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Virtual: A Day in the Life - Training Specialist

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1) WHAT DO YOU DO AT VIRTUAL? I’ve been a Training Specialist at Virtual for five-plus years, I’m part of a team that manages the coordination and administration of the Global Certification Programs for one of our largest clients, a security standards council for the payment card industry. Recently I returned from Cape Town, South Africa, where I spent two weeks working on a training certification program.

‘Tis the Season for Giving

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We’re fortunate at Virtual to be in a position to support many worthy causes in the Boston area. Over the past few years, we’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to charitable causes ranging from the Jimmy Fund, to supporting employees who participate in various charity walks and runs, to volunteering our time at Habitat for Humanity and more. As CEO, I’ve been fortunate to have been the recipient of the thanks and good feelings that go along with that giving.

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The Lesson of Llandudno

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I went to the beach last week. That’s nothing new for me—I surf year-round in New Hampshire, sometimes trudging through snow to get to the beach. This beach was a bit farther away from my usual surf spot. While I was in Africa for the PCI Security Standards Council’s annual Middle East & Africa Forum , I took a day to get to surf at Surfer’s Corner in Muizenberg and hit the sand at Llandudno Beach in Cape Town.

Musings from the RSA Conference

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RSA Conference is this week in San Francisco. This event is like the annual prom for the security industry—part conference, part trade show, part “place to be.” In the midst of all the Diet Cokes that I shared with various conference participants, a few musings about the world of security have become clear. First, the level of threat exposure has never been higher. It wasn’t long ago that security meant PC security. Now it’s mobile and every connected device in your home.

WW2 to COVID-19: How Remote Tools Help Reinforce Development Post-Program eLearning

Speaker: Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO of About-Face Development

In a world where virtual learning is here to stay, answering the question of “What now?” requires us to thoughtfully evaluate how we got here and how we can leverage the knowledge gained during the pandemic to address one of trainings greatest historical challenges – how we reinforce learning to move from knowledge to behavior change. Join Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO of About-Face Development, LLC, for this illuminating discussion on how to keep the gears turning

Black Friday: Brought to you by Virtual

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We’ve all had one of those days when you think that your job has no meaning. And I’m sure some people look from the outside at someone working in technology consortia and think “Wow…that’s pretty arcane.”. But I need to look no further than Black Friday and Cyber Monday to realize that the work we do here at Virtual has a pretty significant impact on the world. Come Friday and Monday, countless shoppers will descend on the malls and web sites of the world to do their holiday shopping.

The Four Secrets to Making a Big Impression at Your Member Event

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Our team just wrapped up another PCI Security Standards Council Community Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland. With hundreds of attendees, scores of speakers and dozens of exhibitors, the meeting—and its counterparts in the US and Asia—have a ton of moving parts. But if I do say so myself, we hit it out of the park on these meetings. Our team does a phenomenal job of making them successful. So what’s our Secret Sauce? It comes down to focus.

Super Lessons

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I know the rest of the country doesn’t want to hear it, but all I’ve watched on TV this week is Super Bowl highlights. I’ve watched the replay of the game. I’ve watched the NFL films featuring the mic’d up players. And I’ve watched endless post-game analysis. And I learned quite a bit. Sure, some of it isn’t that related to what I do every day. Very few associations or standards groups have to decide where to find the open receiver in a Cover 2 zone. But some of it was right on target.

Be Like Yoda, Not Luke: Designing a Customer Success Program

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At Virtual, we pride ourselves on the long-term success of each of our clients. To achieve that, our individual team members have been given a voice and the agency to help clients succeed. In May 2017, I implemented a Customer Success Program out of our Nashville office that aims to tackle questions such as “What. View Article. The post Be Like Yoda, Not Luke: Designing a Customer Success Program appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc.

Happy Birthday, Standard Time

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On today in 1883, time zones launched in the United States. Prior to the time every major city had a "noon stick" where the sun being overhead set the time for noon and time was extrapolated from there. Who cared if Boston was a few minutes earlier than New York when the two were days apart on horseback. The railroads changed all that. And industry came together--albeit with heavy hand by the Vanderbilts--to solve the problem. Think a problem today is too big for industry standards to solve?

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Why Most eLearning Fails: How to Create eLearning that Gets Results

Speaker: Tim Slade, Speaker, Author, and Creator of The eLearning Designer's Academy

In this session, we will explore many of the reasons why most eLearning fails and the components that contribute to bad eLearning design. we will also explore how bad eLearning design can negatively affect the learning experience. Finally, this session will walk you through several practical methods you can immediately apply to fix your bad eLearning courses.

Social Media for Associations 101

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Before your association starts a social media account on every existing medium, you need to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Simply having a social media account won’t add value to your association, and if not done correctly, social media can actually inhibit progress. So before you get started, you need to answer these four questions: 1. What channels should you be on? How are you going to provide value? How will you engage your audience?, and ultimately, 4.

