Are San Francisco Nonprofits Getting Priced Out?

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Dozens of nonprofits have applied for public funding in response to a rise in commercial rents corresponding with San Francisco’s growing status as a tech hub. The San Francisco Examiner reported this week that 42 nonprofits applied for funds ahead of the November deadline.

A night away? We sure did pay.

Aaron Wolowiec

The last time I booked a weeklong family vacation, I was shocked at the prices of hotel rooms. We weren’t looking for anything fancy, but those prices sure did crimp our style. And we’re not the only family of five suffering from hotel sticker shock.

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Daily Buzz: Sky-High Inspiration for Your Next Conference

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The conference, which included 200 entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, started off with a special United Airlines flight from Newark to San Francisco—complete with champagne, spa treatments, high-priced giveaways, and plenty of time to mingle. “By

Broadband Group Speaks Out Against Apartment Exclusivity Practices

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The FCC opened up a Notice of Inquiry [PDF] on the topic earlier this summer, in response to a request by the Multifamily Broadband Council , who spoke up in opposition to local rules in the San Francisco area.

Minimum Wage Law: Franchise Association Files Suit Against Seattle

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IFA’s lawsuit comes as another West Coast city, San Francisco, considers a $15 minimum wage of its own. Like Seattle’s proposal, San Francisco’s ballot measure would increase the minimum wage in phases.

The Latest Battleground for Uber and Lyft? The Airport

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All the other options for ground transportation pay some fee to the airport, and these guys are not now doing that anywhere, except (San Francisco International Airport),” CAC Executive Director Jim Lites told the Orange County Register last week.

Report: What Lies Ahead for Meetings in 2017

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The 2017 Meetings and Events Forecast notes that food and beverage prices are expected to rise globally due to a variety of factors, including attendee preferences. Promoters boast up to 40 percent savings, while critics suggest foot-for-foot equal pricing,” the report states.

Report 110

Tech Memo: I Can’t Live Without My … iPassword App

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Price: $2.99 Anne Ornelas de Lemos , senior director, diversity and member inclusion, American Society on Aging, San Francisco. iPassword By Alexey Pankov. for iTunes. More info:

Google Brings Nonprofit Funding to the Polls

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The Google Impact Challenge is awarding funding to local organizations in San Francisco, France, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India, and the United Kingdom. The tech giant has revealed 10 Bay Area organizations that are eligible to receive up to $500,000 in funding.

NTEN + Planet = Better Place


Summer Special: Join at full price and we’ll extend your membership through the end of 2012! Just heard that my favorite association of all time, the Nonprofit Technology Network ( NTEN ), is having a SUMMER SALE on their membership dues.

Wednesday Buzz: Recruiting Passionate Members As Marketers

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The massive software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm has 171,000 attendees coming to this year’s event, giving San Francisco a significant temporary population bump this week. How did the group cut the price of an individual membership by $15?

California Association Turns Farm Workers Into Farm Owners

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ALBA owns a 110-acre organic farm, and to help the laborers get started with their own farm businesses, it leases them farmland at subsidized prices. An organic farming association in Northern California trains immigrant field workers how to manage their own farms.

What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

Higher Logic

Nope, this all began (on a much smaller scale) back in 1986 when friends Larry Harvey and Jerry James built an 8-foot tall human effigy and burned it on Baker Beach in San Francisco (population: 35).

Thursday Buzz: Sharing the Road—in More Ways Than One

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Lyft, meanwhile, actually had a working service ready to go in San Francisco on Wednesday. And the competition sounds downright brutal: UberPool promises a 40 percent discount on normal fares, while Lyft Line cuts prices by a reported 60 percent.

Creating a Design that Supports and Enhances Your Content


When I was in college, I had the opportunity to visit the Chronicle Books’ headquarters in San Francisco with my graphic design classmates. Bright colors, the use of the palm tree image, and the clear display of pricing makes this email easy-to-read and pleasing to the eyes.

New Association Represents Estate Sales Industry

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Consumers want clear and concise explanations about their estate sales options,” Codina, who owns Fine Estate Liquidations in San Francisco, wrote in the article.

