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Report: Association Execs Have Long-Term Concerns About Economy, AI, More

Associations Now

A newly released McKinley Advisors report identified the five most prominent trends facing executives in the next decade. Association leaders will face challenges in five key areas across the next decade, according to a new survey. Earlier this year, association consultancy McKinley Advisors asked association executives, “What major trends or changes do you expect to occur within the field or industry your association represents over the next five to 10 years?

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Blog | Are You Setting Expectations for Event Attendees? | Multiview


Hosting an event is an exciting opportunity to bring people together, share knowledge, and build connections within your industry. However, it is important to ensure inclusivity and safety for all participants. One way to achieve this is by creating a comprehensive code of conduct for your event. A code of conduct sets expectations for behavior, promotes a respectful environment, and helps prevent and address any issues that may arise.


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Help Members Make Time for Association Programs by Emphasizing Their Need for Personal Growth

WBT Systems

You know what’s scary for associations? When people think they have no time for “workplace-adjacent activities.

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How to Make Changes Faster

Associations Now

Associations have more data to work with than ever, but that can paralyze decision-making. Many choices made quickly can be worth the risk. During the pandemic, associations learned a lot about how quickly they can change what they do. From shifting to remote work to building hybrid events, they countered the cliche of the “slow-moving ship” that’s long been attached to the industry.

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Increase Member Value with Modern Training Experiences

Unlock the potential of your membership association by prioritizing modern member training experiences. In this white paper, we discuss the infrastructure behind an excellent learner experience for members, and how a modern upgrade can turn into major retention gains down the road. You’ll gain insights from real-life examples and identify and address common UX blind spots that may be undermining your current training initiatives.

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Generative AI, Associations, Ethics, and Regulation

Spark Consulting

Maddie Grant (PROPEL), Jennifer Yarrish (AARP), Paul Roetzer (Marketing AI Institute), and I recently had a great conversation about associations’ role in the ethics of generative AI and in regulation of the technology for UST Education. Topics we addressed included: What are the critical ethical concerns related to the creation and use of generative AI tools?

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Advance DEIA Goals Through Data-Driven Decisions

Associations Now

Data-driven organizations are willing to take an honest look at their data and then find solutions to the issues that may be uncovered. Here’s how the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards used its data to further diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility goals around its Architect Registration Examination. When Katherine Matthews, CAE, started working at the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards , the association had already made strides to become a data-dr

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Student-Led Podcast Strategies Build Member Participation

Associations Now

Association podcasts that involve student volunteers can help fellow students gain important insights into their industry. But since students juggle volunteering with other responsibilities, how can you keep them engaged in the podcast process? One group found that focusing on storytelling and staying flexible can help. During the pandemic, the New York Chapter of the American College of Physicians’ medical student committee approached staff with a podcast idea.

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Maximizing Member Insights with Google Analytics Events

AMR Management Services

We’ve asked, “Are Associations Still Relevant in a Digital World,” because in the age of digital transformation, data-driven insights have become a cornerstone for organizations seeking to understand their audience better and enhance their offerings. We have also previously dipped our toes into the basics on why you should “Harness the Power of Analytics” for… The post Maximizing Member Insights with Google Analytics Events first appeared on AMR Management Services.

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Blog | Optimize Your Email Marketing with A/B Testing | Multiview


As inboxes keep filling up, marketers are constantly trying to stand out. From personal ization to limited-time membership offers, they use many strategies and techniques to get the attention of their industry, but what really works? Instead of making assumptions, take a data-driven approach. A/B testing your email campaigns can help you not only determine what is and isn't working in your email strategy but also achieve better results without increasing expenses.

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Here’s a Powerful Marketing Tool Designed for Associations

Show the Benefits of Membership to Your Toughest Prospects. Download this FREE infographic from GrowthZone AMS, Why Join an Association, and start using it as your go-to recruitment and retention marketing tool. Post it on your website. Use it in sales presentations. Or use it as inspiration to create your own version. Infographics have power. They're a quick read.

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42 Community Service Ideas for Your Club

Wild Apricot

Looking for the best community service ideas for your club? Check out these 42 ideas and examples for all seasons, volunteer ages and types of event.

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The Real Estate of the Conference Namebadge (Part III: The Back)

Aaron Wolowiec

Event Garde is a professional development consulting firm committed to lifelong learning—for ourselves, our community and those who attend the meetings we facilitate—believing in its ability to create well-connected leaders and to foster performance improvement.

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What to do when you need comprehensive association management software – fast


What do you do when you need comprehensive association management software, and you need it fast? Here’s how the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians got the solution they needed in a flash. Getting the right software in place to manage your association can seem tricky. You might have a tight timeline, yet you don’t want […] What to do when you need comprehensive association management software – fast appeared first on NetForum Association Management Software.

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Naylor’s Association Adviser Newsletter Recognized As Must-Read Newsletter for Association Leaders

Association Adviser

Naylor Association Solutions’ Association Adviser newsletter has been recognized as one of the essential reads for association leaders, according to Lead Marvels. In their guide, Naylor is highlighted as a top destination for industry news and insightful thought leadership.

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SME Relationships: Proven Solutions for Seamless Collaboration and Success

Speaker: Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions

💢 Do you find yourself stuck in never-ending review cycles? Are you wondering if your Subject Matter Expert actually got that last review request? Are you having trouble trying to decipher impractical or conflicting feedback? 💢 If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, you may benefit from a crash course on managing SME relationships!

