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?6 ways AMS technology can make your small association’s event planning easier

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There’s no need to struggle through event planning because you have a small staff. An AMS system with modern event technology built in can make your association’s event planning easier. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Email Marketing Social Media Non-dues Revenue Event Management

What Associations Can Borrow From the No-Code Trend

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Both startups and large companies are finding a lot to like about a recent trend of building tools using graphical websites, rather than in a code editor. For associations, it could be a way to cover gaps in your technical staff.

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Know Your ABCs: Associations Benefit from Committees

Association Adviser

Committees are the lifeblood of associations. Here's how you can better appreciate their value and identify steps you can take to better realize that value. The post Know Your ABCs: Associations Benefit from Committees appeared first on Association Adviser. Association Management Features

15 Nonprofit Website Best Practices You Need to Know in 2020

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Whether you're looking to refresh your nonprofit's website or create a new one from scratch, be sure to follow the latest best practices in nonprofit website design for 2020


AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

3 quick tips for small associations to show their thankfulness

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Why do I call it an art? There’s no art behind being thankful. Anyone can do it, right? Anyone can be thankful but expressing the thanks in a meaningful way (to the recipient) is an art. In this case I’m not talking about the medium, I’m referring to the message.

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Success Stories: 9 Award-Winning Customers Highlighted at Super Forum 2019

Higher Logic

Every year at Super Forum , we award customers who went above and beyond with their communities and automated campaigns. We’d like to take a moment to look back at the 2019 winners and share the tips and tricks they’re using to truly shine. Meet 9 Award-Winning Higher Logic Customers.

How to Collect Member Feedback the Right Way

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Gathering member feedback and taking action on the results is a foolproof way to increase member retention. This guide will show you exactly how to go about collecting feedback from your members

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How to boost your association’s revenue with YM Careers

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?You might already know the importance of an online career center for providing member value. According to the Community Brands Member Engagement and Loyalty Study, job opportunities are tied for the number one reason people join a professional membership organization.

How to Use Learner Journey Mapping to Improve the Educational Experience

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How to Use Learner Journey Mapping to Improve the Educational Experience. Read more about How to Use Learner Journey Mapping to Improve the Educational Experience

Meet the Team – Jackie Bessette, Business Development Manager

Moery Company

Transcript: Hi guys, it’s Jackie Bessette, Business Development Manager at The Moery Company and I am here today to share a little bit about my background.

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Why Your Organization Needs a Member Satisfaction Survey + 20 Questions

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A member satisfaction survey is a great tool your organization can use to identify the needs of your members and how to best meet them. This article will help you get started

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Association check-up: 3 questions to consider in the new year

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There’s nothing like a new year for a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to take stock and think about ways to renew and refresh how your association goes about its business. Here are three questions to ask yourself: 1. What could we do to boost non-dues revenue?

Members Hire Strategic Solutions

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Breaking news. Executives and Professionals seek strategic solutions from their Associations. Facing increasing pressure to produce results, they only engage in activities that help them overcome business challenges and achieve results.

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Work Doesn’t Have to Suck

Jamie Notter

In our first two books, Maddie and I were fairly traditional on the dedication page—the first one went out to our respective parents, and the second one was dedicated to our respective kids.

The Best Membership Marketing Strategies for Any Organization in 2020

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Membership marketing is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your organization’s membership program. Here are some of the top membership marketing strategies you should be using in 2020

?6 ways AMS technology can make your small association’s event planning easier

YourMembership Blog

There’s no need to struggle through event planning because you have a small staff. An AMS system with modern event technology built in can make your association’s event planning easier. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Email Marketing Social Media Non-dues Revenue Event Management

#ASAEIdeas20: Think Different, Be Different

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Monday’s Main Stage speakers encouraged attendees to think differently about failure, confidence, and data as a way to position themselves and their organizations as better leaders. Don’t be afraid to fail. Wear self-confidence proudly. Don’t overly rely on data.

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How do we successfully re-engage our lapsed members? – Ask JP #014

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Transcript: Hey, we’ve got another question today, I really love answering these! Today’s question is around membership and it’s a great one, “How do we successfully re-engage our lapsed members?”

Eliminating the Biggest Obstacle to Recruiting Volunteers


National Volunteer Week is fast approaching. With demanding work schedules, long commutes, and always-connected office cultures, members feel they lack the time to volunteer. Here are a few ways you can help members eliminate the obstacle of time

A Simple Approach to Social Media Policy


If your organization is using social media or just starting to get serious about its management of social media, you should spend some time developing a social media policy as part of your. overall digital governance plan.

How to Extract More Value From Your Content Strategy

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Those content pillars your association leans on appear to be holding your association up, but they may be holding it back. Here’s a case for tying content to your brand’s ambitions. By Eric Goodstadt.

Five Steps to Modernize Your Association’s Membership Dues Model for Growth

Moery Company

Does more than 50% of your revenue come from membership dues? If so, you may be joining the numerous associations that are now addressing taking a real good look at their business models this year by resetting their membership dues and modernizing their membership categories.

