11 Strategies for Organizing a Virtual Conference


billion by 2028. While restrictions on gatherings due to COVID-19 are beginning to wind down, the popularity of virtual events is only increasing. According to one recent report , more than half (55%) of organizers plan to invest even more in virtual events. Another survey shows that the virtual event market is expected to be worth $504.76 It’s easy to understand why—virtual events are more inclusive, safe for your community, and allow organizers to cater to a broader audience.

Manufacturers Group Ties Anniversary to $10 Million Career Campaign

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million manufacturing jobs by 2028. In an attempt to reverse a lingering skills gap that is expected to grow in the coming years, the National Association of Manufacturers is launching a $10 million campaign. The National Association of Manufacturers, hitting its 125th anniversary, wants the public to think differently about manufacturing—and a new campaign timed to the 2020 elections is the way it plans to do it.


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HB2 Costing North Carolina Billions in Lost Business, Says AP Report

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billion by 2028, the AP reported, citing a state Commerce Department analysis. The Associated Press this week reported that the controversial law, which prevents local governments from passing LGBT protections, will cost North Carolina at least $3.76 billion in revenue over a dozen years—including nearly $200 million in lost concert, sports, and conference revenue.

How to Think Like a Futurist

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The signals for 2028 exist today. 2028 is not so far off that’s it completely unimaginable. Every January, articles about trends take over the internet. You’ve probably read a few yourself—including, we hope, the one published here last week about six non-obvious online learning trends for 2018. But every association has a distinct audience who may behave differently than how trend-spotters predict.

ASAE Shares Comments On “Cadillac” Tax

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Kaiser also found that the share of employers impacted could grow exponentially over the years if changes to plans are not made—up to 30 percent in 2023 and 42 percent in 2028. In comments to the IRS, ASAE suggests the excise tax on high-cost health plans could be a “nightmare” for employers and may result in a reduction of employees’ benefits.

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