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Minutes of Meetings – What You Need to Record

Association Alert

About twenty years ago my friend attorney Jonathan Levine wrote a handout that was entitled “MINUTES…NOT HOURS!” It gave a great account of what was and what was not needed in the minutes. Rather than re-write what he wrote, I simply copied (with minor additions) his list below: Minutes Should Record: What kind of meeting is being held (owner or board, annual, regular or special) Name of the association Date and place of the meeting Presence of the President and Secretary (or their substitutes)

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Solutions Day 2023—It’s Happening!


Get the Right Answers, Discover Unique Perspectives, Deliver Exciting Outcomes We’re excited to launch Solutions Day 2023. The November 2 event is designed to give a fresh take on the future! Solutions Day isn’t just a catchy title. We’ll send our audience back to work with new insights and answers to challenging questions like these: How can our organization prepare to manage disruptive events like the pandemic?

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HOA and Condo Proxy Procedures Differ

Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog

Q: A question has come up in my homeowners’ association as to whether owners are permitted to vote by proxy at owner meetings. If so, where is this right found? (C.D., via e-mail) A: Section 720.306(8) of the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act states that members have the right to vote by proxy unless otherwise provided in the governing documents. The post HOA and Condo Proxy Procedures Differ first appeared on Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog.

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Webinar: Solving the Non-Dues Revenue Puzzle: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Association Adviser

This one-hour webinar reviews important data and findings from the 2023 Association Benchmarking Report. We will share actionable recommendations and strategies to empower associations with innovative methods for boosting their financial stability, while diving into the intricate landscape of non-dues revenue generation.

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5 Habits of Growth-Oriented Associations

We’ve identified the five defining characteristics of future-focused associations. Adopting these traits allows your organization to chart a course for long-term growth and success. Find out: Why some organizations are more adept at navigating and overcoming challenges facing all associations. The success formula for thriving associations, including a behind-the-scenes peek at some flourishing organizations.

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Current events: Creating electric vehicle charging station policies


When it comes to electric vehicle charging stations in community associations, one consistent theme is who pays for the costs connected with installation and use. The main exception to this issue is when installation will be in common areas and meant for the use of more than just one owner. If an association installs a charging station meant to be shared, it may need to create rules or regulations governing access to it.

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Scaling New Member Engagement - Part 2

Elevating Engagement

Last week, I waxed poetic about how email scales but warned that email messages are easy to ignore, so I offered some tips to make your messaging and campaigns unignorable. You can find that article here. And you may be wondering what other new member strategies and tactics scale. We have more than 150,000 members. Any advice on how to engage or onboard new members on a large scale?

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What are the Benefits of Receiving Nexus Content for Your Blog?

Nexus Marketing

If you’ve joined the Nexus Partner Program (or are considering joining), you might have a few questions —what can I expect from Nexus Marketing’s content? What are the benefits of receiving and publishing content? How will it help my website’s SEO performance? This quick guide will cover the context you need for a successful partnership with Nexus Marketing.

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How to Attract Young Professionals to Join Your Association

YM Careers

 Looking to increase membership? Here are five ways to attract young professionals as new members of your association. The post How to Attract Young Professionals to Join Your Association appeared first on YM Careers by Community Brands.

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11 Tips to Drive Learning Content Consumption

Elevate your member education initiatives This eBook will explore: Why measure content consumption rather than (or in addition to) completion rates and member satisfaction? What are some proven tactics to create quality learner content and raise your content consumption rates? You’ll discover why measuring content consumption is pivotal for program success and explore effective tactics to boost overall engagement.

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Mastering Leadership Communication to Connect with Members


Mastering Leadership Communication to Connect with Members Whether you manage a social or professional fraternity or sorority, communicating with members should be one of your top priorities. With all your organization has to do on a daily basis, member engagement activities can unintentionally fall by the wayside. Not to worry — these tactics will help you adopt great communication habits and enhance the member experience: Tailor Your Strategy to Member Communication Preferences Make Communica

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AMS Alley at 2023 AMS Fest in DC


501Works and PerByte are sponsoring AMS Alley at AMSFest in Washington, DC where you can explore new ways to navigate a successful AMS project! AMSFest offers you an opportunity to connect with industry peers, view up to 24 AMS platform demos and a chance to delve deeper into AMS projects at AMS Alley. Don't miss out on this unique experience! Plus you can save 10% on your AMSFest registration fee!

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Making the Most of Your Nexus Partnership: 7 Tips

Nexus Marketing

A publishing partnership with Nexus Marketing is a great way to boost the overall SEO health of your website and save a ton of time along the way. Once your partnership is going strong, what additional steps can you take to maximize the SEO value for your website? We have a few tips. 1. Use our content as a model for your own. When you write new content for your blog, take a look at the technical elements included in the drafts you receive from Nexus Marketing.

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The Future of Membership Organizations: Embracing the Power of a Managed Benefits Platform

The Journal by EXEC

Membership organizations are evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements, shifting member expectations, and the growing demand for enhanced value and experiences. Stepping away from traditional management, one trend that is garnering significant attention is the adoption of managed benefits platforms. These platforms, equipped with advanced technologies and various services, are helping organizations redefine how they attract, retain and engage their base.

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Year-End Membership Calculations for Associations

Membership Calculations for Association Pros This user-friendly workbook (aka “cheat sheet”) provides simple, step-by-step instructions for calculating seven vital member statistics, including: Retention Rate Churn Member Acquisition Cost Average Membership Tenure And more! It’s a handy cheat sheet for association pros who want a quick reference guide.