Defining the Process of Change

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This work has given me the opportunity to hone my leadership skills. Since my responsibilities include strategic and operational planning and our organization has successfully launched vast amounts of change over the last six years, this has ignited my curiosity about the process of change.

Creating an Effective Nominating Process for your Association

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It’s the time of year again when many associations are implementing their nomination and election process. Because associations are groups of people or companies in the same profession or industry there are many opportunities for conflict and other challenges as an association goes through its nomination and election process. . it is important that every association have a clear nomination and election process and that the process is followed each and every time.

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Process Killed the Association Star

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It’s afraid of your processes. And then our reified processes kick in, and the cavalcade of "no" begins. Jamie Notter innovation leadershipJamie Notter recently recapped his notes from the MIX Mashup , an invitation-only conference on the future of work, or, to quote their website: "What will it take to make our organizations highly adaptable, endlessly inventive, truly inspiring, and genuinely accountable?" That's a critical question for all of us to address.

Association Processes Might Be Keeping You From Important Work

Smooth The Path

Submitting rebates is a funny process that feels like a sales trick. ” My contact company’s process for rebates is about as complicated as they can make it, and it changes every year. One of the dangers of older organizations is they become process-centric. Processes are established, and in time no one remembers why. Sometimes the reason for the process is gone, but the process remains burning staff time and energy.

Consensus – The Association Leadership Challenge

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Consensus is a collaborative process by which decisions are made based on overwhelming agreement of a group. Even though bylaws and rules of order typically set numerical requirements for voting, associations by their very nature must make many decisions through a consensus process because there isn’t one person in charge or one “owner”. They’re used to making the decisions on their own or within a small leadership team. Developing consensus is a collaborative process.

Grant Writing 101: Creating a Process


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at how the process works, we get it. The grant application process is no joke! Take a look at this simple outline to follow how the grant writing process generally plays out. association management association leadership small staff association social media for associations Small Staff Chatter chamber of commerceHave you been looking into some ways to gather some additional funding for your association or chamber?

A Better Process for Better Decisions

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By now we’ve moved well past the notion of seat-of-one’s-pants leadership. In 2017 I spoke with a number of associations that spent time fine-tuning their decision-making processes , using colleagues in the C-suite to decide on appropriate inputs and metrics when it came to big-picture strategic issues. That’s a key message of a recent article in MIT Sloan Management Review that points out some holes in leaders’ processes.

Leadership Lessons from the Military

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Being in the association business, we often see professional speakers who talk about management, change, people, leadership, and more. The article talks about a few new(er) business consulting firms that have been formed by retired military leaders who are now teaching the military leadership principles they used to succeed on the battlefield to business leaders. To succeed on the battlefield and in business you have to follow a consistent and clear process.

Has Your Leadership Evolved For The New Normal?

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Your organization’s sustainable success depends upon you transforming from normal to new normal leadership says Radar’s Tod Martin. And we allow this process to change us. It requires that the leadership team adapt collectively through coordinated change. Now the entire team has to evolve through this process. The bigger question is whether our leadership has changed with it. What’s holding you back from evolving into new normal leadership?

Give Young Members a Greater Leadership Voice

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To cultivate its pipeline of future leaders, the National Automatic Merchandising Association evolved its Emerging Leaders Network to ensure that it provides high-quality engagement opportunities and a seat at the leadership table.

Is Your Leadership Bubble Transparent?

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They were in the process of launching a website when SHRM threatened them with legal action. This could be any large old-fashioned association whose leadership is unknowingly out of touch with their members. A leadership cosseted in their bubble and running things the way they wish without regard for the little people. Would anyone be surprised if one day this old-fashioned leadership gets their well-deserved comeuppance? Tagged: Association , Leadership.

Member Concerns Spur Changes to IEEE Peer-Review Process

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The changes are designed to maintain high quality and avoid anomalies in the peer-review process. It is the nature of IEEE that all of these activities and processes are overseen and managed by our volunteer leadership,” Forster said.

Cultivating Leadership on the Boards of Tomorrow

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Over the last 18 months we have completely evolved our governance structure, including leadership identification and cultivation. It prompts further questions about the way things have always been done and the way processes can be changed.


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While many books have been written about leadership, it remains for many a misunderstood and elusive quality. The capacity for leadership exists in everyone, but most people never take the time to develop it. Leadership is determination, courage, confidence and the ability to get results! Positive leadership assumes that goals can be accomplished, the job can be done, the problem can be solved, and the obstacles will be overcome. By Ann W.