Doing Battle Against RFPs

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Analyze. Correct Course. Even in the Middle of Action. By all accounts, World War I was one of the deadliest armed conflicts in the history of mankind, a four-year campaign in which the technological capabilities of the combatants far surpassed military strategy. One of the more sorrowful realities of the war, though, was the. View Article. The post Doing Battle Against RFPs appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc. Association Management

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Preparing for the Bus

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We all know one, or maybe we are one. You know – the person that plans for all eventualities, including the most unbelievably improbable situations or opportunities. I like to think I’m that person now, but that wasn’t the case many years ago. For me, this was a lesson presented over and over and over. View Article. The post Preparing for the Bus appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc. Operations

Virtual Overview

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Reimagine What’s Possible Virtual’s strategic consulting and operational expertise ignite your organization’s growth. We partner with associations, standards organizations, consortia, advocacy groups, and professional societies in bringing your excellence to the market, so that you can shape the future. And help to change the world. Watch our corporate overview and get to know us. The post Virtual Overview appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc. Virtual

Does Your Company Need Help Solving These 4 Common eLearning Challenges?

If you want to know how to get ahead of the game and avoid the common mishaps in selling your eLearning courses, you’ve come to the right place! Lambda Solutions has identified the most common and costly challenges faced by eLearning providers today.

5 Minutes with Andy: Fear, Coughdrops, and Getting Naked

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5 Minutes with Andy (Podcast) Welcome to the second episode of Virtual’s new podcast, 5 Minutes with Andy, in which our CEO, Andy Freed, offers you tips, tricks, and insights into leadership, management, and business skills. In Episode Two, Andy discusses Patrick Lencioni’s book Getting Naked, which explores the management of professional services and how. View Article.

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1+1+1 = 5

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It happens every time businesses join forces. The leaders talk about “synergies.” In many cases, they’re referring to the cost savings they expect to be realized as the previously discrete organizations’ operations are combined. Of course, that kind of synergy is important. A more efficient organization can be more productive and competitive. Synergies that Deliver. View Article. The post 1+1+1 = 5 appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc.

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Introducing Virtual’s New Podcast: 5 Minutes with Andy

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5 Minutes with Andy (Podcast) Introducing the new Virtual podcast, 5 Minutes with Andy, in which Virtual, Inc.’s ’s CEO, Andy Freed, will be offering you tips, tricks, and insights into leadership, management, and business skills. In Episode One, Andy discusses the various benefits and lessons learned in Virtual joining forces with the Drohan Management Group. View Article.

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What Makes Virtual a Special Place to Work [VIDEO]

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The Virtual Family Virtual’s strategic consulting and operational expertise ignite your organization’s growth. What’s powering that is a team of highly passionate and highly collaborative team members. We are team players, truly caring about our clients and delivering service excellence every single day. Watch the video and get to know us! The post What Makes Virtual a Special Place to Work [VIDEO] appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc. Virtual

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Deliver Effective Online Education and Events Your Members Will Love

This guide identifies the biggest challenges for associations moving their training online and provides practical solutions so that you can hit the ground running. Download now to keep your members engaged and growing even in times of COVID-19.

The Most Important Things to Consider When Creating Your Association’s Annual Budget

Association Management

The budget: The lifeblood of any organization. Nonprofit and for-profit organizations wrestle continually with maintaining and improving their overall operations. Regardless of tax status, organizations must constantly strive for sustainability while keeping the mission in mind. Budgets should be a major part of every organization's plan. The budget is the realistic financial blueprint for the manifestation of an organization’s mission and goals.

And the Winner is … Your Organization

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The Oscars. The Nobel Prize. The Palme d’Or. The Man Booker Prize. The Pulitzer Prize. The world is captivated by the bestowing of awards for achievement. Whether we’re motivated by the appreciation of excellence or the wagers and debates these events often generate, we do pay attention to awards, as the 32.9 million people who. View Article. The post And the Winner is … Your Organization appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc.

Our Growth is Your Growth: How Employee Development Ensures Client Success

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Here at Virtual, our mission is to achieve long-term success by ensuring that every client we serve achieves or exceeds its strategic objectives. This can be boiled down to two words: clients first. Every move we make as a company is driven by our purpose to help clients succeed and thrive. Our team is an. View Article. The post Our Growth is Your Growth: How Employee Development Ensures Client Success appeared first on Professional Association Management Company | Virtual Inc.

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Scouting for Talent within Your Association Membership

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New York Yankees pitcher, Mariano Rivera, retired at the end of this baseball season. After all the years Rivera he’s spent in the league—he’s retiring at age 43—it’s easy to forget where he came from. But I won’t make you look it up. Rivera is a product of the New York Yankees farm system. (If you’re not a baseball fan, the farm system is a network of minor league teams that supports the major league teams—it’s where talent is developed).

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

Why Your Professional Association Needs a Strategic Plan…Right Now

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What’s an eight-letter word for association management? Strategy. And even though it should be the driving force behind your professional association’s agenda, strategic plans are often lacking in their most basic elements—including the imperative to stay current. Meg Whitman once described the evolution of eBay’s strategic mission in observing that strategy meetings went from being held once or twice per year, to being necessary several times a week.

