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Achieving Success in Diversity and Inclusion

Association Advocacy Chick

Mariama Boney : For nearly 25 years, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee has promoted diversity and inclusion in association management, develop recommendations on how to make ASAE’s leadership and membership more diverse, and assisted ASAE with integrating diversity and inclusion into initiatives, education, or programs. AAC: The D&I Committee developed a new strategic plan for 2015-2017. Talk about some of the key points and what goes into developing such a plan. .

Now What?

Association Advocacy Chick

My professional development? This year marks some very important milestones for me. ASAE’s Diversity Executive Leadership Program otherwise known as DELP celebrates its 15th anniversary. March will be my 5th anniversary with my current employer. June will be the 1st anniversary of Generation Advocacy. August marks the 5th birthday of Association Advocacy Chick. I’m very excited about all of this. Yet, I’ve had this one nagging question on my mind: Now what?

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Would you pull a Claire Underwood?

Association Advocacy Chick

When it comes to our own career development, just how far are we willing to go to get that desired position? Warning: this blog post contain spoilers from season 3 of House of Cards. If you haven’t seen the entire season run, consider yourself warned. In season 3 of House of Cards, we find First Lady Claire Underwood seeking the UN ambassadorship to the United States.

With friends like Public Relations, who needs Lobbying?

Association Advocacy Chick

I think those of us who continue to advocate without developing any communications expertise run the risk of becoming useless. The Center for Public Integrity recently reported on how some trade associations were turning to public relations and advertising instead of lobbying to influence legislators. They point to the lack of disclosure rules and expansive outreach as factors in this shift.

ASAE15: We do we GO from here?

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” I have a number of goals including exploring new areas for non-dues revenue and developing a good relationship with my Board. ASAE 15 was a different experience for me than in years past. It was my first annual as an Executive Director. I missed the annual DELP reunion so it was my only opportunity to see most of my DELP family. It was our first annual meeting in Detroit. I could focus on the good, the bad and the unusual, but I’ve decided to go with what’s next.

Ignite me? Ignite you!

Association Advocacy Chick

Developing the topic, preparing the slides, practice rounds and finally, given the speech. My name is Stefanie and I’m obsessed with Ignite. For those not familiar, Ignite is an event where speakers have five minutes and 20 slides (auto-advanced every 15 seconds) to make a point.

Giving advice or giving away the store?

Association Advocacy Chick

Most recently, it has come in the form of giving advice to younger professionals looking to start or develop a career in government relations. I value the opportunity to give back and pay it forward. Within the last three weeks, I’ve received no less than four different requests to discuss my career and offer any tips on starting out. I don’t mind helping. However, I’m starting to wonder if advice is the only thing people want from me. Let me explain.

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When it comes to DELP, don’t just take my word for it

Association Advocacy Chick

I wanted to be part of a community that would allow me to grow and develop with peers who were like me, who understood our unique challenges. A hunger for personal growth and career development. I often talk about my DELP experience from the perspective of an alumna. But what is it like for someone new to the program?

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Open Community….from an advocacy prospective

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, social media divas Lindy Dreyer and Maddie Grant, CAE of SocialFish have published their first book, Open Community. The book offers advice to associations looking to either create or expand their online communities with the help of social media.

Yes you can: government relations on the CAE exam

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For our presentation, Brian and I focused on developing the mindset to tackle Domain 6 as opposed to focusing on the specific exam content.

What blogging and the Foo Fighters taught me about acceptance

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Topics included developing content, using blogs for advocacy (LOVE!), Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending Progress U’s Blogger Summit (PUBS) sponsored by DelCor Technology Solutions. Led by the lovely and talented KiKi L’Italien, I spent an entire day learning from some of the best association bloggers in the world (yes, they’re that good). How can you miss with a line up that included Maddie Grant, Jamie Notter, Maggie McGary, Jeff De Cagna, and Deirdre Reid?

Want my respect? Be willing to sort the mail

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How does one develop this mentality? I credit my upbringing for developing a strong work ethic. I started my career as an assistant to the Government Relations Director of a small association. My job was doing his grunt work: filing, faxing, sorting mail, and answering phones. I even made coffee. What I didn’t do was anything related to advocacy. No lobbying visits, no advocacy training, no coalition meetings.