You’ve Got to Practice Leadership

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Leadership is the topic most addressed in this blog. Leadership is certainly an important topic. All this interest is because I am on a journey – a leadership journey. Through this process, he learned what his employees were thinking. Are you on a leadership journey? Feel free to share some of the leadership lessons you are learning with the folks reading this blog. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteeris

Attention Shoppers: 4 Ways to Simplify the AMS Shopping Process


We’ve got a few tips that can make the shopping process a little less harrowing. association management association leadership membership management Small Staff Chatter association softwareShopping for any kind of technology is stressful, but when it’s a small-staff association professional shopping for an association management system, it’s a particular kind of crazy. There are SO many moving parts - software features, price points, the board’s opinion, etc.

Facilitation Friday #6: Balance Content and Process, Ideas and Action

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custom-designing keynotes, workshops, and leadership conferences that promote innovation, learning, and community. Facilitation Friday #6: Balance Content and Process, Ideas and Action. Effective facilitation must manage (or balance content and process, as well as attention to both ideas and action. Individuals using a facilitative approach are concerned with both what the group is discussing or deciding (content) and how they are actually doing it (process).

A Last Look at Leadership in 2019

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One of the weakest areas of leadership in every organization is the ability to define success with precision. Many associations have dispensed with their outdated “leadership ladders,” where even eager volunteers find themselves waiting the better part of a decade to attain a board seat.

Technology Leadership in the Time of COVID-19


We have found that organizations with strong technology leadership and well-managed technology were able to quickly and effectively keep people working and connected. This is one example of how effective technology leadership can help organizations plan for and execute projects that support critical business goals. The primary goal of effective technology leadership is to be a resource and guide to help organizations use technology to meet business objectives.

The Secret to Better Leadership

Jamie Notter

I attended a session this week about leadership development in the association world. We talked about different leadership styles, and the need to adapt your style to fit the context, and then we talked about leadership development programs for volunteers. So if you will permit me, I need to rant a bit about what I am hearing in the association community around the concept of developing leadership. This confusion about the value of leadership is not acceptable.

Realignment #6: Relationship-Driven Leadership


The fundamental challenge facing association leaders is the same facing the leaders of all types of organizations today: hierarchical, product-driven, and process-driven models dominate mature businesses in all sectors. Nothing less than a transition from product-centered and process-driven bureaucracies to flexible, innovation-centered, and customer-driven knowledge services will give them a new basis for competing in the knowledge age. The Next Phase of Association Leadership.

Realignment #6: Relationship-Driven Leadership


The fundamental challenge facing association leaders is the same facing the leaders of all types of organizations today: hierarchical, product-driven, and process-driven models dominate mature businesses in all sectors. Nothing less than a transition from product-centered and process-driven bureaucracies to flexible, innovation-centered, and customer-driven knowledge services will give them a new basis for competing in the knowledge age. The Next Phase of Association Leadership.

Driving Engagement Through Thought Leadership


Tactic #4: Driving Engagement Through Thought Leadership. Thought leadership is simply positioning yourself, or your organization, as a voice of knowledge and expertise in the marketplace of ideas. Do you have a process to keep them engaged? This is the goal of your online thought leadership activity. The internet opens the door to building thought leadership for your organization in a variety of ways. Do you have a process to keep them engaged?

Five Reasons Why Lockstep Board Leadership Succession Makes No Sense

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Once in a while we encounter an organization with a structured leadership succession process that makes no sense except, perhaps, to the founders who concocted it. I like to call this the lockstep board leadership succession model. The good news is that each president has had a turn holding each significant office, including secretary, treasurer and whatever other leadership positions are specified in the organization’s bylaws. Leadership Association Boards

4 Leadership Tips to Take Your Association to the Next Level


And in order to take leadership to the next level and run a successful association, you’ll need some practice. Taking initiative in order to see positive changes for your association is a leadership must. If you’re trying to run an IT project with little knowledge on IT, it may be beneficial to sit in on their process and learn more about how they complete tasks. With just four simple steps, you could be on your way to truly enhancing your leadership skills.

The Case for Slow Leadership

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Given the pace at which we process information these days, it might have sped past you. So if we’re going to define a “slow association,” I’d suggest that it’s less of a leadership philosophy and more of a communications one. It recognizes that any process is at risk of failure because leaders weren’t more deliberate at the front end about identifying who might best be able to speak to potential flaws. The post The Case for Slow Leadership appeared first on Associations Now

Leadership Lessons from Moving

Jamie Notter

Like everyone, I hate the process of moving. So to transition my head away from the move and back into work, I thought I’d pull out some leadership lessons that can be drawn from the moving process. The same can be said for leadership. As much as we make leadership out to be a “lonely” exercise, it’s just not. If you try to do everything yourself, you’re not doing leadership very well. From a leadership perspective, this is about change.

