5 secrets for getting the most out of remote AMS demos

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The most important aspect of association management software selection are the vendor demos. Here’s how to make sure you get the demos you need, even when you and your vendors are working remotely. When you’re searching for your next association management software (AMS) solution, product demos are extremely important. Here are five secrets to getting the most out of software vendor demos, even when your staff and the vendor are in different locations. Request a demo.

Nimble AMS wins Demo Jam at Salesforce World Tour

Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS, Salesforce’s recommended solution for professional and trade associations , was selected as the winner of the 2019 Demo Jam. Demo Jam is a competition between 5-7 apps who showcase their most impressive app in a 3-minute demo. At the end of the demos, the winner is the app with the most votes from the audience. Every Nimble AMS customer has access to the latest technology thru 3 free upgrades per year. Nimble AMS Technology

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2020 Association Technology Trends And Predictions

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Want to know what’s on the horizon for association technology in 2020? But when it comes to association technology trends, you don’t necessarily have to look far into the future to see the road ahead. Did you happen to see the demo of the “unbreakable” window on Tesla’s Cybertruck?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

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Purchasing new technology is a big undertaking. Ariel Brandt Lautman , Online Community Manager for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, has a list of questions to review before she purchases new technology. The more people on your team, the more likely it is you’ll have different tolerances for technology. Ariel’s Expert Tip: Demo sites sometimes have simplified processes, especially if you’re looking for features above and beyond the baseline.

New Year, New Technology?

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Technology. New Year, New Technology? It’s an excellent time to reevaluate the technology you’re using. The goal behind technology, as I’ve written in past posts, is to simplify your daily tasks. Sure, many of us choose to purchase technology because we want to be the first with some cool gadget or we find a device that allows us to play Angry Birds anywhere we want, but the primary goal should be making us more efficient.

Gamification: Before You Implement the Technology.

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Technology. Gamifiying your organization is not about technology. Schedule a free live Online Demo. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing. Company. News + Press. Customers. Management Team. Partner Programs. Corporate Responsibility. Inside YM. Careers. Contact. YourMembership.com Blog.

Catch Nimble AMS at the 2019 ASAE Technology Exploration Conference

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2019 ASAE Technology Exploration Conference December 3-4 in Washington, DC. association technology professionals will gather for learning sessions, demos, and hands-on training to discover how the latest technology can drive their organizations to new levels of success. Advancing the Association and Nonprofit Community through Technology Exploration,”?the Nimble AMS TechnologyWhere and when you can visit with the Nimble AMS team while you’re there.

What Technology Makes the Must-Have List?

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Technology. What Technology Makes the Must-Have List? Working in a technology company means we have a lot of early adopters. I recently asked this group of experts what technology they couldn’t live without. Okay, so we also have some comedians at YourMembership.com but velcro is technology in the sense that technology is only a tool for helping you become more efficient. What technology (app, software, website, gadget, etc.)

Technology Assessments and Association IT: Part 2


WHAT 2 YEARS OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENTS REVEAL ABOUT ASSOCIATION IT: Infrastructure & Management. When we perform technology assessments for clients, we use our IT Maturity Model to gauge how effectively they’re managing IT across four domains: data, digital, infrastructure, and management. What are the most common technology issues for these associations? Develop standards for technology skills competencies.

Interview: The Surprising Benefits of In-House Technology Development

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A decade ago, NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) set out on a mission to modernize their whole organization through technology. Is your association sitting on a piece of technology that others could benefit from? And of course, if the problem of coordinating volunteer teams sounds painfully familiar to you, you can demo Lineup and see how NCARB solved the problem Solving pain points for your members can provide results for associations everywhere.

3 Must-Haves in Your Marketing Technology Stack (#3 Might Surprise You)


You need technology that extends all the way to the end of your customer’s lifecycle – including the time they’re an active customer. But what technology do you use to connect with your existing customers? What’s the first thing you do every day?

How to Create Your Association Technology Vendor Shortlist (by Cutting Through the Sales Speak)


Remember, one person’s user-friendly technology is another’s nightmare, so look for trends and common themes in the reviews. A technology company should have an up-to-date web presence. Buying a car can be a frustrating process.

In 2017, Take Control of Your Technology

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In many ways, the notion of the “middle” has come to define association technology this year. By making its original changes opt-out only, so that users would automatically be enrolled into the new features unless they changed their account settings, the company sent a message—intended or not—that its technology was more important than its users’ privacy,” Mashable ’s Karissa Bell wrote. The post In 2017, Take Control of Your Technology appeared first on Associations Now

Top Technology Strategy Tips for NiUG Discovery

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As we pack and ship our materials, arrange meetings with partners, clients and associations, and put the finishing touches on our TopClass demos, we started thinking about our top technology strategy tips for getting the most out of the conference. NiUG conferences offer expert instructors who have real-life experience, networking, and exhibitors that feature the newest technologies. Technology is constantly changing and for success, your organization needs to change with it!