10 Proven Member Engagement Strategies for Associations


According to the recent results from GrowthZone’s 2020 Association Survey , the majority of respondents indicated an improvement in year-over-year association engagement rates.

What content metrics actually matter?

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If you take a moment to head to the analytics page for your Twitter profile , you’ll find tons of data: How many tweets you posted in the past 28 days, how many impressions they got, the number of profile visits your account received, the top follower you gained and exactly how popular your most popular tweet was in the same stretch of time. Curious about Instagram? No problem. There are analytics for that, too, which help tell you the most popular time of day for your posts and the basic demographics of who it is that’s looking. Depending on your LinkedIn account, you can even find out exactly who it is that’s interested in your profile. Pay for a third-party platform like SocialFlow or Buffer, and you’re bound to get even more points. With the amount of information it’s possible to collect not only from our social media accounts but also our email campaigns and websites, it’s easy to feel totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of numbers. . Knowing which ones actually matter, however, is far less complicated. . Betsy Reid is the communications and marketing director at PEAK Grantmaking, an association of grant-writing professionals. In that role, which she’s held less than a year, Reid has begun to rethink the strategy around content and how the organization reaches out to its members. An integral part of that, she said, is understanding what actually moves them. . “I just go back to the simple question of, ‘how do you measure success?’” Reid said. “What are the measures that are going to help me understand and maximize my progress toward meeting goals?” . To define those, Reid said she looks to ensure the organization is creating high-value content that can help move someone along the membership pipeline to convert a casual observer, so to speak, to a paying member. “This is a little corny, but I feel like content is paving the road of the member journey because it’s what gets people excited,” she said. “They’re looking for solutions. We’re getting them excited about coming to us, to take an action and engage with us.”. And that, Reid said, is the key: Taking action. . It’s one thing to know how many impressions your tweet or Instagram profile or Facebook video got in a certain window of time, but the data most indicative of success is that which tells a story of action. “Opening things, logging in, downloading, taking actions, joining, registering, participating, subscribing, creating an account,” Reid said. “All of those things, you start to go, ‘wow, they’re really engaging with us.’” . The key is in looking at data defined by a verb. Only then can you start to dive in further and take a look at audience segments to understand what motivates them. . “(If) there are 40,000 people who went to our website last month, that’s not useful,” Reid said. “What does it mean, and how can I act on it? Which people? Who? What are they doing there? And how are they moving through their journeys?”. Focusing only on the metrics that can actually help you define and refine that journey for your different audience segments is a time-saver. It’s a simple thing to help a team work smarter, not harder. For example, Reid said, she and her team used some of these action metrics to develop a segmented email campaign for new resources available through PEAK. By segmenting emails for the availability of those resources to the general public and organization members, Reid said, the organization saw hundreds of new individual members joining over a matter of weeks. . “When you do these things in a smart way,” Reid said, “you get results.” . The post What content metrics actually matter? appeared first on Engage People Invigorate Revenue

Daily Buzz: Give All Members a Chance to Volunteer

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Volunteering shouldn’t require a heavy time commitment. Also: how to successfully navigate change. Your members are busy, and even if they’d like to help your association by volunteering, it can feel daunting to add another important commitment to their laundry list of tasks.

Case Study: Membership Sales Success – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 222

Moery Company

Want to learn how to experience extraordinary growth when it comes to you association’s membership sales? Listen in to this week’s episode as JP Moery divulges five proven ways that you can do just that. Transcript: Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast.

3 Ways to Bump Up Your Member Recruitment Game


If there’s one common goal for associations and chambers across the globe, it’s grow , grow , grow. But you know as well as we do.easier said than done. So where are some of the best places to find new members? Are there any “hot spots” you’re currently leaving untapped?

Product Spotlight: Conversion Capture

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We’ve all been there as consumers. e go to a website, place an item in our shopping cart, and then decide. “Eh, Eh, maybe not. At least not yet.” We leave the page, we think on it for a few days, and maybe we come back or maybe we don’t.

What Associations Should Know About California’s AB 5

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California’s “gig economy” law has created a lot of questions for organizations that hire independent contractors in the state. Changes may be coming, but in the meantime the measure sets out some clear guidelines, an employment lawyer says.

3 simple ways artificial intelligence can help your association

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It’s time to move forward with AI. AI is not only within reach for associations, it’s a must-do. Here are three simple ways to get started. Artificial intelligence (AI) might seem out of reach for your association.

Introducing MemberClicks' New Webinar Series!


If you like MemberClicks’ blog posts (which we hope you do!), then you’re going to LOVE this. Beginning this month, we’re launching a quarterly webinar series! And here’s why you NEED to register…. They’ll be hosted by some of the industry’s best and brightest.

6 steps for marketing your livestream!


Define your offerings and goals Before you begin your marketing efforts, you must know what you are selling. This should always be the first step of a marketing team, asking the questions.

Daily Buzz: The Right Way to Use Online Collaboration Tools

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Maintain proper etiquette when communicating through messaging apps at work. Also: Boost your brand presence on Instagram. With the rise of workplace messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, today’s workers are doing much of their collaborating online.

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