The Fundamental Attribution Error and Association Leadership

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Often it is not their performance but rather the situation impacting them and this is particularly true when there is a leadership change. Understanding the fundamental attribution error is important in association leadership because knowing this can help us improve performance where formerly we may not have known improvements existed. When instead we focus on the performance (a goal not met, a common stumbling block, a communication style issue, a process not used, etc.)

Why leadership support is important when incorporating automation

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Incorporating automation into your association’s processes can help your association save time and money while freeing up staff to focus on delivering member value. But of course, looking at new technologies to improve processes needs to be a part of an association’s culture in order to see successful adoption. And the leadership of that organization plays an important role in fostering the right culture.

The Right Time to Buy: Preparing for the AMS Shopping Process


But I urge you to reconsider, as there are several factors you’ll want to take into account: association management association leadership Small Staff Chatter association softwareAre you thinking about purchasing an association management system, or AMS, in 2017? Well if you are, now is the time to get started. Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s only August. I still have plenty of time!

Plan to Succeed in the Magazine Production Process

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A clearly defined editorial plan can help ease the magazine production process and help you reach your communications goals. These best practices can organize your editorial leadership and help you develop best-in-class communication pieces that your members can trust as the voice of your industry. Tracy Tompkins.

Report: Thought Leadership Has a More Direct Effect Than You Think

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A recent study from Edelman and LinkedIn finds that while leaders put a lot of value into good B2B thought leadership and make decisions based on it, sales departments often discount its value. In the association world and beyond, thought leadership is a frequent topic of discussion—thanks in no small part to the perceived impact it can have on an organization’s bottom line. In a blog post on the study , Edelman Head of Global Thought Leadership Research David M.

New Council Supports Women in Food Processing Industry

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A new council from the Food Processing Suppliers Association will help support women’s careers in the industry. To empower women in the industry, the Food Processing Suppliers Association has created the FPSA Women’s Council , which will launch at its September conference, PROCESS EXPO. “It The post New Council Supports Women in Food Processing Industry appeared first on Associations Now

New Leadership: An Opportunity to Sharpen Your Association’s Brand

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New leadership can be a pivotal moment for an association. I’ve enjoyed leading my association through this rebranding process because it’s been a catalyst for our growth and raised our profile within the promotional products industry. The initial focus of a new leader sets a precedent for the era ahead and can be a great opportunity to add new life to anything that has become stagnant, including the association’s brand.

Digital Transformation Stalls Without Strong Leadership

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While technology has the power to reshape processes and drive down costs, many digital transformation strategies lack the C-level support needed to succeed. Rajan Kohli, senior vice president and global head of Wipro Digital, attributes the delay to a crisis among leadership. The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, for instance, dramatically streamlined its newsletter production process by implementing a content-personalization solution.

Leadership Resources For Sale

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The complete bundle of new diversity, team development, innovation, and other leadership resources would cost $1732.95 Executor —Lays the groundwork for implementation, manages the details and moves the process to completion. Facilitator —Works throughout the process to ensure tasks are handed off to the right people at the right time. The profile uses the "Z Process" to map the flow of assigning roles, completing tasks, then "handing off" to the next person on the team.

What Recent Changes to the CAE Say About Leadership

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Plenty of recent leadership scandals, inside and outside of nonprofitdom, have shed light on the importance of establishing a solid grasp of ethics. In response to the argument that the reduced requirement risks diminishing the demands to qualify for the CAE, Aplebaum says the process is already plenty demanding, between the required credit hours and the rigors of the exam itself. The post What Recent Changes to the CAE Say About Leadership appeared first on Associations Now

Clear Leadership, Clear Message

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The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Someday Is Today” campaign is a good case study in marketing and branding—and a great one in leadership. Stockmon describes the process—which, remarkably, started in the fall of 2012 and hit TV screens and bus ads by the following spring—as fairly frictionless. The post Clear Leadership, Clear Message appeared first on Associations Now

Culture Choices for Associations: People vs Process; Game Plan vs Blueprint

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While there is still an enormous gap between process-and-product-driven bureaucracies and knowledge-and-consumer-driven markets, there an increasing emphasis on the human elements of organizations and a need for strategic thinking capabilities rather than strategic planning processes. Too much process gets in the road of creativity, innovation and the ability to change. I felt that people were more important that processes and systems.

Social Media is Changing Leadership [DATA]


We surveyed 505 individuals about social media and leadership, as part of ongoing research related to the concepts in our book Humanize: How People-centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. The survey questions gathered data on their perspectives about social media implementation in organizations, particularly related to leadership and how leaders are leveraging social media for organizational results.