered” membership plans? Generally, yes, with an important caveat. There must be meaningful differences in member behavior patterns. If all your members pretty much behave the same and use your benefits the same, there’s nothing around which to differentiate tiers. Or if you don’t have enough benefits to allow for it, you really can’t create tiers.

Price 109

How to Select the Best Landing Page Software for Your Association

HighRoad Solution

All of your association’s goals depend on getting people to take action. You need new members to apply. You need current members to renew. You need people to attend your events. You need members to buy products or sign up for classes. You need advocates in your industry to mobilize for change.

8 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Essentials for In-Person Participants

Wild Apricot

Has your organization been struggling with engaging virtual participants? These virtual meeting etiquette tips from meeting expert Nancy Settle-Murphy will help. virtual-meeting-etiquette virtual-meetings

Tips 181

4 Lessons Association Chapters Can Learn From Craft Breweries

Associations Now

Craft breweries—of which there are more than 7,000 nationally—are becoming a major economic force in many communities, as well as a cultural one. Associations looking to build up a strong chapter system would be smart to take notes.

Nevada 105

Developing Your Conference Story Arc To Activate Participants’ Brains

Velvet Chainsaw

Applying a story arc to the conference can activate participants’ brains. And you want stimulated, motivated engaged brains during your event for sure! A story arc is an extended, continuous storyline in episodic storytelling media such as television series, comic books, video games, films etc.

Solve Your Member Engagement Problem to Solve Your Acquisition Problem

Smooth The Path

New members typically don’t join for the reasons we think they join. They tend not to join for the professional development and networking. Some of your newest members do not even realize that the association provides professional development and networking. Why do new members join?

Infographic: 3 Steps to Setting Up Your New Member App

Wild Apricot

This infographic will show you the 3 easy steps to getting your members started using the Wild Apricot for Members App, and helping them stay engaged even on the go. application app-for-members Member-App Mobile-App


Journalism Association Pushes for Member Safety and Support

Associations Now

In light of recent threats against news organizations, the Radio Television Digital News Association is fighting to protect its members and recruiting nontraditional members to act as allies in its “Fear Will Not Silence Facts” campaign.

Use A Conference Story Arc To Shift Your Participants’ Brain Architecture And Strengthen Their Neural Connections

Velvet Chainsaw

We are helpless story junkies says author, journalist, and storyteller Michelle Weldon. We can’t help it. It’s part of our human nature to crave and connect with stories. Your brain on story acts very differently than when your brain is receiving data, facts and information.

Online Communities and Online Events: The Perfect Match


Online communities have become a valuable component of an organization’s engagement strategy. According to the advisory firm IDC, the online community market will reach $1.2 billion dollars by 2019.

Using Stories – Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook


The concept of telling good stories isn’t new. Even Greek philosopher Aristotle, born in 384 B.C., understood the importance of a good story and gave advice on storytelling. Why has it been such a powerful tool for so long? Because stories Inspire people to take action.

Video 57

Study: Gender Gap Remains Prevalent at Events

Associations Now

A new report from Bizzabo found that less than a third of event presenters globally were women, with the gender gap most pronounced at technology events.

Believing Without Belonging

Idea Architects

One of the apparent trends in religion is believing without belonging. While the number of individuals identifying themselves as believers in some religion or spirituality might be increasing, that increase has not necessarily resulted in more people joining faith-based institutions.

Did You Know? Associations Largely Don’t Plan for Leadership Succession

Association Adviser

Over the past couple of months, we’ve asked our readers how prepared they are (or not) to eventually replace their leadership through a formal succession plan. Our poll question, Does your association have a succession plan in place for C-level positions? yielded less than a dozen answers.

November Social Media Post Ideas for Associations


November kicks off one of the busiest times of year for social media. Plan ahead with these holiday and event ideas for your November posts: MONTHLY: Health. National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Diabetes Month. National Epilepsy Awareness Month.

How to Generate Buzz for a Legacy Event

Associations Now

Even if your annual conference has been successful for the past three or four decades, it could have also lost some of its excitement factor. A few ideas for getting attendees and your staffers buzzing about a longstanding event.

Meet the Onboarding Team!


It’s quite likely that you have a great relationship with at least one person on this list. After all, as a MemberClicks customer, you once went through (or perhaps are currently in) our onboarding process!

Team 52

SURGE Optimism: Know Before You Go

Association Success

SURGE Optimism starts this week! SURGE is our free interactive virtual conference for association professionals - and it’s happening this week on November 7-9th! Here are some things to know before you go : The Basics.

eBook 52

“How does this compare?” That’s not the right question to ask…

Effective Database

One of my least favorite questions is when an association membership professional asks something to the effect of: “My membership retention rate is 75%. How does that compare to your association?”. As I’ve written before , this question frustrates me because comparing retention rates, without context, provides absolutely no information as to whether 75% is good or bad. It is somewhat analogous to the question “My most recent mailing had a 3% response rate. Is that good or bad?”.

4 Ways to Build Flexibility Around Innovation

Associations Now

Sometimes the root of your organization’s future might come in the form of not only finding the right idea, but finding the right way to sell innovation both inside your organization and to the broader world. A recent experiment in the world of publishing offers a lot of lessons on this front.

Your Holiday Social Media Schedule Is Here!


You know you need to be posting on social media, but hey, who has the time? And for that matter, the content? You do! You just have to plan ahead and get a little creative. And good news: The holiday season is one of the BEST times to engage with people (both members and prospects) on social media.