Conference Circuit: Education Technology Advocates Cross Digital Divides

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A Boston accelerator brings community members together to discuss ways to improve and expand use of technology to improve education. Modern educators may have access to a wealth of technology resources, but many of these potentially groundbreaking tools have yet to achieve their full potential. The post Conference Circuit: Education Technology Advocates Cross Digital Divides appeared first on Associations Now

Best Practices for Selecting an LMS

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Develop a list of all of these requirements, which could be anywhere from 25 to over 50, and have the list handy for any calls or demos you have with potential LMS providers. From there, it’ll be important to actually see the product you may be purchasing, so you’ll want to make sure that each LMS provider you are evaluating can provide a demo and/or a trial of the platform. The next step will be to see a demo of the platform. Selecting an LMS is a big decision.

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Make Sure Your Association’s Next Virtual Event is a Hit


List key milestones, such as choosing a virtual event technology platform and lining up speakers, and provide plenty of time for each one. Use event technology that supports interaction and networking in the online experience.

Fun and games for associations

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Or, if you’re unveiling a new education module, consider making the demo a game. Gamification is mostly about psychology, not technology, the authors wrote. Filed under: Associations , Meetings , Social Media Tagged: associations , badges , blogs , Clickipedia , customers , employees , EventMobi , Facebook , FourSquare , games , gamification , Incentive Research Foundation , loyalty , mobile technology , motivation , networking , rewards , social media , technology , whitepaper.

How to Make Your Virtual Events Better Than The Rest


It was time for the next demo. The purpose of Event Camp Vancouver was to explore how the latest technologies could be incorporated into events without losing the human element. Since that time, new platforms and technologies have come and gone. You might want to add this platform to your demo list for their networking featured between attendees. Technology & Production. COLUMNS event technology hybrid events virtual events

Why now is the perfect time to research your next AMS

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While it may not be a good time for the purchase itself, today represents a strategic opportunity to review your current association technology and start making moves toward a new AMS system that will serve your organization (and your members) better. You might find that there are fewer major organizational projects and distractions – giving you more time to research potential software, write and issue a strong request for proposal (RFP) , and watch product demos. Technology

Association Website Footers Matter. A Lot.


complete a form or watch a demo). Technology GrowthAre you paying attention to the footer on your association’s website? If not, you’re missing an opportunity (and you’re not alone). A LOT more people see the footer than you might think (particularly on mobile). It’s an essential element of any website. A website footer, found at the bottom of a web page: helps boost conversions. builds credibility. reduce bounce rates. improves SEO. enhances user experience.

5 things every association should know about Salesforce-based AMS solutions

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Associations need technology that facilitates business with both individuals and organizations. Using this method, the Nimble AMS team provides a continuous stream of upgrades and innovation so customers are always using the same version of the latest AMS and Salesforce technology.

Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Pricing available on the GrowthZone website and product demos available upon request. Product demo available upon request. Product demo and pricing available upon request. Product demo and pricing available upon request. Free Demo. Productivity Technology Growth

Don't Get Left in Time

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Technology. ” For technology enthusiasts this means a lot of things involving servers and data but to many users it means receiving new features immediately — no downloads, no installs, no waiting. Schedule a free live Online Demo. Tags: cloud , new feature , SaaS , software as a service , Technology , transparency. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social.

Everyone should get to play in the (Salesforce) sandbox

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Request a demo. Nimble AMS Technology ITDon’t get caught without a full sandbox for your Salesforce-based AMS. Your Salesforce-based association management software system should include a full sandbox. Here’s why. Considering an association management software (AMS) system built on Salesforce ? Congratulations! Salesforce is the leading CRM and cloud development platform, and it has the potential to transform your organization.

5 things your association can automate right now

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TECH TIP: Nimble AMS uses Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) technology , enabling point-and-click AI. Using this technology, you can easily make predictions and provide automated, intelligent member guidance. With workflow automation technology, you set up business rules in software that automatically route data and files between people and systems. With the right technology, your organization can become more efficient and deliver a better member experience.