Think QUICK for Better Board Members

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I’ve written before about how Boards need to be willing to drop bad members from the Board. Deadwood can kill a Board. But what makes a good Board member? Think QUICK. Q uestions: The best Board members have the courage to ask the hard questions of staff and their fellow Board members. U nderstanding: Board members don’t have to be subject matter experts, but they must take the time to develop an understanding of the organization and its mission.

Spinach and Standards: Much in Common

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My neighbor is a spinach farmer. Because his work is so much different than mine, I ask him about it whenever I can. What I’ve learned most through our conversations is that in farming, timing is everything. This past week is a great example of that. Ordinarily my neighbor would have seeded for his spring crop last week, to ensure that the seedlings would mature enough to survive the first frost.

Best Practices for Boards and Working Groups

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Sometimes you can find information for best practices for Boards and working groups in the most unusual of places. A recent article in a scientific journal entitled “ Why too much evidence can be a bad thing ” talks about how sometimes too much evidence can be a bad thing. In fact, as the article states, in ancient Jewish law, if a person was found unanimously found guilty by all judges, then the suspect was acquitted.

eLearning demand is at an all-time high. Pick the right LMS!

The need for online learning is greater than ever having the right LMS is absolutely crucial. Quickly, easily, and cost-effectively decide which Learning Management System is right for you with this 12-step guide from LMS implementation experts.

Meetings 5.0: Five Ways to Improve Your Events

Association Management

This week I’m speaking on a panel at the New England Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the session title is. But I know it has something to do with “innovations in meetings and programs.”. And while I’m not entirely sure of the topic, I’ve got some thoughts on how meetings are changing. Here’s my “high five.”. Presentations are shorter.

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Association Finance: How Much Cash Should You Have in Reserve?

Association Management

I’m not quite old enough to have seen the television commercials for Fletcher’s Castoria children’s laxative when they aired in the ‘60s. They carried the memorable tag line “Better than Prunes.” The commercials asserted that Fletcher’s Castoria was better than prunes because Fletcher’s removed the guesswork: “are three prunes enough, are six too many?”.

Report 173

The Three “I”s of Successful Tech Associations

Association Management

As someone who’s worked around technology associations for a long time, I often get asked: “So what are the secret traits of the groups that are the most successful?” ” Quite honestly, these secrets traits aren’t really so secret. In fact, I like to call them the three “I”s. All of the better-performing organizations I have worked with have had at least one of these traits; some of the great ones have had all three.

Winning Lessons from the World of Sports

Association Management

In Boston sports, these are “the good old days.” With the Sox winning championships, the Bruins contending for the Cup and Tom Brady slinging passes, it’s pretty fun to be a sports fan here. In honor of Boston sports, here’s what our four teams can teach associations: From the Red Sox: “Know your role.” When a ball is hit up the middle in baseball, you never see the shortstop and second basemen collide as they both go for it. That’s because they know exactly where the other one will be.

Boston 152

Build or Buy an LMS? How to Pick the Right Solution for Your Budget

BUDGET. When it comes to picking your next LMS that six-letter word is probably the most important part of the decision-making process. So, what are your options to get the best possible eLearning solution without breaking the bank? Build it or buy it. This guide from Lambda’s eLearning experts details absolutely everything you need to consider so you can pick the perfect eLearning solution for your organization and budget.

Fighting fury with F.I.R.E.

Association Management

The “bad” Board member. Every Board has one. Just say their name and people roll their eyes. This person exists on nearly every Board, but takes on different forms. Sometimes it’s a person who is intentionally disrupting the group’s activity. Sometimes it’s a person who monopolizes discussion. Sometimes it’s a person who is abusive to his peers and staff. So how do you deal with this person? Fight their fire with FIRE: F ind out what’s driving their behavior.

Diversifying from Dues: Ways to drive non-dues revenue for your association

Association Management

There are two truisms that affect association finances. First, most associations are financed primarily by dues. And second, when a member organization needs to cut its budget, the first line item they often look at is “Dues, fees and subscriptions.” ” So a diverse revenue stream isn’t just a “nice to have” for associations, it’s often a matter of survival. Fortunately, there are some tried and true strategies toward increasing revenue.

Simple Truths about Strategic Planning for Your Professional Association

Association Management

Too many professional associations function without a strategic plan. And whether they know it or not, they suffer major consequences. Without strategic planning, an organization lurches from priority to priority, depending on who has the loudest voice at the Board table; volunteers are frustrated, and critical goals go unmet. If you ask these groups why they don’t have a formal plan, the answer is almost always the same, “it’s too hard to create one.” It doesn’t have to be.

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Agenda Setting

Association Management

Ever really think about the agenda for a meeting? Often, agendas aren’t created with a lot of thought, they’re just a list of things that an association or consortium needs to cover in its meeting. But a properly structured agenda can be the difference between an effective meeting and one that drifts. Here are three tips for setting better agendas: 1. Set the tone: Is this going to be a meeting where you want to get people talking? If so, have a topic that gets people engaged right off the bat.

Need Remote Learning ASAP? Don’t Pick Your Next LMS Before Reading This!

Need to go remote or move your training programs online? Download this guide to identify and overcome the biggest eLearning challenges so you can pick the perfect LMS without wasting time, money, and effort, even if you are just starting your eLearning journey.