Advocacy and social media: A case study from ASHA

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As well, we are members of a larger social media liaisons group within ASHA which gets together on a bimonthly basis to share new developments in social media, successes we’ve had and what has not worked as well.

No, I’m not a (fill in the blank).

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” I then proceed with this long soliloquy about lobbying being its own profession and how we develop policy that benefits the members. My career in association government relations spans 16 years with 11 of those representing individual members. If there’s one question I get asked more often than not, it’s this… Are you a member of the association? . When I reply “no”, it’s usually followed up with “Why?”

Welcome DELP newbies

Association Advocacy Chick

You will gain so much from DELP: professional development, networking opportunities, and new contacts just to name a few. You may think you just applied for a professional development program. Uncategorized ASAE associations delp Detroit Professional Development Congratulations to the DELP class of 2014-2016! Soon you will meet in DC to receive a formal orientation on all things DELP and ASAE.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Association Advocacy Chick

I contacted one of my fellow lobbyists and over the course of the next three months developed a draft proposal. One of my first AAC blog posts discussed the ASAE’s 2010 annual meeting and what I learned from it. One of my points highlighted a lack of government relations programming. Knowing that more than a few of my GR colleagues attend annual as well as association executives prepping for the CAE exam, I felt that we were being shortchanged.

How I stopped leaning on notes and started learning to trust myself

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In fact, I’ve spent more time developing notes than actually using them. Looking back over 2012, I’ve done a number of presentations spanning from advocacy to middle children. Whenever I prepare for a presentation, I start by drafting notes. Notes are a great way to organize your thoughts and ensure that you stay on topic. Recently, I was asked to give remarks to student members in town for a visit. As usual, I sat down and sketched out what I wanted to say.

When it comes to advocacy, don’t ignore Gen Y

Association Advocacy Chick

Some want to develop a network. If you get your younger members into the PAC early, you will develop a regular contributor who will encourage others to do the same. The following post is a reprint of a guest post I did for XYZ University in September 2012. A special thanks to Sarah Sladek for allowing me to participate! Go to virtually any association’s website and you will find advocacy listed as a membership benefit. Is it really a benefit?

Ripping up the script

Association Advocacy Chick

One year, MTV hosted a behind-the-scenes look at the amount of time, effort and insanity that goes into developing such a production. Once upon a time, I was a faithful MTV viewer. I remember making the mad dash home at 3:15 from high school to be home by 4 to see the latest world premiere video (cough, Alphabet Street by Prince, cough). Just like any faithful MTV viewer, the one event I looked forward to the most was the Video Music Awards now known as the VMA’s.

Having a lasting impact

Association Advocacy Chick

Despite having nothing in common on the surface, we quickly developed a working relationship based on collaboration and trust. He would always say “ Look, people will see us together and think you’re my assistant” “I want them to see you as an equal “ I was hired to run ASHA’s political action committee, but developed an interest in lobbying. Reed was also supportive of my professional development.

DC 9

One Year Later…

Association Advocacy Chick

We first met by e-mail, became association colleagues via Twitter and developed a friendship in real life. On August 26, 2010, I started Association Advocacy Chick with one post and no clue what the heck I was doing. Sure, blogging seemed easy enough. But what exactly would I write about? Who was my audience? How often would I post? So many questions and hardly any answers. Yet, I created an account on WordPress and started spouting.

Bringing the all-stars to bat

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It’s rare that I do two AAC posts in one week, but the discussion that has developed since Jeffrey Cufaude’s post Getting More Players on the All-Star Team has struck a chord with me. This program serves as a training ground for developing today’s association leaders. It’s a subject I know all too well and wanted to offer a slightly different perspective on it. I am a 37 year-old african-american female association lobbyist.

When no turns into something great

Association Advocacy Chick

As a fan, I’m not in love with her new record, but I have develop a fondness for her current radio hit Best Thing I Never Had. I’m a Beyoncé fan. She’s a great singer who knows the meaning of showmanship. The song tells of the virtues of finding out that the love of your life was a complete jerk before it was too late. I was listening to this song earlier today and made a striking observation. I have back to back conferences starting with APA11 in DC on August 3.