Lean Impact Series: 10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods For Greater Social Impact

Beth Kanter

There arealso two Lean Impact Summits taking place, one in December in NYC and one in January in San Francisco (I’m a judge for the San Francisco event).

Social Media Roundup: Small Plates, Big Lessons

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Also: how to price your online advertising. That’s a lesson Conferences That Work author Adrian Segar picked up on a recent trip to San Francisco, and he enjoyed (almost) every bite. What tiny portions can teach education pros about savoring big ideas.

Secret or Not, Membership Groups Face Common Problems

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” That’s the motto of a (formerly) secret society based in San Francisco called the Latitude Society, as explained in a detailed profile by journalist Rick Paulas on Longreads in September.

JetBlue to Upgrade Business-Class Seats to Attract Travelers

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“We decided to enter the premium transcontinental market in a way that only JetBlue can: with an intense focus on offering the best possible product for the best possible price.”

Class 68

How For-Profit Membership Models Are Evolving

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In a statement to the website, Amazon defended the strategy: From time to time, Amazon offers exclusive selection and pricing on select items for Prime members. Time for Costco to Boost Prices? What’s up with Costco and Amazon Prime these days?

Everyone in the Hospitality Industry Has an Opinion on Airbnb

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All they care about is the price because it’s a commodity market mostly. And in the company’s home base of San Francisco, concerns about Airbnb hurting the local housing market are leading local legislators to attempt to regulate the local industry yet again.

Traffic Jam: Associations React to Urban Mobility Scorecard

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An improving job market and cheaper gas prices are nothing to complain about. Increased traffic congestion resulting from growing urban populations and lower fuel prices are outpacing the nation’s ability to build infrastructure.”.

So What’s Taking High-Speed Rail So Long?

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The planned 520-mile route between Los Angeles and San Francisco will be paid for in part by funding from the state’s cap-and-trade program. “It protects the nation from energy price spikes, and increases national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

Explore Impact Leadership at NTEN’s Leading Change Summit: Free Registration Giveaway

Beth Kanter

NTEN is hosting the “ Leading Change Summit ” in San Francisco from September 3-6th. I’m giving away a free registration to NTEN’s Leading Social Change Summit.

63 people on GovLoop you should know


Adriel Hampton - Investigator, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office (litigation defense, employee misconduct investigations, social media outreach); Gov 2.0 Club co-founder, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office. Megan Price - Manager, Partnerships and Events, GovLoop. I have selected 63 people on GovLoop you should know. All are engaged to some extent on GovLoop, the Social Network for Government.

The Bots are Here: Leading With Our Humanity in the Age of Automation

Beth Kanter

For instance, the San Francisco Museum of Art has 34,678 items in its collection. The Bots are Here: Leading With Our Humanity in the Age of Automation by Allison Fine and Beth Kanter. What nonprofits need to do to make sure that they are in charge of the bots, not the other way around.

Study: Why Business Travel Costs Vary Significantly by City

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What’s more, Runzheimer expects each of these costs to grow in 2020: airfare by up to 1 percent, ground transportation by 2 percent, and hotel prices by 2 to 3 percent.

A Few Ideas to Score More Member Loyalty

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Last month, Knowledge@Wharton shared GameStop’s story after Eric Oria, senior director of marketing strategy at GameStop, spoke at the second annual Customer Centricty Summit in San Francisco.

But I Won't Sell Sausage and Cheese

Idea Architects

I do, however, hope to visit the inaugural Visual Thinking Conference for three days in San Francisco in January 2008. I'll try to make it the next best thing to being there, but at only a fifth of the price you would pay.

What’s the Big Idea?

Association Adviser

Ask them to think like hungry entrepreneurs who are anxious to disrupt with a better way of doing what you do for half the price.” Great ideas are a dime a dozen.

Credit Karma – Is it real or a Scam


Credit Karma, which is a San Francisco based company was founded in 2007, and they came in to shake things up, by offering you FREE access to your credit score and credit report from the three main bureaus.