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Join Nimble AMS at 2020 ASAE Virtual Annual Meeting

Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS team August 10-12 at our virtual booth in the Technology and Business Services hall. You can see a live demo, talk with the Nimble AMS team via video or text chat, and even get a chance to win one of multiple Amazon gift cards. Request a demo. 2020 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting looks a little different this year (it’s gone virtual!). But you can still join the?Nimble

I Don’t Know What an AMS is and at This Point I’m Too Afraid to Ask


An AMS, or Association Management System, is a cloud-based technology solution for associations and nonprofits that allows them to manage all aspects of their organization in one place. You’ll listen to sessions, join in discussions, preview twenty AMS demos, and meet with industry partners and consultants who can help you determine which AMS is best for you and your organization. TechnologyAs an association professional, you probably hear about AMSs all the time.

LMS Support: Top questions you’re not asking your LMS vendors — but should

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Certainly, you need the features and functionality your learners expect, and you need the administrative features and functionality that align with your existing technology and learning program. Nothing – not sparkling demos, a fancy web site, or sales incentives – is as important as finding a strong, growing, dedicated LMS vendor with a customer-focused culture.

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Be Quick About it ? Friday Fix

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Technology. Culture, technology, television, social media…whatever you want to blame…has conditioned us to expect instant gratification. Schedule a free live Online Demo. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing. Company. News + Press. Customers. Management Team. Partner Programs.

How Associations Increase Membership Sales


Schedule a brief demo and learn more. Technology Revenue Solutions GrowthYou may not realize it, but you’re in the business of selling. Think about it. You sell memberships. Renewals. Sponsorships. Certifications. And conference registrations. Get the idea? But how do you really succeed in sales? It starts with being able to track and manage the sales process. Using a sales funnel, anyone can master the art of cultivating and closing sales. Watch a quick video about the.

8 ways to cut the cost of new association management software

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Also, be sure to ask your technology partner to help you make the right decisions when it comes to migrating data. Request a demo. Technology Executive ITDon’t let your new AMS implementation grow beyond the budget. AMS sticker shock? It may be time to embrace change to lower the price of your new system. Here’s how. A new association management software (AMS) system is a major investment in your organization’s future.

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Stop throwing money at your old association management software

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All customers are always using the same version of the latest technology without hassles and extra costs. This approach also enables the continuous stream of upgrades, while keeping all customers on the latest version of the technology without the risk of breaking their solution. Join us for a live, 15-minute group demo. Get your board on board to approve budget for new association technology. Technology

Customer Service in Your Member Organization

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Technology. Today’s technology, can help us make our members feel special even those we only see once a year. Schedule a free live Online Demo. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing. Company. News + Press. Customers. Management Team. Partner Programs. Corporate Responsibility.

What Video’s Rapid Rise Means for Your Association

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Since the engagement factor of video is arguably better than it is for any other medium, the value of a product demo is increased for both the member and the supplier. Technology has come downstream, allowing anyone with a smartphone the opportunity to produce reasonably good video. Features Technology ComScore educate eMarketer Marcus Underwood technology video By Marcus Underwood.

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4 steps to successful virtual events for your association

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Here are a few to include: Select an event technology platform. Train staff and speakers on your technology platform. Upload content into your technology platform. Review and test your technology platform. We hear a lot these days about virtual events.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.26.20

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– Virtual Event Demo Days. To help with this ASAE has developed Virtual Event Demo Days featuring a presentation by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele of Tagoras, a leading consultancy that helps organizations select and implement learning platforms and researchers behind The Virtual Conferences Report , demos of 12 virtual event platforms and a wrap-up discussion. – Virtual Event Demo Days. Hosts: Breezio and Adage Technologies.

FocusOn Learning 2017: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Presentations Educational

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They asked questions throughout the session and enjoyed playing through the games I demoed for them. One attendee demoed his own film lighting simulation software for me after the session which was incredibly impressive. Instructional Design Managing eLearning Assocations collaboration conferences development process elearning game based learning instructional design SME Technology Web Courseworks

An Associations Journey to Find a Smarter AMS


Schedule A Free GrowthZone AMS Demo Today! Productivity TechnologyAn inside look at one GrowthZone customer’s journey from an outdated data management system to a full AMS complete with NAHB WMS upload. Veteran association professional, Natalie Fryer of the Home Builders Association of Fayetteville, recognized their 400-member organization had outgrown their existing association management software. What was state-of-the-art in 2007 was now simply outdated.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.25.20

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How to Scope and Implement Virtual Event Technology. Virtual event technology is key for pulling off a virtual event, but implementing new tech is never easy. Learn the four stages of scoping and implementing virtual technology to ensure consistent data, improve the attendee experience, increase engagement, prove ROI, and build effective cross-functional teams. Presenters: Taylor Bohn, Senior Event Technology Analyst at Cvent. Host: Unleashed Technologies.