My weekend in the “D” – an open letter to my DELPers

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However, by Sunday evening as you flew home, my hope is that you understand that this program is more than just professional development, it’s about family. Dear DELPers, This past weekend, we came together in the Detroit area for a special purpose. It was the 10th anniversary reunion of the Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP).

Black Like Me

Association Advocacy Chick

It’s time we have these conversations and provide professional development. Earlier this week, Kristin Clarke wrote a dynamic piece for ASAE’s Acronym blog entitled White Like Me. Using the context of the midterm elections which resulted in no African-Americans in the Senate, she describes the continuing frustration of not having more African-Americans serving in association leadership positions. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here.

So fortunate

Association Advocacy Chick

How often do you hear that when talking about people you met through a professional development program? However, DELP is more than just your typical professional development program. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of getting together with some of my fellow Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP) scholars. At one point, I was looking around at the table and thought Wow, how did I get to hang out with such cool people?

Fully Developing Your Volunteer Workforce


#FSAE17 is the first of 3 stops this summer to share what we discovered. in the ASAE Foundation research on optimizing association volunteerism. through mutually beneficial programs. Here's a look at what we're. sharing


Developing a Culture of Innovation

Jamie Notter

Guest post, by Amanda Kaiser. Kodak, a once a $10 billion dollar company, failed. Just when they needed to innovate the most, they focused on optimization instead. Innovation and optimization are at either ends of the spectrum. It’s hard to do both.

4 steps to develop association member personas.

YourMembership Blog

Let’s get personal with 1:1 association marketing. The term “persona” may sound like highfalutin jargon. But, really, it’s just the latest term for what always has been Marketing 101: Know your audience, and deliver what’s interesting and relevant to it. This is especially true for associations.

Emerging Leaders Need More than Leadership Development

Beth Kanter's Blog

The project, which combined peer learning and mentoring together with an online “ Emerging Leaders Playbook ,” offered a new and entirely virtual approach to leadership development. Emerging Leaders Need More than Leadership Development. Flickr Image – ImageGroup.

Designing Professional Development for the Distracted Learner

Beth Kanter's Blog

Bersin by Deloitte’s infographic “ Meet the Modern Learner ” is an excellent summary of the challenges facing trainers who need to design and deliver professional development for nonprofit professionals. Bersin by Deloitte’s infographic “Meet the Modern Learner”.

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Taking Personal Development Seriously


Frequently, these intentions are related to personal development. Other things get in the way, new developments get our attention, and, frankly, our will power to do the hard work needed to carry through with the resolution wasn’t as strong as we thought it would be.

Develop a Revenue-Generating Sponsored Digital Content Program

Associations Now

While the content should be developed and come from the sponsor, since these supplements may also have the association’s branding on it, it is important that the association gives some oversight.

How to Develop a Long-Term Member Engagement Strategy


Member Engagement Analytics Content Strategy Customer Marketing

Tapping Training and Development For Top Talent

Associations Now

A new study sheds light on how much employees value training and development programs. While by no means a scientific study, and one that encompasses a relatively small sample size of 1,000 respondents, the survey does suggest the importance of employee development programs.

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Experiential Leadership Development

Beth Kanter's Blog

I’ve just returned from week-long leadership development program in Israel called “ Reality Storytellers ” hosted by the Schusterman Foundation. ” I like the way leadership development ideas were integrated into the program.

Seven Professional Skills Community Managers Should Consider Developing

Higher Logic

Over the past decade, I’ve watched community management go from something that was primarily self-taught to a discipline with a wide variety of professional development opportunities. Because of this, there are lots of other professional development opportunities that we can benefit from.

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Credit Union Group Develops Interactive Virtual Classrooms

Associations Now

The new format also helps CUES develop additional education content and bolster its existing content—which is central to its mission to educate and develop credit union CEOs, directors, and future leaders.

Investing in Yourself: Professional Development for Community Managers

Higher Logic

Our guest blogger Rachel Happe co-founded The Community Roundtable to support business leaders developing their community and social business strategies. It's so easy to put professional development on the back burner. Professional development networks.

Brief Professional Development Models for Event Planners

Cvent Association Tips

With many organizations cutting back on training due to difficulties in releasing employees from the job for long stretches of time, it's increasingly important to come up with new models for professional development.